Master and Apprentice E.1: Introduction. WoW Gnome


Master and Apprentice E.1: Introduction. WoW GnomeSelf-entitled Mistress Glitchcog eagerly awaits her newest apprentice, Triss Blastbolt.All of this was done in /e and /s.Glitchcog-MoonGuard smiles brightly, looking up to the new gnome with wide eyes. She stood up straight, hands on her hips and showing off her borderline-nude body, with an obvious bulge potruding out of her spandex panties. “So!” She’d exclaim, “You must be the apprentice I was assigned>”Blastboltrix-MoonGuard nodded her head, bowing before her new teacher, taking note of how barely dressed she was as well as the bulge. “Y-yes miss. Triss. I’m happy to make your aquaintance miss.”Glitchcog-MoonGuard smirks, eyeing the girl down. “Good. Before we get started on anything, I need to perform a checkup See what you’re made of, you know? Go ahead and get naked.”Blastboltrix-MoonGuard takes a step backward, a little taken back at the command, the look of surprise on her face. “Wha..g-get naked? I..I don’t understand..”[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Calm down, sweetheart. I need to see your figure, like a doctor’s physical. Check for anything that might come in the way of your spellcasting ability. You wouldn’t want to be well on your training and be stopped by an untreated case of, uh… ley-gut, >[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: > would you?[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: W-well..I’ve been doing alright without having such a check up, not been having any problems. Uuuh ley-gut?[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Well, you’ve got many years ahead of you. Now… *She’d press her lips together a moment.* I -am- getting a bit annoyed by this. I’m not a particularily patient woman, and an apprentice who stands there bumbling like an idiot rather than following my commands is the type of apprentice who may find rather soon they’re no longer in the academy.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard had another look on surprise form on her face.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Yes, I guess I am being a bit difficult, being asked to strip nude was an odd request to me. So sorry miss.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard began to pull off her robes, letting the cloth fall to the ground, along with the rest of her clothing. She now stood fully nude in front of her teacher.Glitchcog-MoonGuard smiles as Triss followed her commands. “You’ll find that I’ll be making a lot of ‘strange requests’. It’ll be up to you to follow them.” Once Triss was fully nude, she clenched her fists a moment, eyeing the gnome up and down, and her bulge visibly twitched, slowly on its way to becoming erect. “My my… you’re young, hm?” Glitchcog-MoonGuard approached, eyes singularily set on the cute prick between Triss’ legs. “What have we here, hm?” She’d ask, gripping Triss’ prick rather hard, feeling it thoroughly and shamelessly. “We’ll have to get to this later. I plan on doing a top-down physical sweet. Can’t let anything possibly get through, of course.” She’d say, letting go of the girl’s prick and bringing her hands up, gently stroking at her hair with a smile, fingers grazing along her face, and soon, trying to lock lips with her– gripping her if need be.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Wha-what are you..ooh..[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Don’t you know what a physical is, dear? I need to cover every inch of this sultry little body of yours.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard sighed as she had her flaccid length squeezed. “Ye-yeah..I’m a bit young, but not too young miss.” She sighed as her length was let go and had her teacher move clother she noticed just how nice her eyes were. She allowed her hair to be stroked and allowed herself to have her lips locked her teacher, something she’d never thought of doing..but it was nice.Glitchcog-MoonGuard drew closer, hands lowering to Triss’ back and pulling her in. Their crotches bumped up against eachother. Naked, flaccid penis rubbing up against the mage’s rather hefty, stiffening prick. She kissed her more deeply, as if attempting to deepthroat her with her tongue, pulling out to pepper Triss’s cheeks with kisses, and then a long lick, suckling on the skin and giving it a gentle nibble with her teeth as she groaned into the girl’s ear. Her tongue trailed down, licking up and down at her neckline.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard let out a cute squeak of pleasure after the kiss had ended as her cheeks were met with multiple kisses and a lick. “Th-this part of the examination miss?” She asked as she felt her teacher nibbling and licking her skin.Glitchcog-MoonGuard hugged her tight for a short bit. “Yes” she’d growl, speaking in between short sessions of digging her tongue hard against the muscles of Triss’ collar, neck and cheeks, kissing and nibbling and breathing quite hard. “I’m awfully sensitive to magic. This is… one of the more effective ways of detecting trace elements of… corruption.” She’d say, while grinding her crotch hard against her new apprentice’s. After a minute of that, she’d pull a bit back, slouching forward enough to be face-first against her breasts, hands squeezing both as she kissed deeply at her left nipple, covering as much of her breast as she could with tongue and lips, sucking hard and then switching to the other, moving back and forth as she continued to grope, massage and squeeze at her bust, with her thumb rubbing roughly against whichever nipple wasn’t being tended to by her tongue, and gently nipping at the sensitive skin between suckles.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard sakarya escort let out more cute squeaks of pleasure as her cheeks went redder and redder as this odd check up went on longer. Part of Triss had a feeling her teacher was lying to her..but she was the older and more experienced mage and it is kinda nice. “C-corruption? Wh-what do you mean by that?” She asked, looking down and watching her teacher massaging and suckling on her breasts.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: I..I like this miss..Glitchcog-MoonGuard paused her suckling to look up at Triss from her squatted position. She kept a serious look, trying to retain some level of legitimacy despite her m*****ation. “Corrupting magics like fel, and so on. The Paladins of the Silver Hand didn’t call us ‘twisted souls’ for nothing. Mages have the potential to get caught up in dark magic without ever realizing. Casting spells, summoning and teleportation, think of it like catching a sickness while on a trip, that doesn’t really have any effects until much later…” Throughout all this explanation, her hands were eagerly working on her breasts, even removing her gloves to better feel at her warm, wetted skin. She’d pinch, pull and gently twist on her nips. “And I know you like it.” She’d murmur before moving down, laying kisses and long streaks of tongue across her torso and belly, slipping her tongue into her belly button for a moment of ticklish sensation before kissing at the rest, sucking hard on a patch of her tummy while moaning. “Such soft skin…” She’d hum, eventually lowing herself to both knees, and peppering kisses over Triss’ crotch.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard had another squeak of pleasure leave her lips as her nips were twisted and had her teachers lips caress her the soft skin of her belly. “ sounds horrible..” She sighed, at this points her cheeks were bright red.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: You’re getting a-awfully low miss..Glitchcog-MoonGuard ‘s tongue trailed all around– but not quite at, the little shemale’s private bits. Kissing and licking up at the skin as her hot breath blew against Triss’ stomach. “Of course I’m getting low.” She said between kisses. “Basically everything head to toe is at risk. The places the corruption most often causes trouble is in anything covered by skin.” She’d explain, gently grabbing Triss’ prick with one hand and rubbing it up and down to tug at her foreskin. Without bothering to explain further, she simply went for it, wrapping her lips hungrily around her prick and sucking hard, moaning through her nostrils as she tried to get all of it inside, gently cupping her sac with her left hand.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard had a lustful moan leave her lips as soon as she felt her teachers lips wrap around her flaccid prick. “Ooh miss..” She moaned out again, her dick getting harder in her teachers mouth as she watcher her suck while her balls were massaged.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Ooo miss..y-you’re lips are wonderfuuuuul!Glitchcog-MoonGuard suckled gingerly. While Triss’ prick was still not fully hard, she would swirl it around in her mouth with her tongue, wrapping the hot muscle around and massaging her, as well as pressing her lips hard on the base and wiggling her tongue at her tip to get it under her foreskin, all the while putting a fair bit of saliva in, and sucking out to swallow. As Triss’ prick grew more erect, she parted her lips for a moment to gently stroke it. “I love it when they’re soft.” She’d comment before getting back to business, now bobbing her head at her crotch, pumping at her prick with lips and mouth, pushing and pulling pressure.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard gulped, still watching her teacher bob her head on her hardening length as that tongue of her m*****ed her shaft. Knowing what to do here, Triss put a hand on top of her teachers head. Triss was trapped in pure pleasure with her dick being sucked by her teacher.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Oooh’re beautiful..Glitchcog-MoonGuard pulled out until her lips were around the head, digging her tongue in to lap up underneath her foreskin and suck hard, eventually plopping her head out. “That seems clean.” She’d say, standing up. By now, her prick wasn’t able to remain her panties, and she tugged them down to plop out her much larger member, resting the tip against Blast’s stomach. “I’m afraid I won’t be blowing you until you cum. I have other intentions.” She’d say in a dominant tone, resting her hands on Triss’ shoulders and turning her around and toward the chair. “Hands against the seat, lean forward.”Blastboltrix-MoonGuard followed her teachers orders and moved towards the chair, stretching out and resting her hands on the wood. Thoughts of what else her teacher was going to do ran through her mind.Glitchcog-MoonGuard grips the girl’s rump with bare hands, and spends a lengthy amount of time just feeling it out. Rubbing and squeezing down and pulling at it, giving it gently little spanks– or hard ones. She’d dig her thumbs into her crease and pull her cheeks apart to>Glitchcog-MoonGuard > showcase and open up her rectum. The sight of which causing her she-dick to throb and twitch immensely.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard nibbled on her bottom lip as her rump was being examined, loving it being squeezed and rubbed, as well as the spanks. “Aaah!” adapazarı escort She yelped out as her butt was spread open. Triss’ she-dick throbbing from this.Glitchcog-MoonGuard dove in, pushing her face flat against Triss’ bum while holding her by the hips, doing little to spread them, wanting only to rub her face against the soft, plush pillow of a bum presented before her. Breathing through her nose, she’d moan out loudly, >Glitchcog-MoonGuard > muffled by her cheeks, as she wiggled her face left to right in between them. She’d pepper kisses all over the skin, and lick like a madman. Her tongue sliding up and down every end, covering a fair bit of her rump. Once a patch of skin was wet enough>Glitchcog-MoonGuard > she would gently gnaw down on it, biting one cheek while squeezing the other. She seemed obsessed with it, doing this little performance for a fair bit before unceremoniously plunging her tongue deep inside the girl’s rectum, pushing as far as she >Glitchcog-MoonGuard > could go and twisting, curling, pushing up down and around inside with ferocity.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard bucked her hips back against her teachers face as she had her face in between her cheeks. “M-miss!” Triss called out as her butt was being m*****ed by her teachers tongue and lips, especially having her teachers tongue plunging into her rectum.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Oooh is wonderful![Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: I think another time, I’ll need to do another checkup specifically on this area. I could do this for hours… but alas…Glitchcog-MoonGuard plucked her tongue out of Triss’ hole once it was sufficiently opened up to her liking. WIth the powerful licking she’d done, and for the several minutes she was at it (And she really would have been doing this for a fair bit) the girl’s hole was >Glitchcog-MoonGuard > cutely gaping. Glitch stood up, flexing her legs and pushing her crotch out. She held one hand on her prick, the other on Triss’ hip. “Spread your cheeks.” She ordered. “Breathe slowly and relax your muscles.”Blastboltrix-MoonGuard looked back to her teacher, a smile on her face, nodding to her as she reached to her rump, spreading out her cheeks as she began to breath slowly.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: I-is something wrong with my ass miss? Something that’d need further examination?[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Like I said, that stuff gets in deep. There’s only one way to deal with it here.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: It’ll hurt at first, but the more I do it, the better it’ll get.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Ok miss..j-just be careful.Glitchcog-MoonGuard positions her prick to poke at Triss’ hole. Her wet tip began to slip in easily, and there on, she would slowly push herself forward, weaving gently in and out in small motions at first. Over the next few minutes, her pushes would enter greater depth, >Glitchcog-MoonGuard > and her cock would grow steadily more wet and slick, as Triss’ hole was pushed wider, and her insides adjusting to the huge mass of flesh that was being pushed into her. Her rectum would have likely hurt for the first while, but subsieded once she’d >Glitchcog-MoonGuard > gotten into a proper motion, at which point she’d place both hands on the girl’s hips, and begin to buck into her, thrusting harder, becoming less caring of what pain Triss might endure at the cost of her pleasure. She grunted, exclaiming multiple >Glitchcog-MoonGuard > times about her tightness, and how Triss squeezed so painfully around her prick. Yet despite this apparent pain, she pushed further, and before long was effectively pistoning herself in and out of the poor girl, distending her stomach with a hefty bump>Glitchcog-MoonGuard > with each thrust.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard squealed out loudly as her insides were invaded by her teachers cock. “Miiiss!” She cried out as her tight hole was being fucked, she felt it loosening up the more it was used, while it hurt at first..eventually Triss had gotten used to the feeling, yet >Blastboltrix-MoonGuard > it still felt weird to her, having her insides invaded so. Her own dick slapping against her belly with each thrust she was given, her hole squeezing her teachers dick. “’s too big!” She squealed again as that monster of a dick made bumps each>Blastboltrix-MoonGuard > time it was thrust inwards.Glitchcog-MoonGuard brought her arms up around Triss to hug her tightly, pushing up body to body as her thrusts became very hard, and deep enough that she was slapping her crotch against the poor girl’s wet bum. The dominant gnome was breathing heavily, almost growling into>Glitchcog-MoonGuard > her apprentice’s ear. “I’ve got so many plans, my dear… and please, call me Mistress. This includes in public places.” She’d speak between moans. And with a final flurry of thrusts, she would end with a set of hard, deep pushes inside akin to a >Glitchcog-MoonGuard > horse’s climax, finishing as deep inside her ass as she could and looking down over her shoulder, holding tight as she saw her cum jet up inside the girl. Thick streams flooded Triss’ insides, painting her white from within and pushing her stomach out >Glitchcog-MoonGuard > further. She kept herself in that position for a short while, and as her prick became flacid enough to slip out of the gnome’s gaping anus, a gentle stream of warm spunk flooded sakarya escort bayan out. “I must admit to havine some very intense sexual needs…”[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: But I think you’ll suit them.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard had her tongue hanging from her opened mouth as she received more harsh thrusts to her asshole, Triss loved the feeling and how it had stretched out, but wasn’t going to make it known to her teacher. As her teacher came as did Triss, while feeling her >Blastboltrix-MoonGuard > insides being filled with cum, Triss shot ropes of her own cum it splattering onto the floor as the apprentice gnome felt herself being filled up with her teachers cum, her belly bulging, getting nice and round. “Oooh miss!” She cried as she felt the >Blastboltrix-MoonGuard >shaft pull out of her, as did some of the cum that was forced into her.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: M-misstress…Glitchcog-MoonGuard took a deep breath, stepping back and bringing her hands up to the girl’s chest, turning her to face and giving her a soft peck on the lips. After which she would, in a dominating fashion, rub the wetness of her cock off onto Triss’ thighs. >[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: It’ll be your job to clean all of this up. Consider it your first duty as an apprentice.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: C-clean up this mess? Ok mistress..I can do that.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard sighed, rubbing her thighs together where the wetness from her mistresses cock had rubbed.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Good. Don’t worry, you won’t need to do this all the time. Fair number of places where we’ll just leave our mark.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Um..w-will we be always doing this? I mean it’s fun..I just thought there’d be something to do with magic.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: There will be. It’s a mix. REmember, an apprentice needs to learn a variety of skills. You need to know discipline, how to handle pain, how to be patient. Mages who focus too much on getting their skills immediately, end up being pretty screwed up.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Sc-screwed up? How? Any stories you can tell?[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: I happen to know a wide variety of spells, since my focus is -not- evocation. These are spells that will help you make the world a better, and certainly more fun place. Maybe next time, I’ll be able to show you one of my many tricks.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: And no, not really. Just the usual story. Students are too interested in attaining power through magic, get rejected, become untrained warlocks and die horribly.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Actually happens a lot.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: That’s horrible..I guess under your guidance that won’t happen eh?Blastboltrix-MoonGuard giggles[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Um, can I get dressed now?[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: It’s why– and no. You can’t. You keep your clothes off.Glitchcog-MoonGuard steps back. After having cleaned herself off, she’d pull her panties up.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: May I ask why I have to stay nude?[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: A mage needs to learn to utilize their ability without the aid of enchanted trinkets and apparel. Mages’ greatest defenses are their magics, and so you need to learn how to survive, and live in the world, with nothing but that magic.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard had a smirk grow on her face.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: So why are you clothed then miss?[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: To do this, you start off as a fledgling apprentice. You won’t -always- be naked, only when I command it. And for the duration of your stay at this tower, you will be. And if any of the… numerous gnome girls here start touching you, allow it. They’re>[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: > uh… probably also just checking for possible corruption. Can never be too sure.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: As for myself. Well, I’ve already done all this. I had a rather wonderful master when I was in Dalaran, before the third war.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: In fact, there are other items that he made me wear, that I’ll soon get you to have. However, we’re taking baby steps.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Alright..well, what’s next?[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: For now, you clean up. Next time I’ll probably take you with me to Stormwind to shop for reagents, while teaching you their value.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Alright..thank you miss.Blastboltrix bows before you.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Mis-Tress![Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Don’t worry, you’ll learn to enjoy calling me that.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Mistress..wait, go into Stormwind? B-but I’m naked![Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: You might wear some clothes for that. But you might not, who knows![Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: If you’ll allow it?[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Mmhmm. You won’t be naked all the time, but you might wear clothes like mine.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Or you’ll be in a robe, it all depends. I might make you wear something… interesting, underneath a robe.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Still, I think I’ll purchase some mageweave for you to wear.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Oooh mageweave?[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Yep! Magically imued cloth. Nice and minimalistic, too.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Hm, sounds fine.[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: Good! Now grab a cloth and start cleaning all this up. Make sure your bum is in my sight as much as possible while I… watch.Glitchcog-MoonGuard murmurs the last bit, her hand gently tugging at her crotch.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Well, guess I best get to it.Blastboltrix-MoonGuard out a hand to her nose.[Blastboltrix-MoonGuard]: Starting to smell..[Glitchcog-MoonGuard]: You’ll get used to it.And so begins the tale of domination, public exhibitionism and bdsm between the sexiest fucking race in the game.

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