A Game Between Whores (The Start to a Roleplay you

A Game Between Whores (The Start to a Roleplay you(Warning: This story will contain v******e, gore, mutual torture, probable death, and it could get worse depending on who wants to play. If you’re not okay with that, don’t continue reading. If you are, tell me you are reading.)My eyes open, but the world is dark. Wherever I am, the lights are not on. The smell of mold, and the rank of dampness fills my nostrils as I realize that I am in pain. A cold, thick, metal seems to be tied tightly around my arms and legs. I am not touching the ground, and my weight is forcing me down on the metal chains. I feel like it is cutting into me, but I can’t be sure. I let out a low moan of pain, but don’t yell out. Fear races through me as I try to remember what happened, but the last day is a blur. I almost begin to thrash in my chains when a small light flickers on a little ways from me…A woman is on a TV screen. She is in all black robes, and her bright red hair hangs down the cracked yellow mask she wears. A dark purple smile, thinly drawn, crosses the mask at an odd angle. I hear another chain rattle in the room, and realize I am not alone. I can’t see anything but the TV, and before I can call out, the masked woman speaks;”Greetings,” canlı kaçak iddaa her voice is accent-less, almost like a machine, “I want to play a game.” My heart pounds as I hear those words, whoever this bitch is, she thinks she is the killer from Saw. “For some time now, I have been watching the two of you, and your filthy deeds. Using your bodies to gain power. Seducing any and all you can into one night stands, or short sexual relationships, just so you can get them to purchase you things; pay your bills, feed you, buy you a car, or a house. You are whores without a pimp.” She laughs at this, a cold, almost disgusting laugh “And for whores you do well. You haven’t had to work a day in your life, even since your schooldays you have been using your twisted cunts, and corrupting tits to influence those around you. Men and woman both fall for you, get you everything you want, and then you destroy their lives, and you walk away with money, or satisfaction. Your sins are almost uncountable, as are the lives you have ruined.” Another laugh. “And you believed that you would never face any sort of punishment, not when you have a pussy as worshippable as your own! Well, tonight you face that punishment, internet casino and that punishment is chained up to the wall opposite you…”Suddenly the lights turn on. They blind me for a moment, but soon I can see, to my horror, what is around me. It looks like an old bathroom; a small room large enough for maybe five people to comfortably stand in. Mounted into the wall is the TV with the masked woman, and mounted to metal pipes on the other side of the wall is another woman. We both have no clothes (ask about strapped on weapons, if you’re interested in making it more brutal), save the metal tying us to the other end of the wall, and a strange looking collar strapped tightly to both of our necks. We both look shocked, we both look scared. The TV woman’s mask looks like it is smiling wider.”Yes, this woman is just as evil as you. She uses her cunt, her mouth, her tits, and her ass to cheat her way through life. She wrecks homes, ruins marriages, breaks hearts, and causes chaos everywhere she goes. All for the sake of her own comfort. You are almost the exact same person, and this is the person who will be your punishment. Let me explain;” says the woman, her tone taking an almost giddy tone as she continues canlı poker oyna “the explosive collars strapped to your neck are impossible to remove by hand, or force. They can only be removed by me. They have enough explosives in them to rip out your throat, and cause you to die gargling on your own blood. The only way I will remove them is for you to defeat the other woman. Not in a fight with fists, no. A fight with sex. The very tools you use to get through life, your filthy pussies, your disgusting ass, your nasty tits, yes; those will be used to outsex the other woman. You must prove that you are the better slut, by outsexing the other woman in every way. Oral, anal, fingering, fisting, kissing, tribbing? Every way. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it, sluts? Well, you need to suffer while you do it, or it wouldn’t be a punishment. So, even if you do this, I will not let you leave unless you also ruin the other woman’s career. By this, of course, I mean you destroy the other woman’s sexual characteristics. Rip, slam, claw, bite, and break her pussy, her breasts, and ass. You will only be able to leave when one woman is crowned the better whore, and both of you have your sexual characteristics pulped, preferably by slamming the other woman’s tits and cunt into your own. You now know the game. May the best slut win… I will soon remotely release your bindings”. With that, the TV shuts off, and we are left facing each other, chained to the walls.

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