A husband talks his wife into having sex with a bl


A husband talks his wife into having sex with a blSeveral stories I’ve read in this and other sites havedealt with interracial pregnancy, and many of thewriters have said they would like to hear from similarpeople. After reading the letters and at my husband’ssuggestion, I have decided to write about myexperiences.At the age of 29 after seven years of marriage, myhusband and I felt it was time to add some spice to ourlives. My husband, Larry, admitted that he very arousedby interracial sex and so we began to fantasize aboutit when we had sex.Then one day Larry suggested that I should considerfucking black men. The idea wasn’t a turn-off to me,but I didn’t know how to go about finding one, since Iwasn’t into the bar scene and didn’t know any. Some ofthe black men where I work as a secretary wereconstantly hitting on me, but I’d always turned themdown. I was flattered by their attention, but up untilnow I hadn’t been looking for a black boyfriend, or anyboyfriend for that matter.Some friends from work threw a Halloween Party, andLarry and I were invited. Larry hardly knew anyonethere, but we went for the fun of it. He dressed as asheik and I went as a harem girl, dressed in see-through pants and a tiny bikini. I have a very goodfigure and wanted to show myself off. I wear a 38D braand have a small waist which accentuates my big boobsand well, gorgeous ass and legs. Yes, I think I’m aknockout so why not admit it.The party was a lot of fun, and as the night wore on wedanced away. The black guys from work were there andthey loved my costume. When I danced with them, eachwanted a quick feel which they got, and it only made mehorny. I told Larry about it and he encouraged me toflirt istanbul escort with them. By this time he desperately wanted meinvolved interracially so everything seemed perfect.Later in the evening I found myself sitting on a sofawith Todd, one of the black men from work. He had comeas a Calypso dancer, wearing thin cotton pants with adrawstring and a cotton shirt. We laughed and talked,but all I could think about was Larry’s (and my)fantasy. Todd put his arm around my shoulders at onepoint and drew me closer.When he kissed me his tongue went into my mouth and Iaccepted it. We turned to each other; his hand went toone of my tits and felt it up. Nervously I put my handon his crotch and felt an enormous cock swelling there.We kept kissing and I was getting even hornier,thinking of that black log under my hand. Slowly, Toddmaneuvered me over until I was on his lap, my legsstraddling him and his cock pressing against my pussy.He began gyrating under me and I felt that cock growingharder.“Let’s get away somewhere where we can be alone,” hewhispered into my ear. I wanted to do that but I wantedLarry to know about it. I reluctantly pulled myselffrom Todd’s lap and went to Larry who had beenwatching. As a matter of fact, most of the people therehad been watching! I told Larry what Todd wanted. Henodded his approval and I went back to tell Todd thegood news. He stood up, took my hand and led me up thestairs to the bedrooms.As soon as we arrived we embraced and kissed and Iwhispered, “Fuck me,” in his ear, opening his pants andpulling out his cock. It was everything I had hoped itwould be–big, thick, long and avcılar escort charcoal black. I heldit in my hand, enrapt by the size and thickness. Ipushed Todd down on the bad and straddled his lap. Hepulled off my harem pants and bikini and I sank down onhis dick. When it entered me I couldn’t believe howgood it felt.My pussy opened up like it had never been openedbefore. I sank all the way down on it and we rockedinto a fucking motion. Todd unfastened my bra andbrought both my boobs to his mouth and sucked thembetween his thick lips. I just leaned my head back androlled my hips.When I looked down all I could see was my hairy cuntand his black belly. We fucked and fucked. With a groanTodd closed his eyes and thrust up at me. We did thisfor several minutes until he changed position, rollingme off on my back and spreading my legs. Todd rubbedhis cock up and down my open pussy and then slid it in.I felt wonderful, filled with black cock.He fucked me hard, holding my white ass cheeks andgrinding into me. I couldn’t get enough. I wrapped mylegs around him and my hands dug at his black ass. Icame hard, my whole body quivering with excitement andrelease. This was what I had been missing all mymarried life.I felt him tensing up to cum. He rammed his cock deepinside me and began shooting his warm sperm into mycunt. It just kept spurting and spurting. When hedismounted his semen ran from my open pussy and drippeddown my legs. I just know that I loved the sex and thevery idea of fucking a black man.In the following weeks I went out with several of theblack men at work and always ended up fucking them. Bylate December I found out I was pregnant. şirinevler escort I alsolearned I had been knocked up at that Halloween party.It was definitely Todd’s black baby in my white belly.The evening of the day I found out, I lay in bed withLarry, jerking him off slowly as we talked about myinterracial sex. I finally got the courage and said,“I’m going to have a baby.”Larry looked at me.“I’m pregnant,” I said again. “And the baby isdefinitely black.”Larry stared at me, his cock growing hard as analuminum baseball bat. I told him again about what Ihad learned. With a deep groan, my husband shot a hugeload that flew several inches into the air beforecovering my hand.Larry insisted I have the baby. I agreed. But he alsoinsisted I continue to date and fuck black men. I morethan enjoyed the black cock I was getting – by then Ifelt like I was “addicted.”My belly became big and swollen and my already big titsgrew even bigger. Larry stopped cumming inside mebecause he I loved to have me jerk him off over myheavy, bulging belly. He began calling me his “whorewife,” and was ecstatic to have his very own “blackman’s whore.”His whore wife had her black baby last July. Naturally,many people we knew were taken aback. Some stoppedseeing us completely.I had wondered what my sexual desires would be afterhaving a black man’s baby. I wondered the same aboutLarry. I can honestly tell you that nothing haschanged. I still date and fuck black studs, and I havea steady black boyfriend now. His name is Garry and heis hung massively. That’s how I chose him. He fuckswonderfully well and we get it on several times a week.Interestingly enough, he wants me to have his baby now.My husband is excited beyond belief. He considers mycunt and mouth a natural reserve for “black men cum.”He loves for me to jerk him off as I tell him how muchI prefer sex with black men. He always wanted a whorewife and now he feels totally fulfilled. I havewillingly and enthusiastically agreed to be a whore forblack men. For me there is simply no other alternative.

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