ExhibitionExhibitionMy good friend opens a photo exhibition. And in a month its opening will take place. What kind of exhibition I did not know, but he intrigued me, he said it would be interesting to me.Time passed, and today is the discovery. In the morning I woke up around 10 in the morning. She threw a silk robe over her naked body, sauntered into the kitchen to make coffee. Coffee languishes on the stove, since today the day off in the cafe splashed liquor, and not a lot of spices. Having poured coffee into a cup, I went out onto the balcony, drinking coffee a little bit in small sips. Reflecting on life. But the evening promised to be languid. Opening in the evening, still a lot of time. I went into the shower, but changed my mind, and decided to take a bath. While the water was pouring, I opened the cupboard. And what to go in? Flashed through my head – I want adventure.Water poured, having thrown off a dressing gown on the floor, slowly sinking into warm water, thinking about the evening. Comfortably sitting in the bathroom, I thought, imagined what promised me the evening. Suddenly a call, this is Den, said that he was waiting for me. And whatever I was surprised .. I was even more interested. A bit about Dan. Tall, handsome, confident, but always lonely, with a good sense of humor. Peeping, not a guy. But we have always been friends.Gathering almost the whole day, putting herself in order, she thought about the evening.Calling a taxi, writing to Den that I left. Half an hour on the road and I’m there.Dan stands at the entrance and smokes nervously. I get out of the taxi and he is very glad to see me. My hair was tied up, my lips were painted with red lipstick, I’m wearing a blue dress on the floor and a blue satin set of underwear. Black stockings and high-heeled shoes. Although I almost always go in jeans. Dan is surprised he didn’t have to see me like that. And even a barely noticeable excitement istanbul escort managed to catch, on his part.Dan opened the door to the building, then by elevator to the second floor. And when the elevator opened, I was in shock. Completely naked waitresses, they are just a white collar. On the walls, mostly girls are encouraged, and several handsome male bodies. A waitress came up and offered a drink, holding out a glass of champagne. After drinking a few sips, I decided to go see the photo. Dan met the guests, but he was already trying to find me in the crowd.I felt his eyes on me. On the walls of incredible beauty, the girls were naked, there was no vulgarity and debauchery in them. Everything is very beautiful. I wandered around the large room, and found another door, curiosity made me open it, there are also pictures, but there is already far from erotica, there is porn in the pictures. It smells of sex, I’m alone in the room. Having carefully studied all the photos, I went into the hall and took another glass of champagne and went out on the balcony to get aired, I was thrown into the heat. On the street a warm wind enveloped me, the starry sky, as if a placer of diamonds sparkled. Trembling in the body from what he saw, excitement, desire. My cheeks burned with fire. Dan comes out, embarrassed, asks:how do i showI am trying to say very culturally that I am surprised and did not know about its increase. But I liked it, and those same photos flash in my head.I don’t know what came over me, I take his hand and lead him to that very room, he does not resist and obediently follows me. We go in, I close the door to the lock, kiss him, untie my tie, throw off my jacket right on the floor. His hands wander around my body, he turns his back to himself, I feel a boner, he whispers in his ear that he has long wanted to fuck me, but it avcılar escort turns out the opposite, you are the initiator. A crafty Smile on his face makes my cheeks blush.He stretches the dress, pulls on one of the straps, and I remain in front of him in underwear and stockings. I carefully step out of the dress, step back a few steps, so that he can properly consider. Then I rest against his chest with my hands and push to the window. Den froze, what’s next?I continue to take the initiative in my hands, kiss his neck, while stretching the belt famously leaving him without pants, he sits on the windowsill, first I take his cock with my hand, and I understand that it is huge. Quietly rejoice at this news, leaning on it, tonguing along the entire length of the organ, trying to devote to each wreath, I focused on the head and bridle, Den groaned, leaned on his back against the glass, and I continued to suck trying to put the penis in my mouth as much as possible, abundantly lubricating it with saliva. Den could not stand it, wheezing now finish. And she accelerated the process, while helping with both hands, the good length of the penis allowed. But that it would be so plentiful, I did not count, the sperm stream hit almost in the throat, then more and more, even a couple of drops were on my chest, there were a lot of sperm. Not only is Dan good-looking, but he also tastes good.Dan wheezed and groaned. Recovering for a long time.how could I ?Why have I been waiting so long?I’m no longer hoping for a sequel, wonderful evenings. Settled down on a large armchair, putting herself in order after a blow job. The pen twitched, then more and more, we fell silent. Dan got dressed and went out, said he would be back soon. The exhibition is over, he accompanied people, the music went quiet a. I put on a dress and was about to leave. Well, it was and was, what now. Den came şirinevler escort back, grabs me on the shoulder and left the studio, put on the floor only in the elevator, we went up a couple of floors. Dan opened the door with his key, not turning on the light, we went to another room, candles were burning there, glasses were filled. He again threw me with his back to himself, delivered me from the dress. Following the bra flew to the floor, and panties. Subdued light, romance.There was no dialogue, we just drowned in each other. We were on the couch, on a snow-white sheet, he roughly threw my legs to his shoulders and entered me, began to move rigidly and quickly. Why he turned me on my stomach and came in from behind, grabbing my hands behind my back, lifted me and continued to move …. groans and here he is the long-awaited orgasm, then another one. I think I even lost consciousness for a few seconds from such a thrill. He laid me gently on the bed, it was already light on the street. He pulled the glass to me, his throat was dry. I took a couple of big sips, and silently looked at him. We did not talk tonight, we loved each other.I put down my glass and tried to rise to get up, he did not let me do it. Den got out of bed and curtained the curtains, it became dark in the room, several small lamps gave not much light. He hung over me like a stone block, first kissing his neck, then going down lower and lower. He paid special attention to the breast, each nipple was gently licked, while at the same time caressing the pussy with his hand. Then, comfortably sitting down, he gently tonged his fingers along an already excited pussy, and starting his finger for the effect, he began to move his tongue up and down, focusing his attention on the tubercle, and currents were already beating inside me. So now it’s my turn to wheeze that I’m on the aisle .. and suddenly he stopped. I howled. He raised himself at home, put his hand on the lower abdomen, ran 2 fingers inward and actively began to move. A scream fell from my lips, just a little bit more and it will tear me into 10,000,000 small particles. It’s never been so nice to me. Dan lay down beside him, turned me on his side, kissing my neck, whispering all sorts of amenities in my ear. And so we fell asleep.

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