Loving an older lady


Loving an older ladyWhen I was in my early 20s I was hired by a landscaper to do manual labor. Most of the work consisted of unloading pipes, carrying supplies, installing sod, hauling rocks, soil and debris and lots of other physical things. We also did lawn care which was mostly mowing lawns and raking weekly for customers with large yards. It was back breaking at times and in the summer was extremely hot work. But I loved it. With time I noticed that my body was really responding well to the heavy lifting and I was developing a nice, solid physique. On hot days we would take off our shirts and tan as best we could. It was a great feeling, working outside, exposing our torsos to the elements, getting tan and ripped, and then going home exhausted to rest up, eat and get ready for the next day. By August, after a summer of heavy manual labor and working shirtless I was looking almost like a young body builder. It was during that month that I was assigned to take care of an older lady’s yard. She was one of our best customers. My boss was very explicit with me, “I want her yard to always look manicured and neat. You can show up more than once a week if needed. She always pays well.” So, I looked at my schedule and carved out some time 1-2 times per week to show up and work on her yard. The first time I met her, she answered the front door bare foot and wearing a robe. It was kind of early in the morning. I introduced myself as the guy who will be taking care of the yard. She was nice and friendly toward me and stood there in her robe, I couldn’t tell if she had clothes on underneath, but it looked like there was probably nothing on under it. Her hair was turning gray and I guessed that she was probably pushing 60 or so. But I could tell that she was also somewhat fit, a little bit overweight but not too much, an attractive, slightly overweight 60-year-old woman. She was a widow. Although I was quite young at the time, and there was probably 40 years difference istanbul escort in our ages, there was something about her that made me horny. I worked in the yard and as the day progressed, I was getting hotter and hotter. Frankly, I liked showing my newly sculptured physique, so I took off my shirt and kept working. The sun beat down while working and I worked up quite a sweat. I started fantasizing about this lady. It was such a turn on thinking about her and I started getting hard. As I finished up the job and was walking toward my truck, I noticed out of the side of my eye that she had been sitting in her front room watching me. It kind of made me feel flattered to think she had been staring at me the whole time.The next week I showed up as planned. When I knocked on her front door, I heard her inside answer and say, “go ahead and work as long as you need to, I can’t come to the door right now.” So, I started with the job and as soon as it got hot, I took off my shirt. I was hoping she was watching me. I even started to get a bulge in my pants fantasizing about her. As I was raking, I looked out of the side of my eye and noticed through the window that once again she was sitting in her chair watching me. But this time I could see that she was sitting there only wearing a bra and panties. As I kept raking, I noticed that her hand was slowly caressing her legs and then her breasts. I kept raking and raking, it was a real turn on to see her in there enjoying herself. She had somewhat large thighs and it was obvious her tits were large as well. She also had a bit of a belly but not too large. I couldn’t tell for sure if she could see that I was noticing her. I finished up the job for the day and went home. This continued every time I showed up to work that month. She would sit in her chair and fondle herself (but still leave on her bra and panties) and watch me work. By the end avcılar escort of the month I had reached the point that I was obsessed with her. I fantasized about her body, how it might feel, her smell, etc., and she was apparently fantasizing about me.The last day of August was unseasonably hot. I showed up to work in her yard at the appointed time. I knocked on her door to let her know I was there to work. This time she answered the door. Once again, she was in her robe, but it was parted somewhat, and I could see part of her breast. I got the feeling she was showing me on purpose. She was well endowed and was quite attractive. Her hair was turning gray, but it was a flattering look for her. She smiled and said, “Would you like to come in for a minute? I’ve just finished brewing a pot of coffee.” I gulped and said, “Sure I would love to.” As I followed her into the kitchen, from behind I could see that she had nice, wide hips and her ankles and calves were shapely. She sat down at the kitchen table, crossed her leg and I could see that her legs were tan and shapely. Oh my god, I thought to myself. She is beautiful. We talked for a bit about the yard and then she looked at me and softly said, “Did you notice I was watching you work? You are a very attractive young man.” And then suddenly she pulled back her robe and exposed her breasts. They were full, and her nipples were hard. I couldn’t believe I was staring at such magnificent breasts. “Go ahead,” she said. I gingerly leaned forward and kissed her left breast. She shuddered and grabbed my head forcing me on her breasts. “Go ahead and suck” she said. With that I began sucking on her engorged nipples. She leaned back and as I was sucking on her breasts, she let her robe come undone and I could see her large, shapely thighs. She spread her legs. Her pubic hair was partially graying. Something about that aroused the a****l in me. I went down on her. I licked and şirinevler escort sucked her pussy, taking in her juices. The taste was even more arousing. She was leaning back, her legs open for me, I slid my tongue inside her. She moaned and shuddered. It wasn’t long before she was ready to squirt. I didn’t let up and she sprayed my face. I had never experienced a woman who squirts. I had some sexual experiences before but not from a hard squirter. After she squirted on me, she said something like “Do you like the smell of my juices?” I muttered that I loved it. We were both quivering at that point.It was then that she stood up and let the robe come completely off and it fell to the floor. She started to tear at my clothes. I quickly helped her, exposing my tanned body. As I dropped my pants, my cock shot up rock-hard. She got on her knees and began sucking my cock, rubbing it against her cheeks, sucking and caressing my balls, moaning and worshiping my cock. I wanted to cum so bad. Her hands and tongue worked my cock and balls squeezing and licking and she moved on to my butt. She even put her tongue on my ass and licked me. This felt so amazing.I leaned over and picked her up, she was a thick woman, but I could lift her, as I carried her to the bedroom, she said “fuck me good, I haven’t been fucked in ages” and I put her on the bed. We were like a****ls going at it. I worshiped her body, her thighs, pubic hair, cunt lips, I moved on to her ass and licked it good. Then I fucked her from every position I had ever imagined. We were both panting and breathing hard. She even rode me and managed to squeeze my cock with her strong vagina muscles. Somehow, I managed to hold the cum inside until she begged me to cum on her face and tits. I obliged and we both moaned in pleasure.I stayed there another two hours that day and we fucked even more. She knew what she was doing. At one point I mounted her from behind and I tried slipping my hard cock in her large, flabby ass and she loved it. It brought her immense pleasure. I let my cum go inside her ass. It was amazing. I had found the perfect sex partner. We became great friends and I would try to think up excuses to come back and see her after that. I lost track of the number of times we fucked that year. Ever since then I have been attracted to older women.

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