My girlfriend invites her ex to stay with us

My girlfriend invites her ex to stay with usQuick background info for those who haven’t read any of my other stories.I’m submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me.Now that the background info is out of the way, we can start with the story.Also keep in mind I try to add as much detail as I can so my stories tend to have a slow build up._________________________________My girlfriend stayed in touch with one of her ex’s, they weren’t very close, but they will call each other to say hi from time to time.Last week my girlfriend told me he just quit his job and he was thinking about moving to Florida, so she asked me if he could stay with us for a little.Sue: Babe would you mind if Steve stayed with us for a while?Me: sure, how long?Sue: I’m not sure maybe 2 or 3 weeks, he’s in a hotel now and I think that it would be better to him stay with us especially since he quit his job so he should save his money for nowMe: no problemSue called him and told him that he’s welcome to stay with us, it looked like he felt awkward because it took a bit of convincing until he agreed to stay with us.A couple of hours later me and Sue went to his hotel and picked him up. I introduced myself and we talked on the way back to get to know him.My first impression of Steve was that he was a really good looking guy! I felt a little insecure that her ex who is staying with us is a way better looking guy than I am so when we got home we showed him to the guest room and he started unpacking.Me: wow he’s a pretty good looking guy! Why did u guys break up?Sue: Ya I know he’s a hottie! He’s a great guy too but not the best boyfriend… He was too controlling and jealous!I felt better since that’s his flaw, especially since we’re now in a cuckold relationship, I know she wouldn’t feel like I was jealous or controlling!I got to know him a bit that night over dinner so I invited him to come with us at night to go bar hopping, he accepted, so we got ready after dinner and headed out to the bars. I bought the first round and he bought the second. We had few drinks alternating buying rounds for each other.Sue: Steve lets go dance!Steve: Would that be ok?Me: Ya I hate dancing u guys have funThey went to the dance floor and I watched, Steve was pretty respectful, he kept his distance while dancing and wasn’t trying to sneak in a feel, even when Sue grinds on him he would move away from her.We had a fun night that night, Steve danced with a few other girls and got a couple of numbers which seemed to make Sue jealous since she wouldn’t stop staring at him when he was dancing or talking to another girl which I found funny!During the cab ride home, I asked Steve about those girls he was talking toMe: so Steve, it looked like a couple of those girls we’re really interested! Why didn’t u take one of them home?Steve: I thought about it, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable bringing random people to your house!Me: no it’s fine with us have fun!Sue: well those girls looked trashy anyway!I was shocked Sue said that since it made it too obvious to Steve that she was jealous!Once we got home Steve excused himself and went to bed so we went to our room and started changing.Me: what’s up with that comment in the cab? He’s ur ex, it’s normal to feel jealous but don’t make it too obvious or u will make him feel uncomfortable!Sue: I’m not jealous! They were trashy!Me: come on I saw u starting at him all night whenever he talked to a girl!Sue: What if I was jealous? So what? Does that make you feel jealous?She walked over to me and slid her hands in my pants and started stroking my dick as I got harder!Me: no I’m not jealous I just didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable!Sue: no? Ur not uncomfortable that I was feeling jealous about my ex talking to other girls? Me: no it’s fine!Sue: what if I fucked him? Would u feel jealous then?Me: do you want to fuck him?Sue: I do! And I think it’s hotter if u watch! This isn’t a bursa escort random stranger or one of ur friends! I want my boyfriend to watch me with my ex boyfriend!I was hard at this point, Sue got down on her knees and started sucking my dick while telling all the dirty things she wants to do with him! I was so close to cumming when she suddenly stopped, got up, and went to bed! It was such a tease so I jacked off to the thought of him fucking her while wrestling with my feelings regarding the fact that this is a different case! This guy is her ex not one of my friends or a guy that we’re not going to see again! But the thought got even hotter as I imagined the humiliation of watching her fuck her! I came and went to bed.The next morning I woke up and walked out, Sue was cooking breakfast and Steve was out by the pool.Sue: so did you think about it last night?Me: I did. Were you serious?Sue: I wasMe: part of me is liking the idea and part of me feels like it might be crossing the line!Sue: well when we started this lifestyle you said I can and I want him now! If you don’t want to watch I’ll understand! Or are you changing the rules about who I can sleep with?Me: no I’m not changing the rules! Sue: I’ll tell you what! I’ll act like I’m cheating and u hide and watch… If u feel weird about it just stop watching!Me: Sounds fair!Sue: ok good! Anyway I thought we should make today a pool day! Are you in the mood to grill for lunch? Me: sure!We had breakfast then I went to the grocery store to pick up food for the BBQ.When I got back Sue was outside in her bikini sunbathing while Steve was in the pool. I unpacked and started getting things ready by the grill outside.Sue came over and got on one of the barstools, she was on her knees over the barstool leaning on the counter watching me get everything ready. I caught Steve trying to sneak peaks at Sues ass since she was bent over he had a pretty good view!Me: he keeps looking at your ass!Sue: then call him out on it!Me: hey Steve! Quit trying to sneak a peak of my girlfriends ass!Steve: I wasn’t looking her! I was just looking at u guys to see if you guys need help!Me: calm down I’m just joking!I started grilling and Sue went to the side of the pool, she bent down with her ass facing Steve and acted like she was adjusting her towel. I could trying to look without getting caught! Sue laid down and started bathing. When I was done we all sat down and had lunch then we just sat around the table by the pool chatting.Suddenly Sue winked at me then she pulled her bikini top down popping her breasts out!Sue: hey Steve look!He looked then quickly looked away.Sue: I thought you might want to see my boobs too since you were staring at my ass!Steve: I wasn’t staring!Sue: I’m just joking! It’s not like you didn’t see them before!By now I was starting to like the idea more and more! The fact that he was her ex was becoming the hottest part! I was getting hard just watching her flirt with him and tease him!I started cleaning up and Sue went back to sunbathing and Steve got back in the pool.After I was done in the kitchen cleaning all the plates I walked out and saw that Steve got out of the pool and was laying down on one of the pool chairs, when Sue saw me come out she got up, bent down in front of him, and slowly picked her towel up and started folding it. Steve outright stared this time rather than just taking a quick peak!Me: are you enjoying the view there Steve?Sue: ya are you enjoying the view?Steve: I’m sorry I didn’t mean to stare!Sue: Don’t worry! He’s just giving you a hard time!We enjoyed our day by the pool, Sue made sure she gave Steve a ton of chances to sneak peaks here and there and once Steve went to the bathroom.Sue: time to give us some alone time!Me: actually I think I’m comfortable enough with the idea now!Sue: really! But still I feel like he’s not going to play along while u’re here.Me: ok I’ll say I’m going for a nap but I’ll be in the living room try to get things started out here!When Steve came back, I excused myself and went inside while Steve and Sue sat outside. I left escort bursa the sliding door slightly open and hid behind the wall next to the opening to listen in on them. Sue got to the point almost immediately! I took a peak and Steve was sitting with his back to me so I kept watching.Sue: sorry if we made you feel uncomfortable by calling you out when you were looking!Steve: no it’s fine! I was looking but I felt weird when your boyfriend caught me.Sue: I thought so! Well he’s not here nowSue smiled and took her top off!Steve: what if he comes out?Sue: u just act uncomfortable and I’ll laugh! We’ll act like I’m still joking.Steve didn’t reply. Sue got up and sat next to him, she took his hand and placed it on her breast. Steve felt her breasts for a while then Sue slipped her hand in his shorts!Steve: are you sure you want to do this? Don’t you think we’re going too far?Sue: yes I’m sure! Now stop worrying!She stroked his cock for a while while he kept feeling her breasts. Sue got up and stood in front of him bringing her breasts to his mouth. Steve held both of them and sucked on her nipples then she started slowly going down till she was on her knees between his legs! She pulled down his shorts and I was shocked once I saw his dick!!! He was hard huge and thick! He reached to pull his pants up but once Sue had her lips wrapped around it he just gave in. It was so thick she can barely fit half of it in her mouth!I was rock hard and touching myself as I watched my girlfriend suck her ex boyfriends huge cock!I decided to go all in!I walked out and Steve looked back at me absolutely shocked! Sue was caught off guard too! She stopped sucking his dick and got up covering her breasts with her arm. It took Steve a second but he got up and pulled his shorts up.Steve: let me explain!Me: It doesn’t look like there’s anything to explain! I walked out to see you getting a blowjob from my girlfriend!He stood there quietly.I walked back into the living room and sat on the couch, I felt like I fucked it up since it looked like I was upset about catching them so I kept thinking of ways to fix things!Steve and Sue followed me into the living room, Steve sat on the couch in front of me.Steve: I swear I didn’t mean for this to happen but she made a move and I didn’t know what to do!Me: well don’t let me stop you guys! You didn’t seem like you were trying to stop her! Actually you were hard so it looked like you were enjoying it so don’t stop for me!Steve: don’t be like that!It was obvious Steve still felt like I was mad even though I was speaking in a very calm tone.I walked up to Sue, I pulled her hand away from her breasts then I pulled the string on her bikini bottom letting it fall to the floor… Now Sue was completely naked!I held Sues arm and guided her till she was standing between his legs. Sue got to her knees and pulled his shorts down again so I walked back to the other couch and sat down. I watched as Sue licked his cock up and down then she slowly took his cock back in her mouth and started sucking.I noticed that Steve was losing his erection even though Sue was sucking his cock so it was obvious that he still was uncomfortable!I kept thinking how to convince him that I’m fine with all of this to make him relax! I got up and sat next to him and looked down at Sue, I slid my hands in my pants and started touching myself “I thought if this isn’t enough to convince him then I’m not sure what else I’m going to do”I saw him looking at me out of the corner of my eye so I took my dick out to show him that I got hard watching and I started jacking off!Luckily he started getting comfortable and was hard in no time!Sue stopped sucking his cock and looked up at me with a smile while stroking his wet cock.Sue: My jaw hurts!Me: I bet! Look at him he’s fucking huge! I’m surprised u guys were dating, how could you have taken that thing inside you?Sue: I didn’t was still a virgin at the time so we never went all the way!Me: well it looks like you’re going to tonight!Steve looked at me in surprise once I said that, it seemed like Steve was only bursa escort bayan expecting a blowjob!Sue smiled and looked at Steve, she bit her lip got up and straddled Steve. She reached between her legs and held his massive cock against her pussy and started rubbing her pussy on the head of his cock.Sue: what do you think about that Steve? Do you want to finally go all the way? Do you remember how you used to beg me for this?Steve didn’t say anything so Sue leaned in and kissed him. With their lips locked, Sue slowly started lowering herself on his cock. She moaned as his thick cock stretched her pussy!Sue: oh Steve it’s hurts but I love it! Steve started to get into it and started reacting, he moved his hands up her thighs and grabbed her ass, he moved his hands higher to her waist then pushed her down slowly sliding more and more of his cock into her pussy. Sue closed her eyes and moaned loudly as he stretched her pussy!I came as soon as I saw him push his cock into my girlfriends ass!I got up and washed my cum, when I came back I wasn’t disappointed! Sue was moving up and down on his penis almost taking his whole cock in her! As she picked up speed she kept telling him how good it feels!Sue: oh my god I’ve never felt like this before! Oh my god Steve your cock feels so good! Fuck me Steve!Steve pushed her off and got up, Sue had her hand between her legs slowly rubbing her pussy.Sue: oh my god! I think I already came!Me: why don’t we go to the bedroom?Steve looked at me as I pulled Sue to the bedroom. I looked back and he was still standing there looking at us so I motioned to him to follow.We go in the room and I turned the lights on, Sue laid in bed with her legs spread and Steve stood at the door.Me: R u finished or something?Steve: no I wasn’t sure if you wanted us to stop or what?Me: Steve you just had ur dick inside my girlfriend! I think you should stop being shy by nowHe didn’t wait for a second invitation! I sat on a chair next to the bed, Steve got in the bed next to Sue and rolled her over, he grabbed her hips and lifted her ass… Sue got into doggy position and Steve guided his cock to her pussy.He slowly started to slide his cock deeper and deeper as Sue moaned “oh yesss!”He started to pick up the pace and started thrusting harder and harder making Sue moan louder and louder!Sue: fuck me Steve! Show my boyfriend how hard you can fuck me!Steve: are you enjoying watching your girlfriend get fucked by her ex?Me: I’m having the time of my life!Steve fucked her hard for a good 15 minutes before rolling her on her back and shoving his cock in her pussy coming down on her with his full weight hold her legs up in the air!Steve: I’m going to cum! Sue: cum inside! Cum deep inside me!Steve looked at me and saw I was jacking off again, so he pushed his cock as far as it would go and started to cum in her pussy!He got off her and laid next to her with his cock still hard covered in his and Sue’s cum.Sue got on her elbows and knees with her ass towards me and started licking the cum off Steve’s cock as it got softer. At first I admired how she worked hard on cleaning his cock then my attention shifted towards her pussy that was dripping cum on our bed… I came as soon as I saw his cum drip out!Steve got up and without a word walked out to the living room, picked up his short and went to bed.I cleaned myself up and got in bed next to Sue who was still in bed playing with her cumfilled pussy.Sue reached over and started stroking my dick while she played with her pussy, the image of her pussy dripping cum while she sucked Steve’s cock was still on my mind and I was hard in no time!She got on top of me and sat on my dick, it slid right into her stretched out pussy! I wasn’t sure which was the lube? Her fluids or Steve’s cum but there was definitely a lot of cum in there!Sue: So did you regret watching me with my ex boyfriend?Me: absolutely not! It was way hotter than I expected!Sue: ya? Do you like the idea that you’re fucking me with his cum in my pussy? U know I can barely feel ur dick right now!I came in less than 2 minutes! Just the feeling of his warm cum in her pussy, the memory of him on top of her thrusting his huge hard dick was too hot for me!Steve stayed with us for another two weeks! We fucked almost daily but those stories would have to wait for later 😉

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