Finally Saw the GF be with another man Part 2

Finally Saw the GF be with another man Part 2After our first attempt at a threesome was abruptly ended, my girlfriend Rose was constantly bringing up wanting to try a threesome again with Tom and she took it upon herself to contact him herself. Unbeknownst to me, she started texting and talking almost daily (and nightly) with him for a couple of weeks. Monday came around and i arranged for us to try again at getting together the coming Saturday night. Valentine’s Day was on the upcoming Friday but I heard nothing from her that day, which is unusual because we text/talk every other minute it seems. She is married and seeing me so I didnt think too much about not hearing from her on Valentines Day at the time because she may be with the hubby but i at least figured a text, plus he was leaving for a week and we would see each other on Saturday. Saturday happened and heard nothing from her again. I received one text from Tom that simply said “What are you up to?”.I didn’t reply as it was later in the evening and decided to go out after not hearing from Rose.I texted Rose 3 or 4 times later that night and still no reply. The next day I got a text from Tom in the afternoon asking what i was up to. I told him i thought Rose was mad at me for not doing something with her on Valentines Day and i tried texting her last night.He replied that she couldn’t reply last night because she was “busy”. He said he tried to text me to come over for a threesome but i never responded back. Yeah, ONCE you texted me, thanks for trying asshole. It seems Rose invited him over early and after they began he thought they should try and get me over there for the fun. I guess after the single text they got too busy and forgot all about me.The thoughts started racing in my head and my cock started getting hard at the thought of my girlfriend going out with my friend and fucking him all night.”So you fucked my girlfriend without me last night???”He replied “Well, technically we fucked for the first time on Friday”Valentines Day?? You fucked MY pussy on Valentines Day and I got nothing?? I should have been furious but was incredibly aroused as this was what Rose and I both talked about having, a swinging and open relationship. I couldn’t wait to get a hold of Rose and hear all the details. She finally replied to my texts and admitted what took place and recounted the weekends event.As Tom is going thru a divorce and his wife was out with someone all day and night on Valentines Day, Tom asked if Rose wanted to grab some lunch Friday afternoon because he was off work, lonely and a little depressed. So they met up, had lunch and went back to Rose’s place for a drink and talk. She said Tom sat in the front room making a drink while she went and changed into a cheerleaders costume she had. When she came out and bent over to turn the TV on he was all over her and they fucked for a few hours before the hubby returned. But before Tom left she made plans with him for the next day as the hubby was leaving early in the A.M..Saturday morning Tom showed up with an overnight bag and they picked up right where they left off. They stayed naked and in bed all day, only leaving her bed to take a bathroom ankara escort break or something to eat. The thoughts of calling me never even entered her mind, she said. The first day he fucked her he was nervous about being alone with my girl so it was a nice, sweet, passionate screw. But that Saturday i guess he was more comfortable and she said he really fucked the hell out of her. The lone text came out of the fact they should at least “try” to contact me so they could cover their asses. But apparently he pounded her all morning, day and night. Even waking her up at 1am for more, which she happily gave him. And in the morning she was woken up by a hard penis nudging at her ass so she turned over, spread her legs and he slid right back in for more. And before he left, she gave him a goodbye blowjob as he stood in the enclosed porch, pants, around his ankles and shooting another load of jizz down my girl’s throat.As she told me all this, I was only upset about not being there. Every dirty nasty detail just turned me on to the point that i could have came in my pants with just a gentle breeze blowing on my crotch.A couple of days later Rose and I made plans to see each other. We went out grabbed a bite to eat and enjoyed our evening. During the evening i got several texts from tom asking what i was doing and Rose’s phone was blowing up but she wouldn’t say by whom.I told her Tom was texting me and should i invite him over. “Maybe, if I feel like it” was her response.We went back to my house and lay on the couch and started fooling around, Tom texting both of us all the while.I texted him to come over in 30 minutes and he quickly replied an ok.I told Rose that i invited him over and we should try another shot at the 3some. She hesitantly said ok but i could tell she was extremely excited. I texted him that i would leave the door unlocked, to come in, remove his clothes and join us in the bedroom.We went upstairs to the bedroom and only fooled around while we waited as not to spoil the fun yet to come. Finally we heard the door open and movement coming from downstairs. Excitedly she jumped up and had me lay across the bed, she straddled my face with her pussy and at the edge of the bed she faced the door. Tom entered the room and said hello as he walked closer to the bed. I was busy licking her pussy as Rose sat on my face and as soon as Tom got in arms reach she grabbed a hold of his penis, yanked him to her and started to suck his dick.”Woah!……oh….ok….” was all i heard him say as she did that. I could look up and see her work her magic with her mouth. I could see his dick resting on her face in a semi-erect state as she ran her tongue along the underside of his balls and it kept getting harder. Finally when it got good and hard and sticking straight out into the air she started bobbing her head back and forth on it.”Oohhhh God that’s good!” he moaned out “Oh i love it when you do that!”As he said that, all i could think of is what she must have done with him the past weekend.”Oh she did that pretty good too you on Saturday?” I asked.”No, yesterday morning before work I called and asked if she wanted a quickie”, he replied.”Yeah, and the ankara escort bayan so called quickie lasted 3 hours and made me late for my appointment at the mechanic” Rose added in.”Wait! You two fucked yesterday morning?””Yeah we did!” Tom laughed.”You’ve been fucking her more than I have the past week!””Oh yes he has and been fucking me very well too! And i dont think it will stop any time soon” she giggled.I could have came right then.She grabbed him by the dick and guided him to the bed and he laid on top of her and they started kissing. Rose spread her legs and Tom got on top of her. She reached down to guide him into her but before she did she turned to me and said “Are you sure you want to watch? Are you sure this is what you want? Are you sure you want to share me with other men?”I was so eager to watch and so mesmerized by the fact she was about to fuck another man right in front of me that all i could stammer out was “Yes, yes, if it pleases you then this is what i want”.”Mmmm, yes it does please me. Good answer, now watch Tom fuck me” she replied.With that she gave a light tug on his dick towards her pussy and he plunged right in.Her mouth fell open, her head went back, her eyes shut and Tom lowered his mouth to hers as he started his slow fucking motions.She wrapped her arms and legs around him and started moving her hips as if to get more of his dick inside of her then she said the three hottest words I had ever heard her say.”Fuck me Tom.”The fact she called out another mans name to fuck her just threw me into another level of pleasure and ecstasy.He pushed her arms down and pinned them to the bad and slowly teased her with his cock. I took ahold of her hands and pulled them over her head and held them in place as Tom grabbed her legs into the air and spread them wide. He slowly pulled out until almost completely out of her then slam back into her. She grunted and moaned with every hard thrust.”Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” was all she could pant.”Yeah, thats right! I know just how you love to be fucked, don’t I!” Tom stated.”Oh yes you do! You do every time!”Their talking had thoughts rushing through my head.How many times must he have fucked her over the weekend? Did they really get THAT intimate to where he really knows how to fuck her better than me?Does he know her better than me? Is he better at fucking her more than me? Does she like how he fucks her better than me?All these things popped in my brain and did nothing but turn me on more and more.God I hope he fucks her good every time. I don’t want this to end. I want him to fuck my girlfriend every day, every night, whenever he wants her!That’s all i could reply in my head to all those questions.Tom grinned and went back to beating her pussy up and slowly sped up the pace. I still had her arms pinned above her head and kneeling by her face. She turned her head and sucked my cock into her mouth. She was sucking better now than ever before. All i could do was watch my friends hard dick, glistening with her juice, slam in and out of my girlfriends well oiled cunt.Tom grabbed her by the hips and literally threw her in the air and onto her belly. He pulled her ass up into the air escort ankara by her hips and d**g her to the edge of the bed.She reached for my dick and i slid to her. She rested her head on my thigh and waited for Tom to insert his penis into her. He rubbed and squeezed her ass cheeks and must have slid a finger in her ass or pussy as she moaned and squealed, but he was not yet fucking her. She went back to sucking my cock and held on firmly to my hips. I couldn’t move at all. I reached down and played with her tits and tugged her nipples. She momentarily stopped her bobbing but kept my dick in her mouth. Then suddenly she moaned out loud and long. He must have just re-entered her, I thought to myself. She clenched down me even tighter as he started to fuck her then she kept up the sucking on my cock. What a sight! She was getting buffeted back and forth as he gave her a very rough fucking and all the while she still has the where with all to keep sucking my cock. In a matter of 5 minutes I came in her mouth. It surprised her that i came so quickly but i couldn’t take anymore. Her head bobbed up and down on my swollen meat as she paced her motions to Toms thrusting into her. I felt no teeth, just tongue, lips and throat sliding up and down on my dick. He was fucking her so fast and furious she just started screaming with a mouthful of cock.”Mmmmmmmmmmm aaaaaaaaahhhhh uuuuuuuhhhhh!!!”, was all i heard and that’s when i exploded in her mouth.She gave me a strange look like “Really?? You came already??”Tom did a double take and gave the same look to me. All i could do was finish coming down her throat as he kept pounding away at her.I moved down underneath her to be face to face with her. I held her and sucked her tits as he pummeled the shit out of her pussy. She just grimaced and took it. He had a firm grip on her hips as he worked her pussy over, the slapping of his pelvis on her ass was getting louder and louder.She started her half moan half scream again and she started shaking uncontrollably. She clutched on to me and shook and i held her as her orgasm tore through her. Her hips were literally jumping her into the air with each wave of pleasure ripping through her, the whole while Tom kept his grip and kept up his pace of thrusting into her that caused my girlfriend to com all over another mans cock.She collapsed on top of me and was thoroughly spent. She was a limp doll on top of me and all she could do was let Tom ride her out until he came. I kissed her face, her cheeks, her brow and lips as he did so. I kept whispering in her ear how beautiful she looked as another man made her com. All she could do was smile as Tom kept fucking her limp body. He finally started grunting loudly as he came. A loud grunt with every twitch of his dick inside her and every spurt of his semen in her.He collapsed on top of her and said with a laugh “Oh God that is some good pussy!””Thats some good dick and hella good fucking you always give me too!” Rose stated back.She looked back at me and kissed me. I could taste dick and com all on her lips.Tom rolled her off of me and got on top of her and kissed her deeply, Rose wrapped her arms around his neck and back and kissed back long hard and deep.As they parted their kiss Rose looked over at me, still clinging to him and just grinned.I could tell this was going to be a regular thing from now on and with no complaints from me, I am more than happy to let it.

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