My summer at my buddys granparents farm


My summer at my buddys granparents farmWe were there to help his grand dad with farm chores. We would be paid at harvest and get our food and housing all summer long. I was 16 and could drive the farm equipment, but he was only 15. So I did the chores he told me and then reported back to the farm house. I usually found his gran mom there cooking or cleaning, and my buddy on the road with his gran dad. So I had nothing to do the rest of the day. I showered and sat down to breakfast with his grandmom. She was a sweet woman who he married after his wife (my buddys real grandmom) died. The age span was pretty big but i figured it had to do with the money the old farmer had. I ask her what she did for excitement on the farm? she cooked and cleaned. In canlı bahis the winter she would travel some with her friends. But it was pretty boring, her husband was gone most of the time. She told me she got lonely and having me around was nice. She slept in her own room and the old man in his own. I ask how that worked out? she told me having a man in her bed would be nice. Her husband and his ex wife slept alone and he did not want to change. She ask if I wanted to take a nap? I had been up since 4 am moving two loads of cattle. I said that would be nice, I had showered and had breakfast. She wanted to lay down with me, she was ready for a nap as well. We went to her room and got in bed. I had on my under shorts, she got undressed to not wrinkle bahis siteleri her clothes she said. She put on a bed dress thing i could see through. I liked the look of her nice tits and her ass in those panties. Once she got in bed she ask me to hold her. She backed up to me, and i stuck my hand between her tits. She seemed to enjoy that. I kissed the back fo her neck and she liked that. So I raised her bed dress and slid my hand in her panties. With an ass cheek in my hand i squeezed it firmly. She liked that as well. So I pulled down the panties and left them at her knees. She used her toes and removed them. She spread her legs for me and I found her hair patch wet and ready. My fingers in her and massaged her g spot for a bit. She reached güvenilir bahis back and pulled my cock out. She jerked it a few times and then ask me to fuck her. Under the covers I took my place and she readied her self for me. She opened the lips and placed the head up inside of her. Being 16 I had the stamina to hand in there with her, but lasting was the problem at first. She was a soaking wet woman inside and I had not felt anything like that before. While i finished pretty quickly, I was also ready very quickly. That was a saving grace for both of us. After the first few days I had become comfortable with the situation. We had sex in bed, on the floor and on the kitchen table. She was not big on oral sex and had not had that before, but I did it for her and she soon learned to love it. That made her far more wet than before, to the point pussy juice just ran out of her. That was a very memorable summer for me, and she begged her husband to hire me the next summer.

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