How My Obsession With Serving Older Men Started Pa

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How My Obsession With Serving Older Men Started Pa
This is a true story about my first experience with a man that set me on my path. Names have been changed to protect the guilty 🙂

It was the summer after my freshman year in collage, I made it through my first year away and my girl and I survived the long distance relationship. I had gotten my old summer job back mowing lawns and doing landscape to make extra money. My second week back after lunch my stop was the Smith house. They are very well off and he is the reason I was studding business in school. He was a very successful business man with a beautiful wife and 2 grown daughters. He came out as I was working in the back yard I could tell by the look on his face he was really pissed off. As he approached he started screaming “What the hell don’t you know what to  cut and what not to?” I was standing like a statue caught off guard “Answer me!!!!!!!!!” I looked at him “I am sorry  but I don’t know what you are talking about Mr. Smith” “You must be an idiot follow me and I will show you” I was getting pissed I wanted to call him an asshole and tell him to fucking cut his own grass but I needed the job so I said nothing and followed him. “Here we spent money on getting the ground cover planted and you are to stupid to not spay it like it was a weed I already called your boss and he said you will dig it out today and replant it tomorrow you better get busy” As I was working his wife was making her way to me I thought to myself great now she is going to yell at me too. “Billy I am so sorry about my husband he is an ass hole sometimes I made some lemonade it is just inside the patio door on the table please help yourself I have to run if you are gone when I get back thank you for your hard work” As she walked away I wondered how Mr. Smith got so lucky to get her. After about a half hour I went to get a drink I knocked on the door and then walked in. As I poured my drink I heard a voice behind me “What the hell you just walk in like you own the place I guess no one ever taught you any manners” makrobet giriş I turned around “But Mr. Smith I said” he cut me off and grabbed my arm I guess I have to teach you some respect” I had enough of his BS at this point and tried to pull my arm away he was very strong for a man in his late 50’s he was in great shape he worked out every day. There was a big leather couch as I was trying to get my arm free he fell back on it and pulled me along with him. ” I am so tired of your generation having no respect” as he said this he slapped my ass. “What the hell man” As I finished protesting his hand came down again as I was moving around hanging over his lap he started to pull my basketball shorts down he got them just over my checks and smack he slapped me again. He continued to tug at my shorts to get them off and mumbling things as he did. He smacked my almost bare ass again it was starting to sting a bit and I was starting to not struggle as much. As he was pulling my shorts I found myself lifting my hips a bit and with 1 last pull my shorts and underwear where at my ankles. ” I am very sorry Mr. Smith” I spoke he rubbed my naked ass “I will teach you respect boy” then smack another slap on my ass I said “Yes Sir”  “Good boy” he spoke before giving me 1 last slap on my bare ass. He pulled me off his lap and sat me next to him on the leather couch the cool leather felt good on my red freshly spanked ass. I looked at Mr. Smith he had a bulge in his shorts but what I was surprised by was the fact I was semi hard. I reached for my shorts to cover up what was going on but Mr. Smith saw he grabbed my hand to stop me “What do you think you are doing boy?” he asked. “I need to get back to work Mr. Smith Sir” I couldn’t believe I was calling him Sir he was in my head. He pulled my hand to the lump in his shorts “Look what you did to me boy!! Have you ever had a cock boy?” I pulled my hand away “No Sir I have a girlfriend” He smiled and grabbed my hand again and started to rub my hand on his cock I was impressed with what makrobet I felt but then pulled my hand away again. He grabbed it again but very firmly and looked at me “Boy I thought I had taught you to respect me?” He pulled me closer as he did I started to lean forward towards him a bit “I see your little dick is getting hard boy! You think your girlfriend likes your small dick?” I was feeling a bit embarrassed I knew I didn’t have a big dick but to hear another guy an older man tell me it is small was hard to hear but the truth is I was getting turned on by his dominance. He put my hand on his crotch again and started to move it back and forth this time I didn’t pull it away. He took his hand away and I kept moving my hand over his crotch his cock was getting harder and straining against his shorts. “Take my cock out boy” he said but I just kept rubbing over his shorts he said it again this time much more of an order then request I could not believe it but I did as I was told I unzipped his pants stuck my hand in to his shorts and pulled out his cock. It was much bigger then mine not huge but I am small so I was staring at it as I was he put my hand around his cock and started to move it up and down as to use my hand to beat off, I did not resist at all. “Do you like Daddy’s cock boy?” His words froze me what the hell was I doing I have this man’s cock in my hand I had never even thought about guys sexually before “Don’t you dare stop boy keep stroking my cock!! and answer my question boy” I found my voice “Yes Sir it is very nice” he laughed “What is very nice boy? I want to hear you tell me what is nice” “Your cock Sir” I was stroking it a  bit faster doing things I do to myself when I beat off I must have been doing good as he moaned “mmmmmm good boy stroke daddy’s cock” he then undid the button and told me to pull his shorts off I did not protest at all I even took my shorts off as they had been twisted around my feet. As I got down in front of him to remove his sorts he put his hand on the back of my head “You need to makrobet güvenilir mi suck daddy’s cock boy” I pushed back but only for a second I opened my mouth and allowed him to push my head down and onto his cock. I did the things I liked just like when I was stroking his cock. I was focused on the head of his cock licking and sucking it as I stroked him I tried to deep throat him like my girlfriend does for me but gagged which made me drool on his balls he liked that “Is daddy’s cock to big for my boy” he said. What happened next really surprised me and I was the 1 who said it I looked up in his eyes “Yes Sir Daddy your cock is too big for me to take all the way” I couldn’t understand it but I wanted his cock back in my mouth and he liked my response he moaned “mmm good boy daddy will let you practice all summer taking his cock” I was sucking for all I was worth or at least doing the best I could as a first time cock sucker. I was stroking and sucking and rubbing his balls waiting for him to tell me he was ready to cum so I could pull away just like my girl had done when giving me head. All of a sudden he grabbed my head tensed up and started to cum. I pulled away as fast as I could spitting out the large glob he shot into my mouth he kept spurting he came way more then I do some hit my face and shirt. When he was done cumming he looked at me “That will be the last time you waste my cum boy is that understood??? You will be begging me for my cum by the end of summer” I looked up at him “Yes Sir Daddy”  he stood up “Get back to work boy and I expect to see you tomorrow after I get home from work I think I need to teach you a lesson about serving your Daddy” I stood up and went to the bathroom picking up my cloths, that is when I realized I had cum while giving him head. I looked at my face in the mirror I had way more cum on it then I realized I took my fingers and scooped a bit up and put them in my mouth I savored it for a second getting use to the taste, then I swallowed it. Figuring I will need to get use to it I proceeded to do the same with the rest that was on my face. The rest of the day all I could think about was coming back tomorrow by the time I got home from work I was so horny I beat off before I showered it didn’t take long for me to cum and when I did I licked my fingers clean.

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