“I make my Wife Pregnant” by Michael Hol


“I make my Wife Pregnant” by Michael HolI make my wife pregnant.A confession by Michael Holt.It all started back in the early 1970’s. I was a young, newly married Police Constable with Durham Constabulary, and I had an encounter with a very sexy woman.She was driving an open topped sports model, an MG I think, and as it was a hot day, she had the top down. As soon as she saw me approaching, she started to turn on the charm. I could see her undo the top button of her blouse and push her tits up to give me a good show. I started to get hard in my pants just looking at her firm body and short skirt and I could see she was wearing stockings and suspenders.Anyway, she claimed she didn’t have her documents on her but said her flat was just around the corner and would I come with her to see them. I knew what her game was immediately and although irregular, agreed to go. It was a really hot day and I was just in my blue nylon uniform shirt, sleeves folded back above my elbows. I had my helmet on and a black clip on knitted tie with my black uniform trousers.When we got inside she led me into her living room and went to get her driver’s licence but didn’t come back. I took off my helmet and left it on the sofa.I poked my head around the corner of her bedroom door to find her in her bed, the sheets pulled up to her armpits with just those ample, firm tits of hers out over the top and her clothes on the floor.I knew then she definitely wanted a fuck so I took off my trousers and underpants and tie and slipped in bed with her.She started by going down on my cock, whilst I felt her up.She still had her stockings and suspender belt on which was good as I love a nice cunt framed between stocking tops. Mind you I hadn’t bothered istanbul escort to take off my nylon uniform shirt or socks either!She said she found Policemen a turn on! I found her tits a turn on and sucked on her nipples.Her cunt was hairy, as they were in those days and already moist in anticipation of my cock, and she moaned whilst I stroked her puss and clit. It was particularly sexy as her moans were muffled by my cock in her mouth.After a short while, I thought it was time for a fuck and I climbed on top and began to ride her dripping wet snatch.Now this woman had purple nylon sheets on her bed, and whilst I was fucking her, the combination of her moans and my balls rubbing on the nylon was so fucking sexy. It was a sensation I will never forget.Problem is with nylon, it’s quite slippery and my nylon socks kept slipping on her sheets which made it difficult for me to get a good position in her cunt.She took charge and told me to lie back whilst she rode me, bouncing up and down on my rock hard dick.Eventually she came, producing even more juice from her cunt, and when I came too, my sperm was running all down my balls onto her sheets!I forgot all about her driving offence, but I got to fuck her again a week later! Her name was Julia.When I got off duty, my wife asked me what kind of day I’d had as she put my dinner in front of me. But of course I didn’t mention my sexy fuck!When we went to bed, I put on my red nylon pyjamas and my wife went to get into her nightie, but I suggested she wear the frilly black, crotchless nylon panties and peep hole bra I bought her as a wedding present. She is almost as horny as me when it comes to sex.I could tell avcılar escort she was feeling horny. She is a Nurse and I first met her at the hospital where she works.I slipped between our pink nylon bedsheets ,which were a wedding present from my Mother in law, and in my nylon pyjamas, I asked her to suck my already hard cock. Again she obliged me, pulling my pyjama bottoms down and fellating my dick.As I fingered her cunt through the frilly nylon panties, I wondered if she could taste Julia’s cunt juices on my cock. She was getting horny, playing with her exposed nipples and the nylon sheets felt good against my arse.I thought I’d better fuck her as I wanted to cum badly, so I did her doggy style, through the frilly nylon panties which tickled my balls while she had her face buried in the frilly pink nylon pillows.I was so turned on, I wasn’t gentle and I don’t think she had felt my cock so hard before. I fucked her like a whore! She was certainly moaning like one as she orgasmed.I caught sight of myself in the bedroom mirror, bollock naked except for my red nylon pyjama jacket which was very shiny in the light. She was cumming and so was I!I spurted a load of spunk deep into her womb and I knew then, I’d made her pregnant.I slept as I was in just my pyjama jacket as I like the feeling of the nylon sheets on my cock. She was naked and had taken off her spunk covered panties!In the morning I was still horny and fucked her again before I went to work.It was three weeks later she told me she had missed her period!She was indeed pregnant and gave birth to our daughter nine month later. That did nothing to lessen her sex drive however.I met her at the hospital where she worked. I had just şirinevler escort got out of the Police Cadets and was a fresh rookie at that time, about 1973. She is about five years older than me.In those days we would have a lot of calls taking people to hospital after fights and spent quite a lot of time there when she was working in casualty.We started to date and the first time I fucked her was on her parent’s bed whilst they were out. She only had a single bed when she lived with her parents, as did I, sharing a room with my brother until I was about twenty and we moved in together in Police accommodation.I knew she was a horny bitch as she was much more experienced than me and I often tried to get her to give me a quickie at the hospital when I was up there, but she was wary of getting caught.She once told me that she had fucked a patient when she was on a general ward. She was on nights and this guy had both arms in plaster and couldn’t sleep. She tried to make him comfortable and on turning back the sheets, saw he had an almighty erection and a huge cock!Nurses sometimes do good deeds for patients, believe it or not, and she took it in her hands and stroked it up and down. Not a word was said whilst she took it in her mouth. It barely fit!She was starting to get wet by now and as this guy was in a side room, she slipped off her panties and climbed on top of him and started to ride this huge member! Again not a word was said as she jogged up and down on his huge cock. She said she had never had an orgasm like it, which put me in my place and he must have a ball sack full of sperm not being able to wank, as he came in buckets which she then dutifully licked up from his cock.When she told me about this, it had happened some time before I met her, I immediately dragged her into the bedroom and eat her cunt out until she orgasmed!Next; the confis**tion of pornography, I fuck the baby sitter and we try a wife swapping party.Thanks to Mike for his nylon story. Published with his permission, I look forward to part two!Adam.

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