Body swap: AdamNCourtneyb


Body swap: AdamNCourtneybToday, I was out and about like a normal Saturday my wife and I were out antiquing. Never to say I dont care for it much but it gets us out and together. We happened into a new shop downtown seattle that we had to have passed by hundreds of times. She was browsing around and as i stayed near the guy stuff. I hear “Adam come here and check the out” -courtney As i walk over I see her holding this old mirror. ” look at the inscription ” ???? ??????? ???? ??? ??????” I like it ” -courtney” if you like it get it they probably have no idea what it worth; looks like real gold ” -adamI was thinking if she ended up not liking in a few week, that’s normal I’ll melt it down and that would be that. The next few days made that impossible. We head home; about a 3 hour drive, dinner and bed was the plan. Not that our life wasnt exciting it’s just we both work demanding jobs.But here she is with her new (old) little mirror laying in bed. ” any luck on the translation ” -adam” no nothing beside that it’s some form of Arabic ” -courtney Well maybe she’ll figure it out we had a long day a head of us and off to sleep we went. Sunday I woke, feeling odd unexplainable odd. I seemed light that’s the first thing I was thinking. And I was on the wrong side of the room looking for my glasses. What the heck my nails they long, not to mention i can see perfectly without my glasses on. It took a few minutes for the world to resolve and then dissolve. I woke as my wife. There I am, right were intent to sleep. Holy crap i was freaking out. I shook myself ” wake up ” I giggled at the sound of my own voice. As my own body stirred awake, I yelled ” this is impossible ” and I hear my voice but not mine anymore ” what is going on, holy crap I cant see anything ” a blank stair and a smile across my face. ” it fucking works, I cant believe that it actually worked “As out of body experiences go this is a first looking at my face say words that I didnt form; I was losing it. ” you have to stop and control your emotions, female bodies are far more emotional that male bodies ” -courtney Nearly on the verge of tears, I can see what she I means; he means. “What do you mean female bodies, I’m not a female? ” -adam “You are now, that’s what the mirror does. It allows the buyer to swap bodys with any other person ” -courtney That’s crazy magic isnt real” i had heard about these years and years ago while studying in Asia. That said they had been lost and that they were real. At the time I didnt believe myself. But there it wasn in that creepy little store and kadıköy escort I knew I just had to try ” -courtney ” so you knew this would happen? ” -adam ” I hoped, I’ve always wanted to explore life as a man, havent you ever wondered what it was like to be a woman? ” -courtney To be honest yes I had but didnt think it was possible ” of course who hasn’t but it cant be real ” -adam ” babe it’s real and has happened get up and follow me ” -courtney She I mean he leads me to the floor to ceiling length mirror just behind our bedroom door. I get the first real glimpse of what I look like. I cant say I’m disappointed, I married her for a reason. Curves just in the right places she well I mean I stand 5’7 and about 135 pounds and in my early 30s. Looking down I can see my breasts they arent huge just big enough to hide my flat tummy from my own sight. I can feel him let my long red hair down from the bun she went to bed in. ” you always said I was gorgeous and now you can to experience that for yourself ” -courtney I have to emit it felt good seeing this, I’ve been a red chaser my whole life. Now I am a true ginger. As I feel my i mean his hand wrapped around me holding my tummy, and m…. his cock against my ass. My old body 6 foot and on the heavy side 240 pounds, I wasnt fat so much as build. I know what she had planned I didnt know if I was ready for that yet. But I didnt think I could stop him. ” what are you doing? ” -adam ” This was the plan babe, swapping and fucking. I know you want too. I can feel your wet pussy ” -courtney It was true, he had his hand wrapped around one butt cheek and just slightly rubbed the entrance to my pussy. I can feel something building inside of me, like a slow crackling fire in my nerves. I gasped as he pushed hard on my tight little entrance, this was feeling good and I knew my old cock was getting hard by now. ” go slow I have no idea what to do ” -adam ” babe we are both in the same boat, I know how to pleasure myself but not with a cock ” -courtney ” I hmmmmm think we will manage together “-adam Now things were moving along he grabbed me up in a fireman hold and carried me back to the bed. Laying on my back he started kissing me, but he started at my feet. The feeling was truly exhilarating. This body seems more responsive that my man body ever did. Every kiss, touch, and caress made my knees weak and my stomach turn. He started moving forward my ankle, my knee, to my thigh. Kissing was the half of it the movement of his hand üsküdar escort against my inner thighs was maddening. I definitely wanted more now. As he pull my legs a part I could feel the convulsions in my legs, he was heading for my pussy.Last night my wife had gone to sleep in a extremely sex pair of purple lace panties. Now I know why, looking down I saw him between my legs as his kissing had reached my pelvic bone. Now with every kiss there was a little tongue, I can feel it through the lace. Teasing me he was now licking around my slit, going for the lips and just not reaching that part that was on fire. I reach down grabbing him by the hair. ” DO IT ” -adam Now he get it. Sliding my pantie to the side, he sucks my clit right into his mouth, and that fire burns hotter. I cant control myself my hips are gyrating with the movement of his tongue. The rush and fire and explosions in my body. I scream ” MORE ” “MORE” “I WANT MORE” -adam I’ve never felt like this before. If this is the other side of what I’ve been doing all these year I dont wanna go back. ” I think it’s time you show my why you always want you dick sucked ” -courtney I thinking can I do that? But I know that I dont ever want this to end so yes. He climb up to my face , and there it is. I know I had it good in life, 9 inchs reasonable thickness. But until now I didnt realize how big that actually looked to someone else. Like sticking a elephant trunk in my mouth. I giggled again ” I didnt realize it was that big, I mean looking down or a mirror didnt do this view justice. ” -adam ” not talk just make me believe ” -courtney I start giving the tip my mouth, wrapping my tongue around his shaft and I go a little deeper. I’m looking right into his face and that expression, that’s what I looked like on the rare occasion my wife sucked my cock. I was finding it hard to go any deeper it truly was difficult. That’s when he pushed down. “You have to gag at first and then you’ll open up to take more. ” -courtney She does know, after all she has had all 9 inch in her mouth many times. I splutter a bit, but it’s working I have more the half down and working it up and down. It actually taste good….. I pulled back” I wanna feel this cock in my little cunt now ” -adam ” about time you started with that dirty mouth “-courtney He moved off the top of my chest and I hopped up and got on all fours, I knew what I wanted. After all it’s her favorite position and I know I’ll have a huge orgasm. ” naughty girl, you know want you want that’s good ” -courtney tuzla escort I can feel the tip now just at the entrance to my little cunt hole. He grabs my panties and ripped that off. ” That’s better ” -courtney Now his cock is pushing on my clit, sliding between my lips and that fire is back. I feel my hole start to spread and the tip of that massive cock is going in. Like every muscle I have is pushing him out but welcoming him at the same time. I’m breaking in half, but never wanna end. ” the tips in babe you ready for more ” -courtney ” O M G ” ” YES ” -ADAM I felt the shaft side in deeper, and I didn’t know what holding me up any more. Nothing matters just deeper. ” FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME “”-AdamThat cock made my world dissolve. He pushed it passed my wall and pulled back, the next thing I know was he was thrusting so hard and deep. My body was stomach down on the bed in convulsions, but he didnt stop. Pounding my little cunt, his huge balls slapping my clit. I passed out again, it didnt stop. He fucked me prone for 45 minutes. I knew from experience my old body had stamina, I was able to go for 3 or 4 hours. That is unless my wife got on top and rode me. It was well his Achilles heel. ” I wanna ride you now ” -adam ” I don’t know if you’re ready for that yet babe a couple more hours of this and maybe then ” -courtney ” I’m the woman now and I want to ride that cock ” -adam After all I was the woman, and as much as I loved what we were doing, I wanted this now. Plus I’ve seen my wife orgasm well riding and no joke I think the neighbors can feel it. He is laying on his back now, and I knew I wanted to taste my cum on him so before climbing on top I sucked that cock, it actually made me wetter. That huge cock in my mouth was just so natural in this body. As I climbed up straddling his cock I slowly lowered myself down. I was opened up now but it still felt like I was splitting. Every inch deeper I was gasping. Then I felt the tip hit my wall, I wanted every inch now, I pushed past the wall and now I was all the way down. ” Grab my hips ” -adam I heard her say it so often I didnt even think, grinding back and forth. I can feel every inch and pulse of that cock deep inside of my cunt. I knew it wouldn’t take much, but now I didnt want to stop, rocking faster and faster I was going to explode. ” CUM WITH ME ” -adam ” I AM “-courtney I felt his cock explode inside of me, and it sent me over the edge. I felt as if I exploded like this body was part of every pleasure in the world all at once. And now in knew. Panting I leaned down and kissed him. I was truly embracing this body now. ” So you enjoyed that “-courtney ” unbelievable is this how it always feels ” -adam ” pretty much, I mean there is more to experience ” -courtney ” more ” -adam ” yep “-courtney ” are you going to swap us back? ” -adam ” are you wanting to swap back? ” -courtney ” NEVER ” -adam Until next time

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