Meetup with Ted and Tina 3


Meetup with Ted and Tina 3Obviously this is part 3. You can find part 1 here: is about me meeting up with a couple named Ted and Tina. I hope you enjoy!!!When I got out of the shower, Tina had her long t-shirt on again and was poking around in one of the bags that was on the dresser in the hotel room. She smiled at me and indicated with her chin that she had put my white robe that I had had on earlier sitting on the bed next to me. I slid it on, almost thankful that she was not really wanting to have more sex! She had worn my ass out!She walked over to the table and picked up the cup of whiskey I had started the evening off with and she freshened it up and brought it over to me. She also handed me a little blue pill. I looked from the pill to her face. “Ted sometimes needs a … little encouragement. I figured, since you have already had a very HARD evening, you might want a little help as well.”To be honest, I have wanted to try a little pharmacology, but the price is way more than I want to pay, and I have yet to really NEED it…. But with the bump on the back of my head I had to question how smart of a decision it would be to start trying it today. She smiled at me and I took the pill and washed it down.We climbed into bed and started watching an HBO movie that promised skin and sex, but was more of a snooze. It was okay though as we took the opportunity to slowly, innocently touch and tease one another. We neither one wanted to really start anything, but… Neither of us were going to stop anything either!!! She texted her husband occassionally and it was not long until he pulled into the parking lot. I slipped on some clothes and went down to help him bring the feast up.As Ted and I rode up on the elevator he said, “Tina said you and she had a good time cleaning up.” I looked over at him carefully. He smiled at me. “Don’t worry. She texted me and it’s all cool. I just hope you don’t eat and run. It would be fun to play a little more before the night is over. She isn’t like this with many people. You are really the first stranger that we have done this with and it took me a long time to convince her to invite you! I hope you both enjoy it enough we can do it again.””As far as I’m concerned, call EVERY TIME you guys are passing through. I will be more than glad to drop everything to see you!!” The door to the floor opened and we laughed as we walked down the hall to the room. The door was blocked open and Tina was inside putting the top on a refilled ice bucket. She motioned to a spot she had cleaned off on the table and we set the food down and enjoyed the feast.We were all stuffed and sitting on the same bed, plates on our laps, Tina between us two guys. She reached down and took hold of the hand closest to her from each of us and pulled it up. She then sucked on Ted’s thumb first and then mine, licking every bit of grease and sauce off of our flesh! She then turned back to her husband and cleaned all of his fingers, staring into his eyes. Mine followed next. By the time she was done, there were definite bulges in the sheets!!! Ted had taken his plate and Tina’s and reached across as his wife sucked my fingers and he took mine as well. His fingers wrapped under the bottom of the plate and ran across the underside of my cock as well. I looked over at him thinking it might be an accident. He smiled at me and took my plate as I sat there still unsure of what had just happened.Tina whipped her shirt off and threw it toward the over night bags she and her husband had brought in. She then slid down the bed a said, “My girls feel neglected! They need some loving!” With a big boob overflowing each of her hands, her invitation was obvious. Milk shakes were what were for dessert, and they were definitely my favorite flavor!I got up on all fours and took the breast closest to me and wrapped my lips around the base of her istanbul escort nipples. They were hard already, but as I sucked on them I could feel the flesh tighten more and more and then, suddenly they seemed to relax. I looked up into her now somewhat dreamy stare as she looked back at me. A moment later I swear to god, I was tasting milk!!! “Ted likes to milk my utters frequently. Enough so that when I am really horny… well, I hope you enjoy!” I glanced over and there were a couple of wet dribbles that looked like diluted milk running down her other tit and a single, hair fine spray of milk shooting up from her other nip!! I watched as Ted threw the few clothes he had on into a chair and he wrapped his own lips around her other nipple and we both sucked on her big old tits!!!Now, it was not like Tina just laid there. Her hands found their ways to our cocks and she slowly stroked us each, giving awesome squeezes and twists occassionally just to add some interest! Thanks to the little blue pill, there was plenty of interest on my part!!! In fact, I was so thoroughly enjoying her breast and hand I decided to slide my hand down to her pussy and start fingering her clit! I had just really started getting her really fired up when Ted’s hand landed on mine!!! We looked at each other and I started to pull my hand away from his wife’s wet pussy, but he pushed my hand back down on her cunt and I then felt him move his hand even lower still on her until I was 90% certain that his finger(s) were in her pussy and smearing her juices down over her ass.He got up off of the bed and rumaged around in their bag for a moment. We were both watching him without really slowing down what we were doing. He turned and saw us both looking at him and laughed. “Well I guess this makes my little request a little easier to do. Tina, why don’t you mount up on Bryan. I want to fuck your ass while another guy is in you. We may never get another chance like this, so what do you say?”They looked at each other for a moment and then they both looked at me. “Hey, I am just along for the ride, but I’m going to tell you both right now; if this means I get to cum right here…” I curled a finger deep inside of Tina and swirled it around, “then I am all for it!” She gave a long, low moan as her answer!Tina sat up in the bed and then threw her leg over my hips, pinning my cock against my belly as she had done earlier to her husband. “All I have to say is, don’t cum too quickly.” And then she added to her husband, “and you damn well better get that cock of yours lubed up good because I’m already close to cumming!” I leaned up and pulled one of her breasts to my mouth and stuffed as much of the front of it as I could in my mouth. She looked down at me and moaned. Reaching down between us, she grabbed my cock and put it inside of her.By now, Tina was wet, and I mean sopping squishy, cunt overflowing wet! My main resistance was displacing all of the pussy juice from within her! She was just tight enough to still be enjoyable, but so wet it was just barely. Ted climbed up on the bed and I heard him squeezing out cold dollups of lube onto his wife’s puckered asshole. She yipped about how cold it was, but moments later I heard her moaning and could feel her pushing back against the hand of her husband. When she did, she tightened up and I may have done a little moaning myself!That was when he lowered himself and began pushing into his wife’s starfish sphincter. I felt her go still up above me and I slowed my thrusting into her to a slow, teasing slide in and out. I felt her move her hips back and down toward him and he moaned and I smiled. He was definitely inside of her. We stayed still for a bit, me sucking on her tits, Tina and I twitching and subtlely squeezing and teasing one another with our pelvic muscles as Ted pushed slowly deeper into her. There was suddenly avcılar escort a greater pressure against the underside of my cock and both Ted and Tina moaned. A second later, I felt something soft dangle down and touch my scrotum and I realized that with us both buried deeply inside his wife, our nuts were going to be a little…intimate as well!!!”Give her a couple of good long slow thrusts,” I heard Ted say quietly through a strained voice. It was obvious that getting to this point had already excited him mightily. I gave her a litlle more of a thrust the second time and over her shoulder I saw him arch his back a little. He was able to feel me as well, entering her body. “Easy there guys. Let’s not rip me a new one, so to speak.”I eased back down to basically just being Tina’s impaling post which allowed me to really feel the pressure of Ted going in and out of his wife. I imagined what it would look like in some sort of perverted X-ray as his cock slid along the underside of mine with such a thin barrier separating us. I had never thought about anything like that before, but it was a lewd and lascivious image that definitely heightened the tension in my own body. Her tits were bouncing and swaying and slapping me in the face and I tried to focus on them, but the image of our cocks bumping inside of her and grinding together had me ratcheting up the excitement.Then he slammed himself hard into her ass with a couple of thrusts. Each thrust felt like something squeezing and then pushing everything in my cock up and out the tip! It was an amazing feeling! He pushed her face down next to mine and she was suddenly sucking on my ear and neck as I held onto her. He was nearly out of control by this point and she was not much better off! He grabbed my hands and slammed them onto her cheeks and told me to keep her spread out. I could feel he was now going even deeper, driving the wind almost out of her with every thrust!I was not certain how much more I could take (let alone how much Tina could) when suddenly I saw him slam his body into her one last time and just keep pushing against her as his back arched and he almost bent himself in two backwards. I have no idea why I did it, but I slid my fingers closer to her asshole and pushed in on her. She moaned and then when my fingers touched his wet cock, he moaned as well. He pulled back just a little and I parted my fingers on my right hand and slid them so that three sides of his cock were now rubbing between my middle and ring fingers!! It felt wicked to squeeze and release his cock as he started softening. I had never touched another man’s…junk and certainly not while he was excited. Even the experience of feeling him losing the rock hard stiffness that he had at first was fascinating!He looked down and saw what was happening and his body twitched a couple of more times. Tina pushed up off of me a little and looked down at me with a questioning look on her face. I smiled at her and she started rotating her hips over my cock. “Now it’s time for us to get off. I want to see if that blue pill can keep you stiff while I cum two or three times!” I felt her husband slide out of her and I started to reach for her tits, but she put my hands down on the bed and just kept slowly grinding her pussy down onto me as she drilled holes into my skull with those brown eyes!She was squeezing and milking my cock with her vagina without even rising up at all. Then Ted stood up and, walking on the bed, stood next to her, his glistening cock, now soft but somewhat impressively swollen. She smiled at him and stuffed his whole dick into her mouth and sucked him clean as she slowly let him slip back out. She looked from his face down to mine and then lowered herself. I had no idea what was going on but I watched her coming toward me almost as if I was watching other people. I felt my lips opening and her lips on mine. Her tongue şirinevler escort slid into my mouth. Her tongue and lips were wet, slimy, cum coated and I felt my own cock twitch deep inside of her! There was just something so wrong that it was erotic as hell in having her snowball her husbands dick spit knowing he had just filled her ass with his jizz!She then rose up and dripped her spit down onto my mouth. I opened up for it and swallowed everything she gave me as I saw Ted standing over us watching with a somewhat glazed look on his face. Tina leaned down when she was finished and licked my face and then kissed me tenderly on the lips.And then, lying the full length of my body She began fucking me like a pro! She did little more than move her hips as she slid up and down my cock, milking me for all she was worth! She pushed herself up and told me to suck her, which was an order that I gratefully complied with! She came within seconds of that and her cunt felt like a velvet vice, rippling and writhing around me. It was just enough different from what she had been doing that I built up a different kind of pleasure in me and allowed me to back away from that point of no return! But she was not done with me. The second her breathing was almost back to normal, she put her hands on my shoulders and said, “Now, where were we?” And with that she started fucking me like a machined all over again! I was pushing myself up into her and nearly bucking her off of me in the process! It was not making love, this was fucking at its most primative, base, physical level. I was rushing ever closer toward my own climax when I felt something nudging my nuts. At the same moment, Tina went back to pinning me to the bed and just grinding with her incredible hip motion. But that nudge was not blanket or anything else like that. Then I felt my testicle being sucked into a mouth and a tongue swirling all over it!!! Ted released that ball and then licked and tongued my other nut! Now, I have had a lot of straight sex experiences and the one time a girl had given my balls a tongue lashing while she stroked me off was okay, but this felt … mmmm wow! I pulled down at the same time that Tina slid up and … I slid out. I started to reach down and push my cock back into her and that was when I had another first. Ted grabbed my cock, shiny and coated with his wife’s pussy juices and began sucking it!I have had several women tell me that no man can ever lick a woman like another woman can and I have had a few men say that the opposite is true as well: men are better cock suckers than women. I cannot state whether that is completely true or not, but what I can say is that I was going nearly cross-eye. He sucked on the whole shaft and when I slid out of his throat and just the golf ball of my head was in his mouth, he let up some of the pressure and added a little tongue rub under the rim of my soldier’s helmet before taking me back down and jamming me clear into his throat. Tina slid up my body and stuffed her tit over my face. “If he is as good as I think he is, suck me better than anyone has ever done!!” I tried, to be as good for her as her husband was for me, but there was simply no way that was happening.Then he stuffed me back into his wifes steaming wet pussy and we fucked hard and fast. I may have lasted three minutes. Ted moved up to the side of us and was stroking his semi-hard cock, urging us to cum hard. He got his wish! As I came I rolled her over onto her back and slammed myself into her about as powerfully as I have ever slammed my body into anyone! She screamed and grabbed her husband’s cock and started jerking it, pre-cum flying everywhere.I finally came and when I was done I fell to the other side of her. My head was spinning and pounding. I closed my head for a few moments to try and make things quit spinning. When I opened my eyes, Ted had his face between his wife’s legs, licking and sucking her clean. I smiled and drifted off to sleep.====================I woke up the next morning and let myself out after a brief conversation about them coming through again. Tina wanted to go at it again, but my head was splitting with a headache so…. I’ll let you all know if and when they come back through town!!

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