A hot night out with my hubby


A hot night out with my hubbyIt was Friday night. My beloved Victor and I had been invited to a pub, to have a few drinks with a close friend of ours. Tom had been a friend of my husband’s since they were office mates in the past. He had also been a frequent lover of mine over the years. Best of all, he was black… a huge black one…We entered the place and found Tom was already there, seated in a booth. He rose to greet us and gave me big hug, sliding his hands inside my coat and grabbing my buttocks with both hands. Laughing, we took off our coats we and sat down, me sliding into the corner, with Tom next to me and my sweet Victor in front…We ordered some drinks and soon Tom put his hand on my leg and began caressing my inner thigh. Although the conversation was not about sex, I started getting aroused.I could feel my cotton thong beginning to get damp. As I finished my drink, anadolu yakası escort I said I needed to go to the ladies’ room.Tom said he also would go and we both headed to the back of the pub; but he entered the men’s room, I followed him…I smiled at him as I reached for his crotch and unzipped his fly. Tom had a huge nice cock. It popped out of his trousers now, semi erect.I immediately fell to my knees and began sucking the thick head.My lover let out a soft moan as I worked on his growing dick with my eager tongue. I had been going at it for a couple of minutes when the door opened and another guy came in.He just looked at us and he moved to the urinal.I kept sucking Tom’s huge cock. When the new guy finished he kept is cock out and started wanking as he watched us. After a minute I reached over and started sucking this new pendik escort cock. When he was fully hard I stopped sucking and stood up.I told them I needed to have a leak. Then I hiked up my skirt, lifted my leg and put my foot on one side of the urinal.Then I pulled my cotton thong aside. Tom and the other guy stroked their cocks as they watched me.The new fellow was very aroused after watching me. He could not wait any longer; he grabbed me, made me bend me over the sink counter and he yanked my thong down to my knees. I grabbed for my purse and pulled out a condom; the guy laughed.Then, with no ceremony, he shoved his hard dick into my sopping cunt. I gasped and cry in pain, as he began banging me fast and hard.The full situation was turning me on; I was being banged by a complete stranger in the men’s room of the pub while my lover watched and my tuzla escort husband sat back at our table waiting for me…I screamed now with pleasure. The guy was holding my hips and pumping my swollen cunt hard and fast. He did not last long before pulling out and coming on my round buttocks…He thanked Tom for letting him use my hot cunt and then he left.I looked at my lover and we both laughed. I cleaned my butt, pulled up my damp thong and fixed the mess on my curly hair. Then Tom went with me back to our table, where Victor was waiting with a new round of drinks.Tom and I laughed and we told my hubby the whole story.I pointed out the guy who was now sitting with his mates in a corner. As we finished our drinks, we left. The three of us walked back to our car; but then my beloved Victor said he needed to use the bathroom. As he left, Tom made me bend over the car`s trunk and he fucked me good from behind, depositing a nice warm amount of semen deep in my hungry cunt…Victor came back and we said goodbye to our old friend Tom.As soon as we got home, Victor ate my pussy and sucked all Tom’s fresh cum out from me; making me have several crashing orgasms…

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