my first sexual experiences pt.1


my first sexual experiences pt.1The following is a recollection of actual events from my youth. I was never pressured to do anything I didnt want to and was a willing participant in everything I did with any of the individuals I had sexual contact with. I look back on these events fondly, and enjoyed them very much at the time they occurred. I have always wanted to share these experiences and am happy to do so now. I hope you find these events as erotic as they were to me back then. I have tried to keep the events in chronological order as they occurred, but it was a long time ago. So here goes…I was an only c***d, living with my aunt. My parents were divorced when I was very young, and with Mom leaving town, and Dad working the night shift, it was decided thats where I would live. My aunt had no c***dren, so i grew up more or less on my own. I lived, (and still do), in the deep south. Living in a rural area, like nearly all my neighbors, my family were farmers. I have many aunts and uncles on both sides of my family, and numerous cousins. On my Dad’s side of the family, I had my cousin Eric. Eric is about 2 years older than me. On my Mom’s side of the family, I had my cousin Dave. Dave is 18 months to the day younger than me. These are the only two people I had sexual contact of any kind with until I was six teen. I spent maybe two days a month at Eric’s house during the summer months, and only occasionally the rest of the year. I saw Dave almost every weekend after I was about 1 2. I had a few other experiences that were borderline encounters, but I will explain those as they happened.My first ever sexual experience I believe I was ten. I was at my cousin Eric’s house while all the grown ups were in the field gathering the crops. My cousin Brad (same age as Eric) was also staying over. We were swimming in Eric’s above ground pool, which was about chest deep on me at the time. We played all the normal games you play in the pool, marco polo, tag, keep away(I was always in the middle), doing underwater handstands, Etc. After awhile, we started getting bored, and brad suggested we go skinny dipping. Grinning, we all agreed, shucking our swimsuits. we let the sink to the bottom in our respective corners of the pool so we could get dressed fast if the grown ups returned. I recall standing in the water, completely naked for the very first time. At this point I knew next to nothing about my body. The only use I knew of for my penis at this point was to aim my pee with. Now, it was the stiffest it had ever been, and about 3 inches if I recall correctly. I noticed that both Eric and Brad had hard ons as well. I had never seen another hard on before. A game of tag erupted. We splashed and dived and went round and round. While Eric was “it” he was chasing us and happened to catch me going by. He wrapped his arm around me and bear hugged me from behind. I was wrestling and laughing to get free, even though I noticed his hard on rubbing across my butt cheeks, finally coming to rest wedged in my crack. Realizing where his erection was he released me and it was my turn to give chase. I recall how my entire groin tingled during the contact with Eric’s dick. As we paused to catch our breath, Brad suggested we do some handstands. Like the daredevils we were, we all agreed. As I was the smallest, I had to go first by default. So, holding my nose, I attempted a one handed handstand. after a few seconds, I realized my dick was above the water line and in full view of both Brad and Eric. Upon surfacing I saw both were smiling and laughing. Eric didnt hesitate, he flipped over, and I got my first clear view of another guys hard on. His dick was about 4 inches long and just over an inch in diameter. He was circumsized and had a longer helmet shaped head on it. I dont recall any hair yet, on any of us for that matter. Eric held for 5 or 6 seconds, then righted himself. Brad and I were laughing, and Brad dove under for his attempt. sakarya escort Brad’s is the second cock I had ever seen hard. Brad was a bit bigger than Eric, 4 1/2 inches maybe, and thicker in the shaft at about 1 1/2″ in diameter. he soon flipped upright and we all giggled and splashed each other. Hearing the grownups returning, we all snatched our trunks back on and acted like normal.We exited the pool, with Brad walking home and Eric and I going inside to change into dry clothes. In Eric’s room, drying off, Eric pulled his wet suit off and was standing naked drying his hair. His dick was half hard and bouncing slightly. I was staring at it when I heard him ask “what you looking at? never seen another guy’s weiner before?” I told him I hadn’t, and he said “go ahead and take a look, I dont mind. we both got one.” I stepped closer, only looking. While i looked on, his dick hardened all the way and was pointing at me throbbing slightly. After a few seconds I stepped back. He put his sweat pants and underwear on, and said “fair is fair. Let me see at yours.” I dropped my shorts and my hard on sprang free. “Nice” he said. He stepped closer and leaned down to inspect it, also not touching. “You got a nice one, too” he said as he backed up and got a shirt and I also got dressed. I soon after went home, and thought of what I had seen often until the following weekend when I returned to Eric’s house.This time, it was drizzling rain, so no crops were picked, and as we were rowdy k**s, we were told to “go play in the damn yard before yall tear the house down.” So out we went. We went to the barn on the edge of the back yard. Lots of junk in and around this barn that we could play in and on. Instead we made our way to the backside of the barn, and as we neared the tree line, Eric said “hold on, I have to take a piss.” This made me think of his hard on, and wanting to see it again, I said “me too” and stepped up beside him. I watched as he pulled his sweat pants down and hooked them under his balls. His dick was getting hard as I watched, pulling my own dick and balls out, although I was already as hard as I could get. We were looking at each others dicks as we both began to piss into the grass. I remember watching the piss coming out of the slit in the head of his dick and being just fascinated. When our streams had both stopped, we both just stood there with our dicks hard and hanging out the front of our sweat pants, staring at each others dick.Eric spoke first and asked “have you started jacking off yet?” I shook my head no “whats jacking off?” I asked.He said “its awesome. You take your dick in your hand like this, and rub it back and forth.” He gripped his shaft with three fingers and demonstrated. I attempted to copy the motion but could only get two fingers on mine. I stroked mine much faster then he was. Eric shook his head and said “not so fast. slow down.” I did as he instructed, and I recall it felt great. We stood there jacking off watching each other. I watched as he quickened his pace and shook slightly. He stopped jacking and said “when you get that feeling it feels so good. I kept stroking as he looked on and I remember the feeling building in my groin, and then that first awesome dry orgasm. I will never forget that first orgasm, jacking off while Eric watched, his hard on still out for me to look at. Momentarily satisfied, we stowed our cocks and stepped to the barn, and climbed up into the loft where our “hide out” was. Nobody used the loft, so the little space was left to us to play in as long as we didnt “fall out and break our damned necks”. So over time we had d**g a couple old boat seats, and old wooden table, and an old work out bench. It was absolutely ideal for a hide out as it was secluded and the only way up was the ladder. Eric sat on the workout bench and I sat on one of the boat seats. I looked over at his crotch again, and it was still bulging a bit. I had no concept adapazarı escort of straight or gay at the time. I was just curious, and it was just so much fun. So I asked “can I touch your dick?” He thought about it for a few seconds. I remember being worried he might get mad because I asked. But he shrugged and said “I guess so, if I can touch yours.” I jumped up and came over to stand next to the bench. He laid back on the bench, and lifting his hips, pulled his sweat pants down to about mid thigh exposing his hard dick and balls. I remember reaching out and the first touch of my fingers on his dick. I recall I could fit all four of my fingers on his shaft. It was softer than it looked and as stiff as I had expected. I gripped his shaft, and then touched his balls, cupping them and moving them around with my fingers. He lifted his head and said “how about you jack me off and I will jack you off?” Excited by this idea, I grinned and started stroking his dick. Steady at first. Then as he indicated he was getting close to orgasm, he told me to go faster. I can recall the feeling of his shaft getting really hard, and a bit bigger while his body shook slightly as his dry orgasm hit. I stopped stroking and after a moment, he got up and told me to lay on the bench. I did so, pulling my sweatpants down to my knees. I was rock hard. I watched his hand reach out, and the contact of his hand was like electricity. It felt so good as he ran his hand over my dick, and then my balls. He rubbed the spot behind my balls a bit and it made my dick jump. He moved back to my dick, and he could only get a couple fingers on my shaft. He smiled and started stroking me. While he stroked me, he rubbed my balls, making me get close to orgasm really fast. I think I only lasted about a minute before I came harder than before. Stepping back, Eric said “It feels a lot better when someone else is jacking you off doesnt it?” All I could manage was shake my head yes. I sat up and asked “can we do that again later?” He said “sure. But we will probably get into trouble if mom or aunt Deb finds out.” I had no intentions of telling anyone, and told him so. Not long after, I was called from the house and it was time to go. From this time on, any time I was alone, I would jack off. I got creative from time to time. I remember I had a small plastic Heman sword I would stick about an inch into my piss hole, just until I got that tingle and then jacked off. The next thing I remember happened about a year later. We had been jacking each other off now, one at a time, and at the same time, since that day any time we had an opportunity. Still though, to my knowledge no one else knew of our games. “hey Brad has something cool he wants to show me, wanna come?” I jumped at the chance, “heck yeah! lets go!” and with that we set off to brads through the field. As we crossed the bridge on the path, we stopped to pee into the creek. as we pulled out our dicks, both were hard and it took both of us a few moments to start a stream. Finished, we shook them, and stowed our hard ons as best we could. We didnt want to get to Brad’s house with a tent in our pants. As far as I know, Brad never knew about me and Eric. As we talked about normal stuff, we arrived at Brad’s back porch. He was sitting on it, and as we walked up onto it he said, “Mom went to the store so we got awhile. Come on!” he urged as we rushed into his room. He turned on his TV and VCR, pressed play, and i saw my first porno flick. I remember being nervous, and glancing over, saw that all three of us had hard ons pitching tents. I was transfixed by the action though. A blond woman with huge breasts was sucking a huge black cock. Next scene that was apparently in the same room, was a brunette squatting over a white guy, his long dick sliding in and out of her ass while she bounced. “WOW! This is awesome!” Eric said. We watched for a few more minutes, till we heard a car door slam. In sakarya escort bayan a rush, Brad turned off the TV VCR and we rushed out the back door. I assume Brad hit the bathroom, but we were in the woods before I could ask. Eric and I walked to the trail through the woods and started back to the barn. “That was awesome! I never saw that kind of stuff! My dick is still hard!” Looking over, he saw that mine was as well. “Lets go jack off.” I sped up and followed him to the loft, eager to jack off.As we got to the loft, we took our pants off completely, and Eric asked what I thought of the woman with a guys dick in her mouth. “You want to try that?” I asked. I was a bit unsure about this, but he said he would go first. I lay on the bench, as was our usual method now, and I felt his mouth close over nearly the length of my dick, now almost 4 inches. Repeating what we had seen on the video, he started bobbing his head with my dick in his mouth, sucking slightly. It was hard for me to imagine something that felt better than jacking off, but this topped it. I estimate I lasted about 3 minutes, but it seemed a lot shorter and I was dry cumming in his mouth. I recovered quickly as I had not started shooting cum yet. I stood up and Eric sat on the end of the bench with his legs spread wide. It seemed natural, so I kneeled down between his legs and looked at his hard dick bouncing with his heartbeat inches from my face. Hesitantly, I remember sticking my tongue out and touching the underside of his dick below the head. He breathed in sharp as I gripped his shaft and put just the tip in my mouth. I sucked slightly and took a bit more, to about halfway down his now 5 inch shaft. I played with is balls, and he said “see if you can put my balls in your mouth and suck.” I attempted to, but I could only manage one at a time. I went back to his shaft and mimicked what he had done to me as best I could until he came in my mouth, dry cumming as I just had. “That was awesome!” he said. I agreed. I remember that after this first time, oral sex was as common as was jacking off every time we were alone. I also recall that it was soon after this first time, Eric began shooting semen. He was 1 3 and I was 1 1.Following a few weeks of not going to visit, I got to go back to Eric’s house. We snuck off to the hide out, and he said he had something he wanted to try. He retrieved a few polaroid pictures (I have no idea to this day where he got them or who he got them from) of two guys, they looked like high school, age but its a bit fuzzy in my memory, both with nice large hard dicks, in one they were sitting on a bed next to each other, in the second, one of the guys was kind of squatting over the other with thier dicks touching. In the last one, the guy on the bed had his dick about halfway in the other guys asshole. I was rock hard looking at the pics, and so was Eric when I looked over. “you think we can do that?” I asked, pulling my dick out. He pulled his out too and said “yeah if you want to.” I don’t remember deciding who would sit on who’s dick. I guess it was just understood, because it was always one sided. I had no problem with this though. On the contrary, later I would really enjoy this. Our first attempt did not go well however. Eric dropped his pants to the floor, and took his usual spot on the bench. I took my pants off, and backed up between his spread legs. He spit on his hand and wet the tip of his dick, and I backed up and lowered myself until I felt the tip of him touching my butt. I lined it up and lowered myself more. Looking back, I was so excited and tensed up, this is probably what prevented us from successfully attempting anal sex. As it was, I kept pushing down, and when he thrust up his hips, the tip and about an inch popped inside. I yelped and stood up. That hurt so bad, I was ready to go home. The mood ruined, he placated me and said we wouldn’t try that again. I felt my ass and looked at my hand, expecting to see blood, but there was none. It was over a year before that particular subject would resurface. Soon after the above events, my cousin Dave moved a lot closer and became my second sexual encounter. I will continue that in the next section…

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