My neighbour and her daughter (5)

My neighbour and her daughter (5)17A week had passed since Tony’s special night with Shannon and the change had been remarkable. She had a real spring to her step, her face was constantly lit with a smile, and her whole attitude to life appeared to have undergone a significant and positive transition. Shannon had told Cyn and her sisters about their night, though he wasn’t sure how much detail she had provided. They had laughingly expressed their jealousy when they heard what Karl and Tony had arranged to ensure it was a night she would never forget, and he was thankful they weren’t serious as it would have been a challenge to top that effort. Tiff had been happy Shannon had enjoyed a wonderful evening, but didn’t display quite the same level of enthusiasm as her mother and older sibling, which was perhaps understandable seeing she was the only one he hadn’t slept with!It was late the following Saturday morning and Tony was sitting in the study doing some discreet planning for Cyn’s birthday when Shannon came in. “Hey Tony.” She greeted him happily. “Ummm….can I talk to you or are you busy? I could come back later if you’re in the middle of something.”He slid the chair back from the desk and enjoyed a long stretch, rolling his shoulders to sooth muscles that had spent a little too long hunched over a keyboard, and smiled as she waited in the doorway. “I always have time for you princess, come on in.” She came in and sat down. “So what would you like to talk about?” “I wanted to talk about last weekend, and…where things go from there?” Tony had wondered if this would come up and Cyn had also asked how he would handle it, which was easy to answer as he had no idea. “I really, really want to thank you because that was the most amazing night of my life. But…. I’m not sure….if I want to….be with you….like that again?”She was looking at him nervously, as though trying to gauge his reaction from his facial expression. “If you’re worried that I’ll be upset, then please don’t be.” He assured her. “In fact, I’m honestly relieved to hear you say that.”That brought a quizzical gaze and then a less-nervous smile to her pretty face. “Really?” She asked. “That’s not the reaction I expected, so can I ask why you feel that way?”“How about you tell me how you reached your decision first, and then I’ll tell you why I’m relieved.”“Ok.” She responded. “I honestly don’t want you to think that I didn’t enjoy myself, because I really, REALLY did! It was such a perfect night, and the way you made love to me was……well, I don’t think I can describe it. I know you did it because you and Mom were worried about me, and I was worried too. After what happened with Dad I was convinced I couldn’t feel like that, but everything you said was true and I just needed to be with the right person. But, now that I’m feeling ok, I think I’d like to wait until I meet someone, because now I know I can enjoy making love with them.”Tony was smiling broadly, and could see this was a long way from the reaction she expected. “That’s great Shannon, really great!” He replied with genuine enthusiasm. “The reason I’m relieved is that I was worried about whether you would want to be with me with again, so I guess you’d like to know why?” His question elicited an emphatic nod. “I think you know I genuinely care for you, but my relationship with you and Tiff is different from my relationship with Cyn and Kat.” Another nod. “The night we had was simply fantastic and I’ll never forget it either, but to be honest there are times when I have my hands full with your Mom and your sister. I was worried that if you wanted to be with me again, it could be difficult to care for you and love you the way I’d like to if that makes sense. I’m ecstatic that you feel better about yourself and I think your decision is the right one for you. Just remember that I’m probably going to be a little protective of my princess when she brings a boy home.”She laughed at his expression of fatherly concern. “I hope you won’t be too protective, remember I have seen you in action. Seriously though, I can’t thank you enough, you told me I was ok but I still had my doubts until you showed me. I understand now that I can say yes, or no, and if my decision isn’t respected I’ll kick him in the balls!”They both laughed heartily, remembering his poor sense of timing when he last spoke those words just as Chloe arrived with dinner. “I’m never going to live that down am I?”She smiled. “Probably not, but I still think Chloe has a thing for you.”“Haven’t I just finished telling you I’ve got my hands full?” He chuckled in reply.“Yeah, I get that. Can I ask what you’re working on?” She enquired.“I’m planning something special for Cyn’s birthday, something that I hope all of us will really enjoy.” He replied.“That’s going to have to be something incredible Tony.” She replied. “After our birthday party and Kat’s pendant you’re making things pretty tough for yourself. And then there was last weekend as well!”“That’s true.” He agreed. “But it’s also half the fun. I like the challenge of trying to come up with something different. At least I do when it works.” He laughed, thinking about the pressure he had placed himself under at times. “I tell you what. There are a couple of things we need to do now if my plan is going to work, so would you mind finding Cyn and your sisters, and I’ll meet you in the den in a couple of minutes?”“Sure thing….Dad!” She said with a cheeky grin, and headed out the door.While Shannon was getting everyone together Tony printed off some documents, then picked up his laptop and headed for the den. The girls were waiting expectantly when he walked in so he sat down and started outlining his plans. “We all know its Cyn’s birthday in a couple of months, and after recent birthdays and my special night with Shannon I have been under intense pressure from a certain person to come up with a birthday surprise that tops my efforts so far.” He smiled at Cyn, who grinned happily back. “After some solid research I think I may have a solution, and while I would have liked this to be a secret that’s not really possible. So, if this is going to succeed we all have some homework to do.”Curious looks were exchanged, the majority aimed at Tony, so he handed out the forms he had just printed and they studied them closely. It was Tiff who made the connection first, but only just. “These are passport applications. Oh my God, we’re going overseas! Where are we going Tony?”He smiled as excitement rippled through the room, and opened the laptop and spun it around to show a picture of a pristine beach with palm trees and sparking blue water that was so clear you could see the sandy bottom. “We are going to…AUSTRALIA!” He announced. Well, you’d think he’d just produced the winning lottery ticket as squeals of excitement filled the room and questions were fired faster than he could answer them. In the finish he held up his hand in an attempt to quiet things down. “One at a time ladies please! I think the birthday girl should go first.”Cyn was smiling widely. “This looks fabulous Tony, but why did you pick Australia?”“Lots of reasons honey.” Tony replied, and started ticking them off on his fingers. “It’s one of the few places Julie and I didn’t get to and I’ve always wanted to go. The people have a reputation for being really friendly and laid-back, plus they speak English so communication is easy. It’s a safe place to go when some countries are a little risky these days, and they have so many amazing places to visit and things to see. This picture is where we’ll actually stay, and it’s a very private resort called Bedarra Island. It’s on the Great Barrier Reef which is the largest coral reef in the world, and there are only sixteen villas on the island. You can snorkel over the reef and see the coral and the fish, and I’ve heard it’s an experience you’ll never forget.”Kat had taken control of the computer and was clicking through the resort website with Shannon and Tiff looking over her shoulder. “Look at the scenery, and the rooms, talk about luxurious! But…this may be a problem… says the resort doesn’t cater for c***dren, and the three of us aren’t eighteen yet.”Tony smiled; impressed that she’d already picked up that detail. “I’ve spoken to the manager and assured him my step-daughters are very mature. He still wasn’t sure, so I offered to put a substantial security deposit in their account and if anyone misbehaves they get to keep it, so you’d better behave or your allowance will be so far in the red it’ll take years to pay it back.” He laughed at their bemused expressions, knowing they wouldn’t have a problem.Shannon joined in. “You mentioned other places to see Tony. Do you have anything else in mind while we’re there?”“You bet!” He assured her. “We fly into Brisbane which is the capital city of Queensland. From there we go to Surfers Paradise, and you can guess how good the beaches are with a name like that. There are four theme parks close by; Sea World where they have rides and dolphin shows, Wet and Wild where they have all kinds of water slides, Movie World which is like Universal Studios in LA, and Dreamworld, which seems to have a bit of everything. I thought if you all want to we could spend a week in Surfers Paradise, and maybe go to two or three of the theme parks. Say one day at a park and then have a free day, then another park and the next day off, that kind of schedule so we’re not rushing around like crazy. After that we fly to the reef and spend the second week at the resort just chilling out, snorkeling, and getting fat on seafood. How does that sound?”Everyone was smiling and Tiff looked at him with sparking eyes. “That sounds so cool, Tony. We’ve never been overseas before!”“I know Tiff. Which is why I had to let the cat out of the bag because it will take a while to get passports and visas organized, and you’ll all need current photos for your passports so I’m sorry Cyn, I couldn’t really keep this a secret.”She came over and hugged him so hard it felt as though she was crushing him. “I think I can forgive you for that. This is going to be so great for all us; it’s been so long since we’ve had a decent vacation anywhere!”“I guessed that would be the case.” He replied. “And I haven’t been on holiday for over two years so I’m looking forward to this as much as you are.”It was great to see Cyn and her girls so excited, and the twins had grabbed their laptops and all three were Googling Surfers Paradise and The Great Barrier Reef, checking out the different tourist attractions. He was sure his plan of alternating day-trips and rest would come under some serious pressure. Cyn and Tony left them to it and headed for the kitchen, and she reminded the twins they had another sleep-over party that night so they needed to keep an eye on the time. She brewed a fresh pot of coffee and smiled at him across the table. “You must have a bottomless bag of surprises which is one the things I love about you. How do you manage to keep doing things like this?”“I can’t take the credit for that, it was Julie who taught me.” She raised a questioning eyebrow, so he explained. “She was such a free-spirit and always came up with ways to surprise me. Sometimes I’d get home Friday night after a tough week, and she’d give me an hour to shower and pack a bag and we’d drive off somewhere and have a weekend away. Other times she’d ring and tell me she had to work late, and I’d get to home to find she’d actually left early and cooked me a special dinner. I never knew what was coming, but when I realized how much I enjoyed her surprises I started doing the same things for her. I guess that’s why they’re such special memories because they were completely unexpected, but it was her influence that took me there. I think sometimes we lose sight of the simple pleasures. The look on Shannon’s face when she got out of the limo and saw what Karl had done for her special dinner; that’s a priceless memory that I’ll have forever. And I think you’ll collect one or two of those while we’re on holiday, at least I hope you will.” She placed her hand over his. “I’m sure I will. You still miss her don’t you?”He looked into her eyes. “There will always be a part of me that misses her and I’ll never stop loving her, and that’s the simple truth. She was my first true love, and the only woman I’d made love to before you and Kat came into my life. But I know the way I was living would have broken her heart and it was the last thing she would have wanted, but I didn’t realize that until I fell in love with you two. I’m not a religious person, but if there is an afterlife I think she’s watching over me and she’d be happy to see that I was finally getting on with my life, though I’m not sure what she’d make of our unconventional relationship.”She gazed into his eyes. “I didn’t really know Julie all that well, but I’m sure she would see how happy you are and I think she’d be fine with it.”Tony figured she was right but they were interrupted when the girls came in, excitedly talking over each other as they attempted to take charge of the discussion. Each had their own ideas about the holiday, and the volume was increasing until he held up my hand and whistled loudly for silence. When things were quieter he smiled at their expectant faces. “We’re going around in circles here ladies. I understand you’re excited and there are plenty of things you probably want to do, but let’s just remember this is a family holiday, and there’s plenty of time to research what we’d all like to do. Rather than try to lock this down today I suggest we take our time and make sure we look at all the options, and perhaps the fairest way is for each of us to pick one activity on the mainland, and another when we’re staying on the island. That way everyone gets a choice, and we’re not rushing around to the point that we need another holiday to recover from this one. We can always go back again later if we don’t get to do everything we want on this trip, ok?”That seemed to have the desired outcome and the girls happily headed away until Cyn reminded Tiff and Shannon they should be getting ready to go. With a little reluctance they headed off to pack a few things for their sleepover, and when Cyn bundled them into the car a sense of calm was finally restored. Tony figured he had half an hour or so before she returned and headed to the garage for a work out. He went through a series of stretches before working on the punching bag, gradually increasing the speed and force of his blows.He sensed movement and saw Kat standing in the doorway, a glass of soda in her hand as she watched. “Mind if I watch?” She asked. He smiled and nodded so she came in and sat on the workbench as he resumed his workout. She watched for a few minutes before giving him one of her sexiest smiles. “You’re working up a sweat Tony. Wouldn’t you be more comfortable if you took your shirt off?” She said sweetly.Tony was starting to wonder how much time he’d have before other distractions occupied him, indulging her by sliding his shirt over his head before he got back to it. She watched his movements and there was little doubt lustful thoughts were occupying her imagination as she sipped her drink. A part of his mind marveled at what a sexual creature she had become and how lucky he was to have her in his life. He could feel his cock growing slowly, the first bead of pre cum allowing the head to slide up his body under his shorts. His interest in exercise waned and he walked over to the bench and took her smiling face in his hands. Their lips met and parted, tongues touching in a moist embrace as their passion slowly grew. Without opening her eyes she placed her glass on the bench and looped her arms around his neck as her legs opened, drawing him closer. When they paused for breath she gently pushed him back, standing as she slid her sun dress up and over her head. She was naked in seconds, thankfully having neglected to wear panties or a bra, and knelt before him as she eased his shorts down until he could step free. A slender hand wrapped around his shaft, sliding up his shaft and squeezing a large drop of pre cum from his slit before her lips wrapped around his cock. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of her tongue moving around his glans, bathing him with saliva before she slid slowly forward, taking more of him into her warm mouth. Her other hand found his heavy balls, massaging them slowly as her mouth slid further down his length. He couldn’t count the number of times she had made sweet love to him with her mouth, but every time his cock slid into her throat the exquisite feeling made it seem like the first. She took him deeply, allowing her throat to stretch for a few seconds before she tried to swallow his shaft which only enhanced the erotic sensations he was already experiencing. She moved slowly but purposefully, as through savoring every moment as she controlled his increasing excitement. Finally she slid free, standing before him as she took his hand and led him over to the car. She bent forward over the hood and spread her legs wide apart, her pussy glistening with her slowly flowing juices. She looked back over her shoulder and gave him a lascivious smile. “Why don’t you stop wasting time and slip that angry cock into my pussy, and while you’re fucking me you can get my ass nice and wet.”Tony returned her wanton smile. “So babe, you want my big hard cock deep in your ass, do you?”“Yes.” She hissed. “Yes…PLEASE!”He slid his cock easily into her steaming pussy, feeling the warmth of her loving body wrapping around his flesh as his heavy balls flattened her slick labia. Thrusting slowly he slid a finger into his mouth before working it easily past her clenching sphincter. “Are you sure you want my cock in here? It feels really tight!” He teased.She groaned. “Oh Yes, I want it so bad. I need to feel your cock deep inside my ass, pumping me full of hot cum.”“You’re not worried I’m going to stretch your tight little ass too far?” He teased again. “Jesus, you can be a bastard sometimes! You fucking know I want you to stretch it. Stop teasing me and fuck my hot little ass…PLEASE!!!”It was impossible to deny a lady in need, so he slowly slid his cock free and lined up the head with her glistening rosebud. He pushed in firmly and slipped passed her gripping muscle, feeling a hand on his shoulder and the breath from a pair of lips against his ear.“Why is it every time I go out I come back and find you fucking my daughter?” Cyn whispered.Tony laughed in surprise as they hadn’t heard her sneak in. “That’s probably because I find both of you totally irresistible. And she was here….and you weren’t.”“I’ll have to teach Tiff and Shannon to drive.” She laughed. “I’m getting tired of missing out.”Cyn’s hand moved away and she stood in front of him, smiling as she slowly stripped off and dropped each article of clothing on floor in a totally carefree manner. In the meantime his cock was sliding deeper, both watching Kat as she lay across the car with her eyes closed and a dreamy smile on her face. “Oh fuck.” She groaned. “I need this so bad. My ass feels like it’s on fire!” Cyn softly stroked her pussy as she watched Tony take her daughter. “I love watching you two fuck.” She hissed. “The only thing I like more is being fucked myself. I hope you’ve got plenty of cum in those tight balls Tony. When you’ve finished pumping a load into Kat’s hot ass, I’d love you to fuck mine!”Tony smiled as he thrust faster. “Provided you give me a little time to recover I think I can take care of you honey.” He assured her, just as Kat squealed loudly and pumped a strong stream of sweet cream over his balls and down his thighs. “Oh YES.” Kat breathed heavily as she came again. “That’s it, that’s what I need. Fuck me Tony, fuck my hot ass! I want to feel your cum oozing out of me all day!” Her juices tricked down his legs and he inhaled deeply, savoring the intoxicating smell of blissful sex as it wafted through the garage.His balls were tightening and he knew he was getting close, feeling that once he started cumming he’d never stop. “You’re…about…to get…your wish…Kat!” Tony groaned, and thrust in firmly as the first rope of cum fired through his shaft in satisfying release. She came with him, spraying her juices as his filled her, his balls pumping burst after burst deep inside her clenching ass. “Fuck..fuck…FUCK!” She screamed in delight. “Yes…that’s it…fill my ass with cum! I can feel it…I love it…pump me hard Tony!!”He finally collapsed down on her back, both breathing deeply as they struggled to regain control. In the meantime Cyn was leaning back against the wall, squealing and whimpering as her fingers thrust firmly into her glistening pussy. “Oh fuck…Oh shit…I’m going to need some cock soon!!!” She groaned as she bathed her hand and thighs with juice, her body shaking as she came. Tony’s cock slowly softened until it finally slid free, its exit aided by the amount of slippery cum he’d deposited into his lover’s tight passage. He sat back on the bare floor, a little unsure if his legs would support him as his pounding heart rate gradually slowed. Cyn was slumped against the wall, eyes closed as her fingers lazily slowly stroked her creamy, cum-coated pussy. Kat hadn’t moved and was still spread across the hood of the car, her sphincter still gaping as a trail of viscous cum oozed down her crack toward her slick pussy. The raw smell of sex, mixed with sweet tang of multiple orgasms hung heavily in the air. When Tony was sure he could stand he moved over to Kat and kissed her softly on the cheek. “Thank you.” He whispered softly. “You are the most amazing lover a man could ask for.”Her eyes blinked open and she gave him a dreamy smile. “I think I should be thanking you. You did all the work.”He smiled and walked unsteadily over to Cyn, taking hold of her wrist before bringing her slick fingers to his mouth. He licked and kissed her still-warm juices and she smiled in appreciation before wrapping her other hand around his cum-covered shaft. “Don’t make me wait too long Tony.” She smiled. “You know where I want this as soon as you’re ready.”“How about a swim and something to drink while I….recharge the batteries?” Tony suggested hopefully, knowing he needed a little time before he could attempt another blissful fuck. When they went outside Tony dove in first, feeling instantly refreshed as the cool water flowed over his body. Kat was close behind, swimming slowly over before her arms and legs wrapped around him. She kissed him slowly and tenderly, before leaning back with her arms around his neck. “I still smile when I think of how you were worried that I would want to be with someone my age.” He smiled as he remembered that moment of concern. “Well, I am old enough to be your father!” He chuckled.She laughed back. “That depends on how you look at it. I think you’re just old enough to know exactly how to make me happy.”He kissed her again. “I’m glad you feel that way, because being with you always brings a smile to my face.”Always the considerate mother, Cyn arrived with a tray of drinks and snacks which she placed beside the pool before diving into the cool water and swimming over. “Are you two plotting again?” She smiled.“Not at all Mom.” Kat replied. “I was just asking Tony whose pussy tastes the sweetest, yours…or mine.” She laughed.Cyn raised an eyebrow at Tony as she smiled at her daughter’s leading question. “So, whose does taste sweetest Tony?”He smelled a setup and decided to play along, rubbing his chin and trying to appear thoughtful. “It’s hard to say babe. I mean…they’re definitely both very sweet, but I think I’d have to conduct a taste test before I could answer that one.”Cyn swam over and sat on the edge of the pool, her spread legs hanging over the side and into the water. She smiled sexily and stroked her exposed slit slowly. “Come on then, if you want to taste the best pussy in town you’d better get started.” Tony grinned as he swam over, easing between her long, slender legs. He buried his face in her fresh pussy, exploring her with his tongue as he tasted the beginnings of her gentle flow. She purred like a kitten as she savored his skilful attention, gently resting her hands on his head as she spread even wider for him. Her flow increased until her juices were smeared across his face so he probed deeper, feeling her heat increase as he gently brought her closer to climax. Suddenly she went rigid and pulled his head firmly against her, his cheeks flattening her puffy labia as she came. Her juices pumped firmly and he tried to scoop every drop of her sweet nectar into his mouth. “Oh God.” She groaned softly. “I just love the way you eat my cunt! How did that taste babe?”He smiled up at her. “As sweet as honey, honey!” In the meantime Tony had lost sight of Kat, but suddenly she was sitting beside Cyn on the capping with a tantalizing smile on her face. He moved back from Cyn and over to Kat, who was waiting with her legs spread for him. Just as he was about to start the second comparison she told him to wait a second, reached behind and produced a can of whipped cream! She gave the can a few quick shakes and aimed then nozzle directly at her pussy, spraying a liberal coating over her glistening labia. “No fair.” Cyn protested loudly, trying to conceal her amusement. “No fucking fair! That’s cheating and you should be disqualified!” She laughed loudly.Kat gave Cyn a broad smile. “I think we should leave that decision to the judge Mom.” She laughed.Tony’s cock was stiffening despite the cool water. “I’ll reserve my decision until after I’ve completed the taste test!” He replied, which earned him a none-too-serious glare from Cyn.The heat radiating from the sun was already melting the cream, and his pointed tongue tasted the delights of his teenage lover. She certainly tasted sweet, her juices just mingling with the dripping cream as his tongue slid deep inside her moist pussy. His cock was now completely hard, his mind loving every second of the erotic stimulation as he savored her unusual taste. He devoured her sweet juices with enthusiasm, sliding his pointed tongue as deep as it would go and smearing the melting cream over his face as he tongue-fucked her tender cunt. She shuddered as her cum sprayed freely, giving him yet another taste to savor, and he took her through several trembling orgasms until there was no choice but to declare Kat as the winner.Cyn protested though not too seriously, shaking her head at her daughter’s unexpected tactic. Tony dipped his face in the cool water to rinse away the cream and pussy juice before stepping from the pool. He went over to Cyn and kissed her lips softly, before whispering that he wanted her on her hands and knees so that he could give her the runner-up prize. She smiled as she assumed the position and he knelt behind her, sliding his hard cock easily into her moist pussy. “Oh fuck yes.” She hissed. “God, I love feeling your thick cock sliding into my cunt!”She was hot, wet and ready and he fucked her slowly with deep strokes, feeling her juices bathing him and easing his path as her perfect pussy stretched. As he had with Kat earlier, he sucked a finger deep in his mouth before sliding it around her tight rosebud and then slipping it past her clenching ring of muscle. She threw her head back as she felt his finger probe her tight, puckered ass. “Get me wet Tony. Get me wet and then slide your cock in there!”“You girls are insatiable.” I laughed. “It must be anal sex day today.”Kat came over and knelt before Cyn, lifting her head before engaging her in a long, passionate kiss. Tony’s cock twitched as he watched their erotic embrace, sliding back from her slick pussy before nudging his thick glans against her glistening sphincter. He pushed forward, easing the head past her tight muscle until he was safely inside her surprisingly moist ass. She groaned into Kat’s mouth, the sound seeming to echo between them as Kat reached down and started squeezing and twisting Cyn’s firm extended nipples. Her hips thrust upward forcing his cock deeper into her hot, tight hole and he thrust with her, pushing further until his balls finally nudged against her slippery labia. Kat broke their kiss and smiled at him. “Give it to her Tony.” She encouraged me. “Fuck her hard and fill her dirty little ass with cum!”He hardly needed additional motivation and increased his thrusting as Cyn timed her movements with his, making sure every thrust took him as deep as possible. They were sweating freely in the warm sunlight, a slapping sound filling the air every time she took his full length. “Oh yes….FUCK YES!” She shouted as an orgasm rippled through her slim body, and she shook beneath him as her juices sprayed from her pussy. “Fuck my cock-sucking ass Tony! Fuck me hard!”Tony was moving as fast as his position allowed, feeling the tension building in his balls and spreading through his body as his climax approached. She came again, bathing his balls and thighs with her fragrant juices as her heat increased. “So tight!” He groaned. “So….FUCKING….TIGHT!!! Here it comes babe!!!” He shouted, as his cum flew and saturated her clenching passage. Every fiber of his being felt his primal release, still rocking slowly as his cock twitched and pulsed with every stream of thick jizz surrounding his shaft in a soothing balm of cum as he filled her to capacity. She squealed, a long shriek that continued until she sobbed for breath. “Fuck it. Fuck my hot ass and give me all of it! I want every last drop!!!” She pleaded and Tony did his best to comply, pumping cum until he had no more to give her.He finally had to stop, beads of perspiration running from his forehead and dripping down onto her butt cheeks. He could still feel her clenching and releasing around his now thoroughly spent shaft as though she were trying to milk the final drops before his softening cock slid free. He sat back on the capping, mesmerized by the sight of Cyn still on her hands and knees, her sphincter gaping open as his oozing cum slowly dribbled from her freshly fucked ass. She was a picture of pure, hedonistic indulgence, and once again he was thankful she and Kat were such intrinsic parts of his life. He simply couldn’t imagine not being with them for a day, especially when they were prepared to give themselves so freely. At that moment Tony felt he was the luckiest man on the planet.He moved over to her and managed to pick her up in his arms, carrying her down the steps into the pool and immersing them both in the cool water. She slid her arms around his neck and kissed him, managing a smile as her eyes blinked open. “Did I hear the water sizzle when it touched my skin? My God, I feel like I’m on fire.” She whispered. “I love the way you fuck me, as somehow you always know when I want it slow and gentle, or hard and fast, it’s just…magical!” “The feeling is mutual babe.” Tony assured her. “Every time is fantastic. Every…single…time! I can’t get over how good it feels making love to you.”Kat dove in and joined them, the three of them enjoying a group hug and kisses as they rinsed clean before climbing out and allowing the sun’s rays to slowly dry their ski18The weeks flew by and before they knew it their departure date arrived, everyone excitedly loading their bags in the taxi before they headed for the regional airport. A commuter flight took them to LAX and Cyn and the girls were amazed when they saw the size of the terminal for the first time, and the thousands of people moving to catch their flights, saying goodbyes to loved ones or waiting expectantly for friends and relatives to arrive. They checked their bags and took their boarding passes, joining the queues moving steadily through the security checks before boarding the flight. As it was a fifteen hour flight Tony had suggested they dress in comfortable clothes and make sure they had their iPods and a book to pass the time. He had booked Business Class tickets despite the significant extra expense, knowing a long flight in economy was not going to get their vacation off to the desired start. Cyn, Kat and Tony were seated together in the centre section with Tiff bursa escort and Shannon across the aisle beside a window. The airplane appeared relatively new with video screens in the headrests which allowed passengers to select in-flight movies or popular TV shows. Once the girls saw these they all accepted the headphones from the stewardess and plugged in for some entertainment to pass the time.Tony had never enjoyed long-haul flights but thankfully this one was smooth, and the seats were quite comfortable and the cabin service first class. They all managed to sleep for a while, but were starting to get restless when the captain finally announced they were commencing the descent into Brisbane Airport, and the weather was clear and the day was warm and mild. He had booked a limo to take them to the hotel, and they collected their bags from the luggage carousel and joined the queue to move through Customs, before finding a uniformed driver holding a card with Tony’s name in bold print.The driver welcomed them warmly before loading the luggage onto a trolley and took them through the doors to the waiting car, and soon they pulled up at a high-rise hotel right on the beach in Surfers Paradise. They checked in and a uniformed young lady took them to the penthouse Tony had booked, unlocking the door and showing them inside. To say the apartment was luxurious was a serious understatement as there were two large living areas, two separate bedrooms each with their own spacious bathroom, and a kitchen/dining area. She opened the sliding doors which led to the roof-top outdoor area which had a private swimming pool, another bathroom, and large tiled area that looked out over the beach and along the coastline as far as the eye could see. Cyn smiled up at him and squeezed his arm. “You really know how to show a girl a good time Tony. This apartment is fantastic; I could live here quite happily.”“It’s been a long time since any of us have had a holiday.” He smiled at her. “And my special girls deserve nothing less than five-star service all the way.”The girl gratefully accepted his tip as she handed over the electronic room keys, and wished them a pleasant stay before assuring they could call for anything they needed. It was getting late in the day but Kat and the twins were keen to get down to the beach, so Tony insisted on pointing out the designated swimming area marked with flags by the lifeguards and made them promise they would only swim in the patrolled area. Shannon cheekily told him the muscular young lifeguards looked pretty hot so they’d definitely hang around there. He shook his head as they went inside to change into their bikinis while he went in search of some refreshments. He was back with a bottle of wine and two glasses, toasting Cyn as they leaned against the railing and looked out at the million dollar view. “Bill and I took the k**s to Huntingdon Beach once.” Cyn related. “I thought that was really beautiful, but this….is so much better.”“I was thinking almost the same thing. The sand here is so white the glare almost hurts your eyes without sunglasses, and the water looks so clean it’s hard to believe. I mean look out there, in between the waves you can see the bottom so clearly, and there’s no oil rigs like there are off many of the California beaches.”He stood behind her, his glass in one hand and the other around her waist as she leant back against him, tilting her head for a leisurely kiss. “Thank you for this.” She said simply. “This is going to be such a great vacation for all of us.”“I hope so.” Tony smiled. “But just wait till you see the resort at Bedarra Island. If its half as good as the reviews I think that will be bucket list experience.”She laughed as she looked back out at the beach that went on for miles. “Well this isn’t a bad start.”They heard a whistle waft up on the gentle breeze and peered down to see Kat, Tiff and Shannon waving up from the beach, waiting for them to wave back before they ran along the sand. They watched the girls reach the patrolled area before towels were dropped and they sprinted into the water, splashing around and trying to surf the small waves back to the shore. As Tony and Cyn sipped their wine they saw two of the young lifeguards pointing at girls and laughing, before they jogged down to join them. Before long the lifeguards were giving them body-surfing lessons and it looked as though they were having a great time. “Will you look at that.” Cyn laughed. “We’ve been here five minutes and they’ve already got the local boys interested.”“That’s probably because they are stunningly beautiful like their mother.” He complimented.“You’re such a smooth talker Tony, but I could listen to comments like that all day.” She said with a satisfied smile. “Are you sure you don’t want to add two more gorgeous girls to your harem? It would solve so many problems.”Tony laughed out loud at her suggestion. “It may solve some problems for you babe, but I’m sure it’d give me a few new ones.”She nuzzled back against him, grinding her tight butt against his cock. She bent down to place her glass on a convenient table before sliding her hand back around his neck, drawing him closer. “Speaking of problems, I have a persistent itch that needs a good scratching. Any chance you could help me with that?”“What kind of itch would my lady like some help with?” He enquired knowingly, leaning forward to place his glass safely beside hers before sliding a wandering hand up her thighs and under her dress to cup her pussy through her filmy panties.“That’s getting close Tony.” She whispered. “Very, very close.”He glanced around, noting that each end of the balcony had a privacy screen that prevented people in the adjoining high-rises seeing them. The screens across the front were made of frosted glass, so nobody on the beach could make out what was happening either. He knelt down and lifted the hem of her dress, slipping her panties down and helping her step free as she remained still, gazing out at the view with a faraway look in her eyes. He unzipped his jeans and slid them down with his shorts before standing behind her again, his hands wrapping around her and returning to her moist pussy. Her legs slid apart to provide more room for his probing fingers, and she hissed softly as he stroked her increasingly wet slit. “I think…you’re almost…there.” She whispered, so he slid one and then two fingers past her puffy labia and into her dripping pussy.“You’re so wet babe.” He whispered in her ear.“I’m so ready.” She hissed back. “Feed me your cock honey. Please!”Tony took a step back and used his grip to take her with him until she was bending forward at the waist and holding the railing for support. He moved forward, his rigid cock nudging her butt cheek before taking aim at her glistening slit and easing steadily inside, hearing her exhale slowly as she felt him stretch her soft tissue. “Take me please Tony. Fuck my dripping cunt!” She pleaded.He thrust in firmly, actually lifting her feet off the tiles for a second as he leant forward. “Are you that hot to fuck Cyn?” He whispered in her ear. “I thought you’d like some long, slow lovemaking for our first night in Australia.” “We can do that later Tony.” She whispered. “Right now I just need a good, hard fucking!”With that settled he started thrusting harder, gripping and squeezing her firm nipples through the thin fabric of her summer top as his cock slid easily into her. He was just thinking how erotic it was to be standing in the open as he fucked his stunning companion when she leaned her head back. “Oh God, I love being fucked like this. It feels so hot and wanton, standing here while you fuck my cunt. Will you fuck me outdoors when we get to island?”“Every chance we get babe.” He assured her. “Every single chance!”That was all it took to bring her first orgasm bubbling to the surface, and she clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle a scream as she bathed his cock with cum. He kept thrusting, tugging harder on her rigid nipples as her slippery pussy sucked him deep inside. She groaned and came again before she managed to speak. “Don’t….cum….inside me.” She gasped. “I want you…to jack your cock….and spray your cum….all over my face.”Tony was getting very close to his own release when she spoke; talk about just in time! He grunted and pulled back, and in a flash she spun around and squatted down, leaning back against the glass panels for support. He jacked his slippery shaft as hard and fast, looking down at his lustful companion as she watched him masturbate with lustful fire blazing in her eyes. “Ohhhhh…… YYEEEEESSSSS!!” He groaned as his balls tightened and fired a burst of thick cream up his shaft. He was aiming for her willing, open mouth but was a little off target, the first jet splattering across her nose and cheek. Shifting direction he succeeded in sending his second and third bursts straight past her cherry-red lips and into her mouth, painting her extended tongue pearl-white. He was still pumping, and moved his aim across her face until she was covered with cum like a porno movie starlet.She smiled in satisfaction; a picture of pure lustful indulgence as his cum ran slowly down her face. She slid her tongue past her lips and scooped the thick cream into her mouth, proudly displaying her mouthful before she swallowed. “Oh God, I needed that.” She hissed, before using her fingers to clean the strands of juice that she couldn’t reach with her tongue. “You taste so good Tony.”He helped her to her feet and kissed her lips, tasting a trace of his own residual jizz. “That was so hot Cyn. You are the original MILF!”She laughed at his unusual compliment and hugged him. “Can I use the same term, but change it to Man I Love to Fuck?”He laughed loudly. “I guess that works for me.” She walked inside to clean up before the girls came back, and they sat on the outdoor lounges to enjoy the last rays of sunshine as the sun slid lower in the western sky.The next few days were a blur of activity, visiting Movie World where they had a simply amazing day enjoying the attractions, rides and having photos taken with staff dressed as everyone from Batman to Donald Duck. A rest day gave them a chance to recover before it was off to Wet n’ Wild, where they had the most incredible assortment of water slides. They spent a full day running from one slide to the next and were happily tired-out when they were one of the last families to leave. Another rest day saw them hit the shopping malls, and Tony’s credit card had serious workout as they purchased clothes, jewelry and souvenirs. The last day in Surfers Paradise saw them at Sea World, and this was without doubt the best of the parks they visited. A huge man-made lake hosted a sensational water ski and jet ski show, before they headed off to watch the performing dolphins and seals. They even had polar bears in a special air-conditioned enclosure which amazed them considering the tropical climate. Tony had prepaid an additional fee to have a private swim with the dolphins, and the girls were positively glowing after these gentle mammals allowed them the hold a fin and be towed along as their powerful tails propelled them across the pool. Cyn was almost in tears when it was time to leave, but he assured her he’d taken plenty of photos of her and the girls.They made it back to the hotel and ordered room service dinner, relaxing around the outdoor table as they enjoyed the meal and watched the sunset. Tony raised my glass to Cyn and the girls as he smiled at them. “Ladies, we are halfway through our first vacation together. Is everyone having a good time, and are we looking forward to flying to the island tomorrow?”A chorus of loud cheers erupted, and everyone laughed when they realized the people in the next building probably heard them. Cyn leaned forward and clinked her glass against his. “We are having the best time ever Tony thank you, but you have a serious problem.” She said with a broad smile.“Really? How so?”She smiled happily back. “There is no way on earth you are ever going to top this!” She replied, laughing happily.Tony considered that for a moment as the girls waited to see how he’d respond. “You know, you may just be right about that.” He chuckled, realizing he’d probably gone about as far as he could with special surprises. However that was a challenge he wouldn’t have to worry about for a while.A gentle breeze wafted up from the ocean and they sat around talking and laughing until quite late, before heading to bed as they had an early start in the morning.The next day they were up early and packed, and a limo took them to the airport for the flight to Cairns. From there they boarded a light plane which flew out over the pristine reef to Dunk Island, one of the few islands on the reef that featured a landing strip, before boarding a chartered helicopter for the final leg to their destination. Everyone wanted to sit up front with the pilot but Tony overruled the arguments, reminding them it was Cyn’s birthday trip so it was only fair she had the best view. Tiff and Shannon were behind them and Kat and he were in the back row, but the large windows still provided a fantastic view.The flight gave them an opportunity to enjoy the sights from the air, and they could see patches of shallow reef separated by darker water that was clearly deeper, and islands of different sizes dotting the ocean. They flew over several boats cruising the sheltered waters, ranging from smaller pleasure craft, yachts heeling majestically under sail, and larger luxury cruisers and catamarans. Tony nudged Kat and asked her how she’d feel about spending a few weeks cruising the islands by boat. Her eyes sparkled when she told him as long as she didn’t have hoist sails she was there. They were all wearing headphones which crackled as the pilot told them Bedarra Island was directly ahead, and he descended until it seemed they were skimming the waves before completing a slow circuit of the picture-perfect island and a gentle landing.A couple were waiting for them as the pilot shut down the engine, smiling and waving as he opened the doors and helped them climb down. They came over to greet them, the man extending his hand to Tony. “Hello Tony, Cynthia and welcome all. I’m John and I’m fortunate to have the best job in the world as manager of our little piece of paradise. I’d like you to meet Cath, and assure you that we’re at your service to this the best vacation you’ve ever had.”The pilot helped John and Cath take the bags, politely refusing Tony’s offer to help before heading back to his helicopter for the return journey. Once the noise faded into the distance they became aware of the total, tranquil silence, and could actually feel their pulse rates slowing as they absorbed the serenity of the surroundings. Gently swaying palm trees provided patches of shade as John and Cath led them to an open sided structure which housed a long dining table, several comfortable chairs, and a bar that appeared to want for nothing at all.A waiter brought a tray with tropical cocktails and they were asked to take a seat. As they sipped their drinks John and Cath explained meal times and menus; asking if they had any special dietary requirements before telling them it was an open-bar and if it was unattended they could help themselves. Cath laughingly spoke of regularly seeing a honeymooning husband running barefoot to the bar late at night to get a bottle of champagne and take it back to his waiting bride. John took over to detail the various activities that were available, including helicopter sightseeing, catamaran trips to a pontoon on the reef for snorkeling or scuba diving, paraflying behind a speedboat, and small catamarans and jet skis available for guests to use. Cath explained the staff would prepare a picnic lunch if they wanted to walk, sail or jet ski to one of the private beaches, and pointed to the sign-posted walking track that led to the other side of the island.They provided a lot of information in a short space of time, but did so in a relaxed manner that instantly made them feel comfortable. Tony was hoping that his first impressions would prove accurate and they’d all have a luxurious, restful break before heading home next week. When the introduction was finished Cath took them to their bungalows, which were shaded by large palm trees and looked out over the pure white sand and crystal clear water.Cyn, Kat and Tony were in one bungalow and the twins were next door, which was an arrangement that suited everyone as it gave Shannon and Tiff their own private space. As Kat had commented when she looked at the website the rooms were five-star plus, with opulent furnishings and a surprising amount of space considering their compact external appearance. The bedroom had a huge bed which must have been custom-made as it was larger than king-size, and looked through panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows to the pristine beach. Waking up tomorrow to that view was something Tony was really looking forward to. They unpacked and settled in before Cyn suggested they relax on the deck for a while. She found a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator, and asked Tony to do the honors before they sat outside and looked out over the tranquil bay. They could hear Tiff and Shannon talking and laughing, and then they appeared and looked over from their deck. “Hey Tony.” Tiff called out. “This place is paradise, thank you so much!”Shannon was grinning from ear to ear. “Great job Dad!” She laughed.Cyn was smiling at him over the rim over her glass. “You really have excelled yourself Tony, again!”He leant over and kissed her softly. “Happy birthday Cyn. I hope this will be a birthday you never forget.”“I think you’ve already ticked that box babe, and we’ve still got a week to go.”“A week here; now that’s going to be hard to take.” Kat giggled. “I just don’t know how we’ll manage.”Tony threw a cushion which she ducked easily. “Something tells me you’ll cope just fine Kat.”The twins had disappeared but soon they were running down the path between the bungalows wearing their bikinis and carrying towels. They didn’t pause when they reached the white sand, dropping their towels as they ran straight into the cool water, diving under the surface before swimming out a way. Tony, Cyn and Kat watched them enjoying their swim while they soaked up the dappled sunlight that filtered through the palm fronds as they moved in the gentle breeze. They sat and talked for a while before the lure of the sparking water proved irresistible, and changed into their costumes and joined the twins. Tony swam out and Shannon breast-stroked over, surprising him by wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him on the lips. “This must have cost a fortune Tony.” She smiled. “Thank you so much. This is just an amazing holiday….I mean….it’s hard to believe we’re really here. It’s almost like I’m dreaming and I don’t want to wake up.”He slipped one arm around her waist as they trod water together. “Well princess, I hope this is the first of many great vacations for us.” She leaned forward and kissed him again. “When you do things like this….it almost makes me want to reconsider my earlier decision.” She whispered with an impish grin. Tony’s jaw dropped and he swallowed a mouthful of salt water which had him coughing and spluttering as he tried to recover from her totally unexpected statement. She had swum away a short distance as he tried to clear his throat. “See you later Dad!” She grinned, before diving below the surface.He shook his head and smiled to himself, thinking that life was full of surprises.When they waded back to the beach they toweled off and went back to their rooms, enjoying leisurely showers before dressing in casual clothes. The twins came over and spent some time talking about what they wanted to do over the coming week. Everyone was keen to take the catamaran out to the reef where they could snorkel over the rainbow colored coral, the twins were keen to try out the resort’s jet skis, and Kat expressed her wish to go paraflying. As the sun dipped below the ocean they walked up to dinner, the salt air and earlier exercise ensuring all had healthy appetites. The meal was sensational and the service was first class, but Tony was distracted and nervous about something he’d been planning for some time. The countdown clock was ticking, and he wiped his palms on a napkin, knowing precisely why he was so nervous and wishing he could control his sense of expectation. Cyn smiled and put her hand on his. “A penny for your thoughts Tony. You looked as though you were a million miles away.”He smiled back at her. “I was just thinking that life really doesn’t get any better than this. Being here with you, Kat and the twins is just perfect; I wouldn’t change anything at all.”Cyn looked around and then back at him, her eyes sparkling in the soft light. “It is perfect isn’t it? I’m tempted to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming, but then I’d be so disappointed to wake up!” She laughed.He teasingly pinched the back of her hand. “There you are, now you know this is real.”Dessert and coffee arrived and disappeared and Tony realized the time had come to unveil his surprise. He looked over to the waitress who immediately caught his glance and came over, bending down so he could whisper a request. She was back in moments with a bottle of champagne and three long-stem glasses, asking if he’d like her to open the bottle. He assured her he’d take care of that and looked across at the twins. “I’d like to take Kat and your Mom down to the beach for a while.”They smiled happily and nodded saying they wanted to head back to their bungalow anyway, and everyone stood before Tony led Cyn and Kat to the beach. The girls looped their arms in his as they walked down the soft sand, looking up at a perfect night with a full moon lighting their way and illuminating the small waves with crests of rolling silver. The sound of the waves breaking was somehow soothing, and at that point he needed every calming influence he could find.Kat smiled and stretched up to kiss his cheek. “If you’re trying to seduce us you’re doing a hell of a job.” She laughed, with Cyn joining in agreement.“Maybe later Kat.” He smiled as he bent down to put the bottle and glasses safely on the sand. It was Cyn who realized something was a little out of place, and she gave him a curious glance. “Are you feeling ok Tony? You haven’t been your usual self this afternoon and you were awfully quiet at dinner.”“I’m fine.” He assured her with a nervous smile. “But there is something important I need to ask you both, and I’d like you to hear me out before you reply.”Now they were both looking nervous, so Tony tried a reassuring smile as he took one of their hands in each of his. He took a deep breath and looked at his two stunning ladies. “I think you both know how much I love you and care for you, but I don’t think I’ve ever really told you how much you’ve have changed my life.” They were looking at him expectantly, their eyes sparkling in the moonlight. “When Julie died I felt as though someone had cut my heart out, and the more time that passed the more I felt I’d never find anyone to take her place. But then you two came along, caught me completely by surprise, and before I knew it I was hopelessly in love with both of you.”He paused for a steadying breath, somehow resisting an overwhelming urge to wipe his sweating palms on his trousers. He crouched down on one knee and Cyn gasped, her free hand covering her open mouth as he went on. “The past few months have made me realize that I can love again, that I have the opportunity to give myself totally to someone, and that I’d be crazy to let that slip away. I realize what I have with you is a once in a lifetime opportunity….so….what I want to ask you both….is….will you do me the honor of marrying me?” He had finally done it and gulped nervously, thankful he had managed to get that out but now looking expectantly at them both as he waited for a reply. Cyn and Kat looked at him and then glanced at each other, before both smiled and Kat gave Cyn the slightest nod.As though reacting to a pre-arranged signal they both dropped to their knees on the sand and Cyn took his face in her hands, smothering him with soft kisses. “The answer is yes Tony. Oh yes, yes, YES!!!”Kat was hugging him and kissing him as well, her eyes sparkling like diamonds in the moonlight. “I think you’d better open the champagne Tony. If ever there was a reason to celebrate, I think this is it!”He had been holding his breath for so long the vision at the edges of his eyes was starting to go a strange gray color, and sucked in a deep breath before he passed out from oxygen starvation. With slippery hands he fumbled with the cork but finally managed to extract it with a loud pop, before carefully pouring and passing the glasses around, and they sat close together looking out over the water. Kat snuggled close as they clinked glasses, toasting this momentous change in their relationship. “You really are full of surprises Tony. I don’t know about Mom, but I certainly didn’t see that one coming!”Cyn couldn’t stifle a laugh. “That’s the truth honey. A girl always hopes for a proposal when she meets the right person, but in this case I wasn’t sure….seeing as the two of us are chasing the same man! So Tony, you wouldn’t have proposed to us if you hadn’t thought it through, but how exactly is this going to work? Does Australian law permit a man to marry more than one woman, or are you planning to whisk us off to Africa or South America for some kind of tribal ceremony?” She was smiling broadly as she spoke, though he could see both girls were expectantly waiting for his reply.He grinned as he briefly visualized a jungle wedding in the middle of nowhere, his brides wearing their beautiful wedding dresses and chunky hiking boots as a village chief performed the ceremony. “No…..I can assure you I’m not planning anything like that. Polygamy is i*****l in most countries so a conventional wedding is not really possible, and there isn’t much that is conventional about our relationship anyway. To me marriage is not about a piece of paper or legal recognition, it’s how the people concerned feel about each other, and their choice to give themselves to someone they want to be with. If you agree with that, and I really hope you do, then what I’d like to suggest is a commitment ceremony. We would treat this as though it were a recognized marriage, but we’d write our own vows that reflect the way we feel, and as far as we’re concerned the three of us would be bound to each other as if we were man…and wives.”Tony looked at them nervously, as he’d been planning this for some time but had no way of knowing how it would be received until he put it out there. Cyn was positively beaming, smiling broadly as she replied. “I think that sounds perfect honey.” She breathed excitedly, and Kat nodded in emphatic agreement. “I guess that just leaves two questions. Where…and when?”For the first time that day he was finally starting to relax, but had one more bombshell to drop. He sat back and tried to appear casual. “Well…there’s no real hurry. I was thinking, how about on your birthday?” Jaws dropped, eyes flew open and faces registered a series of rapidly changing emotions. Disbelief, complete surprise and deep concern were some of the expressions Tony read in a second or two, before Cyn managed to stammer a reply. “But…Tony, that’s the day after tomorrow!”Kat gave him a curious glance, and then grinned before dissolving into shrieks of laughter. Cyn hadn’t connected the dots as her daughter clearly had, and gave her a disbelieving look. “Ok you sneaky, conniving son-of-a-bitch, I have a pretty fair idea where this is going. Mom and I are going to carry you down and dunk you in the water if you don’t tell us the rest of your plans. And this time…let’s have the whole story.”Tony raised his hands in surrender and then spent some time in an impromptu beach confessional. He started by telling them how he wanted to take their relationship to a more meaningful level for some time, but didn’t know how to achieve that as marriage was out of the question. While researching various increasingly radical options he came across an article on gay relationships, and how same sex couples could not marry in the conventional sense in most states so they chose to have a commitment ceremony instead. When he researched further it became an increasingly viable option, before he finally concluded it was the perfect alternative for them. At the same time he was planning Cyn’s birthday holiday, and felt it would be perfect to arrange for the ceremony to take place while they were staying in a tropical paradise. He went on to explain how he’d spent weeks trying to find an Australian celebrant who was prepared to officiate at their ceremony before he found Karen. She was a lovely lady in her mid thirties who had performed hundreds of traditional marriages and many commitment ceremonies for gay couples. Tony emailed her with an outline of what he was looking for, and her first reply had been an emphatic “No!” So he rang her and spent half an hour telling her about their deep feelings for each other despite their unconventional relationship, and his heartfelt wish to formalize their love. She gradually came round, but the clincher came when he offered to pay for a week on the island for Karen and her husband. He laughingly related how she had paused on the phone and absorbed his suggestion. “Now let me make sure I understand this.” Karen had said. “You will pay for David and I to fly out and spend a week on Bedarra Island no strings attached, and perform the ceremony if your ladies say yes, and if they say no we’ve had a free vacation?”“That’s exactly what I’m proposing.” Tony replied, so they discussed the details and agreed on suitable dates.“I’m still not sure I believe this Tony.” Karen told him candidly. “I don’t know if you’re a true romantic, or a crazy American with more money than commonsense. When I receive an email from the resort telling me our accommodation is booked and paid for, I think that will be the point I’ll start to take you seriously.” Tony assured her that was more than fair, and received an email from her two days later confirming her flights and accommodation had been booked and paid for, and suggesting he call her to discuss the ceremony in more detail.Cyn couldn’t help but interrupt at that point. “Are you telling us there’s a celebrant staying here to perform the ceremony?” She asked in disbelief, and when Tony nodded she shook her head as if trying to clear a persistent mental block. “Maybe she’s right Tony. Maybe you are a crazy American with too much money!”He shrugged his shoulders and grinned at the element of truth in her comment. “There are times when I wonder about my sanity Cyn, but yes, Karen and David are here and I’ll introduce you to them tomorrow at breakfast.”Kat had a question, and he’d been wondering when this would come up. “What about wedding dresses Tony? There doesn’t seem to be shopping mall close that we can go to.”“I took a few liberties honey.” He smiled. “I visited Penny before we left and told her you were bridesmaids at a friend’s surprise beach wedding. She knows your sizes and picked out something for each you which are safely packed away in my luggage.”Cyn and Kat laughed at his revelation. “Wow!” Cyn giggled. “A man who buys his ladies their wedding dresses without even having them try them on first. Now that’s what I call brave!”They sipped their champagne and sat quietly for a while, soaking up the tranquility of their perfect surroundings. Cyn lay her head on his shoulder and slipped an arm around his waist. “I know I keep telling you you’re full of surprises, but this really takes the cake. You are NEVER going to top this!” She whispered.He kissed the top of her head softly. “As long as this works out ok, I don’t really care.” Kat stroked his face and kissed his cheek. “I’m so happy Tony. I thought we’d just go on the way we have been, but this means so much to me. Do you think you could take us to bed now? I think I’d escort bursa like to show my fiancé how much I appreciate his proposal.”Cyn was gently stroking the back of his neck and smiled. “I think I’ll second that suggestion.”Tony stood and helped the girls to their feet, and they collected the empty bottle and the glasses before heading for their bungalow. They walked inside and he dimmed the lights as Kat and Cyn stood close by. They smiled at each other before turning their attention to him, slowly undressing him and stroking and kissing his exposed skin as his clothing disappeared. When he was naked he joined in, helping Cyn remove Kat’s clothing before she and Tony undressed her mother. They kissed, stroked and fondled each other as they moved slowly over to the huge bed, lying back on the soft mattress. Moonlight streamed through the floor to ceiling windows, bathing them in soft light as he looked across at Kat. She gave him a sensuous smile as she took his hand, placing it over her warm pussy. He could feel the heat radiating from her inner treasure, and the beginnings of her flow oozed slowly as he stroked her smooth labia. She reached for him and drew him to her, kissing his lips before hers parted and her tongue probed his, begging for entry. Tony opened his mouth and their tongues engaged in a duel of increasing passion, desire building with every passing second. He felt movement and realized Cyn had slipped between them, taking her daughter’s proud nipple between her lips, which drew a deep moan from Kat’s throat. He slipped one and then two fingers past her slick folds and probed her pussy, starting with shallow strokes before sliding deeper, savoring her heat and the increasing moisture as her body responded. Their kiss finally broke and he moved down the bed, allowing Cyn free access to Kat’s firm breasts as his mouth met her puffy labia, kissing and licking her slit as his fingers continued to probe her. He peeled the hood back from her clit and took it gently between his lips, flicking his tongue across the engorged tip and receiving a small spray of heady cum across his chin. He started sucking her clit as though it were a tiny cock, hearing her gasp and moan as she shuddered and gave him another bath of sweet juices. Looking up he saw Cyn take one of Kat’s nipples between her teeth, using her grip to draw the tender breast away from her chest until she squealed. His tongue joined his exploring fingers, burrowing deep inside Kat’s slick pussy and she groaned again. “Oh… my…fucking….GOD. Give me some cock, please? PLEASE! FUCK MY HOT CUNT NOW!!!”Tony smiled at her, his face covered in her slick juices but she was too far gone to notice as she writhed on the bed. Cyn glanced at him and winked, before he slid between Kat’s spread legs and slid his cock easily into her slippery pussy. He could feel her clamp around down on his flesh like a slick, velvet glove, her heat radiating through his cock and into his twitching balls. He started thrusting easily, looking down at her firm body bathed in glistening perspiration. Cyn was resting across her chest, one nipple between her lips and she played teasingly with the other.“Yes. Fuck…YES!” Kat moaned. “Oh God….I LOVE YOUR COCK! Fill me with cum Tony. Fuck my cunt until your cum is running everywhere!”He thrust in harder and deeper, burying his shaft until his balls slapped against her slick skin. Cyn had released Kat’s breasts and was kneeling beside Tony, watching through slitted eyes as he fucked her daughter. She was slowly sliding a finger into her own pussy as she watched. “That’s it babe, fuck her hard.” She encouraged. “Fuck your fiancé’s hot little cunt, and when you’ve pumped her full of cum I’ll suck you cock until you’re hard and you can fuck me!”Cyn’s erotic encouragement was the final straw, and Tony’s balls sucked up tight as the first spurt of cum fired deep into Kat’s cunt, bathing her with thick white cream. “Oh YES! FILL…MY….CUNT!!” Kat squealed as she felt him pump his glorious seed deep into her clenching pussy. She released her own juices, joining him in an indulgent symphony of consummated love that seemed to go on for an eternity. The pressure of their combined release was overwhelming, and despite his desire to remain in her hot pussy for a while the pressure gradually pushed his spent cock free.When his cum-coated cock slid from Kat’s pussy Cyn pushed him back and took his slippery shaft deep into her mouth, her tongue seemingly everywhere as she drank the cocktail of cum. Her soft hand gently kneaded his balls as her mouth worked steadily, refusing to allow him to rest. When she was satisfied he was semi-hard she engulfed him, taking him deep into her throat and squeezing his flesh with her muscles as though trying to draw his glans down into her stomach. Her oral endeavors ensured he remained hard, and he started fucking her throat with long, steady strokes. Knowing how she loved pleasing him orally, he put his hands behind her head to hold her in place as he made gentle caring love to her warm mouth.His cock finally felt as though it was growing longer and harder, and a trail of saliva mixed with his precum slid past her lips and hung suspended from her chin, rocking back and forth like a string of liquid pearls as he continued to probe her throat. Tony could have fucked her stunning face for hours but knew she needed to feel him deep inside to consummate the change in their loving relationship, so he eased free before easily flipping her over and positioning her on hands and knees on the bed. Kneeling behind her he looked down at her smooth labia glistening in the subtle light as he eased deep inside her. She looked back over her shoulder and gave him a satisfied smile as she felt her body stretch open. “I so need this honey. My cunt feels so empty when you’re not deep inside me.” He smiled back at her. “There’s nowhere else I’d rather be babe.” He assured her before an idea flashed through his mind. He eased free, seeing a look of momentary disappointment on Cyn’s face before he lined up on her tight puckered rosebud and pushed forward. “Except….maybe….in here!”Her eyes rolled back as she felt her anal passage stretch around his erect cock with no warning or preparation, but she still pushed back against him until his full length was firmly embedded in her hot tight passage. “Oh…..fuck.” She hissed, her voice deep with lust. “That feels so good baby. I LOVE YOUR HARD COCK DEEP IN MY ASS!!!”“Almost as much as I love fucking it Cyn!” He growled in lust-fuelled agreement.After six or seven deep thrusts he eased free and slid easily back into her running pussy, savoring the different sensations of her smooth, wet cunt. Another half-dozen thrusts saw him back in her clenching ass and he alternated between her open, welcoming holes with increasing speed as his cum started to boil. She was cumming continuously, pumping violent gushes of sweet juice over him every few seconds, moaning incoherently as she gave herself over to decadent release. “Get ready Cyn.” He roared. “I’m…nearly….there!!!”She babbled something indecipherable and then screamed as his first burst of cum burned through his cock and sprayed hard and deep into her spasming pussy, her blissful release following his by a split second. He whipped his cock free and sprayed another creamy rope over her butt cheeks before just managing to slide back into her gaping ass, and thrust again as he continued draining his balls until he had nothing left to give her.A tremor rippled through her body before her arms and legs collapsed, and he managed to follow her down and roll her onto her side with his spent cock still firmly lodged in place. Both were covered in sweat and several more tremors swept across her skin as they breathed deeply. Her eyes flickered open and she gave him a dreamy smile. “God, you make me cum so hard.” She whispered breathlessly. “I can’t believe you managed to cum in my ass and my cunt. It felt as though two men were fucking me….that was incredible!”He kissed her cheek softly. “It was amazing wasn’t it? We’ll have to try that again.”She giggled like a naughty schoolgirl. “No k**ding. I can’t wait for our wedding night!”Kat had been watching every intimate movement and crawled down the bed to kiss them both. “Don’t forget me Tony.” She smiled. “After watching that, I’m next in line thanks.”Tony managed to slide in between the sheets and lay back on the feather pillows. “You’ll have to see me tomorrow Kat. I’m done, spent, finished and gone!” He kissed his lovers goodnight and closed his eyes, thinking life didn’t get any better than this. 19Sunlight streaming through the windows gently drew Tony from a deep restful sleep and he slid out of bed and stretched as he looked out at a perfect day. His movements had started to wake his slumbering companions and he smiled as he watched them wake, thinking there was nothing as sensual as a radiant woman after a night of blissful lovemaking. He headed for the bathroom and turned on the shower, enjoying the hot spray running over his body and washing away the last vestiges of sleep. Kat slipped into the bathroom with a cheery “Good morning, my incredibly hot husband-to-be!” as she used the toilet in a totally uninhibited manner before joining him in the shower. “You’ve washed yourself already. That was silly!” She laughed, as she massaged his cock to an appropriate state before jumping into his arms and wrapping her slender legs around him, easily sliding his ready shaft into her tight pussy. With her hands looped behind his neck she leant back to allow the spray to cascade over her breasts and pert nipples. “I love fucking you in the shower. In fact…I love fucking you anywhere!” She laughed, giving him an impish grin as she slid up and down on his shaft. His hips were rocking to thrust as deeply as he could, feeling that it wouldn’t be long before he was bathing her in cum despite feeling completely drained last night.He leant forward to kiss her, savoring her soft lips and probing tongue until their kiss broke and he smiled at her. “You are such an amazingly sexy woman. Do you have any idea how good it feels to be with you like this?”She grinned back before she groaned as she felt his balls slap against her streaming labia. “I think I’ve got half an idea babe.” Their bodies were moving in unison with an increasing sense of urgency, and as usual she arrived before him, if only just, and he felt the soothing spray of her juices as her grip tightened. This took him to his favorite place, and he groaned deeply as his cock tried to quench the fire in Kat’s clenching pussy, spraying long, hard and deep. She found the strength to pull her body up against his, and they molded together as the water cascaded down, kissing deeply as his cock softened. She slid down his body and took his spent cock in her loving mouth, cleaning it carefully before she stood and allowed him to wash her from head to toe. Cyn wandered in looking understandably disheveled and a little unsteady on her feet to find them drying each other with soft fluffy towels. She kissed them both and gave them a wry smile. “I guess I missed out on sex in the shower…again” She laughed. “I’ll have to get an alarm clock that dynamites me out of bed, God I slept well!”Kat stroked Tony’s chest as she replied. “A night of fantastic sex will do that to you every time Mom.”They all laughed and then there was a knock at the door which interrupted their banter. Tony threw on a robe and let the twins in, who were already dressed and ready for breakfast.Shannon gave them a broad good morning smile. “I was wondering what you three got up to last night, as if I didn’t know. This is the third time we’ve knocked and if you didn’t open up I was going to get someone down here with a key.”Tiff smiled as well. “Late night for you, huh? Did you GET UP to anything interesting?”The double meaning in her question was blatantly obvious and Tony smiled in reply. “Actually, I did GET UP to something; do you two have anything planned for tomorrow?” He asked in a nonchalant tone.They exchanged curious glances before Shannon replied. “You’re the one organizing this fantastic holiday Tony, what have you got in mind?”“Nothing special Princess.” He said in a casual a tone as Kat came out of the bathroom in her robe. “I just asked your mom and Kat to marry me, and they said yes, so we’re having the ceremony tomorrow.”They both looked at Tony in disbelief, and then at Kat who came over and wrapped her arms around him as she nodded in confirmation. Questions came thick and fast, and when things settled down he sat down and took them through his plans. Tiff was shaking her head but smiling as she looked at him. “You really are one sneaky son-of-a-bitch aren’t you? You had this whole thing planned out before we even got here!”He smiled and nodded as Shannon chimed in. “Well, this is a little unconventional but it’s still really cool. I guess this means you really are our Dad now.”Tiff looked at Shannon and then at Tony. “So what does that make Kat? Is she still our sister, or our step-Mom, or something else?”No one had considered that question, and looked at Kat who was no help as she shrugged her shoulders. “I have no idea at all.” He replied before laughing. “But I’m sure I’ll do my head in trying to work that out so let’s just leave it as sister, ok?” Cyn came out from her shower and twins rushed to congratulate her, and she seemed a little overwhelmed at their enthusiasm. She looked at Tony and smiled. “This certainly took me by surprise girls. But what I’d really like to do is get dressed for breakfast as Tony’s going to introduce us to the celebrant who’ll conduct our ceremony tomorrow. I think Kat and I are in for a busy day.”That seemed a sensible idea so they dressed and walked up the restaurant area. The girls found an empty table and Tony spotted Karen and David enjoying cups of fresh coffee. He went over greeted them, and Karen smiled when she asked if she had any work to do while they were staying there. Tony laughed and told her she would, and they stood and congratulated him before suggesting they probably should meet his fiancés so he led Karen and David over and introduced them. Karen slid a chair in between Cyn and Kat and proceeded to tell them her side of the interesting story, including how she was totally convinced Tony was crazy for some time. Shannon delighted in telling Karen he had a history of springing surprises, though thankfully she didn’t go into too much detail.David mentioned he and Karen usually worked as a couple with him doing most of the background work such as arranging cars, sometimes acting as MC, arranging music and taking photographs. They had been doing this for years and it was arrangement that obviously worked well for them.By the time breakfast was finished they were chatting away like old friends, and Cyn smiled at Tony as she placed her hand over his. “Kat and I have a lot to do today as we’d REALLY like to try on our dresses, and it will take us some time writing our vows but Karen has kindly offered to help. Is there something you could do with Shannon and Tiff today?”He tried to come up with an expression of mock indignation, but blew it completely as he couldn’t stop smiling. “Well isn’t that typical.” He teased happily. “I organize this great holiday including convincing Karen and David to join us, present you with a romantic proposal, and then you tell me I’ll be in the way and I should get lost for the day!”Kat sauntered over and sat in his lap, linking her hands behind his neck and kissing him softly with a cheeky expression on her face. “Tony….you KNOW Mom and I love you, but…..get lost will you? Because if you hang around here, you WILL just get in the way!”Everyone howled with laughter at his embarrassment in having been told what to do in a very direct manner. He looked over at Tiff and Shannon who were still laughing. “Well girls, it looks as though it’s you and me, a picnic basket and a couple of jet-skis for us today.”“I can think of worse ways to spend a day.” Tiff laughed, and David told them he would talk to the staff about arrangements for the ceremony before they all headed back to their bungalows. Karen went with Tony, Cyn and Kat while the twins branched off to change, and it was blatantly obvious the first priority was a thorough inspection of the dresses he had bought. Thankfully the girls bought most of their clothing from the one store back home and the manager Penny knew them very well. Not only was she familiar with their sizes but she also knew their personal tastes and senses of style. Tony knew picking their dresses was a significant gamble as Kat had already stated the obvious in saying they couldn’t take a quick trip to the local shopping mall, but it was the only way he could keep his romantic island proposal secret. He took some comfort in knowing Penny had spent a lot of time picking designs that not only suited each of the girls, but also complemented what the others were wearing. He carefully took them from his second bag and handed them over, waiting for their reaction when they opened the packages. Unfortunately Cyn had more traditional ideas, saying he wasn’t going to see them wearing their dresses until tomorrow and it was time for him to leave. He protested but to no avail, and quickly changed and packed a towel and sunscreen in a tote bag, before he was shown the door by his smiling wives-to-be. Shannon and Tiff we just coming out of their bungalow so they headed down to the beach to see if they could borrow some jet skis. Cath, the girl who had greeted them when they arrived was on duty and happily agreed they could take the watercraft out, phoning up to the restaurant to have them prepare a picnic lunch. She asked if they had ever ridden jet skis before, and when they shook their heads she politely but firmly insisted on giving a detailed safety briefing before handing them over. Tony, Shannon and Tiff listened intently as Cath demonstrated the controls, before fitting each with buoyancy vests and having them perform slow, easy maneuvers close to the beach. She waved them back in and asked them to go out a little further and increase the speed, which they did before returning to the beach.As they pulled back in a well built young man came jogging down with a couple of cooler packs that he stowed under the seats, and Cath’s final instruction was to have fun but do so safely, and they headed off. Tony led the way out from the beach, moving through a series of gentle turns as he got a feel for the controls and watching the twins following in his wake. He opened the throttle and felt the powerful craft leap forward, skimming over the water as they turned to follow the island coast. After a few minutes Tiff pulled up on one side and Shannon on the other, both grinning as their blonde hair streamed in wind before Tiff opened the throttle further and surged ahead. He resisted the temptation to race her, and soon she eased back and matched his speed. They cruised on for a while until they found a small cove with a sandy beach leading back to a canopy of swaying palm trees. Tiff looked back and pointed and he gave her the thumbs up, so she steered toward the beach with Shannon and Tony following. They cruised in and beached the jet skis, and he lifted the seat to grab the cooler bags and towels. “Isn’t this just perfect?” Shannon gushed as she looked around. “I feel like we’re the first people to ever set foot on this beach.”“It’s like a little piece of paradise for sure.” Tony agreed. “Well spotted Tiff.”Tiff smiled back. “As soon as I saw it I thought we had to stop here. I’m going swimming, are you two coming?” The girls slid their sundresses off to reveal their colorful bikinis while Tony unbuttoned his shirt and ran into the clear water. The water was just cool enough to be refreshing but warm enough they felt they could splash around all day, so they swam and dived down to the sandy bottom and thoroughly enjoyed the secluded hideaway. A feeling of thirst finally drove Tony back to the beach and he opened a cooler bag and found cold meats, containers of salad and a small bag of fruit, before opening the second one which held a bottle of wine, soft drinks and fruit juice. He twisted the cap from a bottle of mango and orange juice, and drained half in a few seconds before holding the bottle up to the twins who were still swimming around. Shannon nodded and called out to Tiff and they swam strongly back, not bothering to towel dry as the heat of the day would take care of that in a few minutes. They uncapped some drinks before sitting back on the white sand, with Tony glancing around to make sure they were shaded by the palms to avoid any uncomfortable sunburn tomorrow.“Hey Tony.” Tiff said to get his attention. “I never said congratulations on your announcement, but I think what you’re doing is really great. Unconventional, but great anyway.”“Thanks honey.” He replied. “It means a lot to know you’re ok with this. After all, it’s a pretty significant change.”Shannon half crawled over and kissed him on the cheek. “It will take a little getting used, but I’m sure that will happen.” She smiled. “I mean, I never felt as though you’d only be around for a while but this is still a big surprise. A nice surprise though. I think it’s great to know you’re not planning on going anywhere.”He laughed and put an arm around her shoulder. “I think you’re stuck with me for quite a while princess.” Tony just caught Shannon wink at Tiff. “Gee, that could be tough. What do you think Tiff?””I saw the wink honey.” Tony laughed. “Now, is anyone hungry? I know I am, and this food looks great.”The girls helped unpack and serve, and soon they were enjoying a small feast as they took care of the hunger pangs created by a morning of jet-skiing and swimming. Tony poured three half glasses of wine, feeling they should take it easy on the alcohol as they still had to ride the powerful craft back. When lunch was finished they made sure they left the area as pristine as it was when they arrived, before a beachside conference saw them decide to continue circumnavigating the island. They started the skis and headed off, happy to cruise along slowly as they followed to coast. Suddenly Tiff slowed her ski and stood up, waving frantically and pointing toward a strip of sand. Shannon and Tony looked over and saw a pair of huge lizards sunning themselves. “What are they Tony?” She called across. “They look a little like Komodo Dragons, don’t they?””I’m not sure Tiff.” He replied, but they did look similar and must have measured four to five feet from nose to tip of tail. “We’ll ask when we get back. I’m sure they’ll know.” A small waterfall set back from the beach caught their eyes and they turned in to explore it. It really was a picture straight out of a travel brochure, and Tony put a fatherly arm around each of the girls. “You know, I just feel….privileged to be standing here.” He said quietly. “Does that make any sense?”The both nodded. “I know exactly how you feel Tony.” Shannon replied quietly. “It’s just so beautiful…..I almost feel like I’m trespassing somewhere I shouldn’t be.””We’ll have to bring Mom and Kat here before we go home.” Tiff agreed. “Even if we miss something else we’ve planned. They would absolutely love it.”They swam in the small pool at base of the waterfall before Tiff dove down and disappeared, surfacing to tell them she couldn’t reach the bottom. That led them to climb up to top of the falls before joining hands and jumping down, laughing as they surfaced. Once was enough for Tony, but the girls made a few trips and executed some spectacular dives. Knowing they’d be hungry when they decided they’d had enough he unpacked the remainder of the food and spread it out on the picnic rug. Sure enough, they were beside him in ten minutes and devouring the food as though breakfast was their most recent meal.”I am SO going to have to go on a diet when I get home.” Tiff moaned. “I’ll probably be twenty pounds heavier.””I hear that s*s.” Shannon agreed, grinning at her sibling. “I’ll probably hate myself when we get home and I step on the scales, but right now I couldn’t care less!”Tony laughed out loud before he realized that probably wasn’t wise. “Look, you two would struggle to find two pounds spare between you. It’s not as though we haven’t been getting plenty of exercise.”Shannon smiled knowingly. “Some…more than others!” She laughed as they started packing. They took their time heading back to the resort and pulled up on the beach, Tony feeling surprisingly tired after their busy day. Cath was nowhere to be seen but a very fit looking young man came down and helped them with their gear, genuinely interested to hear about their day exploring and what they had seen. They assured him it had been a magical day, and Tiff asked him about the large lizards they had seen. He smiled at her and Tony was sure she blushed slightly. “So you saw Harry and Harriet? They have to be the laziest creatures on the island.” He laughed heartily. “I’ll bet they were lying around in the sun somewhere?”Tiff told him where they had seen them and confirmed they were just lying around. “They’re Goannas and they’re reasonably active in the morning and evening, but when it gets hotter they normally just lie around. Sometimes they come over this side of the island, and while they’re not aggressive you need to be a little careful because they can move surprisingly fast when they want to. If you see them again is try not to get between them and where they’re heading as they might see you as a threat, but if you give them some space you’ll be fine because they are used to people being around.” The twins looked a little concerned so he gave them a reassuring smile. “It’s ok. They haven’t eaten any of our guests….so far.”“So far?” Tiff smiled, flashing her baby-blue eyes at him. “I don’t know if that’s reassuring.”“You’ll be just fine.” He assured her. “Now, I’d better secure these skis for the night, so you folks enjoy the rest of your stay.”Tiff seemed reluctant to leave it at that, and Shannon nudged Tony and gave him a knowing smile as Tiff kept the conversation going. “Um….we were interested in going para-flying, maybe day after tomorrow? Can you help us with that?”“Sure thing! You can see me if I’m around, or just let them know at the office. I normally drive the boat so I’d be happy to take you up. Have you ever done it before?” He asked her.Once again her eyes were flashing. “No, but I’d love to. It looks like great fun!”He nodded and smiled again. “It’s amazing! We can take you up to about one hundred feet and the view is simply awesome. You have to do it before you go home.”She smiled back at him. “I can’t wait. We’ll see you then…if not before?”“Ok, I’ll see you later. Now, I really should get these skis put away.” He said and headed down the beach.They walked back to the bungalows and Shannon gave Tiff a gentle nudge. “You really fancy the beach boy don’t you?” She teased.Tiff wasn’t put off in the slightest. “Who wouldn’t?” She sighed dreamily. “He’s such a hunk and what about those killer abs? That is what I call a six-pack!”They were still laughing as they arrived back at the bungalow, and as Tony opened the door and stepped inside he had the breath knocked from lungs as Cyn and Kat tackled him. “Where have you been?” Cyn giggled. “We are so happy to see you!”“I get that.” He replied somewhat breathlessly, wondering what the hell was going on. “But what’s all that about?”Karen was sitting in a lounge chair with a glass of wine, smiling at him. “I think your brides-to-be are happy with your choice of dresses Tony.” She smiled as she raised her glass. “And if may say, you have exceptional taste.”“So they fit ok and my brides are happy?” He grinned back. “I’d hate to see the reception if they didn’t like them, but it’s really Penny deserves most of the credit. I just paid the bill.”Cyn gave him gentle punch on the arm. “You are so full of BS sometimes. I’ll bet she gave you a series of choices and you made the final decision, so let’s skip the false modesty ok?”Kat was standing beside him and kissed his cheek. “They’re absolutely perfect Tony. We couldn’t have picked anything better.”“As long as you two are happy, so when can I see them? Do you want to try them on now?”Cyn and Kat exchanged pained glances, and then looked back at him. “Memory lapse Tony? I told this morning you get to see them tomorrow when you’re standing on the beach waiting for us, and not before.” Cyn replied in a tone that made it clear it wasn’t up for discussion, but with a smile to assure him she was having some fun. “Don’t you know it’s bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding?”Tony nodded as he was well of aware of the traditional view. “So, everything set? Nothing I have to do?”They shook their heads and Kat replied as she handed him a glass of wine. “Everything’s done thanks to Karen. She’s so organized! There is definitely no substitute for experience.”Tony looked over at Karen who seemed to be enjoying the excitement that bubbled infectiously through the room. “I had a feeling you were the one we wanted after I spoke to you on the phone, so thank you for agreeing to be our celebrant and for helping the girls today.”“I have to admit I had my doubts for quite a while.” She confessed. “Even when the resort emailed that you’d paid for our flights and accommodation I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. David asked me if you were some kind of hillbilly bunch that lived in the middle of nowhere, and thought laws and society’s rules were nothing more than an inconvenience.” That statement had everyone laughing until they were almost in tears. “But now that I’ve met you and spent the day with Cyn and Kat I understand why you want to do this. What you are doing is a little unconventional but the relationships that last can be like that; and I want you to know you have my very best wishes for your life together. If anyone can make this work I’m sure you will.” She stood and kissed the girls on the cheek. “I have a few final things to do so I’ll go now, but if you need me tomorrow morning I won’t be far away, otherwise I’ll see you all on the beach at four.”They said their goodbyes and Karen was on her way, leaving them to sit back and relax as the sun slowly set. Kat and Cyn told Tony and the twins about their day with Karen, and then Tiff and Shannon related their adventures as they’d cruised around the island. Cyn and Kat had skipped lunch as they ticked off their preparations and were working up decent appetites, so everyone went to shower and change, and head up for dinner and an early night.20Surprisingly they all slept in the next morning which Tony interpreted as a good omen, as a serious case of nerves would have seen them waking early. He brewed three coffees and woke the girls with a series of gentle kisses. They stirred, stretched, and smiled as they sipped from their cups and looked out at another perfect day. “It looks like you’ve arranged a perfect day for us Tony; I can’t believe how good the weather has been.” Cyn said with a touch of laughter in her voice.”Nice job babe.” Kat added with a relaxed smile. “So, still sure you want to go through with this? You’re not getting a last-minute case of cold feet?”He hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. “I’ve never been as sure of anything in my life, and the only place I want to be is standing on the beach with you this afternoon.”She stroked his arm softly. “Do you know how much I love you, and how happy I am today?” She whispered.Cyn had put her cup down and walked round behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist. “You are a very brave man Mister Allen, taking on the two us. They say a lifetime is a long time.””Well, the journey starts this afternoon, and I suggest we have nice relaxing day so we can enjoy it.” They took their time showering, especially when Cyn came in and laughingly insisted she was finally in the right place at the right time for her first shower fuck. She was just as enthusiastic and almost as flexible as her daughter, enjoying the experience immensely. When they bursa escort bayan dried off and slipped on robes they walked into the living room and realized Tiff and Shannon were sitting with Kat, waiting patiently. Cyn giggled behind her hand. “Ooops, I think we’re busted.”Tiff gave her one of those unimpressed teenager looks. “Mom, you could at least try and keep it down a bit. Talk about get a room!”Cyn’s reply clarified she wasn’t having any of that. “Now let’s see honey. I think this is my room, which makes that my bathroom, where I think I can make as much noise as I like. Any other helpful suggestions?””Parents!” Tiff moaned.”k**s!” Cyn laughed, giving Tony a subtle wink. “I’ve just got my day off to a perfect start but now I’m starving. Everyone ready for breakfast?””Give me two minutes to get dressed and I will be.” Tony assured her.They walked up to breakfast and met Karen and David, who had just finished and were heading back to their bungalow. “sleep in on the big day? Good for you.” Karen laughed. “See you on the beach at four.”Cath was working in the restaurant and smiled when she saw them walk in, showing them to a table.”You seem to pop up everywhere Cath.” Tony greeted.She nodded. “We used to have a fairly high staff turnover until John started conducting fortnightly discussions. He worked out that people were getting bored, and then they would leave to go to one of the bigger resorts. I mean, this is a great place for a holiday but there is one place to eat, one bar, no TV, movies or nightclub, and we’re not supposed to fraternize with the guests. So John came up with the idea to rotate everyone through the resort. So we all spend time here, at the bar, in the kitchen, down at water sports and even in housekeeping. At least it gives us a little variety.””I guess there’s not a lot to do if you’ve been here for a while.” Cyn agreed.”Has John spoken to you yet?” She asked Cyn, who looked puzzled and shook her head.”Not yet Cath.” She replied. “What did he want to talk to me about?””I probably shouldn’t say anything, but we’ve heard about your ceremony this afternoon and some of us, particularly the girls working here, would like to come down and watch? We’d stay well out of the way but we don’t get many weddings or commitment ceremonies here, and it sounds as though this is going to be very special.””Really? I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often Cath. I mean, this a perfect place for an intimate wedding.” Tony said, more than a little surprised.”You’d think a lot of people would want to get married here, but we’ve only got 16 bungalows so that limits numbers even if you booked the entire island. Plus, this is not the cheapest resort on the reef.” Looking from that perspective Tony could see her point, and Cyn glanced at him to see how he felt about Cath’s request. He raised a questioning eyebrow and she gave him a discreet nod. “Cath, provided John doesn’t mind we have no problem with you and the other staff being there.” He assured her. “Even if some of the guests want to come down that’s fine, and you don’t have to stay out of the way, we’re happy for anyone here to share our day.”She gave them a beaming smile. “Thank you so much. Wait till I tell the other girls!” She was almost bouncing as she walked away, and they suspected their intimate ceremony was going to be a staff highlight.They enjoyed a relaxed, leisurely breakfast, to the extent it wasn’t that far off lunchtime by the time they finished. Cyn felt like a swim so they changed and strolled down to the beach, easing into the cool water and soaking up the peace and tranquility. Time was passing and the girls wanted to start getting ready, so Tony was told to make himself scarce and get ready in the twins bungalow. That was the second time in two days he’d been shown the door!He gathered his things and headed next door, but the twins insisted they had first use of the bathroom so it was nearly three by the time he made it into the shower. He showered, washed his hair and shaved, drying off and getting dressed with time to spare. There was a knock on the door and he opened it to find John wearing a suit and carrying a tray with a glass on it. “The staff tell me bourbon and coke is your favorite Tony, so I thought you may want something to settle the nerves.”Tony laughed and asked him to come in, accepting the drink with gratitude as the butterflies were starting to bounce around as the appointed time drew closer. “I should have caught up with you earlier.” John said as he sat. “But I believe Cath spoke to you this morning about other guests and staff attending your ceremony?”He nodded in agreement. “We’re fine with that John. We can hardly monopolize your beautiful beach and expect everyone else to stay away.”“Thanks Tony, I really appreciate that. I think the staff will enjoy something different as well. I’ll let you finish getting ready and see you on the beach soon.”Tony sat back and sipped his drink as he went over his vows one last time, praying he wouldn’t trip over his tongue when the time came. The twins came out of the bathroom after finishing their makeup, and they looked stunning in their soft dresses and semi-formal hair styles. “You two are just drop-dead gorgeous!” He complimented.They smiled happily and assured him he looked great as well, and it was time to head out the door.When they arrived at the beach Karen was standing beside a small table, and she smiled when she saw them walk up, motioning for Tony to come over and stand beside her. David nodded a greeting as he stood beside another table a short distance away, and started playing soft music on an i-Pod dock. Tony was surprised at the size of the crowd, and a scanning glance suggested virtually everyone on the island must have been there, dressed to suit the occasion. He saw Cath standing close by and she gave him a little wave and a smile.“How are you feeling Tony?” Karen enquired in a soft, soothing voice. “Apart for sweaty palms and rampaging butterflies that are growing bigger every second….I feel great!” He replied, trying to project a relaxed vibe and failing miserably.“That’s completely natural Tony.” She reassured him. “I’d be concerned if you weren’t a little nervous, but once the ceremony starts you’ll be just fine.”Tony was praying she was right, and then he saw her look over his shoulder and smile. “Your ladies have arrived Tony, and they look absolutely beautiful.”He turned to follow her gaze and she was right, they looked stunning. He had picked simple but elegant white dresses which were similar but not identical. Penny knew Cyn and Kat well and suggested the look should be classy, elegant, and overtly sexy without being “in your face.” They had spent ages looking at dresses in her store and catalogues before both were happy with their choices, and seeing them worn for the first time took his breath away. They had their hair up formal-style, a small tropical flower behind one ear, and were carrying bouquets of vibrant tropical flowers. Kat was wearing her diamond pendant and Cyn wore the spiral earrings he gave her some time ago.They walked slowly across the sand, and Tony appreciated how difficult that must have been in reasonable length heels. They stood beside him and he couldn’t help himself. “Can I kiss you both now? You look breathtakingly beautiful!”“Down tiger.” Cyn whispered as she smiled up at him. “You’ll just have to wait.”David turned the music down until it wafted gently in the background, picking up a camera to take some pictures. Tony appreciated that thoughtful touch, as it was one detail he had completely overlooked.Karen suggested the girls place their bouquets on the table, and asked them to join hands with Tony before she looked out at the audience.“Ladies and gentlemen.” She began in a clear voice. “It is a privilege to be here today to witness a very special occasion in the lives of Katrina, Cynthia and Anthony. They have expressed their wish to formalize their loving relationship in a ceremony of commitment to each other. While our society may not formally recognize their union many cultures do, and it is the strength of their feelings for each other that makes this ceremony a binding commitment of love, which is valid and enduring in their eyes.” She paused briefly to smile at them before she continued.“The decision to give yourself solely to another is one that should never be taken lightly, and while I have only known you for a short time, the depth of your love for each other is clear for all to see. In the course of your relationship you have experienced good times and bad, and through the bad times your love has stood firm and grown stronger. It is this strength that will be the foundation for your lives together, and there is no doubt it will only continue to grow from today onward. Katrina, are you ready to share your vows with Anthony?”Kat smiled up at him, her eyes sparkling brighter than he’d ever seen before. She squeezed his hand as she spoke. “Tony. There has not been one day where I haven’t been thankful that you came into my life. You were the person who put their life at risk to protect me, and stood beside me and helped me through troubled times. You didn’t tell me about honesty, integrity and commitment, you showed me these qualities every time we were together. You have given me everything you possibly could, and asked for nothing in return.” Tony could see one tiny tear trickling down her cheek, which had him struggling to choke back his emotions.“But most of all…you taught me about love, and what it means to give yourself to someone and have them give themselves in return. I am honored that you have asked me to be your partner, and to share our lives together. I promise you with all my heart that my love for you will only grow deeper as time passes. I promise that I will keep myself only for you, and I will give you anything that is within my power to give. I promise to comfort and support you whenever you may need, and to be there for you as you have for me. I promise I will do anything I can to make your life rich and rewarding. These promises I give freely, and I thank you with all my heart for asking me to be with you, for the rest of our lives.”Karen allowed the pause to linger so that everyone could all absorb Kat’s beautiful vows, before smiling at her and then shifting her gaze to Cyn. “Cynthia, would like to share your vows with Tony now?”She nodded and he saw her gulp as she drew a breath, and like her daughter she squeezed his hand and smiled up at him. “Tony, my love. At a time when you were deeply troubled you selflessly came to the aid of me and the most important people in my life. In my darkest days when I could see no way out, you were there to help us, to support us, and to show us that life is always worth living. You gave of yourself so completely, in a way I simply could not comprehend, and showed me that no problem is insurmountable when you are by my side. It took some time to realize you are the man I have waited my life to meet, and now the depths of my feelings for you are something I cannot adequately put into words.”She paused for breath but her eyes never left his, and Tony realized he would have trouble speaking when his turn came. “Here, today, with our daughters as witnesses, I give myself to you, with all of my heart and all that I am. I promise that I am yours and yours alone, and I will stand by you and support you through any challenge we may face. You have given me so much, and it is you that helped me become the woman that stands before you now. I have never been happier than when I am with you, and there is nothing more that I would ask than to spend the rest of my life with you. I promise you that, from this day forward, my love and my respect for you will only grow stronger.”Once again Karen allowed a slight pause, before smiling at Tony. “Tony, I believe it’s your turn to share your vows with Cynthia and Katrina.”His mouth was as dry as a desert sand dune and his tongue felt three times its normal size. He took a breath in an attempt to steady his jangling nerves, praying he could do this without tripping over himself. He smiled at Kat and Cyn, squeezing their hands gently as he began, and they smiled reassuringly, silently encouraging him to overcome his serious case of nerves. “Cynthia and Katrina, my wonderful, special ladies. There is an old cliché that states today is the first day of the rest of your life, and this seems a perfect statement as we stand here together now. We have been through some difficult times, and yet our love and commitment has grown stronger as we faced these challenges. I have grown not only to love you, but to respect your strength and your character. At a time when I was convinced I would never love again, you taught me this was possible, and with patience and encouragement you showed me the way. Your love for me is something that I will never take for granted, as it is a rare gift that I will treasure and value for the rest of my life.”He took another breath, starting to relax to the point that he felt he could actually get through this, and smiled at his special ladies again. “Words cannot adequately express how much I love you both, and how deeply I care for you. Today, I give you my pledge that I will love you, honor you, cherish and protect you, with everything I have and to the best of my ability, until the day I draw my final breath. I will stand by you, respect you, and encourage you in anything you choose to do, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart by doing me the honor of standing here with me today.”He looked at Karen who was smiling broadly, and she looked beyond them to address the people gathered around to share this special moment. “Katrina, Cynthia and Tony. You have freely agreed to give yourselves to each other without reservation, in a union of love which will be bound by your affection, your trust, and your respect for each other. Our world is one of constant change, but despite this we still maintain and cherish our core values, including those of a loving, ongoing relationship. Your vows express the depth of your feelings for each other, and the personal values that will become the foundation for your lives together. I have rarely heard such beautiful, heartfelt sentiments, and you have the best wishes of everyone gathered here today for your future together. It is my sincere pleasure to announce you are committed to each other from this day forward, bound by the ties of love, sincerity, and respect. Tony, you may now kiss the ladies who have so lovingly given themselves to you!”A loud cheer erupted, growing even louder as Tony kissed Cyn and Kat, before he hugged them both with a grip he never wanted to relinquish. John had quickly slipped into manager mode, and in seconds everyone had a glass of champagne to toast them. Shannon and Tiff ran over and hugged them with tears in everyone’s eyes including his. Shannon had him in bear hug as she looked up. “That was so beautiful Tony. It was…I feel….Oh I don’t know. I just know when I get married I want a ceremony just like that!”Tiff had Cyn and Kat in a similar embrace. “That was just…..perfect. Oh my God! That was so romantic!” She whispered breathlessly.The majority of the guests and staff passed similar comments, and they were inundated with congratulations and well-wishes. David and Karen were standing to one side, and Tony finally managed to extricate himself and walk over to where they were standing. He shook David’s hand before hugging Karen and kissing her cheek. “I don’t know how to thank you.” He said simply. “That was just…… amazing. It was everything I’d hoped for….such a special memory for us. Saying thank you just seems completely inadequate!”They were both smiling broadly as Cyn came over and put her arms around him as Karen replied. “Well Tony, a week in paradise all expenses paid was a pretty good start.” She laughed. “But I’d like to say something. I’ve lost count of how many ceremonies I’ve conducted, but I can honestly say I will never forget being here today with you. All of your vows were so….loving and sincere. I was looking around and there wasn’t a dry eye anywhere, even most of the men had a tear or two!”Cyn gave David and Karen a happy kiss. “So, do you still think we’re crazy hillbillies?” She asked with laugh.“No way.” David replied. “We don’t follow up on how people go later, but we’ve done ceremonies where somehow, you just know they’re not going to make it. You will for sure, there’s no doubt about it. In fact, if you decide in ten years that you want to come back and reaffirm your vows, we’ll pay to be here with you if you want us to.”“You’re that sure?” Cyn asked in wonder.They both nodded emphatically. “No question.” David replied. “Maybe you three know something the rest of us don’t, but I’d bet our house that you guys will last the distance.”Karen nodded in agreement. “This has been a special day and we want to thank you for asking us to share it with you. Long term relationships are not easy, especially these days, but the way you three feel about each other is just magical.”After a while John and his staff gently ushered them up to the restaurant area and proceeded to serve the best meal they had enjoyed since arriving on the island. The drinks flowed freely and everyone had a great time with a constant stream of people talking to them, some who wanted to know a little more about their unconventional arrangement and others who just wanted to pass their best wishes. Tony had the feeling that a number of the men, and some of the women, were a little jealous that their relationship was clearly such a happy, loving one.Kat stepped up behind Cyn and Tony, and bent down to whisper. “I’d like to spend some quality time with my new husband.” She whispered in a highly suggestive tone. “If that’s an appealing idea do think we could sneak away without attracting attention?”Cyn smiled broadly. “I was just thinking the same thing honey. What do you think Tony?”He leaned back in my chair and smiled at his beautiful wives. “I think seeing as we’re paying the bill, we can do whatever we like! Kat, you sneak away now and Cyn, you could wait a minute or two and follow, and I’ll go and thank John for his great dinner and join you soon. How does that sound?”Kat leaned down and kissed him passionately. “Don’t keep us waiting too long lover. I’ll have glass of champagne waiting for you.” And with that she slipped away.Tony kissed Cyn as he stood, assuring her he’d join them soon as he looked around to see where John was. He was talking to Cath and another staff member so he walked over and tapped him on the shoulder. “I think it’s time for me to say goodnight John.” Tony said as they shook hands. “But I wanted to thank you for everything you and your staff did for us today, and for this magnificent meal.”John smiled broadly. “It’s been our pleasure Tony. We’ve had a great day and trust you and your ladies enjoyed yourselves.”Cath was beaming at him. “Thanks for allowing the staff to share your special day Tony. It was such a beautiful ceremony!”“My pleasure Cath. Goodnight all!” And at last he was on his way. He actually jogged back to the bungalow and slipped through the door, closing it behind him. Soft lighting greeted him and he could just make out Cyn and Kat standing on the balcony. He walked out and was greeted with a glass of champagne as promised and hugged them both, holding their warm bodies against his. “I think I was way too nervous to tell you how beautiful you both looked today. I’m sure I was the envy of every man there!” He laughed.Cyn smiled. “Fortune favors the brave Tony.” She laughed happily. “And buying our wedding dresses without us trying them on first was very, very brave!”Everyone laughed at the truth in that statement, and Kat smiled widely. “Just out of curiosity, what would you have done if we hadn’t liked them, or they didn’t fit?”He looked at them thoughtfully. “Well, I would have prayed John could organize the helicopter for me real fast, and if that didn’t work I would have started swimming for the mainland.”“That sounds a bit extreme.” Cyn laughed again. “But you didn’t leave yourself with too many options.” She took his hand and led him toward the door. “I think we should stop stalling and take this party somewhere private, coming Kat?”“Right with you Mom.” She replied, and they headed for the bedroom. Once inside Cyn turned her back to him and lifted the wisps of hair hanging down over her slender neck. Tony knew an invitation when he saw one and started kissing her exposed neck softly and gently. Kat took his glass and his free hand slid Cyn’s zipper slowly down her back until he could ease her dress from her tanned shoulders and help her step free. She was wearing a white lace bra and matching panties, and he carefully unclasped her bra, freeing her perfect breasts and noting how firm her nipples were. He left her in panties, stockings and shoes and turned his attention to Kat, slowly repeating the process until she was in an identical state of undress. At that point they turned their attention to him, working as a team smoothly and easily until he was naked, before they each started at his neck and slowly worked their way downward. Shoulders, chest, nipples and stomach were bathed in soft butterfly kisses until they reached his rapidly hardening cock. At this point Tony closed his eyes and gave himself over to the erotic signals being transmitted by skin and nerve endings, feeling two pairs of soft, moist lips exploring his shaft and painfully tight balls. A pair of lips took hold of his oozing glans before sliding downward, taking his length at an agonizingly slow pace that had him mentally begging for more. A second pair of lips suckled on his balls, taking them into a warm, wet mouth one at a time before ensuring the other received similar treatment.He had no idea who was doing what, but rested his hands on a head as his cock slipped easily into a tight throat. That familiar, short rest period followed, and then he could feel throat muscles working against his flesh as a gentle lover attempted to swallow him whole, as though trying to draw his body inside starting with his cock. He groaned loudly, unable to stop the sound from slipping past his lips. “If you keep going, this won’t take long at all!” He moaned deeply.He wasn’t expecting an immediate reply, and felt the moist mouth slowly slide back up my shaft until it slid free. It was Cyn who spoke. “As much as I’m tempted to keep going until my husband cums down my throat, I think I’d like the first one in my cunt Tony.”Kat had freed his tight balls from her oral embrace, realizing they would shift positions. Tony picked Cyn up and carried her to the bed, sliding her panties down and casually throwing them over his shoulder. She was a vision of feminine sexuality, laying back with her legs spread to display her perfect pussy, wearing nothing but her white stockings and heels. He moved between her slender legs, and slid easily inside her moist, waiting cunt and feeling her legs curl around him. She was making sure he wasn’t going anywhere, which suited him just fine. He started thrusting slowly, knowing his first release for the night wouldn’t take long and wanting to enjoy her warmth for as long as possible. Kat appeared and took his face in her hands, providing a welcome distraction from the sensations emanating from just below his waist. “You have no idea how much I love you, and how much I want you right now.” She whispered as she stroked his face, before she kissed him deeply and passionately, leaving him in no doubt about the truth of her words. She sat back on the bed and watched them make love, slowly stroking her slick pussy as she pulled her panties to one side. Tony was slowly increasing speed, thrusting deeply into Cyn as she groaned below him. Her moist flow increased and he watched as her breasts and neck took on a deeper rose color. Her first orgasm rippled through her gently like pools spreading across a pond, and he felt her juices spray against his probing shaft. He was thrusting deeper and faster, building toward his own impending release as she bathed him again, groaning deeply through her sweet release. “Cum for me Tony.” She pleaded. “Cum long, and hard, and deep, and consummate our love!”Her tender suggestion was all it took, and Tony buried his full length firmly inside her moist, gripping pussy as his cum coated her in viscous white cream. She squealed softly as she felt his release and she joined in, soaking him with juices as she he held him tightly. “Oh God.” She groaned. “I don’t care whether you make love to me or fuck me, or where or how you do it, as long as you do it. Sweet Jesus, I love you inside, filling me with your wonderful cum!”Their breathing gradually slowed as her flushes receded, and he slid free slowly and carefully. She lay back with a dreamy expression on her face and Kat crawled down the bed like a cat stalking its prey, a lascivious smile on her face as her eyes held his. She moved between his legs and her gaze dropped to his cock, before she took him into her mouth and started working with her wicked sensual tongue. Thankfully he had only cum once when Cyn trapped him in the shower, and that fact coupled with Kat’s talented mouth ensured he would be ready for her soon. Tony lay back and she moved over him, lowering her pussy onto his waiting mouth as she continued working on his slick cock. He slid her delicate panties to one side and tasted her glistening labia, sliding his tongue along her slit as he scooped up her nectar. She groaned around his cock, sending shivering vibrations through his sensitive flesh, and lowered her pussy down until her labia were pushed flat against his cheeks. His willing tongue probed her, sliding around her moist entry before heading deeper. She tasted exceptionally sweet and he licked, sucked and swallowed her increasing flow as fast as he could. She pushed down harder and he could hear her breathing becoming shorter and shallower before she came deep into his mouth. She shifted position slightly, exposing her clit to his lips, and he used his tongue to push the hood back before latching on to her rigid button with his lips. Applying gently pressure, sucking steadily and flicking his tongue across the erect tip, he was rewarded with another series of breathless groans which preceded another sweet spray of feminine cum. The movement of her mouth became more urgent and insistent, sucking him firmly as she succeeded in bringing to him to hardness in preparation for what they both wanted and needed. Tony went with her, teasing and stimulating her hard, erect clit as though it were a tiny cock, succeeding in taking her through a series of climaxes that grew in intensity. Finally she admitted defeat, throwing her head back as she groaned breathlessly through a long, liquid orgasm that saw her juices cascading down his face. “Oh…my…fucking God. I love the way you tongue my juicy cunt, but I can’t take any more. I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME…NOW!”He french-kissed her tiny love button one last time, and moved back from her sweet pussy with more than a little reluctance. As soon as she felt his lips leave her skin she became a flurry of movement, almost tearing her panties off in her haste to prepare for their consummation. She lay back beside Cyn, spread her legs wide apart, and looked up with lust and pure desire. He smiled and moved into position, his hard cock in hand as she bent forward and pulled her puffy labia apart. Her head snapped back and her eyes clamped shut as he slid easily inside. “Oh yes. GOD…YES!!!” She screamed. “Give it to me please. Give me every inch of your cock!”Never one to disappoint a lady Tony gladly complied, sliding all the way into her dripping, clenching pussy. Her legs locked around him and her arms clamped around his neck as her eyes blinked open as she gazed up at him. “I need this so much. You won’t break me, so fuck me now. FUCK ME AS HARD AND AS FAST AS YOU CAN!” He bent down to kiss her and started thrusting, firmly and rapidly as she had asked, and feeling her stretch around him. She lay back and closed her eyes again, a small grunt slipping past her lips every time his balls crushed her labia as he tried to give her every single fraction of an inch. Her head was rocking from one side to the other as he gave her everything he had, feeling her cum again and again as his pace quickened. A small trail of saliva oozed past her lips and slow trickled across her cheek, and Tony swore he could feel her muscles clench and release around him, as though trying to milk the cum from his balls. “Come on babe. Fuck my tight teenage cunt.” She whispered hoarsely. “Fuck me and fill me, I want you so much it hurts!”Initially Tony thought he would be able to hold back for a while, but the sensations of sight, sound, smell and feel were all conspiring against him and he knew it was simple impossible. “Uhh….Uhhh…. UHHHH…… I’M CUMMING!!!!!” He gasped.He wouldn’t have believed he had made sweet love to Cyn so recently, as he came inside Kat so hard and for so long it felt as if he had abstained for a month or more! She squealed loudly, increasing in pitch until he covered her mouth with his hand in case someone pounded on the door to investigate. Her teeth clamped onto his flesh, so hard he winced and wondered if she’d drawn blood, feeling her body pump one burst of cum after another, and struggling against the building pressure to stay inside her. The pressure built to the point that his cock was forced back like a cork from a shaken bottle of champagne, and their combined juices ran freely from her gaping pussy and pooled on the bed.Cyn had watched their building passion with increasing interest, and her eyes widened in amazement at the intensity of Kat’s series of orgasms. She smiled at Tony as he collapsed on the bed, and she lifted Kat’s virtually lifeless head and rested it against her chest as she stroked her daughter’s flushed face, her movements slow, soft and soothing. After several minutes Tony’s breathing had slowed and his legs seemed to be working, so he stood unsteadily and poured fresh glasses, offering one to Cyn and taking one for himself. Cyn held her glass up and they toasted and sipped, smiling down at Kat who was still some way from recovered. “Wow.” Cyn whispered. “That was something to see.”“Wasn’t it just.” Tony grinned. “She and I have shared some amazing climaxes, but I’ve never seen her cum like that.”Cyn was still stroking Kat’s face. “Are you ok baby?” She enquired softly. “Are you still with us?”Kat groaned and her eyes flickered open for a second. “I’m….fine Mom.” She whispered breathlessly. “I think….I’m just….completely and totally…fucked!”Cyn and Tony laughed so hard they almost spilt their drinks. “I think she’s had enough for one night.” He smiled at Cyn. “In fact, I think I’m about done as well. If I pick her up can you pull the covers down?”She nodded so they put their drinks aside, and Tony lifted her easily as Cyn pulled the covers down so he could lay her on the cool sheets before they slid in with her. He kissed Kat softly and wished her goodnight, and she murmured something unintelligible as he took Cyn in his arms. “Happy birthday my love.” He wished her belatedly, and she surprised him by laughing loudly. “Did I miss the joke?” He enquired.She shook her head and hugged him in reassurance. “I’m sorry.” She apologized, still trying to contain her laughter. “I was just thinking….you don’t have a hope in hell of ever topping this…. EVER!”Tony laughed with her, realizing she was one hundred percent right. “That’s a relief. It means the pressure is finally off!”She was drifting gently off to sleep. “I can’t thank you enough for today, and for this holiday and everything you’ve done for us. I was going to say it’s a dream come true, but I don’t think I could have dreamt of anything so…completely perfect.”He leant over and kissed her forehead as her eyes started to close. “It’s been my pleasure….have I told today how much I love you?”“Yes.” She whispered with a dreamy smile. “But I never get tired of hearing you say it. I love you so much my wonderful husband.” They slowly drifted off to sleep, each thinking that tomorrow really was the first day of the rest of their lives, and looking forward to loving each other for every second. THE END – AND THANK YOU FOR READING!

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