At The Stables – Miriam Stays Over.


At The Stables – Miriam Stays Over.At The Stables – Miriam Stays Over.Preamble/Characters I’m David, 35 attractive with a hard body. Toned after two years fixing this place up. I was your average horny husband and never strayed. My wife and I enjoyed an active but vanilla sex life. I have no complains. We would fuck at the drop of a hat and enjoyed oral especially, if one was tired or we had time limitations. That ended two years ago in a car crash in which my wife died. The compensation from the crash paid for these rundown stables and the money to fix them up. Oh and I can’t father c***dren! Other than that I now have six very wealthy horse owners. Their fees alone will keep the stables at break even and we’re expanding.Miriam, is my bookkeeper and is a very good looking redhead. She is 10 years older than me. At 5 foot 10 she has a full shapely figure, 38 28 37. I have seen Miriam riding my stallion and believe me, her tits, thighs and ass are firm. Jo is Miriam’s younger married s1sister that I fucked when I caught her napping and later at her ‘birthday party’.Miriam Stays Over.Miriam is coming round this evening. At her s1sters birthday party she started to show her naughty side but tonight I just want female company and may be a little sex. At the appointed hour the bell rings. Opening the door I find a smiling red-head in a daring red dress. The dress is high on the neck and falls to just above the ankles. The pain red fabric shows everything under it. It hugs her ample bosom displaying two suckable nipples, you can just make out the indentation to her belly button. It hugs to the hips then d****s to the floor. When she glides by her right thigh if FULLY exposed from the hips down; wow. Even the smallest of thongs would have shown; WOW… WOW. After a quick kiss she floats down the hall showing me the back of the dress! What back? It plunges from the shoulders down to just before her bum. Miriam is wearing one of the most stunning dress ever. And NOTHING else. We go to a restaurant out of town. As we are shown to our table everyone stops to watch her; I’m invisible. anadolu yakası escort After a lovely meal and great company we leave for the drive home.On the way her hand rests casually on my thigh. Seat belts prevent her getting too close. At the furthest part of the Stables is a parking spot near the river and trout ponds. Miriam asks me to pull in to the small carpark. My headlights light up the five bar gate to the ponds. She gets out and as I do, I turn the lights off. My straight laced bookkeeper stands by the gate and asks, “Would you turn your lights on.” Flicking the switch on through the open window I light up Miriam. “Stay there for now,” I’m told.She crosses her arms and taking the straps she peels the dress off of her shoulders. She controls the speed to which see reveals her womanly tits. As the dress is allowed to fall to her waist she bends and slips it over her hour glass hips. Holding the dress with one hand, she steps out. Then, with her feet at shoulder width she holds the dress behind her back. In the full glare of the lights she is naked; absolutely amazing. Even her red landing strip is immaculate. I’m about to move but once more she stops me.Turning she d****s the expensive dress over the gate. With her feet well apart she bends over, holding the middle of the 5 bar gate. Her straight legs look even longer in high heels. I can’t see her flaming bush but her bald pussy-lips glisten in the bright light. I expect her to hold this position for only a few seconds, in case some car drives by. But No. A slender finger appears between her legs doing the ‘come here’ signal. I leave a trail of clothes as I do as commanded. Within arm’s reach I take hold of her hips expecting to slide along her ass cheeks. Again she has control. As my rampant dick gets close, her finger changes to an open hand which grabs my aching erection. She slots me into her pussy and eases herself onto my dick. Miriam fucks my dick until my entire dick is at its deepest. Pulling her hips I prevent her sliding off. I just enjoy the moment.I’m pendik escort not rushing this. Without speaking we decide upon a nice steady rate to fuck. Her soft moans increase which in turn excites me. Little by little I speed my thrusts. Miriam follows suit. I’m really enjoying this sensual fuck and I’m in no rush to finish. Miriam’s moaning and breathing is steadily speeding up. Just as she groans, “Yes…… just there…Oh fuck……” I feel my balls start to tingle. Seconds later she’s panting, “oh yes….fuck me shallow…. please and faster.” Easing back I fuck her tight pussy entrance with just my knob. The sensations are amazing. They are heightened further when she squeezes her muscles. “Oh fuck Yes… Don’t stop….oh god I’m cumming…. AHHHHH….YesYesYes” she pants. As soon as her head drops I fuck her pussy with my entire dick; balls slapping her sensitive clit. Seconds later I flood her womb. After the first couple of spurts I pull her hips hard against my thighs. Although tight against me I can still stab a little as each rope of semen is fired. I only release the pressure when I start to wilt. I’ve not cum in three days so when I pull the plug out, our combined juices trickle down her thighs. What a fantastic fuck my bookkeeper is!Putting my trousers on her seat we drive home. Both naked, both very happy.Cupping a warm, soft, curvy tit, we spoon in bed until we dozed off. Happy in each other arms.She is sleeping on her side facing me as I wake. Very slowly I encourage her to roll onto her back. Watching the rise and fall of her tits I wait to be sure that she is still asleep. Confident that she is I slip under the covers. Easing a leg to one side I can just see her flaming red landing strip. With my chin on her pubis, head between her thighs, I can just reach her clit with my tongue; without touching the rest of her trim body. Very, very gently I touch her clit. No response. I do it again with the same result. I’m sure that she is still asleep.I increase the tempo and soon I feel her breathing start to increase. I’m trying to arouse her as tuzla escort much as possible while still asleep. When she final breaks from her dreams she will be as horny as hell. Happily I lap away. Feeling an arm move I’m pretty sure she’s tweaking a nipple. Awake or asleep I don’t know. As her hand movement become more frantic, her thighs part allowing greater movement. I know she is awake when her spare hand finds my dick. She leans towards my dick and I hear and feel her spit on it! And not the blowjob I had hoped.Without a word of good morning she pushes my hips over so that I’m flat on my back. Almost jumping up she impales herself on it. Then in true horsewoman style she fucks me hard at the gallop. Her tits bounce wildly before she holds them tight. Shame. “Come on stud fuck me,” she says rolling onto her back. Holding her knees close to her chest she offer me a stunning saddle in which to ride her; her red landing strip pointing the way. Slipping in I hold my weight on my arms and fuck her. All the time she’s egging me on and demanding that I flood her horny pussy for the second time. Her building orgasm causes her to pant, “yes baby…. fuck me….. oh yes….” But as she cums she adds, “Yes…. fuck M0mmy….. harder….. Yes….. M0mmy wants you to cum…. Cum in M0mmy’s cunt” Hearing this has my balls firing rope after rope deep into m0mmy’s pussy!We shower and have breakfast. However, just as we’re heading out the door she kneels, asking, “Would my baby like to be sucked before work?” Closing the door I get my dick out. Miriam treats me to a professional blowjob. And to help me further she rips open her blouse and clasps her hands behind her back. So sweet. So sexy. Happily I empty my meagre load of man-juice onto her waiting tongue. What a start to the day!Miriam stands and having no replacement shirt she ties the ends into a knot. Her fully mature boobs fill the available space lovely. I hope no owners want to see her today…..What would they think looking like a naughty schoolgirl.I kiss her goodbye in the office so no one sees. Miriam then informs me that Jo, her little s1ster is down Sunday. “Do you think the General would object if we were to use some of is BDMS gear?” she asks. I shrug my shoulders, “Ask him.” “I will” she says smiling. Do you want the General to loan out his BDMS gear?I hope that you have enjoy our little story?RegardsJack

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