Husband’s Tale Again


Husband’s Tale AgainAnother true story about the babe from the gym I married.The last story she told me was the best.Her guy who was a Dallas Cowboy defensive lineman had approached her about going to the notorious “White House”, the party house used by many of the players from Super Bowl teams.She asked if there was a party that would be going on.He told her that that was the point.It was a private party for defensive linemen only.And SHE was going to BE the party.All the players that knew her liked her.The ones that had fucked her, and there were about four already that had, thought she was awesome, particularly because she liked them to cum in her.That made her special and particularly hot.They had asked him to izmir escort ask her, with all due respect of course.Was she interested? And if so what would she wish to have in return?I just stood there, grinning, my dick getting immediately rock hard.This was the kicker. Well two.For as long as I could recall, I had not only gotten aroused by a young black guy fucking a mature white woman, but a gangbang by them.I’d always thought that made me a true pervert and never told anyone before.Same with cash.Girls that make arrangements for cash are just too cool.Not bad, not slutty, not prostitutes.Just awesomely cool and sexy for doing it.Why shouldn’t every girl have that option?I couldn’t believe this.So I told her all escort izmir this and added,”If you were my girl, I’d be honored to see you do a party and get paid for it. Only the best would be asked to do one anyway.”She just looked at me.”Really?””Yes. You’re awesome.”She grinned.”That’s always really turned me on too,” she giggled. “Makes me feel really hot and special when there’s more than one guy.”And the players are so strong! “The one I’m dating can pick me up, cup my ass in his hands, and then slide me down on his cock as I face him with my arms around his neck and legs locked around his waist.”Then he bounces me like a baby. God it is great!”She shivered at the thought. Then whispered.”And he said he’d izmir escort bayan pass me to each for each of them to do the same if I wanted!”She suddenly just unbuttoned her jean shorts and dropped them. Then she pulled of her top. She was standing naked in front of me in her apartment. The front door was open but she didn’t care.She pushed her finger into her cunt and I could her the wetness.She put the finger into my mouth.”She how hot that makes me?” she said.”Will you cum in me right before I go to this party, if I decide to it?”That would be really hot for me.””You bet, baby.” I said.I pulled my hard cock out when we heard a noise.The black maintenance man, Steve, was at the doorway. He had a filter in his hand.”Er.. sorry, guess I should come back later.”She made a face of pleasure as she slid my dick into her wet pussy.”No no no, Steve. Please come in. And, shut the door, will you?”I had to stop. I almost came when she said that.

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