How I became a blk cuckold


How I became a blk cuckoldMine started like 5yrs ago. I’m a blk male and was dating this hot white female. Man she has a body for days and had a big sex drive. I was trying to get her to do a 3 some with another fm. So from time to time I would ask her if she wanted to try. She came around saying maybe. We started watching a lot of porn together as well. So the thought of a 3 some didn’t seem so crazy as it might have in the beginning. We were having a hard time finding the right female cause she was real picky. Being that this was going to be her first time. She didn’t want a stripper cause she thought of them as prostitutes. As time went on seem like her sex drive grew. So one day I ask her would she do mmf 3 some. I said it was a fantasy of mine and she was like i never really thought about it. She really was seeing my reaction and if I would be offended. It didn’t bother me I guess cause we had good sex together and why not spicing it up. I brought it up more and more the next 2 weeks until she agreed. As we were setting it up she was like she didn’t want to go down on him. Just let him do it from behind while she went down on me. So I was like cool. So on the night it happen told my friend Lee to be outside the room when i tapped the wall to come in. She was going down on me and I herd him open the door and he felt his way to the bed(lights were real low). So he started fingering her from behind until he put the condom on. We were doing it for a while until she got into it. He was fucking her long and hard and for some reason turned me on more. It got so good she stopped sucking me and her head went buried into the bed. bahis siteleri So I started jerking off. This went on for like 20 minutes she had had to cum at least 5 times no lie. When he came I was ready to fuck. So I told her were gonna switch. At first she was like what and then he turned the lights up to throw condom away. I’m a blk male with a avg cock 6 inches. But lee’s cock had to be about 11inches and thick as her arm. She looked down at his cock and then back at me and said what ever. I guess she was acting mad but she wanted more I guess. He only had 1 rubber so she was just gonna go down on him. Once I was done it was over. When we started I cam in like 10 minutes. I was so turned on from there fucking. Once I stopped she did to. So he got off the bed and said he was leaving. She climbed up on my face and I started eating her pussy. She loved doing this. A few minutes went by. I heard the door don’t think she did. Lee started rubbing her ass. She jumped at first. I then pulled her down to start sucking my dick again. He was fingering her. Her pussy was soaked from me licking on it. Next thing I know he pulled her away from me to the edge of the bed. She said do you have a condom he said no. She tried to push away. But he grabbed both her arms pulled her back and went in deep. I got ready to stop him. But next thing out her mouth was omg. Guess feeling it raw felt better. She started moaning throwing her head back. I was shocked but liked it. My dick was so hard. I was like bring her closer. I was ready to cum. So she moved over to me starting sucking again. He got on the bed and stuck it in. She stop sucking canlı bahis as she went forward and started kissing me. This really turned me on to. Cause she started saying this big dick feel so good as we kissed. Once Lee herd that he said come get this dick. He got off the bed and stood there. She looked back. He was stroking his dick. Not gonna lie it looked like it got bigger. She got off the bed and kneel down in front of him and started to suck his dick. She grabbed it with both hands and then spit on it. She just sucked the head and stroked him up and down. He pushed her head down and she licked his balls. One then both. She uses a lot of spit when she sucks. So his balls and dick were dripping wet. He started talking dirty to her saying you like how daddy’s dick taste. This drove her wild cause she started rubbing her clit has she sucked him. Keeping one hand on his huge cock. The other getting her pussy ready for the fuck of her life. I was so turned on I just watched and jerked my cock. She got up grabbed his cock and held on to it and walked him to the living rm. I followed watching of course. His cock still in her hand. She spit on her hand and rubbed it all over the head of his dick. She got on the couch and stuck her ass out. He started spanking her ass which she loves. He told her you want more of this dick. Before she spoke he stuck it in hard. All I could do was watch. He said it again . This time he pulled her hair and spanked her harder . She started saying yes, yes give me that big dick. I shot a load right there. It stayed hard cause he was fucking her so good. I think she forgot I was there. She started güvenilir bahis screaming oh fuck, omg. It was like she was in another zone. She had so many orgasm’s I lost count. Out of no were she was like stop stop. So I was like wtf. She said stop I think I gotta pee. My mouth was wide open because I knew what that meant. She was about to squirt. Every time I got her to that point she would stop even though I told her what it was. Lee knew to and wouldn’t let her go. He pulled her hips and said just shut up at take this dick. I want you to squirt for daddy. The no’s got lower and all I herd was omg omg louder and louder. Lee grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled it back hard so she couldn’t move forward. She started yelling i’m gonna cum omfg daddy i’m gonna cum. I know who daddy was and it wasn’t me. It felt like it lasted for 10 minutes straight. When she was about to explode. I got next them on the couch and rubbed her clit . I could feel her shaking as she started to squirt. My hand was soaking wet as I bet Lee’s cock was to. She grabbed on my arm real hard and bent her head down. All you could hear was the couch banging against the wall and her saying oh yes oh yes . By now Lee was ready to cum. So in the middle of her squirt he shot his load. I think she felt it shoot in her. She said don’t stop let me feel it. He pumped her hard like 20 times until nothing was left. She was soaked in sweat and so was Lee. When he pulled out you could her it pop. From all the cum and her pussy fitting him like a tight glove. She fell over on her stomach breathing heavy. Lee went to get his clothes. She said she wanted some water. I walked Lee outside and had a smoke lol. We chatted about it and said we would hook up again next week. We I came in she was knocked out on the couch.So that’s how I became a cuckold. Me and Mary did it with Lee another time.

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