Hubby made me Fuck black man Part 3

Hubby made me Fuck black man Part 3In my first story ” Hubby made me fuck black man” I told a story,how my hubby set me up to fuck black man In my 2nd story “Hubby made me fuck black man part 2” I told the story how i met and fuck Jamal Since i met Jamal sex life was great Jamal have small condo and leaves by himself,so we met a lot. Every time he was horny he would call me When i was horny, I would call him and we get together and fuck for couple hours.Life was great I must say i did miss Bob my first black cock.I was wondering what’s up with him . Well one evening me and my hubby war watching TV and drinking cold beer,suddenly my hubby Joe ask me Angie for last 6-7 mounts you are spending lots of time with your friend Elan,i blushed and ask, why are you asking that.Well few times you told me, you are out with Elan, but i have seen her in the mall by herself Are you seeing some body I was in the little shock, i know i was cut in the lie, so i said okay Joe here is a story You introduced me to Bob my first black cock,i enjoyed every second of that fuck But never seen him again,so there was no way back,i needed big cock so i met Jamal and i’m having affair with him. Its only sex i swear to you.Joe smiled and say, its okay honey i understand why you did not tell me I would have called Bob. Wall i was to shy to tell you “Joe please call Bob to fuck me” So i met Jamal, i hope you are not med at me Not at all i’m happy for you. You know i love you and want you to be happy,as long its sex only and you do not leave me.I got up and give Joe big hug and promise him i will never leave you. Joe hug me back and said, I would like to meet Jamal, Can you and Jamal put up little Show for me Like to see you guys fucking.Are you sure i asked Yes very sure he answered.I want back on the sofa,as i was siting i said Joe i will talk to Jamal and let you know.Next day was Monday,Jamal’s sinop escort day off Around 11 am i called him, when he answered i said, honey how feel having some sex for lunch.Angie come over i’m very horny he said Let me get quick shower and i be there in half hour i said When i ring his door ball he open it,he was naked just the towel around and holding it with his hand. I got in and give him a big hug,he hug me back and dropped his towel on the floor I felt his hard cock pressing against my bally I turned around and told Jamal unzip my dress,what he did I slide my dress on the floor, i was completely naked I got on my knees and started sucking his cock After about 10 minutes Jamal pick me up and laid me on the couch and we had great sex for about 1 hour When we was done i said Jamal i need to talk to you Okay Angie whats new Well i told my husband every thing about us.Was he mad Not rely,he was happy for me you know he can not get hard i said Then what is the problem He would like to meet you Are you sure,he said Yes i’m sure,also he would like to watch us while we are having sex So what you think Jamal i said Well Angie if he can take it I can take it,when would you like to do this he said.About this coming Sunday 8 pm since Monday is your day off.I said Great i see you Sunday he said I give him big kiss and left. When i got home i told Joe the news,he was very excited. Sunday evening i put on my new red see through kimono,just under my but chicks long and no underwear,you can see my nipples I was so excited Just after 8 pm door ball ring,i want to open it.It was Jamal. He give me kiss i took his hand and walk back in living room I said Joe meet Jamal and wise wrsa They shook hands My hubby says Angie you made right choice Jamal looks nice guy Joe you made great choice when you met Angie Jamal said Around 8:15 door ball ring Joe goes Angie go escort sinop open the door Common honey you go open the door,look how i’m dressed Its okay just go Joe said I want to the door and open it I froze up i screamed OMG its Bob.I took his hand and pooled him inside Bob banded to give me kiss i wrap my hands around his neck and jump and wrap my lags around his waist We kissed for all most a minute I rely did miss Bob He put me on the ground I took his hand and want to the living room Joe you little devil you set me up I said.I hope you like it Joe said Yes i do i said and walked to Jamal. Jamal i like you to meet Bob He stud up and they shook hands I set next to Jamal while Bob set next to me on my left While they wore introducing to each other Bob starting touching my nipples and kissing me I opened my kimono so Bob can get batter access to my nipples.Then i spread my legs took Jamal’s hand and guided him to my pussy. He got on his knees and started eating my pussy While me and Bob wore sucking each others tongs I think we did miss each other After about 10 minutes I said Gentleman lets get naked They both got naked I told Jamal can you please lay on the floor, what he did I got on top of him spread my legs and sit on his cock I was so wet it slide in easy While i was riding Jamal i took Bobs cock and start sucking on it like crazy I herd my Hubby say Go Angie Go I speed up my rhythm i felt Bobs cock is going to explode in my mouth I wrap my lips around his cock i felt he was coming in my mouth My mouth was getting filed with Bobs Cum I started swallowing his cum While i was swallowing Bobs cum I was coming my self And i herd Jamal saying I’m coming and started pumping warm sperm in my bally It was some thing i will never forget I herd my Hubby say “What a Show” i said Joe we are not done yet We rested for about 15 minutes Then i told Jamal get on sinop escort bayan the floor what he did I got on my knees between his lags and started sucking him Bob got behind me started fucking me Doggie style witch was my favorite fuck After about 20 minutes Jamal cum in my mouth I did swallowed every drop of his cum Then i herd Bob say Angie are you ready Yes baby cum in my pussy We wore coming at same time together I was exhausted i sit on the sofa and say to Joe Thanks Honey you are greatest husband on the world My pleasure Angie i want to see you happy Thanks Joe Bob started dressing I said Bob where are you going I must go give me kiss and left Than my husband told me Bob was married Kind i liked Bob but its what it is Hay i have Jamal Than i ask Jamal can you stay little longer Sure if its okay with Joe i would love to spend a night here Its okay with me Joe said I said Great and took Jamal’s hand lead him to the Master bedroom We took shower together and want to the bed For next couple hours we made passion love I said ”Made love not fucking”I think we wore getting in love We hug kiss suck fuck mostly doing 69 Most memorable moment was when i was on top of Jamal and sucking his cock he was eating my pussy I began moaning very loud he know i was ready to cum,he grab my ass and pull me to his face I felt his tong deep inside my pussy I was coming very hard He started sucking every drop of my juice’s coming out of my pussy While i was coming i felt his cock shooting his cum on my face I took his cock in my mouth and swallow rest of his cum After i wiped his cum of my face we hugged and fall a sleep We got up around 8 am While we wore getting dressed Jamal goes to me Angie I would love from now on Me to wake every morning next to you in bed. I blushed and said Jamal i’m married Yes i know but i would like you to think about it,I think i’m in love with you He said Okay Honey i will think about it very hard We kissed and he left Now i would like to ask you readers Should i stay with my Husband who loves me Or i should i move in with Jamal who will fuck hall out of my PUSSY every night

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