kuntzThree times decorated for bravery and fifteen times reprimanded for breaking the rules. He was like a real-life Dirty Harry from the Clint Eastwood movies. Bumfelt was an enigma. A man of both conviction and confliction. He was handsome. Rugged. Hot.Darling slipped a hand over her vulva and gently parted her outer lips. Spreading them open with her manicured fingers. She caressed and rubbed at herself. She made herself wet. It didn’t take her long. It never did. When she needed to sleep and rest, Darling would often turn to masturbation. She knew how to please herself, be it with fingers or toys.She took her hands and squeezed her nipples through the sheer material. They hardened, dark nubs visible under the bra. She loved playing with her own nipples. It turned her on. She sat on the edge of the bed, leant forward and canlı bahis took something from a briefcase. A six-inch gold vibrator. She wanted it quick so she could rest. She would take herself to climax, shower and then sleep.She played with herself some more. She undid her bra and her lovely 36B breasts slipped out. She cupped them, switched the vibrator on to a low speed and circled her already erect nipples with it. The sensation of it hardened her nipples more. She let out a quiet gasp. Lay back and fingered herself. Rubbing gently at her clit, alternating that tight circular motion with an inserted, probing middle finger. She worked at herself and when the time was right she ran the vibrator over her pussy lips before slipping it into the wetness within.Her breathing soon became quickening gasps and moans as her orgasm bahis siteleri swept over her and swept her away.Across the city in a luxury apartment somebody else was having an orgasm. He pushed ineffectively at the woman’s ass. He struggled to get her off his face. At first it had been incredible. He had fucked the hell out of her or rather she had fucked the hell out of him. Damn near killed him such was the ferocity of her fucking.Rusty Kuntz- Criminal Defence Lawyer to the stars tried to call out, but- she had him trapped between those tight, muscular thighs. She rode his face. Pushing down on him with her gaping vagina. It enveloped him. It sealed his mouth closed.“You dirty little fucker,” gasped the woman, staring down at his wide, panicked eyes. “I’m going face-fuck you to death.”He beat at her sides and clawed güvenilir bahis at her tits. Breasts that defied gravity. Hard and pert. The tits of an eighteen year old on the body of a woman much older. Fucking great tits if you weren’t being suffocated to death. As Kuntz currently was. He gasped for air. There was none. She slapped his hands away, pinned his arms down and ground her pelvis into his face.“I’ve wanted to fuck you up for so many years,” rasped the woman, driving herself to the point of orgasm, seeing the distress in his eyes. “I’m cumming. Oh, I’m cumming.”Her body bucked and twitched as she came. He kicked and squirmed under her but there was nothing he could do as the wave of ejaculate swept over him. Smothering him, depriving him of air. Of life.“Take it, you fucker,” she gasped as she rolled away from his twitching body. One of his feet kicked spasmodically as his brain died. Small blood vessels popped and ruptured in his eyes. His purple and swollen tongue slipped from the side of his slack mouth.Rusty Kuntz was dead.

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