NUDIST family SEX CLINIC PART TWO“NUDIST family SEX CLINIC” PART 2“Do you like big ones? she asked. Billy hung his head. “I guess…” “Please look at my tits, Billy.” His eyes flickered up to her offered breast. “There’s a powerful connection between the nerves in a woman’s nipples and the ones in her uterus, so, nipple sucking can be very stimulating for many women.” She gave him another one of those sleepy smiles, and repeated, “Look at me, honey…please” At last, Billy looked. Inez now moved her hands down between her legs, and in each hand she took one of her vaginal lips…then slowly pulled them apart so the boy could see inside of her. He tried not to look, but his eyes were drawn down to her open and exposed sex. “You’re looking at my vagina,” she said. “But there are lots of names for a woman’s sex, and I think you’ll love them all…the way I do. The sound of cunt, or cunny, or twat, or pussy might be nasty to some people, but they’re also terribly exciting to quite a few women. They love to hear that kind of talk from a man they are having sex with, or planning to. My favorite is a Sanskrit word. Yoni. Do you like the way that sounds? Billy stared at the apex of her legs and nodded once as if his head weighed a hundred pounds. Inez’ voice now sounded thick and husky. “Women think that kind of talk is hot and dirty, and it makes them all wet inside. Can you see how wet I am down there? God, I’m really soaked,” she laughed. Billy couldn’t resist. He stared at the two fat lips of her…yoni…and saw that they were cleanly shaved so he could see everything she had between her legs, but right above the pouting lips, Inez had left a large patch of thick, black, curly hair. Inside of the fat outer lips of her yoni, Billy could see dark, ragged looking inner lips that were pushing them apart. Her spread open labia framed an oval of pink flesh that was wet and dripping, and he could see that the insides of her legs were entirely coated and glistening with what appeared to be her seepage. “Do you know why I’m so wet, honey?” He couldn’t take his eyes off the mystery between her legs, and just shook his head. “A woman gets all wet like that because her body and brain are telling her body it’s ready for a man to slide his penis into her. Did you know about that? His eyes came up to hers, and he said in a weak little voice, “What man?” She laughed softly at that and leaned closer to him so that her large, elongated breasts swung down and forward, dangling and swaying like two firm bags of soft, brown flesh. “For you, Honey Boy,” she said in a throaty voice. “I’m getting all ready for you to…fuck me, but first you’ve got to take off all of your clothes so you can play with me for a while before you enter me.” “All of them?” he squeaked. She nodded and smiled again as he began to fumble clumsily with the buttons of his shirt. “Here, let me help you take your clothes off,” she said as casually if she was his own mother. Inez scooted forward on her chair and she began unbuttoning his shirt. He could smell the heady fragrance of her perfume and that of her body, and they were so powerful and sweet they almost made him dizzy. She smiled into his eyes and whispered, “Look at my titties, honey. Look at the way they hang from me. They’re very soft and firm, and I get terribly excited when someone squeezes them and pulls on them as if they were milking me.” Billy’s eyes moved down and he caught his breath as they filled his vision. Inez had large, slightly elongated breasts that looked big and firm, and ended in enormous, chocolate brown areolas so large that they covered more than three inches at the end of each breast. Billy could see that there were goose pimples around the entire, huge areola, and all of the large, dark flesh of her nipples was contracted and wrinkled and covered with little bumps and ridges of excitement. At the very center of each dark circle was a surprisingly large dug that stuck straight up off of her breast at least a quivering inch. It was tight and wrinkled, and looked hard with desire. “Touch them, honey, please. Come on, feel me up and I’ll get even wetter for you.” Billy’s hands went slowly up to her hanging breasts as she continued removing his clothing. They were warm and heavy and firm, and the nipples filled his palms with their rubbery stiffness. He squeezed the nipples and enjoyed stiff resilience of the dark flesh. He pulled them out from her chest so that each breast was lifted up and the boy could feel the heavy weight of them. “That’s it, Honey. Don’t be shy. I love what you’re doing to me. Feel the entire breast, not just the nipple. Take your time and massage them gently,” she urged. And as he squeezed each one, she caught her breath. He hefted them in his hands without any more urging from Inez. He bounced them on his palms, then pressed them against her chest so that they spread out around hands like soft, wonderful dough. “Oh, God that feels so good, “she moaned into his ear. Her breath sent a shiver down his neck, and combined with all of the other things he was seeing and smelling and feeling that he suddenly became aware that his penis had swollen up in his pants, and was painfully hard and stiff. “Oh, that feels wonderful, honey. Now, pull on my nippies as if you were milking me.” Billy was so completely under her power that he didn’t hesitate for a moment. His hands slid down over each breast and came to the end so that each large, distended nipple was pinched between his fingers. His hands were damp and he suddenly realized that Inez was sweating…either from the warm day or the warmth being generated by their own bodies and their own undeniable lust for each other. Inez looked wild, like an a****l, and made little noises in her throat. Her big brown nipples were captured between his thumb and forefingers and he pulled at them and squeezed them hard. “That’s it, Honey. Pull on them and squeeze them hard. Hurt ‘em.” She threw her head back and begged, “Milk my big titties.” Billy did exactly as he was told and Inez whimpered softly, and panted hard.“You’ve got a great touch, honey. I knew that you would. The minute I saw you, I could tell that you were going to make me a wonderful lover. You know exactly how I like it.”“Billy smiled to himself and slid both hands up her sweaty breasts to the place they grew out of her chest, then down again to heft each breast in a hand and massage them firmly. “Now, suck on them,” she breathed. “Put a titty in your mouth and suck hard on it while you keep milking me.” Billy was trembling with pleasure as he did what he was told. He raised her left breast up to his lips and slowly slid his lips up over it as far as he could, taking as much of her into his mouth as he could. He ran his tongue all over their rough, bumpy surface, and sucked…hard. As hard as he could. “Ahhhh,” she moaned into his ear. “Suck me honey. Suck my knockers. Come on and suck on my big cans.” she urged. Inez suddenly took his right hand and quickly guided it down between her thighs so that it covered her hairy pubis. ‘The top part of my pussy…where I left that patch of pubic hair is called my mound. Press your hand against it and rub it.” It felt soft and spongy to the boy, and he softly massaged it again and canlı bahis again. “That’s right, honey,” she coached. “Rub it and tug on my pussy hair a little. Mmmm, that feels so nice. My mound is right over my clit, so I can really feel it.” Now, she moved his hand down until it cupped her soaking slit. It felt soft and sticky to him. Her wetness covered his fingers and stuck to them like slippery, raw egg white. He was now aware of the strong odor coming from her vagina. It had a damp, earthy smell to it, and the boy quickly realized that he liked it, and suddenly wondered what she tasted like down there. He now rubbed his hand against her parted labia and pressed his fingers into her pink, wet vagina, and rubbed them around and around inside the opening between her legs.“You don’t even know what you’re doing, but you’re doing it so good, “she breathed. “Oh, my God, I’m cumming,” and started grunting like an a****l. “You’re making me come. Keep playing with my…cunny…just like that,” she pleaded. Inez pulled him down to her breast and then moved his face into her armpit. “That’s another one of my smells,” she breathed into his ear. “Remember that women aren’t much different from men, and we’re a****ls, too. We sweat and our sweat is a wonderful part of our sex.” Her voice excited him tremendously, and now he, too, was panting. She pressed his nose deeper and said, “Smell me, Honey. I’m a woman and I have lots of smells for you to enjoy while have sex together.” By now, she had managed to totally undress him with the skill of a mother, or a woman who had undressed many other bodies before. He was so overwhelmed by the smell of her sweat and that soft, pleading voice of hers that for a long moment he didn’t even realize that he was totally naked.“I had hoped I could wait a little longer with this, but I’m so excited that I’ve got to cum. Right now!” She suddenly tensed up against him, and before he even understood what she was doing, Inez reached down between her legs, joining the boy’s hand on top of her pussy. She now rubbed both her hand and Billy’s deeply into her vagina until it made a wet, sucking noise as their hands pressed into her. In almost one push, Inez’s hand was also covered by the hot, oily discharge oozing out of her gaping slit. As she now trembled on the edge of her incipient orgasm, Inez took her wet hand out from between her legs and slipped her warm, slimy fingers around Billy’s achingly hard penis. She jerked her hand up and down on his painful organ, and Billy felt his heart and his breath momentarily stop. “I’m going to jack you off now All your stuff is going to squirt out of your dick, but that’s good, Honey. It’ll feel like you’re peeing heaven out of your dick, Honey, but it isn’t pee. It’s the stuff that comes out of you at night. Just relax and let yourself go. Let me get all that hot soup out of you.” Her breath in his ear tickled, and her hand expertly squeezing and pulling on his cock was the most wonderful thing he’d ever felt. “Give it to me, Baby,” she urged. “Give me everything you’ve got for me.” All of a sudden, Billy felt something deep down inside his swollen balls surge up his hard penis and out of him again and again and again and again, until there was no more, and he could feel that he’d squirted it all over Inez’ belly and her naked bosom was covered with the stuff. But she didn’t pull away. Instead she moved back a little and smiled into his eyes, then slowly rubbed the copious discharge of thick, white semen around and around her dangling tits, and hefted them in her hands so she could wipe it all over them. She smeared Billy’s ejaculation deep into her resilient brown breasts, concentrating on the dark, bumpy ridges of her areola, and pulling her sticky fingertips up to tug on her hugely distended nipples. She was smiling at him, her eyes heavy-lidded with sex, her lips moist and parted, and soft mewling sounds coming out of her lovely mouth. “That makes my titties feel so good when it dries on them. Thanks, Baby. Thanks for giving me such a good cum. You’re going to be a wonderful lover,” she cooed. “I knew it the minute I saw you.” “You did?” said the surprised boy. “Of course. You looked a little young, but so cute, and I sensed there was a tenderness about you that would make you a kind lover. I also knew that you had to be so horny by now that your balls would be absolutely full of cum.” She looked down at his now shrunken penis, still held tightly in her hand. You’ve got a nice cock. Just the size it should be for a young man…and real big balls.” “I always thought it was so small,” said quietly. At that, Inez laughed. “Some women like big dicks to play with the same way men like big boobies, but a hard dick is always better for a woman to fuck than just a big dick. And take it from me, most big dicks can’t get really hard enough to satisfy a woman because they’re so long, and it feels like you’re fucking a hot dog.” She wrinkled her nose and made a little face. “If I wanted a hot dog in my pussy, I’d go to a baseball game. What I want,” she said, “is a nice, hard weenie like yours.” She suddenly bent over and took the sticky mushroom head of his deflated penis into her mouth and gave it a gentle, but steady suck. Her beautiful eyes moved up his body to watch him intently as she used the raspy tip of her tongue to rub in tiny circles around the bottom of its bulbous head again and again. Billy practically fell backward with a huge intake of breath and moaned softly as she followed him down with her mouth. He could feel himself beginning to harden and swell up again immediately. She took her mouth off of him for a moment and looked up to gaze into his eyes with a look of pure love. “I’m going to suck your cock now, but I want you to hold your cum back as long as you can before you give it to me, okay, honey? That way I’ll get all the thick pieces that have been stored up in those nice big balls of yours for so long. I can tell you’ve got a real big load for me to drink, so when you let me have it, squeeze as hard as you can so I empty you all out before your lesson continues.” “Lesson?” he asked with a trembling voice. “That’s right, Honey. I’m going to give you a nice private love lesson. I’m going to show you all of my hidden places up close, so that the mystery of a hungry woman’s body will be gone and you’ll have the pleasure of making her orgasm for you. You’ll know exactly how a woman’s naked body looks and feels and smells when you’re pleasing her. That way she’ll be able to squeeze all of that nice hot jizz out of your cock. I’ll explain just what she wants you to do to her. How she wants you to rub her and suck her and get her all ready to take all your hot cream, okay?” The boy nodded. Inez smiled that kind, knowing smile of hers, then put her face back down between his legs and took only the head of his penis into her mouth. She nursed on the swollen mushroom at the end of it with little wet tugs of her lips, rubbing her tongue all around the bottom of it and into his pisshole, and jacking him off rapidly with her hand as she did so. “Oh, that feels so good,” said the boy. “I don’t know how long I can hold it.” “Don’t worry about it, baby. Just hold back until your penis gets bahis siteleri as hard as it can get and you feel it’s ready to explode.” She was watching him closely as he thrashed about on his back, holding his breath and his ejaculation as long as he could. “Okay, honey,” she breathed softly against the swollen, purplish knob of his organ. “I think you’re ready.” Her smile suddenly got bigger as his glans got bigger and his urethra opened up to release his stuff. “Now, baby, NOW” she panted. “Fuck it all into my mouth. Give me your hot soup,” she panted. Billy let go of his breath and his bursting load of semen at the same wonderful moment. Inez’ mouth opened wider to take the first powerful squirt of his ejaculate. And then more and more and more and more of his slimy white semen was pumped out into Inez’s feverishly sucking mouth.” “Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm,” she whimpered as she squeezed his swollen balls with her hand and he emptied himself into her eagerly waiting mouth. When the last of Billy’s cum had dribbled out of his prick, Inez pulled her head off of him and raised it up so he could see her beautiful face. She opened her mouth and smiled lovingly at him so he could see the brimming mess of sperm he’d just given her. She lolled her tongue around in her mouth, rolling his frothy liquid all around so he could see how much she’d collected from him. She made unintelligible little noises of pleasure as she gently shook her head from side to side to show him how his thick, mucousy discharge rolled all around, but didn’t spill out of her greedy mouth. Then she closed her lips over it and opened them again so that his liquid clung between her full, brown lips in viscous, white threads. She made little mewling sounds in her throat again, then, with her mouth still wide open before his eyes, she slowly allowed the thick oysters of his sperm to slide down her throat and into her stomach. *** After the two lovers had managed to catch their breath and rest for a few minutes, Inez sat up and looked lovingly into his eyes. “Ready for the rest of your lesson?” she asked. Billy smiled and nodded, not at all the shy c***d he’d been before she got her hands and mouth on him. Inez sat up in front of the boy, then raised her arms and placed her hands behind her head. Billy could see that her armpits were covered in thick, wet black curling hair. She rolled her shoulders so that her large, hanging breasts swung gently back and forth and slapped together wetly. “How come you’ve got all that hair under your arms,” the boy asked. “Because I want you to see that women are not little Barbie dolls. We’re a lot like men in some ways. We’ve got hair under our arms and between our legs. See?” And she spread her legs widely apart to again show him the thick bush of pussy hair growing above her fat, shaved pubis. It was all shiny with sweat and their combined drippings. She leaned forward and brought her armpit to his face. “Smell me, Billy.” The boy eagerly did so, inhaling the strong fragrance of her perspiration.Inez laughed. “You’re a fast learner, honey. I like that.” Billy smiled proudly. “You ever kiss a woman on the lips?” she asked softly. “Only my mom.” “She ever stick her tongue in your mouth so you could suck on it?” Billy looked as if he was trying to remember something, then said, “Once, I think, a long time ago, but she stopped real quick and said she was sorry. I should forget about it.” “Well, that’s the way that people kiss each other when they want to have sex. Do you think your mommy wanted to have sex with you and then got scared?” “I don’t think so,” said Billy. “She’s not like that, and anyway she couldn’t because I’m her son.” “Don’t k** yourself, honey. Lots and lots of moms take their k**s to bed and have sex with them.” “I never even thought of that,” said the boy. “Well, think about it. If you show your mom some of the things I’m going to teach you, she might not be able to help herself. I could see the way she looked at you when she didn’t think anyone was watching.” “You think?” asked Billy, not quite convinced that his mother might really want to do sex things with him. “Well, you might want to think about it.” Billy shook his head. “I just couldn’t. My own mother?” He shook his head again. Inez shrugged. “That’s okay, honey, your dick will think about it for you. Would you like to kiss me?” Billy smiled broadly and looked down at Inez’s dark pussy. She laughed again. “Not yet, honey. Soon, I promise, but first I want to french you.” And at that she brought her face close to Billy’s. Her big, smoky eyes looked deep into his, then down at his mouth. Inez stuck the pink tip of her tongue out from between her lips. Then, she put her face right up to Billy’s, and started licking his lips. Billy never knew that a kiss could make him feel so…strange…but so nice. He breathed her in deeply. The sweetness of her perfume came up from between her breasts, and he could smell the sourness of the sweat in her armpits. But all of the odors were overwhelmed by the ripe, swampy fragrance that steamed up from between her legs. It dizzied him as he inhaled deeply. Billy opened his mouth to Inez’s eager tongue. They licked each other passionately and panted heavily into each other’s mouth for several minutes. Billy could feel her squirming against him and obviously getting quite excited. She now leaned back from him and reluctantly disengaged herself. “Now, it’s time to go on with your lesson, so I want you to take a good look at my pussy.” She didn’t have long to wait. Her new student had been waiting for this moment. He got right down on his stomach and put his face about a foot in front of her gaping sex. Inez smiled with pleasure at Billy’s willingness to learn anything. Everything. Inez reached down and pulled the lips of her twat wide for the boy to see. Her voice was totally professional as she went on. “Most women have pussies that pretty much resemble each other, but no two are exactly alike all the time. All of them are different and all of them are beautiful. Some are tight like a nice little piece of fruit,” she said as she pressed her fat outer lips together. “Particularly when a woman is young. As women get older and have babies and sex, their inner lips push out and hang down a little. Some women call them their meat flaps.” She now began to play with her big, loose inner lips, rubbing a fingertip up and down the dark rubbery flesh that she’d opened up for him like the petals of an exotic plant. Billy’s eyes were fixed on Inez’s open crotch. “A woman’s vagina sucks his dick right into her sex, and these nice, big. floppy lips hug it as he slides it out of her body. It’s all nice and shiny down there because of oil glands under my lips. Now get real close to my cunny and I’ll show you the rest of it.” She didn’t need to ask him twice. Billy’s eager eyes were just a few inches from Inez’s open pudenda. The red-painted nail of her forefinger moved slowly downward. She pulled her inner lips even farther apart and pointed to a small hole in her shining pink interior flesh, just above the entrance to her vagina. See that little hole? That’s where my urine comes out.” Billy leaned closer and as he did, Inez let a little dribble of piss leak out of güvenilir bahis her open cunt. “It looks just like the pee hole in my dick.” “That’s right, honey, but I know women who stretch that tiny hole with female toys so they can take a man’s penis in there and let him fuck her in her little pisser.” “Cool,” said the boy, but doesn’t that hurt her? Inez laughed again at his innocence. “Sure, but it hurts…‘nice.’ You’ll see, and sometimes they also do that kind of stretching with their…rectums.” “Really?” asked the boy wonderingly. By way of answering, Inez turned around and bent over so that he could see her behind. “Take a look at mine,” she said as she pulled her buttocks apart and pointed to the small pucker of her asshole. “Watch” she said as she flexed it for him, then got her right index finger all wet in her still slippery vagina. She inserted it into her rectum all the way up to her second knuckle. She grunted softly as she now slowly slid it in and out of her small, puckered anus, fucking herself with it. “Oh, God that feels so good. I have a lady friend who slides a heated-up banana all the way up into her asshole while she’s got a man’s dick fucking her pussy. She says it’s the hottest cum a woman can have.” “How does that feel for the man who’s doing it?” “Wonderful,” she replied. “Very tight and smooth if you grease it up real good. Very nasty, and very exciting, particularly for the woman. She’s giving a man the pleasure of opening all her holes for him. Now, pay attention,” she smiled, as her finger went back to her pussy and moved slowly downward through her wet sex. It stopped just above a small, darkly mysterious slit that was larger than her urethra, but closed. The mouth of her vagina was waiting to be opened with a kiss. Billy couldn’t wait and he was about to press his mouth to it, but Inez stopped him with a breathy little laugh. “Before you can open my purse, you’ve got to unlock it…with my clitty.”“Your what?” “I’m sorry, honey. Clitty is just a pet name for a woman’s clitoris.” Inez now traced her finger back up the inside of her genitals to stop at the upper junction of her labia. Her fingertip gently poked at an odd, little sheathe of loose skin that Inez slid back a little to reveal a round little bulb if soft flesh nestled beneath its covering. It looked to Billy like a glowing, pink pearl. “Remember how I told you that women and men weren’t as different as most people think?” Billy nodded, totally immersed in her anatomy lesson. She began sliding the loose, wrinkled brown flesh all around the pearl, rubbing and squeezing at the same time. Her voice was now getting breathy with excitement. “A clitoris is a woman’s version of a man’s penis, only much smaller…but terribly, wonderfully sensitive to the touch. Mine is pretty much like most womens, but some women have huge ones that stick out of their lips like a small penis poking out from under its hood, and begging for attention. If you ever find a woman like that, just remember that you can stimulate her to a great orgasm almost immediately. It’s like jacking off for a man. Patiently playing with a woman’s clitty can give her a wonderful jolt of stimulation that sizzles all the way up to her brain. Take care of her clit, and she’ll pay you back with the best sex she can give you. Billy said nothing, but smiled at her sweetly. Inez laughed. “No, honey. Not today. It’s getting late and you’ve already had two nice cums. I want you to save a little of your semen for later on. Anyway, your mom must be wondering what happened to us.”At the mention of his mother, Billy’s face got very serious. “Do we have to tell her what we did?” “Well, I’m sure she’ll have a pretty good idea when she sees us coming back without any clothes on, and your penis all red and used-looking.” “Are you sure she won’t get mad?” “Not at all,” assured Inez in her calm voice. “That’s the reason she brought you here, Billy. She wanted me to teach you how to be a man with a woman.” “Gosh, I didn’t know that.” “We’re almost done now, but we can’t go back to her with so much of our cum dried on my pussy and all over your cock, so I’m going to clean you off a little.” And with that, Inez squatted down over the boy so that her gaping cunt was directly over his flaccid penis. “Uh, what’re you going to do now?” “Just watch,” she said, then began urinating on him. A thick, yellow stream of piss gushed out of her open vulva and completely soaked Billy’s dormant sex organ. At first, he was startled, but after a moment of Inez’s hot urine splashing down on his dick, Billy just looked up at her and smiled. “Hey, that really feels good,” said the boy. “I knew you would,” smiled Inez. “Some men and women pee on each other all the time. Sometimes they even drink each other’s pee.” “Can we try that?” asked Billy eagerly. “Maybe later,” laughed Inez, “but I’ve still got a lot of things to show you.” She held out her hand to him and helped the boy to his feet. *** Later that afternoon, Inez walked back to her office. She was alone because she’d just left Billy with an older lady at the snack bar. The woman had greeted them with a smile, and Inez introduced her to Billy. Her name was Beverly. She was in her fifties, attractive in a wholesome way, but her breasts hung down practically to her pussy. Billy was fascinated with the size and movement of the woman’s naked bosom while she ate a tuna sandwich. Inez said she had to go, but she would join him for dinner. Beverly told Billy that she’d heard all about him, and said she wanted to introduce him to her granddaughter. From the look on the boy’s face as he kept glancing at Beverly’s fat, dangling tits, it was apparent he didn’t mind that Inez had left him with her. Billy silently hoped that Beverly’s granddaughter had breasts as big as hers. Connie had fallen asleep on the couch, but woke up as Inez came in. She smiled when Billy’s mother reacted to her total nudity with a look of surprise. “Sorry,” said Inez. “I had hoped that you’d take a look around the place. Maybe even get out of those tight, hot clothes and join us. “I couldn’t,” said Connie. “I just couldn’t…” “How’s my son? she asked as she looked for Billy around Inez’ rounded hip. “He’s fine. I left him with a nice lady who was going to introduce him to her granddaughter.” “When can I see him?” “Right after dinner. Billy’s eating with the others and I’m going to eat with them.” “What about me?” “You’re welcome to join us, but you’ll have to remove all of your clothing first. If you’re not up to that, I’m sure that you’ll probably find something decent to eat in the fridge. I’ll be back to fetch you later, but you’ll still have to remove all of your clothing and put on one of the robes you’ll find in the closet.” Connie nodded, looking absolutely miserable. “Oh, and feel free to use the microwave if you want.” And then she was gone. Billy had remained at the snack bar with Beverly. After ogling her big, dangling breasts, Billy realized that he liked big women. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her large brown nipples, and she liked the attention enough to turn toward him and open her legs so he could see her nice, fat pussy. Billy thought about how much fun it would be to fuck her in her navel, with all that nice, warm fat enclosing the spongy head of his cock as he fucked himself into her while he fingered that nice big pussy of hers. He could see that it had gotten wet during their conversation, but it wasn’t to be. END OF PART TWO

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