On the Set With Hayden Panettiere

On the Set With Hayden PanettiereIt was finally lunchtime and had just entered the cafeteria. I looked around to see if there was anyone that I knew that I could sit down next to. There wasn’t, so I decided to sit by myself at an empty table. I sat there eating by myself for a couple of minutes until I heard a woman’s voice behind me.“Mind if I sit down next to you?” I looked around to see Hayden Panettiere. She was in jeans and a red sweater. She had her hair left out.“Sure!” I replied and she sat down on the seat beside me.“It’s been quite a hectic day.” Hayden said as she started to eat.“Yeah. We did get through a lot of scenes today.” I said. There was so many characters with so many plot that we were trying to film as many scenes as quickly as possible.“I guess they want to save money by doing everything in a shorter amount of time.” She said. I finished off my burger and took a sip of my Coke.“Did you and Ali break up?” Hayden asked.“Excuse me?” I said nearly choking on my the mouthful of drink that I had.“You and Ali don’t seem to be hanging out that much anymore. Actually. You guys don’t seem to be hanging out at all. Did you guys break up?”“No!” I said.“So you guys are still together?” Hayden asked.“No!” I said again. “We were never together in the first place. Not that I wouldn’t mind. She is good looking with a smoking hot body.”“I wish I had her body.” Hayden said.“You got a great body too!” I complimented her. She started to blush a little. Guess she wasn’t use to being complimented.“So you guys were never together?” Hayden asked.“Nope!” I replied. There was some truth to it. Although we had sex quite a lot last season, we were never ‘together.’“You know the first day of shooting last season?” Hayden started.“Yeah.” I said not really knowing where she was going with this.“You know Ali had that closed set, shoot? The one where she was doing the web cam thing?” Hayden asked.“Yeah.” I said, remembering what happened when the cameras stopped rolling and the crew left the set.“Ali was the first person I made friends with and I decided to see how the shoot went and when I came in…” Hayden said gesturing with her hand as if to refresh my memory.“Shit!” I said. “You saw what happened?”“Yeah!” She said laughing as she took a sip of her drink.“Wait! Exactly what did you see?” I asked not sure at how much or how little she saw.“She was… sucking your…” She seemed a little uncomfortable at using bad language around me. “And you… finished.” Hayden went on. “I thought you guys were finished but then she started to stroke your…” She pointed at my crotch. “…With her… feet… and…”“I got another boner.” I said, feeling proud of myself. “I knew I heard something, but I didn’t say anything.”“So do women enjoy having it in their ass?” Hayden asked not looking at me.“Do you enjoy getting ass fucked?” I asked adding in the foul language that she wasn’t using.“I’ve never had a… dick… in…”“In your ass?” I completed her sentence.“…In me.” She finished her sentence. She looked down like she was embarrassed.“You’re a virgin?” I asked and she nodded, getting a little red. “Don’t be embarrassed!” I said. “How old are you?”“I just turned eighteen on the Tuesday that went. ” She said.“That was two days ago.” I said. “Happy birthday by the way.”“Thanks!” She said looking at me, getting a bit relaxed.“So legally, you weren’t allowed to have sex until two days ago and it’s not like you have to jump into bed with a random guy or your boyfriend just cause you’re eighteen.”“Thanks.” She said starting to get more relaxed. “It’s not like I have a boyfriend to jump into bed with.”“Plus no one over eighteen would, unless they wanted to get thrown into jail for fucking a minor.” There was a moment of silence as Hayden ate and I drank. “There must be loads of teens out there who dream of taking your virginity and losing there’s to you at the same time.” She started to blush again.“Shut up!” She laughed nudging me with her elbow.“Seriously. Three days ago I wouldn’t have come anywhere near you, but two days ago. Now that’s a different matter.”“How?”“You’re no longer a girl. You, are now a woman.” I said and she gave a smile. “Now I don’t just see you sitting there eating a burger, but I picture you sitting there eating a burger, naked.”“Stop saying stuff like that!” She laughed nudging me again. “You haven’t seen me naked to be able to imagine me naked.”“I have a very good imagination.” I replied and she laughed. “Hey, you didn’t blush this time.”“So what did you do for your eighteenth?”“Nothing.” She replied. “I was filming.”“Nothing?” I repeated. “You didn’t go out with friends? Go to a club? Or even get your first taste of alcohol legally?”“I got the weekend off, so we’re going out then.” She replied.“What are you doing tonight?” I asked.“Nothing.” She replied casually.“Well, I’m gonna take you out for your first drink.”“Really?” She asked getting excited. “But won’t I get in trouble if I have a hang over tomorrow?”“We’re not going to get drunk. Like you said we have work tomorrow. So we’ll have a drink or two.”“OK. That would be cool!” Hayden said.“We’ll go once I finish. I’ll come around to your trailer.” I said. She finished shooting much earlier than I did and yet she made way more than I did. Showbiz. It’s fucked up.Once we finished filming the last scene and finished up for the day, I went around to Hayden’s trailer. I knocked on the door and Hayden answered.“You’re not even dressed!” I said as she stood there in a light blue coloured robe, that was a couple of inches short of her knees. Her hair was left out with some curls at the end and looked like it was ready. At least that was one thing taken care of“I’m sorry!” She said with a very apologetic face. “But I didn’t know what to wear.”“We’re just going for a drink. We’re not going to a night club, so something casual.” I said. I walked into her trailer and saw her small cupboard. She had some clothes there, not a lot.I picked out a purple sweater and a black skirt. I was initially gonna pick out jeans but I thought if she’s in a skirt, I’d get to see her bare legs.“Now put these on.” I said going over to the couch in the living room area. I sat on the couch that was facing the bedroom. Hayden didn’t shut the door and she didn’t realise that I could see her. She took her robe off to reveal that she had matching black bra and panties. She turned around and I noticed that her panties had ridden into her butt crack slightly. She pulled it out of her butt crack and re-adjusted them.Watching her half naked teenage body and seeing her adjust her underwear started to give me a half boner. She put the skirt and sweater on. As she checked herself out in the mirror I quickly moved off the couch so she wouldn’t know that I could see her. I found some shoes in the corner of the room. I picked a pair out.“What do you think?” Hayden asked coming out of the bedroom.“Nice.” I replied. “These shoes look like they match.”“No they don’t.” She said. “Those ones over there.” She pointed at another pair. I picked them up. Hayden sat on the couch and extended her hand for me to hand them to her. I knelt down in front of her.“I’ll put ‘em on.” I said and she smiled. I lifted one foot and held it by the heel as I put her shoe over her toes. “You illegal bahis siteleri know, you have really small feet.” Hayden gave out a little giggle.“I don’t think they’d be able to handle your cock quite as well as Ali’s feet.” She was starting to feel more comfortable around me, that she was starting to make sex jokes too. I put the other shoe on and we headed out.“The bar’s a couple of blocks away so we’ll just walk it.” I said.“Sounds good to me.” She said as we walked, I decided to let her do the talking by asking about her. Once she started to talk about herself, she didn’t really stop. We got to the bar and sat down. I got us a beer each. She took a sip and had this look on her face. Guess she didn’t like her first taste of beer, but she carried on drinking anyway, adjusting to the taste.We carried on talking, making small talk with each other until Hayden caught me off guard.“You didn’t answer my question back at the cafeteria.” Hayden said.“Which question was that?” I asked taking a big sip of beer.“So do women enjoy having it in their ass?”“It depends on the woman.” I said thinking. “More on the guy as well. Some will never put it in there and some guys will want to.”“What if you don’t and they do?” Hayden asked.“Well that’ll be a huge problem for you.” I said. I assumed that she meant herself when she said ‘what if you don‘t.’“Why’s that?” Hayden asked.“A girl with a skinny ass won’t get a second look, but a girl with a nice ass like you, guys will always want to fuck your butt.”“You think I have a nice ass?” She asked. She was still a growing girl and her ass was gonna get bigger and more round, but for now it was still very good.“You know the answer to that.” I said. “Why else do you always turn your back to the camera and look back?”“I don’t do that!” She protested.“Sure you don’t!” I said sarcastically. “What about when you were at that thing for some magazine? Star style? And that show you went to in the purple dress?”“Oh yeah!“ Hayden said with that dopey look on her face.“You kept showing your ass, turning your back to the camera, turning sideways so people can see how much you’re butt stuck out.” Hayden was laughing a lot and getting slightly red from embarrassment. “There was even one time when you pointed at your ass!”“OK!” She gave in. “I got a great ass.” She laughed. “So why do guys like anal sex.”“I don’t know. It’s tighter I guess. I think it’s mainly cause you see a great ass and you just wanna fuck it. Just like when you see a beautiful girl and want her lips around your cock.”“How can guys tell that a girl’s a virgin?” Hayden asked, another question that’s totally non related to what we’re talking about.“When they put it in for the first time, they’ll get blood on their dick.” I replied.“blood?” Hayden said. “That sounds painful. I thought sex was suppose to be pleasurable.”“It is, but the first time, you have to break her in and tear through the hymen. After that it’s good. As far as I know any way. I don’t have a vagina.” I said. “Shouldn’t you already know this? You must know a girl who isn’t a virgin that you must’ve asked these questions to.”“I didn’t want to seem like a virgin. I thought they’d make fun of me, but you. You’re cool with it and it’s no big deal to you.” She said drinking more of her beer. “So the first time is just gonna be painful?” Hayden asked, getting closer to me.“If the guy’s a virgin or has a lack of experience, yeah. If the guy knows what he’s doing, then no.” I replied finishing my drink.“You seem to know what you were doing with Ali.” Hayden said. “So you’d be able to make it pleasurable?”“Probably, yeah. I haven’t been with a girl young enough to be a virgin, well… since I was a virgin and a young teenager anyway.”“Can you make it pleasurable for me?” Hayden asked.“Probably. Why?” I asked.“I want you to make it pleasurable for me.” She said.“Wait! Are you asking me to…” Hayden nodded. “You want me to take your…” Hayden nodded again. I didn’t really think of her that way, she was only sixteen when I first met her, but now that she’s 18 and a grown woman. There was something different. And watching her change, she gave me a boner and there was something about taking her virginity that made me want to do it more.“Only on one condition.” I said, playing it cool.“Anything!” Hayden said.“I get to fuck you up the ass.”“My ass?” She wrinkled her nose.“You’re the one who bought it up. ” I said. “Asking all those questions about anal sex and your ass. You’ve made me want to fuck your ass.”“Sure!” She said, not even thinking about it. She probably would’ve said no if she wasn’t a virgin. I quickly paid for the drinks and we headed back to her trailer.“So… what do… you want to do… first?” I asked.“Should we kiss first?” Hayden asked with a unsure look on her face.“Sounds good to me.” I said going up to her bending my head down as she was quite short, I’d guessabout five feet. I kissed her and she kissed me back. I tilted my head to the side, slipping my tongue into her mouth. She started to suck my tongue. After a few moments of kissing I pulled back.“Let’s go to the bed.” I said, leading her into the bedroom, holding her hand. I pulled her sweater over her head and undid the button on her skirt, letting it fall to the floor.“You have nice tits.” I said unhooking her bra, freeing her tits, taking her bra off and tossing it onto the floor. I lowered my head and sucked one of her tits. Hayden let out a nervous laugh.I took off my shirt and t-shirt, Hayden placed her small hands on my chest and started to rub my chest with her hands as I pulled my wallet out of my pocket and took out a condom. I put my wallet back into my pocket, undid my belt buckle and let my jeans fall to the floor. I was already hard, my boner pushing against my boxers.“Can I touch it?” Hayden asked.“Sure!” I replied, placing the condom on her bedside counter. “Just let it out.” Hayden smiled and grabbed the waist band of my boxers with both hands and started to squat down as she lowered my boxers down on to the floor, my cock springing up and hitting her on the chin.“First time seeing a dick?” I asked. Hayden nodded as she touched my cock. “Go on! Hold it.” Hayden wrapped her small hands around my shaft. She seemed unsure at what she was doing and she started to slowly stroke it.I placed my hands on the back of her head and started to move her head forward towards my cock. She looked up at me as my cock touched her lips. She opened her mouth as I pushed her head forward some more, getting her lips down my shaft.I used my other hand to hold my cock at the base to work her mouth up and down my shaft. I let go of her head and she started to work her lips up and down my shaft.“That’s it!” I said taking my hand off my cock and she replaced it with hers. “That feels good!” I moaned as she continued to work her lips up and down my shaft. “Yeah! Rub it with your hand as well.” She started to stroke my cock with her hand as well as sucking it.Hayden started to rapidly get faster with every stroke as she worked her soft lips and hands up and down my shaft getting faster with every stroke. I was so turned on. Hayden Panettiere, the girl that was getting a lot of attention, mainly from guys and was the ‘It girl’ at the moment youwin güvenilir mi was sucking my cock and was getting my cock ready to take her virginity.As Hayden went faster, her wet tongue licking my cock as she worked her lips on my shaft, I started to feel my cock getting closer to cumming. Normally I’d try and stop myself from cumming, but just like how I gave Hayden her first taste of alcohol, I wanted to give her her first taste of cum too.“Keep going!” I moaned moving her hair to one side so I could see her cute face more clearly. “That’s it! Go faster!” I said rubbing her shoulder as she sucked my dick. I could feel my balls start to tighten and I knew it was just seconds before I’d cum.“Shit! I’m cumming!” I yelled, holding her head down as I shot load after load of cum into her virgin mouth. Hayden gave the same look that she gave at her first taste of alcohol. Once I had emptied my cum out into her mouth, I pulled my cock out. Hayden gave another disgusted look as she swallowed.“That was gross!” She said playfully pushing my groin, my cock rubbing the side of her arm. My cock didn’t shrink in size, it almost felt as though my orgasm didn’t even happen.“You didn’t have to swallow.” I said to her.“I thought you were suppose to.” She said, this caused me to laugh.“You’re gonna turn out to be one hardcore slut.” I laughed some more.“Is that a bad thing?” Hayden gave a cheeky smile.“Get on the bed.” I said and she lay down on the bed, leaning back on her forearms. She seemed quite nervous. I pulled her shoes off her feet, holding one of them in my hand.“You nervous?” I asked.“A little.” Hayden replied, letting out a nervous laugh.“Don’t be.” I said kissing the top of her foot. I reached up and pulled her panties down and off her.“I’m not gonna be a virgin anymore!“ Hayden said for no reason.“Not just yet. Need to get the juices flowing first.“ I said as I took in her strong musky scent. I spread her legs apart and moved my head level with her pussy. I spread her pussy lips apart and licked along her slit. I started to lick her clitoris.“Ohhh!” Hayden moaned.“You like that?” I asked in between licks as I started to rub her pussy lips with my fingers.“YES!” Hayden moaned her answer. I could already feel my cock getting hard. It was almost as if I didn’t need any recovery time, which has never happened to me before.As I continued to lick Hayden’s clit, I could feel her grinding her pussy against my mouth. Her pussy hole started to get moist very quickly and I started to lick down her slit, pushing my tongue into her pussy and getting a taste of her woman hood.Hayden moaned as my tongue pushed into her pussy. She clutched the back of my head with one hand and reached over to the bedside counter and picked up the condom. She let go of my head as she used both hands to open the wrapper and take the condom out. I doubted that she be able to put it on me so I took it off her.As I continued to tongue her pussy, not pushing my tongue in too far, I used my hands to roll the condom onto my cock. Once I had it on, I kissed up Hayden’s belly, noticing for the first time that she had a belly button ring. I circled the piercing with my tongue and continued up her body, running my tongue in between her tits as I got on top of her.While I did this, I started to rub her clitoris with my finger, keeping her stimulated. Hayden was so into it, grinding her hips against my fingers under my body that she didn’t even realise what I was doing.I kissed the side of Hayden’s mouth and she opened her mouth instantly, kissing me, sucking my tongue. She was so into the kiss that she didn’t notice me reaching down with one hand, holding my cock as I pressed it against her opening. I felt her moist opening straight away and I pushed my cock head in. I felt a little resistance and I forced the cock head in working a couple of inches of my cock into her at the same time.“Fuck!” Hayden moaned into my mouth, her body freezing, probably from the pain of her hymen being broken.“You OK?” I asked, wrapping my arms around her, kissing the side of her mouth.“Just gimme a second.” She replied, her voice barely audible. I waited for what felt like forever before I decided enough time had gone by and gently worked more of my cock into her.“Ahhh!” Hayden moaned, pushing her hips forward, I don’t know if it was from pain, but she forced more of my cock into her tight little pussy. I slowly worked my cock in and out of her pussy, not adding any pace at all and this was painfully slow. But I was gonna wait for her to tell me that she was ready to go faster.As I continued to slowly thrust in to Hayden’s now not so virgin pussy, I could see the grimace on her face.“You want me to stop?” I asked, not stopping.“No. Just keep going.” She moaned her answer. I continued to go slowly and it wasn’t long before the grimace on her face started to fade with every thrust. I took it as a sign that she was getting more comfortable now, but I was gonna wait for her go ahead before I increased the pace.Hayden smiled at me in between moans and kissed me.“You can go faster.” She whispered. I felt like pounding her pussy as hard as I could straight away but I started to add a little pace to every thrust, slowly building up the pace.“Oh God! That feels so good!” Hayden moaned, wrapping her arms around me, pulling me closer to her. I hadn’t even built up to a fast pace yet, I was going at a steady pace and this was enough for her.Hayden started to get louder and louder with every thrust, wildly grinding her body underneath mine, getting me deeper into her cunt. Just as soon as I got to a fast pace, I could feel her pussy contracting around my shaft. I started to go as fast as I could, trying to bring her to an orgasm even faster.“I’m gonna cum!” Hayden moaned, still pulling me closer to her. “Fuck! I’m CUMMING!” She screamed as I felt her hips buck wildly under my hips. I pushed my hips forward hard, trying to pin her waist down underneath me. As I did this, my cock went deeper into her causing her writhe around underneath me and moan even louder.I stayed on top of her like this as her orgasm started to subside. Once she stopped writhing around I pushed myself up, leaning on the palms of my hands while I was still on top of her.“How was your first time?” I asked her. Hayden smiled, looking up at me.“It was awesome!” She said leaning her head forward kissing me.“You ready for another first time?” I asked.“You mean am I ready to take it up the ass?” She smiled coyly.“It’s like you’re reading my mind.” I joked, getting off her. I sat down beside her while she still laid on her back.“There’s not a lot of blood.” Hayden said. I totally forgot all about that. I looked down to see there was a little blood, not much. I took the condom off and walked into the bathroom and flushed it down the toilet. I noticed a tub of Vaseline, that will work well as lubrication so I picked it up.“What’s that for?” Hayden asked.“Lubrication.” I said opening the tub. “Put some on my cock.” I said, offering her the tub. Hayden scooped some out.“Shouldn’t you put a condom on?” She asked looking concerned.“I’m putting it in your ass. I can’t get you pregnant.”“Oh yeah!” She laughed, rubbing the Vaseline onto perabet my erect penis. She got a little carried away and started to use the Vaseline to jerk me off.“Whoa! Stop right there!” I said moving her hand off my cock. “Get on all fours. It’s your turn now.” Hayden did as I said and quickly got onto all fours, letting out an excited yelp.She instantly pushed her ass out, arching her back slightly. I scooped out some Vaseline and started to rub it onto her ass hole, pushing my finger into her tight warm hole, slowly working my finger in and out of her ass hole, spreading the Vaseline around on her anal walls.I worked my finger all the way into her tight little hole, getting her ass hole to loosen a little bit so that it’d be easier for me to work my dick in.“You ready?” I asked her as I continued to work my finger in and out. Hayden looked back at me and nodded.I held my lubricated cock in one hand and pushed it against Hayden’s now greasy butt hole. Hayden’s ass hole had widened ever so slightly from having my finger in it and my tip pushed in easily and I pushed the head in, the Vaseline causing loud squelching sounds.“Oooh!” Hayden cooed as my cock head pushed past her sphincter and started to go deeper into her butt. I was quite surprised at how easily my dick was going up her ass, even with all the Vaseline I used. Hayden seemed very relaxed and I think that helped.She didn’t seem to be bothered or reluctant about anal sex, probably because of her lack of experience and it seemed like she thought this was a mandatory part of sex.I had managed to ease over half my cock into her tight, virgin ass hole in one thrust. Hayden didn’t seem to be showing any signs of pain so I pulled back a little and thrust forward, forcing more of my shaft into her tiny little ass hole.“AH!” Hayden let out a loud moan the second time I pulled back and thrust forward. My cock was getting buried deeper in her rectum. I started to pull back and thrust forward a little quicker, only managing to fit three quarters of my thick cock into her butt.I held her hips as I started to slowly work my cock in and out of her ass, trying to get my full length into her ass. Hayden started to lean back when I thrust forward, getting my cock deeper into her ass. She was warming up to having my cock in her ass much quicker than when she had it in her pussy.Hayden continued to thrust back against me when I thrust forward, so I took this as a sign that she wanted me to go faster. So I started to thrust my hips back and fourth faster and Hayden kept up with my thrusts.“That’s it!” Hayden moaned looking back at me. “Keep fucking me like this! This feels really good!” Hayden moaned, so I continued at this pace.Her ass hole felt unbelievably tight around my shaft and I was so surprised that I hadn’t cum yet or even had the urge to cum again. I decided that I wanted to fuck her faster to make my orgasm come more quickly.I moved my hands lower on to her butt cheeks and squeezed them hard as I started to go faster, pulling her butt towards me to make her keep up with my thrusts.“FUCK!” Hayden screamed as I start to get faster very rapidly. “Ow!” Hayden moaned looking back at me with a hint of pain on her face mixed in with pleasure. I carried on going at this pace, I didn’t want to go any faster in case it started to get to be too much for her.“Shit! STOP!” Hayden yelled.“Am I going too fast?” I asked. Hayden pushed herself up so she was on her knees and her back was pressed against my chest, my dick still in her tight butt hole.“No!” She smiled turning her head slightly so she could kiss me. “I wanna ride it!” She said breaking the kiss. She had a excited look on her face. I smiled as I pulled out of her ass with a loud squelching sound and lay on my back.“I wanna ride you till cum!” Hayden said as she shuffled towards me, straddling me. She held my cock as she lowered herself onto my rod, impaling her tight ass on my member, quickly forcing her sphincter down my shaft.I reached up with both hands and grabbed her tits, squeezing them as she started to work her ass up and down my shaft. I circled her nipple with my thumbs and Hayden gave a cute smile as she started to build up pace very quickly.She placed her hands on her tits on top of my hands, squeezing my hands tightly as she continued to get faster with every thrust down, taking more and more of my cock up her ass.“ARRRRGGGGHHHH!” She screamed as she took my entire length into her rectum in one hard thrust down. She was getting louder with every thrust, her moans now screams.“FUCK! Cum in my ass!” She moaned, lowering her upper body down so that her tits were pressed against my chest. She started to kiss me, moaning into my mouth as she started to go really fast, trying to make me cum.The faster she went the more harder my cock throbbed, I could feel my orgasm building up rapidly as her ass squelched up and down my cock really loud. I started to feel my balls start to tighten as Hayden had her lips pressed against mine really hard.I wrapped my arms around her waist as I started to thrust my hips up and down really fast. Hayden tried to keep up with my thrusts at first but I was going to fast and she just pushed her hips down and let me do all the work.Hayden placed her hands on my cheeks as she continued to kiss me, working her tongue into my mouth and I sucked her tongue. I felt my balls tighten and I went at a feverishly fast pace as I felt my cum shoot up my cock.I thrust my hips up hard and Hayden slammed her ass down as my cum shot deep into her bowels. My hips started to thrust up and down weakly as my cum started to gush out in to her butt. Hayden still had her lips on mine and I had stopped kissing her back, breathing hard into her mouth.Hayden kept her hips pressed down hard as my orgasm started to die down. She slowly took her lips off mine, a thin trail of saliva hung from her lips to mine. Once she moved her head back enough the trail got thin and snapped, falling down my chin. Hayden licked the saliva off my chin and lips.“That was so cool!” She said smiling. “Now I don’t have a single virgin hole!” She giggled. She started to work her hips up and down, trying to ride me.“You’re gonna have to give me some time to recover if you wanna go again.” I said.“OK.” She giggled getting off my cock. She went down and started to suck my cock.“Damn!” I said at the fact that she was sucking my cock just after it had been up her ass. Hayden laughed with my cock head still in her mouth.“I just wanna try some more cum. See if I like it better the second time.”“And do you?” I asked. Hayden nodded her head, with my cock head in her mouth again.“If only I had more.” She pouted.“That cum in your ass, isn’t gonna stay in your ass for long you know.” I said. Hayden continued to suck my cock and then she stopped suddenly.“Shit!”“What’s wrong?” I asked looking down at her.“I can feel it coming out of my butt!” She said placing both hands on her ass. She was facing me, so I couldn’t tell what she was doing, but when she moved her hands away from her ass, she had my cum on her palms.“Looks like I get more cum!” She giggled before licking my cum off her palm. “Let’s see if I can get anymore!” She said turning around, so I could see her butt, pushing her finger into her ass hole.She was turning out to be just as hardcore as Ali. The great thing about this, is that now whenever I can’t get alone time with Ali while shooting, I had a substitute. This season was looking like it was shaping up to be even better than last season.

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