First Lap Dance


First Lap Dance”Damn honey, you look beautiful!”Sometimes hearing it, you still don’t feel or believe it, though the compliment is well received. In this case however, Renee’ did believe it as she stood looking at herself in the mirror.Tall, or at least tall for a woman, Renee’ stood admiring her long shapely legs. The black skirt she was wearing short, short without being obscene, but definitely sexy. She had worn no panties, nor panty hose.She ran her fingers briefly through her short brown feathered hair, giving herself a stylish ‘mussed’ look, without appearing as though she’d just gotten out of bed. She allowed her hands to roam down her sides caressing the soft silky material of her matching blouse, seeing her perky nipples responding to her own touch, giving each a brief, very brief self-caress, giggling inwardly as they responded.She looked good. Damn good, smiling at her self in the mirror one last time before hurrying to catch up with her husband who had now gone downstairs and was waiting for her.Renee’ was excited, and nervous. They were headed to a nightclub, a favorite though she had never been to this particular one before. It had been highly recommended, mostly because the women who danced there were a cut above the rest. But she was nervous for another reason, they were going so that she could experience a Lap Dance.#Though still busy, the club was far from being packed. A beautiful fair-skinned woman with a mane of fiery red hair stood on stage, sensually gyrating in a slow-motion dance as many of the patron’s sat watching her as though hypnotized. Renee’s husband Robert guided her towards a secluded back booth. And though well away from the stage itself, still allowing a perfectly unobstructed view of the dancers. Several dancers mingled amongst the members, some sitting with them, others appearing to float from table to table, warm friendly, like Mermaids seductive in their allure.They had ordered their drinks from one of the scantily clad waitress’s, though not a dancer. For the dancers though free to mingle, did not serve in that capacity. Their job was to keep the customers drinking, engage in seductive naughty talk if they felt like it, and offer Lap Dances to those who they aroused enough to want one.”Hi, my name’s Danielle,” she had said. “First time here?”She was as tall, if not taller than Renee’. With long flowing dark hair, that perfectly framed her oval shaped face, eyes that appeared as burnt almonds, sensually penetrating as she looked first briefly towards Renee’s husband, before returning, then staying on her.Danielle’s skin was coppery-colored, a faint sheen of perspiration giving a glow to her near flawless skin. She had just finished her set moments ago, somewhat breathless, though sounding more like she’d just crawled between Renee’s legs and was kissing her there. Which at the moment, Renee’ found herself thinking and wondering about.”Yes,” Robert had answered for them. Which Renee’ was glad for as she’d not as yet found her own voice. She was still staring at this incredibly beautiful creature, surprised that she could feel lust, desire towards another woman, something she had never experienced to quite this degree before. “Would you care to join us?” he added.Renee’ caught the quick signal as Danielle summoned a waitress over to them. It was after all part of the job. Even if she was unable to convince someone into having a Lap Dance, then drinks were at the very least required before any of the dancers could join one of the patron’s at their table.Renee’ expected Danielle to swing around the booth, sitting down next to her husband. Surprised, thrilled, curiously confused when she chose instead to slide in next to her. And when she did, Renee’ felt a tickling wave of excitement race through her.Danielle didn’t just sit, nor keep any kind of respectable distance between them either. Almost from the start, as they talked became friendly, laughing enjoying their drinks together, Danielle’s long slender leg remained in constant contact with Renee’s. Moving, subtly perhaps, but moving, caressing without being too obvious. Occasionally over a shared comment or joke that made them laugh, Danielle would allow her hand to drop, allowing it to linger briefly, all too briefly upon Renee’s exposed thigh. Sometimes a simple touch, fleeting as though it had never occurred. But then others, when her hand lingered, a slight upward stroke, gentle, teasing, then just as quickly disappearing as though she’d nearly burned her hand.Which by Renee’s way of thinking, she nearly had, she was aflame.They had spent the better part of an hour merely sitting there together. Renee’ surprised that time had passed so quickly, stunned when Danielle announced it was time for another set.”Will you…” Renee’ caught herself beginning to say, “Come back when you’re done?”Danielle smiled, leaning over giving Renee’ a soft lingering kiss. “If you’d like, yes!” She whispered quietly into Renee’s ear. At that same moment, she felt the teasing press of Danielle’s hand just graze the side of her breast. Once again, a tease…nothing so bold or so obvious as to be called a grope, or even “copping a feel” as some might say. Danielle had, but she hadn’t, her hand once again dancing away just as she now did herself towards the stage.Mesmerized, both Robert as well as she sat staring at Danielle as she began the first of three sensual numbers on stage. To her, it was as though she was witnessing the private moments of a woman who’d just been with her lover, though not having made love, yet excited, yearning and still wishing for more. As she danced, her hands gliding up and down her lithe form, Renee’ could picture her own hands doing the same.She hadn’t even realized until her husband mentioned it, that her own hand had u*********sly slipped between her legs.”Exciting isn’t halkalı escort she?” he’d said, grinning, then looking down as Renee’ openly felt her wetness, surprised at her own boldness even though the likelihood of anyone having seen her do that was remote.”God yes…she is!” “So? Do you?” He left the actual question unspoken.She barely hesitated, and then answered breathlessly. “Yes…yes I would.”The costume she wore could be called nothing else, for it was. But in appearance, it seemed as though an elegant evening dress that you would easily find someone wearing at a cocktail party. Covered in hundreds of tiny sparkling chaff, the lights flickered upon it, giving her the look of a universe suddenly exploding into existence as the lights on stage died, then abruptly coming up again, though more focused, more directed upon her as she moved in and out of the light. And as she did, as she seemed to disappear into nothingness momentarily, suddenly reappearing, Renee found herself holding her breath for as the lights came up yet a third time, now bathing her in an erotic red glow, she was nude.”Oh God!” Renee’ actually exclaimed, her hand immediately covering her mouth in surprise as though the next words might sound orgasmic in nature, which in truth…might very well have been. She heard Robert’s chuckle, his eyes smiling their approval as she glanced towards him, feeling somewhat embarrassed, guilty that her inner emotions and desires had forced their way to the surface before she could have acted in controlling them.”You want her don’t you?” Robert pressed, only then slipping up beside his wife closing the abnormal distance that had existed between them most of the night. Renee took his hand, guiding it downwards between her legs where he openly probed the recess of her fully exposed, fully available sex, finding it liquid, heated, and in need.By the time Danielle had finished, Robert had nearly brought her to the point of orgasm twice. Stopping just short, so fully in tune with his wife’s pleasures, letting them linger on the edge, before easing back before she could boil over into climatic bliss.For a brief moment Renee’ feared that Danielle might not return. She had disappeared off stage without immediately reappearing. She sat scanning the area in search for her, worried, nervous that perhaps she’d moved on, knowing that others were feeling the same intensity of emotion that she was. She felt a flood of relief wash over her when several minutes later Danielle approached, though no longer wearing the outfit she’d been wearing. Instead, she wore what appeared to be a simple, yet form-fitting tank top with a skirt that was definitely too short to be seen in public. Danielle approached their table, but rather than sitting down, she merely extended her hand towards Renee’. “Come,” she said simply. And Renee’ stood. The mere touch of her hand as their fingers entwined like serpents caressing sent a shiver of bumps flooding her flesh to prickle in tingly anticipation.#There was another area set aside specifically for Lap Dancing. Danielle led her to it, finding a large comfortable chair that was at least two chairs away from their currently involved neighbors. The woman whom Renee’ had seen dancing upon stage when they’d first entered now sat sensually moving within the lap of an older silver-haird man who looked in many ways like some well known movie-star though at the moment, Renee’ couldn’t have named him. Nor, did she dwell on it further as Danielle eased her down into the seat.Renee’ had no idea what to do with her hands. Funny as she sat there thinking about it, until Danielle slithered up into her lap. As though having a mind of their own, Renee reached, drawing Danielle towards her. She came willingly, just as expectant perhaps, certainly as excited as she was. This was no act, this was no ‘on-stage’ performance. And though there were a few on-lookers yes, Renee’ somehow managed to block each and every one of them out of her mind including Robert who she sensed rather than actually saw was standing somewhere nearby.Danielle sat facing her at first. Renee’ felt Daniel’s soft breasts even through the material of what each were wearing as she pressed herself fully, then arching her back ensuring that her nipples grazed those of Renee’s before slithering back, then up doing so again.The skirt she wore had a slit along one side, as she sat, it naturally parted revealing even more of her upper thigh. Danielle now began running her hands in exploration along her exposed flesh. A new wave of tingles coursing up and down her spine, goose bumps exploding like a thousand tiny bombs of energy, searing her flesh, intensifying Danielle’s wandering touch as first one, then two fingers brushed casually, almost too casually against the outer folds of her delicate wet lips.”Oh God,” Renee’ heard herself speaking, though in a voice that hadn’t sounded like her own, as though belonging to someone else entirely until she heard herself moaning once again as another, then another finger probed as though searching for secrets, secrets that Renee’ was now only too willing to share.Danielle had leaned into her once again, so smooth in her routines, as she did, Renee’ felt the hard tips of Danielle’s breasts actually brush her cheek as she realized her breasts had somehow been bared as they kissed daintily, quickly, moving away before Renee could even think to seek either of them out with lips or tongue.”Fuck!” Renee’ moaned audibly, not caring now who heard her, or what they may have thought had they.As Danielle leaned once more, her intent to again nipple-tease Renee’s face in passing, Renee’ reached up with her hands, taking Danielle’s breasts fully within each, surprising her briefly, then completely as she all olgun escort but sank her teeth into the woman’s exposed neck, nipping at her, hearing Danielle moan in uninhibited surprise.Thinking she now had the upper hand for a moment as she caressed the hard taut nubbins of her twin eraser sized nips, rolling each between thumb and fingers, Danielle eased the tip of her finger up Renee’s split, locating swiftly the like-sized pearl that lay swollen, exposed, inviting. She allowed the sharp edge of her finger-nail to lightly nick it, neither causing pleasure, nor pain…just an intense sensation of sensitivity that rushed through Renee’s being like wild-fire, escalating the ever-growing passion and want that now freely-flowed from between her legs.”You want to get serious about playing?” Danielle asked. “We do have ‘private’ rooms, but they cost…and only the two of us may go in,” she explained hotly.”I don’t…” Renee’ began, but Robert stepped in beside them. “Will this cover it?” he asked grinning. Danielle nodded, accepting the cash, once again standing where she took Renee’s hand back into hers leading her over to what appeared to be a small flight of stairs where a big burley looking bouncer stood baring entry. As Danielle approached, he stepped aside unclasping a rope that served only as a reminder against unwanted entry, allowing them both to pass before securing it behind them.”Have fun baby,” Renee’ heard Robert comment, turning back briefly to look into his smiling face as he stood below grinning from ear to ear.The room was spacious, soft lights bathing it in a surreal glow matching the slow sensuous beat of music that seemed to be emanating from everywhere. A single large chair, that was actually more bench than mere seat, sat as the primary focus of the stylishly decorated room. “Go ahead, get as comfortable as you’d like,” Danielle told her. Renee’ crossed to the bench sitting down. The extra padded cushions comfortable as well as interestingly warm. “They’re heated,” Danielle informed her watching as Renee’ seemed to search the length of cushion in curious repose.Danielle slipped the form-fitting top she was wearing up and over her head. Her long dark tresses falling sensually across her firm full breasts. As Renee’ sat, Danielle straddled her and began to unbutton her blouse, quickly revealing Renee’s sweet breasts, her nipples stiff, swollen with desire which Danielle immediately kissed. A fresh wave of electrical excitement coursed through each of her aroused buds sending jolts of pleasure from her breasts to her more than aroused pussy.Taking her hands within her own, Danielle placed Renee’s upon her own silken covered breasts. Swaying sensually to the soft beat of the music, Renee had the vision of a cobra dancing before her, the dangerous excitement of being struck, and the very real possibility that she would be. She caressed Danielle’s breasts with the tapestry of her long dark hair that hid, tantalized and teased every sensory imaginable. She found herself smiling, as Danielle’s nipples would appear, then disappear as she continued massaging them with her incredibly soft hair.And like the cobra writhing so sensually before her, she struck, unexpectedly, yet delightfully as her teeth sank into the tenderness of her neck, nipping her, then kissing, sucking, nipping again. Danielle’s hands now busily caressing Renee as she in turn ran her hands up and down Danielle’s back, her fingernails digging, leaving tracings of the incredible pleasure she was feeling.So good at what she did, Renee’ didn’t even know until she felt the cooler air upon her exposed flesh that Danielle had completely undone her skirt. Entranced, she lifted slightly, her tight firm ass giving way as Danielle next slipped it off and away from her completely. She stood, the garment within her hands, Renee now fully nude, leaning back to more lay rather than sit on the bench-like seat as Danielle swayed hypnotically before her. She danced, her moves sensual, provocative, running Renee’s short skirt down between her legs, see-sawing it back and forth, caressing her coppery-colored pussy, then bringing the garment up to her face, smelling it, smiling before tossing it off to one side.”You’ll smell like my pussy,” she somewhat apologized with an evil-wicked look upon her face. “I hope you won’t mind.”Danielle didn’t give Renee’ a chance to answer or comment however, coming back to her now, slithering against her, flesh to flesh, turning, presenting her more than perfect heart-shaped ass towards Renee’, which she reached towards, gliding her own hands over the incredibly firm flesh.The fact she was even touching another woman was intoxicating enough, but as beautiful, near perfect as she was, her skin glowing with the same sheen of excitement that she had seen before. All Renee’ wanted to do was devour her, to lick her from head to toe, beginning with Danielle’s sweet ass as she leaned forward nipping her.Giggling like a young girl, Danielle spun. In doing so, she slipped one of her long tapered legs between Renee’s outstretched ones, forcing them a part as she eased herself downwards. Renee’ automatically spreading herself with no thought to it, one knee now bent, the other braced upon the floor as Danielle came to her, effectively scissoring her in a tight, shocking embrace. Their nether-lips now kissed, and then kissed again. Danielle began to dance, dancing just with her pussy however, somehow undulating her pelvis in slow rotating circles, the contact wet…slippery and so powerfully erotic!”Oh god!” Renee’ moaned, letting the pleasure escape her lips as she now found herself beginning to press, rotating her own hips just as sensually in perfect beat to the music as Danielle şişli escort was doing to her.Danielle’s beautiful pear-shaped breasts lay within easy reach of her hand. Touching it, wonder filling her mind as the taut nipple seemed to respond to her contact, Danielle’s hiss as she did, her head thrown back in ecstasy, eyes closed as she mashed herself even more deeply, more fully against the dampened folds of her femininity.Renee’ felt as though the floodgates to a damn had been opened. She felt the liquid treasure of her quim suddenly gush, the flood of pearly essence bathing Danielle’s lips as the unexpected, unanticipated rush of climax paralyzed her momentarily.Evaporating like a Ghoul, Renee’ was at first not even aware that Danielle had moved, that was until the tingling sensation of the woman’s tongue captured the essence of her soul. She felt the first sweet stabbing pang of rapturous pleasure, adding to those of her still sweet spilling climax. Danielle now a maddened she-devil between her legs, her lips, tongue, fingers everywhere upon her at once. The climax she thought she was having suddenly intensified, becoming more. Then another, and another as her pussy erupted, exploding… her mind racing with images of the woman between her legs though her eyes closed.The scream she heard as though another’s, somehow eventually registering as her own. The laughter bellowing from her own quivering self, the giggles so soft and sweet as Danielle coaxed from her the last remaining vestiges of her nectar.”Fuck!” she allowed an eternity later. “Fuck!”Still basking in her afterglow, still tingling with a thousand pricks of sensations never before felt, she sensed movement, opening her eyes, and stared into the beautiful sweet sex of her ravisher.She had never been with a woman, before now. She had never really thought of it, before now. And she’d certainly never kissed another woman there, before now. And then she was! Danielle’s lips came to her hungrily, wanting, with urgent need and desire. Renee tentatively allowed the first feathery touch of her tongue upon the surface of her swollen exposed clit. Heard the clear audible sign of pleasure escape from Danielle’s lips as she did. Smiling inside her own mind as she now suckled it gently between her lips, rolling the tiny nubbin with the tip of her tongue, flicking at it as though shoeing away a speck of dust. But in this case, returning for more, and more and more. Renee’ soon found herself in her own maddened revelry, all thought of anything else sucked into a void. The only sights, sounds, feelings now those of Danielle as she continued to **** her pussy, fucking it with her tongue, sucking the sweet tender folds of flesh that greeted her as once again, Danielle began to dance.Even the sight that greeted her eyes went well beyond expectation, the decadence of it so erotically obscene. Her tongue so rapidly at work, all the while peering above the sweet smelling folds she now held within her fingers, spreading. Above, she could see the grimace of pain-pleasured torture upon Danielle’s face. Her eyes closed, her tongue furiously working her lips as though Renee’s. Her hands upon her breasts, tweaking, pulling and pinching her nipples in wild abandon. And the dance, the slow, gyrating dance of her quivering pussy as she moved it ever so slowly, ever so methodically back and forth against Renee’s maddened tongue.When she came, she did so with an anguished cry of relief, collapsing forward near smothering Renee’. And still she held on, still licking though careful now in the caress of lips and tongue upon the spent, super-sensitive floor of her clit.”Holy shit!” Danielle finally exclaimed, rolling now to spoon Renee’ from behind. Her hand once again cupping one of Renee’s breasts, a soft lingering caress no longer urgent, no longer desperate, but still requiring and demanding the need of continued contact. “Was it good for you?” she asked laughing. “Because it sure as hell was for me!”Renee merely sighed, content with the reawakened softness of afterglow, the comfort of caress, the lightest of touch now soothing, reassuring. “Unlike anything I could have ever imagined,” she finally expressed, sighing contentedly once more.#They had finally dressed, Renee once again preening herself in a nearby mirror, not wanting to look too disheveled upon her return, though inwardly she felt as though Jell-O, her knees still weak, her mind still awash with the sensuality of their encounter.”Here, give this back to your husband,” Danielle suddenly said holding out a hand-full of bills towards Renee’. “Why?” she asked initially refusing.”Because being with you, was payment enough,” she said smiling. “And I don’t want this to mar that, cheapen it,” she demanded now forcing the bills into Renee’s hand. “Oh, and tell him thanks for me too. I wasn’t sure what he expected when he approached me with this the last time he was here.””He’s been here before?” Renee questioned, not upset, but mildly amused.Danielle laughed, “Oh, I thought perhaps you already knew that. Guess not,” she said sheepishly. “But never-the-less, you give it to him with my thanks. Seducing you was my pleasure as well as yours hopefully,” she’d added with a pause.”Seems ‘husband’ has some explaining to do,” Renee’ laughed.”I bet!” Danielle smiled, then laughing.A moment of silence came between them as they prepared to head back downstairs.”So tell me Danielle, how often are you here?” Renee questioned curiously. “I’m thinking I’d very much like to do this again.”Danielle stopped. “Well for one thing, I’m here every weekend, though I am off every third, which I will be next week. But for another, what happened here between us tonight isn’t the usual. To be honest with you, I could probably get fired for allowing it to go as far as it did. I allowed myself to cross over a few lines, break a few rules…another reason why I also wanted to return the money,” she left off without additional explanation.”So you’re off next weekend then huh?””Yes, matter of fact I am.””Plans?” Danielle looked into Renee’s eyes as Renee drew her towards her, their lips once again meeting, though briefly, affectionately.”Not until now,” Danielle stated as they stepped out into the hallway hand in hand.

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