Maid to Order — Interlude (Part 3)


Maid to Order — Interlude (Part 3)Maid to Order — Interlude (Part 3)”I was sort of hoping you might help me out tonight,” Kayla said. Herquestion didn’t seem directed at me.”What did you have in mind?” Marisa responded.”Well, since so many of your “gurls” can’t or won’t, I was hoping youmight fuck me with your strap-on tonight. I need it bad.”Marisa laughed. She glanced over at the alarm clock. “We might have tocombine our activities,” she said. “I don’t have time to wait for you tofinish round two with Stacey.” I came to the sudden realization thatalthough I was listening intently, I was also still sucking Kayla’s cock.”Over here, Stacey, if you can leave that cock alone for a minute.”Marisa went over to the bed and arranged some of the pillows. Sheindicated that she wanted me to get up on the bed; her intent was obvious.Reluctantly, I let Kayla’s cock slip from my mouth.I climbed on the bed, holding the handle to keep the dildo in my ass. Ilay down on the bed face-first with the pillows under my hips so that myass was sticking up in the air. Kayla climbed on the bed behind me, mybottle of Astroglide in her hand. I spread my legs and bent my knees,trying to accommodate her as she moved between my thighs.I heard the tell-tale *splurp* of the lube just before I felt the dildobeing pulled from my ass. Kayla leaned forward and for the first time Ifelt the head of a real flesh-and-blood cock poking between my ass cheeks.I reached behind and grasped my butt cheeks, pulling them apart; and thenI felt the delicious pressure as her wide head stretched my open hole andpopped inside.”Ohhhh, yeah,” I said. “Mmmmm.”Kayla adjusted her position and slid more of her cock inside me, finallyending up over me on all-fours, her cock buried in my ass. I moanedaloud. I had my first real cock inside my ass and it felt every bit asincredible as I had always fantasized that it would.Kayla started fucking me, using slow strokes at first; only pullinghalfway out of my ass before burying her cock balls-deep in my ass again. Her wide head provided a delicious pressure all the way into my ass.”Your cock feels so good in my ass, Kayla,” I said. “Fuck me; fuck mehard. Fuck my ass.”Kayla fucked me harder, all but laying on top of me, her hips rising andfalling as she humped my ass, driving her cock deep into my ass with eachthrust. The slapping noise her hips made as they met mine sounded so loudand made my hard cock ache for release.I couldn’t see her, but now I felt Marisa climb onto the bed as well. Iheard more lube being applied and then heard Kayla’s moans almost in myear–I assumed Marisa had just penetrated her ass. Our bodies adjusteduntil we were all intertwined–Kayla’s cock buried in my ass and Marisa’sdildo buried in hers. I could only imagine how hot this must have looked.Marisa started fucking Kayla with long slow strokes. Kayla pulled out ofmy ass as far as she could, each thrust of Marisa’s into her ass drivingher cock into my ass as well. We soon developed a comfortable rhythm,with both Kayla and I getting our asses well-fucked.”God, Marisa that feels so good. I needed this so much. Thank you. Fuckme, Marisa.”Marisa picked up the pace, ramming her dildo harder and faster intoKayla’s ass and causing Kayla to do the same to me. We fucked like thisfor what felt like ten minutes–and I started to fear that Kayla was goingto go over the edge while still buried in my ass. I wanted her cum in mymouth!”Let me suck your cock,” I said. “I love how good your cock feels in myass, but I want another load of your hot cum.” They slowed down and Kaylapulled out of my ass, leaving Marisa’s dildo buried in her own ass. Icrawled out from under Kayla and then pulled the pillows out of the way.I lay down on my back and crawled under the pair.First I licked canlı bahis Marisa’s pussy a few times, enjoying her taste and smellonce again as she moaned. Then I moved on to Kayla’s balls. As I lickedthem, Marisa resumed fucking her ass. Her balls pulled away from me witheach of Marisa’s thrusts, making me crane my neck to keep them between mylips.Finally, I got down to business. My feet were against the wall above theheadboard and I positioned myself so that Kayla could slide her cock intomy mouth and down my throat. I guided her cock into place between mylips, and then I opened wide and let her fuck my throat.As before, each of Marisa’s thrusts into Kayla’s ass drove her cock intome–this time my throat. Kayla was on all-fours now with her handsbetween my legs. My cock was still inside my panties and held against meby the garter belt. I was torn between fidelity to my wife and wishingthat Kayla would reach between my legs and either stroke or suck my cock.Marisa’s thrusts became quicker and more savage, and now Kayla wasgrunting with each thrust. Marisa started punctuating her thrusts withthe same “Oi” I had heard when she was fucking my ass, so I assumed shewas about to come once more. I turned my head, clearing Kayla’s cock frommy mouth and pushed against the wall, positioning myself under Marisa’spussy.I fingered her pussy at first, sliding in just my index finger as theharness really prevented me from doing more. She was so wet! I raised myhead and started licking as much of her slit as I could reach, and usedher own juices on my index finger to insert it into her ass. She startedhumping back against my finger and my tongue between thrusts as shecontinued her assault on Kayla.Her thrusts became slower and deeper and I knew she was there. I plungedmy tongue into her pussy and fingered her ass as she cried out for thesecond time that night. Marisa had stopped fucking Kayla, so Kaylastarted bucking back against the dildo in her ass. Marisa drooped alittle, obviously spent from the effort.I wriggled until my head was over the edge of the bed.”Kayla, come and fuck my mouth. I want your cum.”They disentangled themselves and Kayla climbed off the bed and presentedher cock to my lips once more. I eagerly opened wide and sucked her in.I let my head dangle off the edge so my throat was an open hole. Kayladidn’t need any more encouragement. She gripped my “tits” and startedfucking my face.Marisa climbed off the bed, too, and came around behind Kayla. She pickedup my Anal Twist toy, applied a fresh coat of lube, and inserted it intoKayla’s ass. She then guided my hand to the handle. I started sawing thedildo in and out of Kayla’s ass as she continued to ram her cock in andout of my mouth.I heard one of the dresser drawers open and close and wondered what Marisamight be doing. I heard a not unfamiliar sucking sound and then theunmistakable *splurp* of lube being squeezed from the bottle. I feltMarisa climb back on the bed. She grabbed my ankles and spread my legswide as she kneeled between my legs. She placed them over her shouldersand I immediately knew what she was after. I raised my hips to make myass available.Marisa pulled my panties to the side and I felt the cool of a new toysliding between the cheeks of my ass. As the head of this new dildopushed against my asshole, I recognized it immediately as my Realistic 9″Doc Johnson that was over 2-inches wide.”Ohhhh, yeah,” Kayla said. “Fuck her ass with that big fat cock while Ifuck her pretty little mouth.”Although I had been well-fucked by my Anal Twist, Marisa’s dildo, and thenKayla’s cock I still felt the delicious pangs of being stretched just thatmuch more by the bigger dildo. She didn’t give me any time to get used tothe size of the new intruder; rather, she leaned forward, bahis siteleri lifting my legshigher and exposing my ass more, and then drove the entire 8-inches insideof me.”Ohhhhh, God!” I yelled. Kayla immediately silenced me with her cock. Igrunted with each thrust as Marisa began seriously fucking me with mybiggest dildo. That was all I could manage with a mouthful of cock.I had used that dildo so often that I couldn’t even guess how many timesit had been buried in my ass; but being actively fucked with it was vastlydifferent even from using it on the Rocker Ball. She plowed into merelentlessly, never slowing down. Kayla, in the meantime, was using mymouth the same way, barely giving me time to catch my breath. I was beingroughly fucked in both my holes, and I knew that no matter what happenedafter this night, that I would never, ever be the same crossdresser.I was so completely consumed with my newfound lust that I lost all trackof time. I don’t know if they fucked me for 10 minutes or 2 hours. All Iremember is that it seemed to come to an abrupt end.”Get ready, Stacey,” Kayla announced. “I’m about to fill your mouth withanother load of cum.” I snapped out of my erotic haze.”Shoot it in my mouth,” I said. “Shoot your cum in my mouth and all overmy face.””Keep fucking me with that dildo,” Kayla said. “The ribs on that toolfeel so fucking good; you’re going to make me cum even harder.”Kayla pulled back and I left my mouth open as I continued using the dildoon Kayla’s ass, pulling it almost all the way out before slamming it backin. I felt Marisa slow down her pace, but she never actually stoppedfucking my ass.”Spread your legs, Stacey,” Marisa said. I parted my legs, holding themin a “V” shape. I saw a camera flash and I looked up just as Kaylastepped beside me and started to come. Marisa was taking pictures of thewhole debauchery!”Ohhhhhh, Fuuuuuuuck!!” Kayla moaned. Her second load wasn’t as huge asthe first, but it was still a copious amount of cum. She shot it in mymouth. Strings of it landed across my cheek, nose and forehead. Iswallowed some of it and stuck out my tongue; more of it landed there andagain more in my mouth. All the while the camera flashed. Marisa wasstill fucking my ass, only much slower.Kayla had all but spent her load and now she slipped her cock back into mymouth.”Look at me,” Marisa said. I leaned up with Kayla’s cock still in mymouth. Another flash. Now Kayla started using her cock to scoop her cumoff of my face and into my mouth. More flashes. Marisa handed the camerato Kayla, grabbed my legs at the knees, and started fucking me hard again.More flashes.”Hold your legs back and stick your ass up,” Marisa said. I spread mylegs, bending them at the knee and holding them spread using my arms. Myass was sticking obscenely up in the air and now Marisa was crouching overme on the bed, pile driving my own thick dildo balls deep into my ass.More flashes. I realized that I was still sucking Kayla’s cock as it wentsoft.Marisa finally gave me four or five hard tip-to-balls thrusts and thenpulled out, sitting back on the bed. I lay there a shambled wreck–my asswas well-fucked, my face was covered in a sheen of drying cum.”So what do you think, Stacey?” Marisa asked. I glanced over at theclock.I had been fucked in the ass by three dildos and a real cock. I hadsucked my first real cock and swallowed two loads of cum. I was totallyexhausted and felt completely used and abused; and I had loved everydepraved minute of it. All together, it had taken just over two hours forme to go from being a frightened crossdresser to emerge as a cock-hungrycrossdressing slut.”I think things will never be the same,” I said. “I can’t wait for mynext encounter.””I’m glad to hear you say that,” Marisa said. “I already have bahis şirketleri anappointment for you tomorrow evening. I have a very exclusive client whoalways likes to try my new girls first. The particulars will be waitingfor you when you get back to your room tomorrow.”Marisa crawled off the bed. She removed my dildo from her harness and re-attached hers. I rolled off the bed onto my knees and found Kaylastanding in front of me. Without even thinking I slurped her soft cockinto my mouth, enjoying it one more time. She looked down at me.”You’re fucking awesome, Stacey,” she said. “I hope you’re available thenext time I need to dump a monthly load.”I was still slurping on Kayla’s cock when Marisa finished dressing andwalked for the door.”I’ll be in touch,” was all she said. She left the room and closed thedoor behind her. Kayla stepped away and pulled my Anal Twist from herass. She crossed the room and paused at the adjoining door.”You’re sure a great fuck,” she said. “I’ll be seeing you later. Maybeone day you’ll decide to stick your cock in my ass, too. I’d like that.” I heard the door close behind her and now I was left alone.I stood up and walked over to the vanity mirror. I was a hot mess!The mere sight of my state caused my cock to stir in my panties. Irealized that the front satin panels of both my garter belt and the thongwere completely soaked with pre-cum. I also realized how badly I wantedto cum.I didn’t want to take the time needed to inflate the Rocker Ball, so Ijust grabbed my large dildo and my lube from the bedroom and went back tothe vanity. I pulled my panties to the right, freeing my aching cock andexposing my well-fucked ass. I applied a generous coat of lube to thedildo and then held it at “dick-level” against the vanity.I lined the dildo up with my ass and rammed its entire length inside mewith one thrust, just as Marisa had done 20 minutes ago. I held the ballsand the bottom of the dildo shaft in my left hand as I humped against it,fucking my own ass. At the same time I stroked my hard cock with my righthand, at first using the residual dildo lube as lubricant. My pre-cum wasflowing freely now and quickly took the place of the Astroglide as Icontinued stroking my shaft.I looked over my shoulder at the wanton slut in the mirror. I could stillsee some dried cum on my face, which was distorted with the pleasure I wasgiving myself. All of the emotion from the events of this eveningsuddenly flooded over me as I felt my own impending release.”That’s right, fuck that cock,” I said out loud, egging myself on.”Stroke your dick while you fuck yourself in the ass.” I impaled myselfon the dildo one last time, leaving it buried balls-deep in my ass.I let go of the dildo and cupped my left hand under the head of my cock tocatch the load. I came so hard my legs started shaking. Spurt afterspurt of my hot cum flooded my palm. My knees buckled and I found myselfdropping to my knees on the cool tile as my orgasm continued. My assclenched around the dildo inside it and I kept stroking my cock, milkingevery last drop into my hand.Finally, after coming down from the orgasm-high, I stood up, holding thedildo in my ass with my right hand. I leaned against the door frame tothe bathroom as I turned to face the mirror. I bent over and resumedfucking the dildo. I watched myself in the mirror as I humped my dildo.My own cock, growing softer by the minute, flopped back and forth as Ifucked myself. I lifted my left hand to my mouth and lapped at the cum,licking and slurping my own load.I stumbled to the bedroom, utterly spent. I collapsed face-first onto thebed where Kayla had fucked me, the dildo still shoved up my ass. Iwriggled close enough to the nightstand to get to the phone. I asked fora wakeup call and hung up the phone. I closed my eyes and sighed.I briefly wondered what tomorrow night held in store for me. I felt myass and cock twitch at the thought as I drifted off into blissful sleep, asatisfied smile on my cum-coated lips.< to be continued >

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