Birthday Lunch

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I suppose everyone does it in their own way. Passing judgment on others because they do or don’t do something in particular. Women who ‘make out’ with other women, aren’t normal. The act isn’t normal. That’s what I always thought. In that respect, I was normal, the ones who did were not. A very good friend of mine had invited me over to her house for lunch. Her name is Cathy. Neither of us get out much because we both work at home but we speak almost daily through e-mail or on the phone. Every once in a while we set up a time to meet at one another’s homes for lunch and spend a few hours visiting; we’ve done this for several years. Our husbands work all day long so we don’t otherwise get interaction with people. It’s a nice break in the routine when we get to do it.

We always kiss each other on the cheek when we see each other and again when we part. Women do this, big deal. During my last visit to her house though we didn’t quite make it on the cheek all the way and our lips touched. Big deal, right? But it wasn’t. I have always thought she was beautiful and in a certain way I’ve always been attracted to her—but it was never ‘that way’. You know, the wrong not normal way of ‘those people’. It shouldn’t have been a big deal but as soon as it happened we both just sort of pulled away and looked at each other. I felt like she could read my mind, I knew it was on my face, it had to be on my face because she was just looking at me. I immediately apologized. I tripped over my words and apologized with a stammer that further implicated me in my possibly true feelings. Did I really feel that way? The question spun over and over in my head in that fraction of a second. Cathy was silent. I thought it through again. Normally we kiss goodbye, turn and leave. Now we kiss goodbye and our lips touch and we both stand there silently looking at each other.

We were standing in the foyer of her house and suddenly I wanted to know. The risk to our friendship didn’t even cross my mind. It was more like consuming fear and then a desire to know if she was looking at me because she felt the same way. On the page it looks like a long drawn out scene but in reality it was all of twenty seconds. My heart pounded in my chest as I leaned toward her to intentionally kiss her on the mouth again. Cathy didn’t move. Her eyes closed as our lips touched again. My body felt like it was on fire from my finger tips to my toes. It wasn’t a wet kiss. It was just a slow deliberate coming together and then seemingly too soon we parted. Cathy smiled normally and said “I’ll talk to you tomorrow Becky” and with that, I was gone.

Our calls and e-mails were very normal over the weeks that passed. Nothing was said about what happened. She didn’t try to distance herself, nor did she seem to become ‘closer’. It drove me crazy at first. I wanted to know how she felt. Over time I tried to quit thinking about it so much and just let it go for whatever it was because the fear that I had made a grievous mistake was consuming me. It was almost two months later and my birthday had arrived. I invited Cathy back over for my birthday lunch. Cathy’s kitchen was being remodeled and she was sad that she couldn’t make lunch for me at her place. I suggested that she could come to my place and we could make lunch together. She accepted to my great relief and we set the day. In the back of my mind I was afraid that she might have güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri continued to be nice to me but would distance herself from me otherwise. The games people always play.

The day arrived and so did Cathy. Her smiling face was at my door fashionably late,

“Happy Birthday.” She said as she walked into the house. We hugged and I closed the door behind her. Cathy handed me a small beautifully wrapped box with an elegant gold bow. “I hope you like it.” She said expectantly. “You didn’t have to get me anything! Should I open it now or wait?” “No! Open it now!” I gently removed the bow and tore off the paper. When I finally opened the box it had a single chocolate kiss inside. “I couldn’t put them all in the box.” She said still smiling. With a step Cathy closed the gap between us and kissed me. My hands went around her waist and her fingers went into my hair pulling me into her. Our tongues danced during the long wet passionate kiss that seemed to end too soon but left us breathless when we finally parted. “I hope you like it.” She said quietly. I nodded my head saying nothing.

“Have you started lunch yet?” Cathy asked. I shook my head before replying. “No, I’ve made some fruits and drinks but I haven’t pulled anything out to make yet. “Good…” Cathy said expectantly. “I picked up some food at that new restaurant down the street from here, uh, Ricky Cosono’s I think it’s called. Have you eaten there yet?” I shook my head again trying to place the restaurant and still my pounding heart. “Oh wow, the one that just opened, yea, they’ve been working on the building for months.” I placed it in my mind. Cathy went back out to her car and returned with some bags. The food smelled wonderful.

“Can we put it in the oven to keep it warm? I had to wait a while and it doesn’t seem as warm as it would if we were there.” “Oh sure.” I said taking the bags from her and placing all of the food on a large smooth sheet to place in the oven. Cathy stood next to me watching. “I hope you don’t mind that I picked up lunch. I just thought it would be easier…” her words trailed off. I slid the pan into the oven and closed the door. When I turned she was looking into my eyes. Without another word we began to kiss again. Her hands slid up my back under my blouse and then back out. Cathy drew away from me and slid her hands under the front of my blouse to the clasp on the front of my bra and unsnapped it. “I have something else for you” she said softly. “Come on.”

Cathy led me into the living room and took a blanket from the arm of the couch. She flipped it out and let it settle onto the floor of the living room before facing me again and unbuttoning my blouse. I could hear my heart beating in my ears. Cathy slid my shirt and bra off in one movement and laid it neatly over the back of the chair. Turning back to me, she unzipped the back of my skirt and slid my skirt and panties to the floor and placed them both neatly over the back of the chair. She turned and reached into another bag and pulled out a bottle. It was flavored lotion. “Go ahead and lie down on the blanket.” She said softly. I lowered myself to the floor and slowly reclined myself until my back was flat on the blanket.

“Go ahead and roll over, I’m going to give you a massage.” I smiled at her and rolled over onto my chest. Cathy’s hands went to work. The lotion dripped güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri onto my back and Cathy’s hands went to work. She began with my neck and shoulders and slowly worked her way down from there. The whole rub was sensual but her fingers pressing on my butt and then my thighs seemed to light my whole body up with electricity. Cathy’s fingers grazed my body between my legs as her finger rubbed my inner thighs. I could feel myself getting wet. Cathy continued making her way down my body until she reached my feet. Her thumbs pressed into the arches of my feet and made my whole body tingle. My whole body felt like it was drifting away. I felt Cathy’s lips on the back of my neck and it sent shivers down my relaxed back. “Would you like a taste?” She whispered very near my ear. Cathy took the bottle of lotion and put a spot of it on her fingertip. She slid her finger into my mouth and I sucked the sweet lotion from it. It tasted good.

“Roll over.” she said softly close into my ear. I lazily rolled over onto my back and Cathy went to work on my neck and shoulders, following the same routine she did on my back. When Cathy came to my breasts, she applied a generous amount of lotion and gently rubbed them with her soft hands and then I felt her tongue on my nipple. She sucked and licked my breasts at a slow relaxing pace before continuing her journey down my body. Cathy’s fingers again grazed my crotch as she rubbed my legs but she didn’t distract herself like she had done with my breasts. Once again she made it to my feet and moved her way to each individual toe on each foot gently rubbing and soothing my muscles. Electricity fired through my body when I felt her tongue on my toes as she sucked them into her mouth and licked them. When she finished and lowered each foot, she did so in a way that left my legs bent instead of flat on the floor.

The inside of my stomach warmed up when I felt the lotion running between my legs and Cathy’s touch that followed shortly after made my whole world seem to spin. Her hand rubbed the lotion around and then I felt her fingers separate my body and then more lotion trickled between my legs, some into my body. Cathy skillfully massaged my clit causing me to grasp the blanket into my fists until my knuckles turned white. I had to hold my breath to keep from making noises. When Cathy slid her fingers deep into my body, the breath I held was released and I cried out after all. With one hand Cathy was inside of me making her fingers dance, the other hand, a finger massaged my clit. Reflexively, my back arched and I pulled my knees to my chest. The energy in my body continued building at a rapid pace until my breathing was staggered and jerky until I gasped for a deep breath and held it. An orgasm flooded over my body and crying out once more, I came. It did stand to reason that a woman could bring another woman to orgasm skillfully and quickly.

Cathy swept the hair from my face and caressed my cheek with her fingers. When our eyes met, she kissed me. Cathy quietly stood and slowly began undressing herself. I tried to take in everything. She unbuttoned her loose blouse and pulled it open. There was no bra covering her beautiful breasts. She reached back and unzipped her long flowing skirt which fell from her hips to the floor when she let go. Cathy wore no panties. She was standing over me totally nude and güvenilir bahis şirketleri beautiful. I slowly stood before her, quietly softly and ever so gently I kissed her lips. The feeling of our soft bodies touching was so incredibly arousing. I became very aware of her breasts. I pulled away and lowered my mouth to her nipple. With her breast in my mouth we lowered to the floor and my fingers found her wet opening.

It wasn’t long before she held her legs to her chest and my tongue penetrated her body. Cathy turned and moved so that I found myself under her with my face buried between her legs and the electricity of my body telling me that her tongue was exploring the wet walls of my vagina and licking my clit. This was one of the things I could never understand about ‘those people.’ Women performing oral sex grossed me out. I found myself taking to her wet body with a hungry desire and quickly found her to taste sweet. The feeling between my legs was something I hadn’t felt before. It was gentle, arousing and very erotic. Cathy’s tongue was magic. In hindsight I’m sure a lot of it was the excitement of something new. But it wasn’t dirty like my head had been telling me.

Cathy and I kissed and talked and explored each others bodies softly and sensually. She reached into her bag and pulled out an erotically shaped vibrator. Cathy leaned me back onto stacked pillows and I expectantly pulled my legs apart. She covered it in the flavored lotion and slid the shaft into me. “This really is beautiful.” She said. “I never understood my husband wanting to look at me like this. I wouldn’t shave for him like you are either. Your body is so smooth and bright and pink.” I massaged my own clit while Cathy repeatedly inserted the length of the vibrator into me. My body was soon jerking and shaking in response to my impending orgasm. I clenched my mouth shut and pressed my eyes together to let it happen and control myself at the same time. My release finally came and I relaxed. Breathing heavy, I fell back onto the pillows and watched my spinning world.

I led Cathy into my bathroom and sat her on the large vanity. “I want to shave you, is that okay?” I asked. Cathy smiled and drew her feet back so that I had an unobstructed view between her legs and I went to work. I used an electric razor first and then applied scented powder to her body before using a regular razor. “You shave it dry?” She asked.

“Yep.” I said believe it or not you won’t get bumps and cuts like you do if you wet shave with cream. I finished up by neatly trimming her remaining pubic hair into a tidy little strip. Her whole vagina was as smooth as her long dark thighs and completely visible. I told her to feel it.

“It makes me horny.” Cathy said. “Feeling it like this.” She used her fingers to pull open her body and reveal the pinkness inside. “It makes me horny too.” I said looking at it.

We went back onto the living room and this time Cathy was back against the pillows and I was rubbing the lotion onto and into her body. Her body stretched around the vibrator and I soon returned the favor to her. Her pink body was loose and wet. Although she had just come, I couldn’t resist continuing to explore her with my fingers and ultimately my tongue.

Cathy and I went to the shower and washed off together. We soaped each others bodies and rinsed. We talked and kissed. Our wet breasts pressed together while we caressed each others bodies. The afternoon was like one long sensual event.

Cathy and I ate our lunch and visited. We had explored something new and enjoyed it immensely. It wasn’t a way of life for us but it was something that we both enjoyed and may enjoy together again in the future.

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