I remember how old I was when I put it in.

I remember how old I was when I put it in.I was eight when I put my finger in myself, back and front, shocking, yes of course it is, but I was curious.At ten I discovered my dad’s obsession with porn, so by then I knew about sex, cock sucking, cum, fucking, and anal.When at eleven and a half, I found my dad’s girlfriend’s vibrator in a handbag in the wardrobe, washed it clean, and as they say, ‘The rest is history’.Whether my hymen was gone by eight or three and a half years later, one thing is certain, by the time I started growing tits, I was hungry for sex, my mind developed at a rate that frightened men, I knew my ass, tits, and cunny, all wrapped in a package that made grown men weep, was my way in life, Maths, Swedish, English, and Physics, were educational, but sex in my head was overwhelming, it was on my thirteenth birthday, I suggested to a man to put put his cock in me, and he did, one, two, three, four, I counted in my head, by six, his sperm was running out of my cunt.I was no longer a virgin, in all accounts, by another human being, and whether I chose the right time to do it is academical, because I started my menstrual cycle a month later, so there were no eggs in my fallopian tubes to fertilize, just the heaving mass of sweaty manhood on top of me, humping and pumping his seed into a young curious girl.Our downstairs neighbour was an old man who lived alone, and when mother went to work, I started to pop into his house for a coke or tea, with cake or chocolate, after school.He was always asking about my mother, now a divorcee, by thirty one, he wanted to know if she was seeing anyone, and in his perverted way canlı kaçak iddaa of conversation, when she last had a man in her bed.’You want to fuck my mother’?He stopped mid-stream, his cup shook in his raised hand, and the weak smile on his lips, indicated he had hit the holy grail of all things sexual.’That’s pretty darn strong from a girl of thirteen’, he replied, his eyes blinking as if what I just asked was not true and he never heard me right.’Well’, I defiantly asked again, ‘do you want to fuck her’?He sipped his tea from the edge of the cup, ‘Yes I would love to’, and his hand shook as he lowered it down from his mouth, rattling as he placed it back onto the saucer.’I never knew girls so young could be so sexual’, he asked, his voice shaking.’It’s OK’, I replied, ‘it’s all to do with my hormones’. He laughed, still nervous due to my youthful spirit, and age, older men never really know anything about teenage girls and just how sexual they can be.He was looking at me in a knew light, ‘Are you fucking Mariel’, I nodded I had.’When’, he asked with interest, ‘Not long ago’, I replied truthfully, ‘he came in me by the count of six’.I lifted the coke bottle and took a swig, the neck of the bottle lingering in my mouth as if I was willing to give him my rendition of a blow-job, he stared and I knew why.’Did you enjoy it’, he asked me quickly?I shook my head to indicate ‘No’, ‘I never really got into it, like I said, he came too quickly’.We were staring at each other and I could feel a tell-tale warmth building in my cunny, ‘Can I watch you wank yourself’, I asked him suddenly, my panties were wetting and I internet casino could feel a dampness reminiscent of an immediate urgency for masturbation.He laughed at my outrageousness, frank, open, and packing more punch than a $100 hooker, ‘You’re serious aren’t you’, he replied.I put the coke bottle down and stood up, and removed my uniform jacket, revealing a crisp white blouse underneath.I placed the jacket on the back of the chair and started to unbutton my blouse, each button opened to reveal, more pink flesh.He was staring, his mouth hung open, ‘You’re not wearing a brassiere’, he commented as I reached down to my belly button, pulling the blouse free from the waist-band of my short school skirt.’OMFG’, he exclaimed in a barely audible voice, as I removed it fully and noted his eyes were glued to my tiny teats with their cup-caked nipples, and swollen areola, the teats were rigid and tight with lust.I started to undo the button holding my shorts dress up, ‘Take your cock out’, I demanded, my hand poised on my zipper as an ultimatum, and he rose from his chair and undid his flies, my fingers took hold of the metal zipper and slowly eased it down, gravity did the rest, as my short skirt fell away to my ankles.Now it was my turn to gasp, his cock was massive, and he saw my keen look, ‘You like them this big Mariel’?I stepped out of the small pile of clothes on the floor and walked towards him in my ankle socks, my thumbs hooked into the elastic of my knickers, I pushed on them and they fell away exposing my bald cunny, as I raised my thigh to take my foot from them, I took two more steps to confront him, naked canlı poker oyna accept for my ankle socks, ‘See, I’m a serious girl’, I reminded him of the l****a in me, as I reached across and took hold of his seemingly heavy hanging cock.’I never thought they could get this big’, I said, as I mock weighed it in the hand I held it in, I reached across with my other hand, and still its massive bulbous purple head hung over it, a good two handfuls, my face beamed, ‘I know someone who will love this inside her’, he never queried my supposition, we both knew I was referring to my mother.’Lets do this in the bedroom’, he said, I could feel my stomach tighten and knot, reluctant to let his penis go, I held onto it as I led him to his bedroom, and climbed into the bed in front of him.’Mother gets drunk on nights, so drunk she passes out’, the thought excited me as I prepared myself to be penetrated and fucked.I lay back with my thighs parted, like a frog about to be dissected, ‘I can let you in when she passes out, and you can do what you want’, he straddled my face and his pendulous ball-sack brushed my upturned face, ‘Lick them’, I heard him say, his cock resting on my chin.I drew my tongue into my mouth and tried to moisten it, but the excitement left my mouth dry, whereas my cunny flowed like a small stream, and he sat on my face, his soft scrotum bathed in my exhalations, he was smothering me with his privates, I prepared myself, as I felt my tongue start to wet, ‘Oh well’, I thought, as my tongue darted out and began the arduous task of licking his bum crack, I hoped he wiped his ass, nothing tastes worse than shit, then again, nothing feels better then an old tongue being buried between a flowering cunny, my cunny, as I groaned and lifted my ass off the bed and feel him lick my own anus, ‘OMFG’, I exclaimed, now we both knew where our hot spots were.Should I continue??????

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