Called to see the mother in law this afternoon she


Called to see the mother in law this afternoon sheI was coming back home passed the mother in laws, So I had to call in parks the car & went up to her flat, let myself in with my keys, Hello I said u on your own yes she said you have just miss Alice, now Alice was a big women with big tits & a very hairy fanny I have fucked her before & shot my load in her mouth, She was lonely & was looking for a bit of fun so she got it one afternoon, Anyway back to my story the mother in law was watching tv when I went in, she asked if I was ok yes I said are you. yes I’m fine she said I kissed her on the cheek & looked down her top I could see must of her tits in the big bra’s she always wears, I looked at her & said get in the bedroom I want your knickers off, can’t you leave it alone for one day she said, no I said sakarya escort so get in the bedroom & get them knickers down I want to fuck you,She got up & I put my hand up her up her skirt & pulled her knickers down, She was stood there with her knickers round her ankles, I push my hand on her cunt & told her. she was in need of a shave, she was a little ruff Now go & get undressed I will be in. In a minute I popped in the bathroom & got her razor.Then went in the bedroom she was just finishing getting her kit off she dropped something on the floor & bent over to pick it up I already had my trousers off with my cock hard & ready, I could see her arse in the air I moved to the back of her & shoved my cock up her it made her jump but I was in her I started to fuck her, she manage to grab the adapazarı escort dressing table I was fucking her hard & fast, You wanted this didn’t you, you are really wet, you should feel hope wet my cock is, let me have a feel I pulled out of her & she put her hand on it, bloody hell I didn’t know I was so wet, well you are now let me get my cock back in your pussy she turned round & bent over I was back up her fucking her old cunt I could feel her cunt juice running down my balls & down my leg,She said I’m going to cum & she did I was even wetter now my balls was soaked I pull out of her, her cunt juice was dripping off my cock I pushed it back in & fucked her for 5 more minutes I could feel I was ready to cum, Fuck I said I’m going to cum, yes she said put it up me, with that I let go sakarya escort bayan & shot my load up her, I left my cock there till it slid out of her cunt, that was nice she said I didn’t know I was so wet or why but that was nice, yes I said it was, she said I must go to the toilet & discharge your cum, ok I said don’t be long, when she came back I told her to get on the bed so I could shave her she was a little prickley I ran the razor over her mound, there I said ready & waiting for some more cock, yes she said I am with you I love you to fuck me, we then got dress & she made a cup of tea,There was a knock to the door I went to answer it, it was Alice have you forgot something yes she said I forgot to ask if we are going to the bingo tonight, She walked in the living room spoke to the mother in law & then left, When she had gone I said its a good job she didn’t come 5 minutes earlier & laughed, then the mother in law said she might have joined in but she was laughing, it did make me wonder if I could fuck them both together, we will have to see,

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