Her Advanced Driving Lessons


Her Advanced Driving LessonsA few months after Sue passed her driving test we were married. Two young people free from the constraints of living with our parents, renting our first flat and working hard to keep our heads above water.Sue had managed to find a well paid job which, unfortunately, required her to drive 25 miles each way daily. There was nothing for it but to buy her a little car for work, which we managed to do with a loan from her parents. But it didn’t stop there, the insurance on the car for a 20 year old with no driving history would cost us nearly as much as the car.We talked to our insurance broker who said that he could get Sue a much cheaper deal if she were to pass the advanced driver course but of course the extra lessons would cost money too.Back at home we discussed the predicament and it was then Sue told me that her old driving instructor had said that if she ever wanted extra tuition he’d be happy to teach her on the basis that she’d go for a drink with him after each lesson.I think we both knew what was implied as this was the same instructor who’d had his hands all over her cunt on the last lesson she had before passing her driving test.We talked about it late into the evening and what it would entail. As the discussion progressed we started playing with each other and the thought of Sue surrendering her cunt again to this dirty old sod who was old enough to be her father was the catalyst for a great nights fucking.In the morning we were both a bit more concerned about what we were intending to do and agreed to talk some more that evening.After tea we settled down to chat and again the thought of Sue using her cunt to pay for driving lessons proved to be a big turn-on for us both. The upshot was that Sue would ring Graham in the morning and ask him to collect her from home the following Wednesday for her first lesson. Next day the first lesson was booked and Graham was to pick Sue up from home at 6 30pm on the following Wednesday evening. When she’d asked him about the possibility of further lessons, “As we discussed” was the way Graham chose to make sure Sue understood the deal. All day on the fateful Wednesday we were both on tenterhooks knowing what was probably going to happen that evening.Sue arrived home as normal, around 5 30pm and started to get ready for her first advanced driving lesson with Graham. By 6 15pm she was sat in the lounge in a respectable length wrap-over skirt and white blouse which made a lie of the slut she was dressed as underneath. Underneath that prim and proper skirt she had on dark brown stockings held up by black suspenders and a tiny black thong which disappeared up the crack of her lovely young arse only to reappear at the front to hold her trimmed and moist young fanny.I’d had her parade around the room for me holding up her skirt and she looked absolutely wonderful. I was acutely jealous that Graham would probably have his hands all over her legs, cunt and arse in the course of that evening. The driving school car pulled up outside of the house and I watched as Sue walked over to the passenger side of the car and carefully backed her lovely young arse into the passenger seat. With that the car drew away and the knots in my stomach started to tighten as I thought of my young bride at the mercy of this randy old sod of a driving instructor.It seemed like an eternity, but probably just over two hours, before I looked out of the window and saw the driving school car draw up and Sue climb from the passenger seat, giggling and showing some stocking top in the process.As soon as Sue entered the flat I wanted to know all the details of the past two hours, minute by minute. Sue said that they’d driven to the centre of town when Graham asked her to take over the driving under his instruction. He’d stayed very professional during the hour of her lesson, chatting only briefly about how unhappy he was at home and how his wife wasn’t at all interested in sex these days. She said the furthest he’d gone in touching her was just to pat her thigh gently over her skirt as she drove along.At the end of the lesson he’d bursa escort asked her if she had time for a drink and Sue said, “Yes, I’m not expected home until around 9 o’clock”. Graham directed Sue to a pub a little way out of town which he said would be quiet and they could talk about what lessons she’d need to get through this advanced test.All perfectly professional and proper so far, Sue said she was quite relaxed and pleased that he hadn’t come over all sweaty palms and grabbing.In the pub they’d found a quiet corner and Graham asked her how she was finding married life. Sue told him she was very happy and enjoying the freedom of not living under the eyes of her parents. Graham had laughed at that and, moving a little closer, had placed his hand on her knee. Getting no resistance from Sue he quietly slipped his hand under the wrap over skirt and found her stocking tops and warm smooth thigh waiting for him.Sue said she could see from his reaction that he was both pleased and excited to find that she’d worn stockings for their meeting. She said she could see his hard cock under his trousers and he couldn’t keep his hand still, rubbing it up and down her thigh, over the roughness of the stocking welt and onto the flesh of her smooth thighs.Graham asked Sue if she was okay with what was happening and whether she would tell me of their arrangement. She told him that if she wasn’t okay with things she wouldn’t have been there and that, for the time being at least, she wouldn’t be telling me or anyone else about what they were getting up to.They sat and talked for about half an hour with Graham going no further than pushing his hand to the top of Sue’s thigh and gently rubbing the tiny black strip of cloth that covered her cunt. Sue said it was turning her on to have this man’s hands under her skirt in a pub, albeit that there were only a few other customers in there. As they were getting ready to leave Graham leaned over close and whispered “Sue, do you remember what you did for me the last time we went for a drink”. Sue said she looked at him all coquettishly and whispered, “Do you want me to take my knickers off, Graham” and laughed. With that she disappeared into the ladies toilets and removed her thong, coming back out with it in her handbag.As they walked to the car Sue said Graham had slipped his hand up the back of her skirt to check that she really was bare arsed.In the car Graham had put Sue’s seat back into recline and opened her skirt wide to get access to her now, bare cunt. He’d fingered her to a very exciting climax before pushing his seat back and undoing his trousers. This was the first time Sue had seen Graham’s cock and she said he was pretty well endowed with a big round bell end. She said he was “Cut” which is how she prefers her cocks and she didn’t need too much encouragement to lean over and take it into her mouth.She said it was pretty apparent that Graham was both very excited and also probably hadn’t had sex in quite a while as she’d barely wanked his cock into her mouth for a couple of minutes before he let out a deep, a****l grunt and shot his load into the back of her mouth. After a few minutes he’d recovered himself enough to tell her what a wonderful little slut she was and were they on for another lesson next week. Sue had said, same time, same place, same price next week and then told him to drive her home.All the while Sue had been telling me about her adventure we’d been playing with each other and kissing, and I was sure I could still taste the remnants of Graham’s spunk in her mouth which I was finding a real turn on and some physical evidence of what had taken place in the car. As we fucked afterwards I had visions of Graham’s fingers in the cunt that was now wrapped around my rock hard cock.The next week went by quickly and it didn’t seem any time before Sue was heading out for her second lesson with Graham. The evening followed pretty much the pattern of the first with Graham feeling up her stockinged legs and playing with her cunt in the pub before a blow job in the car on the way home. The major difference was in the bursa escort bayan conversation they had where Graham was bemoaning the lack of sex in his marriage and quizzing Sue about our sex lives. Sue had told him that we were still in the first flush of our marriage and fucked most evenings. She said I hadn’t been suspicious about her driving lessons but that she’d enjoyed our fucking after the first lesson as she felt such a slut to be taking her husbands cock still with the taste of his spunk on her lips. Graham had found that so dirty and exciting that he’d joked about how much better it might have been with his spunk in her cunt.So I guess the seeds had been sown by Graham which would eventually lead to him fucking my wife and planting his spunk in her belly.Several weeks past of very similar activity with the conversations getting dirtier and Graham spending more time fingering Sue and talking to her about letting him fuck her. For our part, we enjoyed talking about the possibility as we fucked after each lesson.The nights were starting to draw in as autumn approached and now Sue was arriving home from her lessons in the dark. Still, more often than not, with the taste of Graham’s spunk in her mouth and often very turned on by the amount of fingering and dirty talk she’d received. Then one evening she arrived home and I knew straight away that things had gone to the next level.As I sat in the armchair Sue stood beside me and giggling, said, “Put your hand up my skirt I’ve got a surprise for you”. I pushed my hand under the hem of her skirt, up over her stocking tops, onto the smooth flesh of her thighs and then onto her sticky, wet cunt lips which seemed engorged and prominent. I lifted the skirt high and looked for the first time at my young wife’s cunt freshly fucked by another man. I ran my fingers through all the slippery warm wet spunk that was oozing from her engorged cunt lips, running down her thighs and wetting her dark brown stocking welts. I could smell the musky smell of another mans spunk and licked my finger to get a taste of it.Sue must have been right when she said Graham wasn’t getting much sex at home as judging by the amount that was now oozing down her thighs there must have been a good weeks supply there. She was quite nervous about how I would react but I was so turned on by it all that all I wanted to do was to bury my head into that warm, wet musky place and reclaim the cunt that was rightly mine.Within minutes I had Sue laid back on the bed with her legs spread wide and her wonderful used cunt wide open to my fingers and tongue. In my urgency there wasn’t time to strip her, so she lay there in the slut clothes that Graham had so recently fucked her in. I was soon sliding my cock into that warm wet tunnel that was coated in the fresh spunk of another man, and the feel of it on my cock was electric. Added to that, the knowledge that my fresh young wife had just been fucked by a driving instructor old enough to be her father, made holding back almost impossible.That first cuckolded fuck was fast and furious and the memory of it would endure for many, many, years afterwards. The second fuck was much more relaxed and followed over the next hour as Sue took me minute by minute through the past two hours which culminated in her arriving home with a freshly fucked cunt.The driving lesson had gone pretty much as always with Graham behaving very properly and giving Sue good driving tuition. Then the suggestion of a drink, and the short drive to the small out of town pub which they’d used on previous weeks. The time in the pub was spent in pretty much the same way too, Sue removing her knickers and sitting knee to knee with Graham as he felt up her legs and played with her cunt. The conversation had been fairly similar too although now Graham was complaining quite vehemently about his wife and that fact that she never seemed to want to fuck anymore.Towards the end of the chat in the pub Sue said she was feeling very sorry for Graham, whom she’d grown to be quite fond of over the past weeks. As they were getting ready to leave the escort bursa pub and he was still stroking her legs she said maybe she’d have to do something about Graham’s problem, which had him grinning from ear to ear as they walked back to the car. As they drove back to town they had to pass a forestry commission site which had a secluded car park. This car park was quite notorious for it’s out of hours activities as a lovers lane for courting couples, and even the odd peeping tom was known to have plied their trade there.Graham pulled his car into the forest car park and slowly made his way to the farthest quiet corner. It was just dark but still quite warm and there were a couple of other cars parked in different areas of the car park probably doing what Graham had in mind for my wife. When they had stopped Graham had leaned over and started mauling Sue’s breasts and pushing his hands up her skirt to part her legs. Sue said she had responded strongly as the drink she’d consumed, combined with the thought of being fucked in the car, had got her excited and turned on.They’d agreed that the back seats would afford them a bit more room and more comfort, so they’d scrambled out of the front seats and got into the back of the car. Immediately Sue said Graham was all over her, pulling her blouse and bra off and lifting her skirt to reveal her stockings and suspenders and bare fanny. She had undone his trousers and helped him to get out of them so she could get both hands around his cock and balls.She said Graham was so worked up and pushed her back on the seat to get his face down to her cunt where he started to bury his tongue in her warm wet love hole. She said he was very experienced and she loved the way he’d teased her clitty before burying his tongue as far up her cunt as he could manage. He’d even lifted her legs higher so he could run his tongue around the rim of her arsehole which made her feel so dirty and used that she almost came with his tongue in her arse.When he’d got between her legs Sue said she’d taken hold of his cock, which by now was rock hard, and gently eased it between her excited cunt lips. He’d pushed hard into her until she could feel his balls banging on her bum. The fuck was quite frenetic but also very exciting and Sue said he had her climaxing for several minutes before he let out a roar and she knew he was filling her cunt with his hot thick spunk, the very spunk that was now spread all over my cock and which my fingers could still feel in her well used cunt. She said he’d collapsed over her, out of breath but saying over and over how wonderful she was and what a fantastic fuck she’d given him.As she reached the climax of the story I gently eased myself better her spread thighs and with all those dirty and sexy thoughts going around in my mind I again pushed my cock into my wife’s ever willing cunt. Knowing that she’d had the cock of another guy buried deep in her cunt that evening and that she’d let him fill that cunt with his spunk was the most exiting and glorious feeling I’d ever experienced and I loved her all the more for letting it happen.In the weeks that followed calling off at the car park after each lesson had become the normal routine and I would wait excitedly at home for my wife to arrive home with a fresh load of spunk between her thighs. The pace of their fucking, whilst still fresh and exciting, had got less frenetic and longer, and Sue always seemed to arrive home well fucked and well satisfied. Graham spent more time playing with Sue’s tits, cunt and arse and used his fingers and tongue to bring her to the boil before burying his cock up her cunt and filling her with spunk.For my part, I learned to take my time enjoying my wife’s used cunt and loved her recounting every detail of that nights adventures. I learned that I not only liked the idea of my wife being fucked by other guys but that I liked the feel and smell of her body and her cunt after she’d been so used and I even liked the odd lick of her cunt with that thick salty spunk lingering on her cunt lips.Of course Sue passed the advanced driving test first time, Graham had always kept to his side of the deal and given her an hour of professional instruction before claiming his reward between her thighs. So all ended well and who knows, maybe Sue may need a refresher course sometime in the future.

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