“Clare” Unconventional Aunt Ch. 01


I met a young man Daniel almost three years ago. He told me a story I found hard to believe. He assured me it was true. Since then I know it to be. I have met almost his entire family. Daniel put me in touch with others he learned of over the years. I don’t know how, I asked, he didn’t say.

They all have in one way or another committed incest. I doubted Daniel and others I talked to at first. I soon learned how naive I was. Over the last three years I decided to put them to paper. There are ten stories in all. I started submitting them here for your consideration.

I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

The stories are somewhat long. Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.

Daniel insisted I talk to one person before any others. That person was JB.

This story is one that almost never saw the light of day. Jay at first rejected any attempt to publish this. Clare on the other hand encouraged it. They are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

In the beginning JB confronts his uncle Odell.


OOH! I thought as our starting safety got beat yet again. He picked himself up and looked to the sideline.

“Brown get your ass over here” Coach yelled. Then he called time out.

I ran down the sideline past my teammates and stood beside him. He grabbed my pads and held me close.

“I know you’re just a sophomore but I need you to play like a pro.” He was yelling at me to pump me up. “Now look at the clock. They don’t have much time left. But damn if that quarterback makes one more run like that they’re going to be in field goal range.”

I looked at the scoreboard and then the position of the ball on the field.

“Jay! I want you to do one thing, and one thing only…” He jerked me closer. “You go after that quarterback and don’t let him make another play! Forget about anybody else! You go after him and put him on his ass every chance you get!”

I looked at the other team and the quarterback looking at me. I saw him smile. He knew I was coming in. He was taunting me.

“Can you do that son?” Coach challenged me.

“Yes sir!” I yelled through my helmet.

“I don’t care what anybody else does but that quarterback better not make another yard!” He pushed me to the field the other safety came out.

When they lined up the quarterback looked my way as he went through his reads. He looked right at me and smiled again. The first play they ran was a quarterback option. He headed my way, I dodged a block, then headed straight for him. With no choice he tossed it. They gained two yards. The next play he threw a pass and gained four more. I was standing in front of him when he let the ball go.

“Not going to happen bench boy!” He sneered at me. He was at least four inches taller and maybe twenty pounds heavier. He had that ‘I am entitled look’ as he brushed up against me as he walked back to huddle. His ego was too big to let me win. I hoped to use it against him.

“I’ll be back!” I did my best Terminator impression.

“Fuck you bench warmer!” He yelled.

I was ready for him. I knew he would run my way. Mr. Ego had to prove he was he was better than me. They hiked the ball I moved behind our tackle. I saw him sprint out. He was looking for me but I was hidden for just a moment. He cleared his tackle our linebacker had the tail back wide. I sliced through the line and with my shoulder pad in his chest I picked him up and drove him in the ground.


I heard the air leave his lungs. He lie motionless on the ground! Oh fuck! Did I kill him? Panic set in for the first few seconds. His eyes looked up at me as if he was dying. I started to move closer hoping to help him. Someone pulled me to my feet. It all happened so fast. Then he gasped for air!

I stood over him briefly. His eyes still locked on mine he was no longer so smug. With a startling twitch he curled up desperately gasping for a second breath of air. His teammates pushed me away. The medical staff was on him as I walked back to our huddle. They led him off and punted. We held onto the lead and closed out the game. I remember that game for several reasons, first, it was the first time I was actually in a game that counted. Second, I became a real member of the team. I had made the plays. I had proven I belonged. Lastly it was the start of series of events that altered the rest of my life. A life that changed in a way I could have never imagined.

My name is Jay Brown. JB to my friends. I am a sophomore in a medium size college. I play football, my position is izmir escort bayan safety. I am five eleven and weigh just over two hundred pounds. My dad was white. He died shortly after my younger sister Jessica was born. My grandfather on my mom’s side is white and my grandmother is black. My mom is one of their children. After my dad died Mom married a black man, Mike. I call him dad. This story is not about race but it plays a part to some extent. I am one forth African American but to look at me you would think I am white. My skin is fair, I just look lightly tanned. No blond hair but you get the picture! My mom, Rhonda looks black, but her skin is really more caramel colored. My step dad is 100% African American and much darker. He is by far the best man I know. He has been everything a father should be and more. We are close and have been since the beginning.

It was a home game. After taking a shower and getting kudos from my teammates, Rhonda, Jesse and Mike were waiting for me. It was a glorious reunion of sorts. Being a sophomore it was the first time they got to watch me play in college. They live about ninety miles away. I play for school Mike graduated from. He comes up for all the home games when he can. We went to a restaurant close to the dorms and spent some time before they headed home. Mom asked to talk to me before they left. While Jesse and Mike were waiting in the car, mom asked me if I could go see her sister Clare the next day. I agreed to but wasn’t sure I should be the one to go.

My aunt Clare is mom’s younger sister by twelve years. Where mom is average in height and weight, Clare is tall and slender. Mom has big full breasts, and a bit of a rump. Clare’s tits are small and delicate. She has a small tight ass, not that I noticed. Mom is medium skinned. Clare is dark skinned with big brown doe eyes. Mom is outgoing, enthusiastic and sassy. Clare is quiet, reserved and timid. As I stated earlier mom is married to a great guy. She loves him and he loves her. My aunt is married to a man I have never trusted. His name is Odell. He is six years older than Clare, and yes he is black too.

Odell and Clare live in the town where the college is located. He is in finance at a big bank in town. Clare works at one of the branches. I am not sure exactly what she does. Up to now we only see them occasionally. Odell will not let her see the family unless he is with her. My mom has a strong dislike for Odell, and as such, she does not see Clare as often as she would like. It ends up being mostly on holidays or at my grandparents. They do talk at times but Odell is so controlling even this is monitored.

I once asked my mom why Clare ever married him. But since mom was so much older than Clare she explained that she and her sister were from almost different generations. Mom had me when Clare was only eight, which makes my aunt almost my sister. They are close but the difference in age prevented them from sharing the bonds sisters might have if they were just two or three years apart.

When Clare married Odell mom was just beginning to rebuild her life. I always wondered if Clare’s scar played any part in their marriage, but that is a topic we just do not discuss.

They tell everyone that it was a car accident. Maybe it was. I doubt it. Regardless Clare has a scar that starts from her upper lip on her right side across her cheek and ends at her ear. The lower tip of her ear is missing. Not much but noticeable the few times I have seen it. She wears her hair long and pulls it across her face to hide the scar. It’s a shame because she is so beautiful with or without it.

I asked why I was going to see them. Mom thinks something is wrong. Either Clare won’t tell her or can’t. She is hoping if I stop Clare will tell me or I will figure it out on my own. I agree to stop by Sunday after work.

Back at my dorm I slip in bed and replayed the game in my head. I was great for those few plays. When I saw him gasping for air I was repulsed. There is so much I like about playing sports. The camaraderie, the physical demands, and the satisfaction of winning verses the disappointment of losing. But as good as I am I just do not have that killer instinct. Playing hard is one thing but hurting someone, or even worse maybe even paralyzing someone, would devastate me. I just can’t stand to see someone in pain. I know it and my coaches know it. Because of that I sit on the bench.

The door opened and closed. I heard the rustle of clothes and then she slipped under the covers beside me. I turned and kissed her full lips her massive tits pressed to my bare chest.

“I saw you play!” She whispered as our lips parted. “Drill me just like you did that quarterback! Take my breath away!”

There was no foreplay this time. She was ready and so was I. I rolled her over and with one smooth thrust I was in her. She whimpered just slightly as I started to fill her.

“Is it me or do you feel bigger tonight?” She teased.

“Oh you are going to pay for that!” izmir escort I teased back.

“Promises, promises.” She squealed as our pelvises met.

I lifted her legs in front of me and against my shoulders. I drilled her hard between her shapely thighs. Angie was anything but quiet when we fuck. Not a screamer but always vocal. It was a good thing my roommate was gone for the weekend otherwise he would get an earful tonight. She whimpered and whined, giggled and squealed, and then just before she climaxed she would go completely quite.

“Now JB…” She groaned. Her pelvis shifted her legs clenched. I knew she was close.

“Not yet!” I teased. “Wait for me!”

This drove her crazy. I knew she would wait. Tonight she was fucking the star football player! The one night hero and this is all she wanted. We both knew it. This, a bit more than friends with benefits. This was stature in her mind. Well at least she was somewhat honest about it. But now she was totally quiet. Angie was focusing on her own pleasure.

“Come for me baby!” I whispered. “Just think I won the game for us tonight!”

“Yessssss… Oh! JB you are the MAN!” Angie cried out as I fucked her through her first orgasm. Her hips rolled up as I plunged down. Angie was gasping for air her moans filled the room. I was starting to slow down as the remnants of her orgasm subsided in her body. Letting her legs down she pulled me in for a kiss.

“I know I can’t say I love you, but that was awesome!” Angie pulled me in for a kiss. We did care for each other but we agreed for now to keep the word love out of it. We were exclusive but we both knew the day would come when we would move on. I turned her over and drilled her pussy from behind. I loved to watch her massive tits swing as we fucked. Angie always came the second time just as I did. Tonight was no different.

Just as my balls boiled I would reach down and flick her clit. She responded by clinching her pussy, and slamming her ample ass back into me. I filled her pussy as she hissed in approval. This was our way, or better still, her way of having sex. We tried oral once. Angie refused to try it again. Anal was a non-starter and kinky sex was not to be discussed. What she lacked in variety she made up for in enthusiasm. Still you can only eat vanilla ice cream only so many days.

I earned a partial scholarship for college. With Mike being a past student I got some breaks as well. Mike has been very helpful financially, but I decided a job was needed if I did not want to get buried in debt. I work for a roofer. You know, stripping roofs, carrying shingles and nailing them down. Hard, hot, back breaking work. It pays well and it keeps me in shape. I wouldn’t say I love it but there are aspects about it I find helpful even in school. I am going for a business degree and this has been a real learning experience.

I was invited over to my aunt’s house for supper Sunday. After cleaning up a job we finished the day before, I stopped at the dorms and showered. I called Clare to make sure it was still ok if I came by. I knew the minute I walked in the door something was off. Clare didn’t have to say a word. Odell was loud and boisterous, even more than normal. He had been clearly drinking.

“So the new football star can’t even afford to feed himself?” He yelled as Clare opened the door.

“Don’t listen to him. You are always welcome here JB.” My aunt said softly so he couldn’t hear.

“Well they don’t pay us to play but they do feed us pretty well!” I said loud enough so he could hear. I tried to lighten the mood.

“Oh so you’re here to gloat?” He growled.

“I am sorry?” I asked. “Gloat about what?”

“The fucking game!” He yelled.

“Well we won it but I am not sure there is much to gloat about. It wasn’t a blowout or anything. In fact we almost didn’t hold on for the win!” I replied not sure what he was talking about.

“Fuck yes you won! Cost me five large you fucking losers!” He turned to my aunt. “Get the boy a beer and refill this glass!” He bellowed.

My uncle bet on the game? He lost five hundred bucks on us? Serves him right I thought.

“Thanks but I will pass on the beer. I am driving and have classes in the morning.” I explained.

He gave me an evil look but Clare came back with his glass filled with booze so he was happy about that. It was going well through most of the dinner. I stayed away from sports, and we couldn’t talk about family. So I stuck to school. Clare was passing me a dish for seconds when she knocked a spoon off the table. It was by my foot so I started to reach down and pick it up.

“Let the bitch do it!” He yelled. “She knocked it there.”

“It’s ok, It’s right here.” I smiled as I started to reach down again.

“I said let the bitch do it!” He yelled louder as he wavered in his chair.

Clare grabbed my wrist and stopped me. Her eyes told me I would only make it worse if I continued. She picked it up and set it aside. I could see the escort izmir embarrassment in her face as she looked at me. It haunted me the whole way back to the dorm. I didn’t know why I let him do that to her but I knew I would never let it happen again. Mom was right, there was something going on, I just didn’t know what. Even for Odell this was out of character.

I had dinner with them several weeks later and the mood was closer to normal. Still there was this tension in the air. Clare did not say anything to me but you could feel it in the house the whole time I was there. Odell was just as demanding as before but there was never a need to challenge him.

I was in the locker room the several months after my big game. The season was now over and I was here for conditioning. One of the seniors came up to me. He was a good player, not a superstar but someone we all looked up to. He was smart, tough and best of all he led by example. He said very little unless asked and then he was honest and right to the point.

“Jay is there a night you might have free this week? I would like to talk to you about something?” Randy asked.

I looked around to make sure he was talking to me. I was the only Jay but still we were not what you would call friends.

“Sure I guess. Tomorrow I have the whole night open!”

“Great I will pick you up around seven.” He explained. “Oh and if you have some black slacks and a white shirt that would be nice.”

He turned and left as quickly as he came. I had black slacks and decent shoes but did go and buy a new white shirt and undershirt. At seven I was outside looking like a dork but when he pulled up in a big black limo I didn’t feel so stupid.

“Hop in!” Randy said.

I opened the passenger door and sat up front with him. “Nice car!” I explained.

“Thanks but it is not just a car JB, it is much more than that.” He smiled.

“How so?” I asked.

“Later. I brought you a jacket try it on.” Randy replied.

He handed me a jacket like the one he was wearing. It was a bit snug in the shoulders but otherwise it was perfect.

“Not bad!” He looked over. “Now you don’t need to do anything but watch. I thought it best if you looked the part just in case.”

We headed out of town to the airport. Once there he picked up four guys and ushered them in the direction of back door. He explained some things to them and checked their ID’s. When they were all seated we took off for the new casino on the shore of the river just outside town. Dropping them off Randy pulled into an area for limos and turned off the engine. We got out and walked to the bank of the river. He handed me a cold water and a snack bar.

“JB the reason I asked you here is to see if you were interested in a job?” Randy asked.

“Well I have a job when I have free time so I am not sure.” I replied honestly.

“Yeah I know about that. But this would be something different. This job you can do after classes, and at the same time get your studying done.” He looked at me. “JB that and it pays real well.”

“Well I guess I would be interested in learning more. Is it some kind of multi-level marketing? You know Amway?” I asked. Randy just laughed.

“No. Nothing like that. You may have to sell yourself at times, but that is not the job.” He replied.

“Well what would I have to do?” I asked. He looked over the river and looked back at me.

“You’re doing it!”

“Doing what?” Not sure I was clear. “You mean ride with you?”

“Be the limo driver! A chauffeur!” He explained. “Look I have a client that has particular tastes, and demands that go with it. I am leaving after this year to get my masters. I have been looking for someone to take this job for over a year. You are the only one I have suggested taking it over.”

“Really? But why me?” I asked stunned.

“I have been watching you JB. You are quiet, you keep your mouth shut, and you don’t complain. After your big game, you came back to the team and worked just as hard, maybe harder than before. I asked around. There is not one guy on the team that knew you were fucking Angie. Hell some guys thought you were gay! Even when I had a couple friends pump you for info not a peep.”

“So it was you that put them up to that?” I asked stunned. I remembered now the constant questions about my sex life. “So how did you find out?”

“Let’s just say she is not as private with her sex life as you may think. From what I hear she cannot say enough good things about you. Especially after your big game!” He smacked me on the back. “What do you say are you interested?”

“Well I would like to learn more, but to be honest this is a bit of a surprise.” I tried to be honest but confident. “What can you tell me?”

Randy explained that he wanted me to spend a few nights with him seeing what he does. Then he will give me some simple runs and see if I think I want to continue. After that we would get into the details. When he handed me $200 for the night I knew I was interested. He left me explaining that I would need to get my driver’s license upgraded before I could sit behind the wheel. I had one for driving the roofing trucks and the add-on for a chauffeur was a breeze.

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