Fantasy 1


Fantasy 1A/N: Hey everyone! This is my first attempt at writing, so if you could leave kind reviews and critiques, that would be appreciated! I wrote it during Basic Training, and each following one gets slightly longer I’m in the kitchen at my house, entertaining some guests, when my man walks up behind me, and discreetly pulls the back of my pants down, before wrapping me in a hug. He slips his cock out of his pants, and slowly eases it into my already lubed ass, while I try to pretend nothing is happening, and carry on normal conversation with the guests. He moves around the counter, separating us and our friends, as he continues making dinner, slowly pushing in and out with his big man meat, sending ripples of pleasure through my body. I try to help him make dinner, kadıköy escort but the pleasure from getting my ass railed, and the knowledge that our friends were right across from us, made it hard to be discreet. I struggle to contain a moan of loss as he pulls out right before I get off. Thank god our friends are exceptionally oblivious, or else I’m sure they would have noticedI start walking away, looking over my shoulder and make eye contact with my man, as I slip into the bathroom. A few minutes later, just as I’m sure he is about to not show, he eases open the door. I drop to my knees, and fish out his cock before going to town on him, slurping at his man meat. I stare up into his eyes, üsküdar escort as I deep throat his 12 inch monster cock. As I take him down my throat, he grabs either side of my head and starts ramming my head up and down, before slamming me to the base and cuming down my throat. As he walks out, he promises me there’s more where that came from.Later that night, after the guests leave, he has me strip and get into a sexy nightie with no back. He has me call my mother, and just after she picks up, slams himself inside of me. I have to explain to my mom that I just rammed my toe into a door jam, but I can tell she isn’t really convinced. As he pounds into me, I have to keep the conversation going, and making excuses, as my voice gets tuzla escort breathy and my moans slip out. He sits me up, and positions us so we are facing each other, and slips off my BRAVA, putting my newly pumped tits into his mouth. As I continue to bounce on his cock, my ass rippling, cock bouncing, and his mouth on my newly sensitive tits, I say bye to mom, and hang up just before an exceptionally loud moan escapes my mouth. My man picks me up and throws me on the couch, and continues where he left off, his big cock slipping right into my now loose ass-pussy. As he fucks me, my cocklet spurts into my nightie, and he reprimands me for getting it dirty, but his smirk never left his face. I feel more ripples of pleasure course through my body, and I spurt again, right after my last one. As my ass is continuously pounded, I feel the cum just pour out of my cock, leaving me soaked down there. After a few more minutes, he slams into me one last time, and he cums, his seed shooting deep into me. As he pulls out, he puts in an inflatable butt plug, pumping it up and seeking his cum in me for a late night snack.

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