ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #7

ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #7iCarly/Victorious: Learning Curves #7 – Chapter 7September 2810:36 amUCLA- Scott HallRoom 602Tori Vega was having a spectacular dream, but the reality that she slowly woke up to, as the sun peeked just enough to hit her eyes, was some-thing far more wonderful. She first noticed the smell. It was the smell of sex, sweaty and hot, but also of a guy’s body wash. Old Spice or something… But man, did it smell good to her.Taking a huge whiff, her eyes opened and she found herself in just her underwear, in Jade’s room, and most surprisingly, with half her body on top of Freddie, who was holding fast to the Latina. At first she panicked at the idea of being in bed with her best friend’s boyfriend, but as the memories of last night came flowing back to her, she found that this was a spot that she never wanted to move from. The realization that her inner thigh was touching his very erect penis, which had slipped from his boxers, made it even more awkward. The nudity didn’t bother her nearly as much as the overwhelming urge to taste, touch, and ride it that was currently coursing through her body… but she couldn’t do that… It wasn’t right, she thought.Nature, however, certainly disagreed with that desire, and Tori found herself in a crisis. She needed to pee really bad, but she did not want to wake Freddie. Lifting her head just enough to look over the room, Tori was sad not to see Jade, but the slight shift roused Freddie just enough to look at Tori and kiss her forehead.Tori was a little bothered by this since it was the kind of kiss you give a ch*ld or someone you don’t have romantic feelings for. But she did her best not to let him see her disappointment.”Jade’s… in the shower, I think,” he whispered, releasing Tori from his arms, before stroking down her arm, in a way that didn’t seem platonic at all, so some very mixed signals were bouncing around between the two of them.”Kay,” she said back, sitting up and climbing off the bed, which was a huge mistake.Tori hadn’t even stopped to think of what her body had gone through in the last 12 hours and nearly crumpled to the floor. Her legs were so weak and her thighs up to her stomach were really sore. She knew that things had gotten a bit rough at times, but the idea that she was literally ‘fucked ’til she couldn’t walk,’ as Jade would say, really astounded the fit brunette.Gaining her footing, Tori couldn’t help rubbing herself and feeling how completely worn out she was. Carefully staggering from the bed to the door, Tori grabbed a shirt and some boy shorts and headed to the bathroom, ignorant of the fact that Freddie was zoomed in on her amazingly perfect ass.Once inside the hallway’s restroom, Tori was able to relieve some of the pressure on her body by going to the bathroom, still rubbing along her inner thighs and outer lips to make sure she hadn’t cut or hurt something.”Ow…” she exclaimed, not meaning the let the sound escape her lips, but as she moved her hand over her clit, it was clear she had been bruised a bit from the intensity. The weird thing was, once she knew what the problem was, she actually wanted it to happen again.”Tori?” a voice called out. The tone said everything Tori needed to know to figure out that it was Jade.”Yeah, Jade?””Nothing… just sounded like you… figured I should check.””Yeah…” Tori said, feeling awkward that she was in this state while Jade was just showering free. She couldn’t help but feel jealous of her raven haired friend, which was a terrible feeling for poor Tori.”When you get done in there, come join me… I wanna talk.”Tori’s heart was frozen in her chest, fearing that she was going to be scolded for something that happened, or that it was going to destroy their friendship. “Okay…”The brunette headed over to the only running shower, with the only other occupant of the bathroom, and slipped her clothes on the bench before stepping up to admire Jade in all her nude glory.In the dark of their lovemaking, it was hard to see her, but in this light, where everything was plain as day under fluorescent bulbs, it was hard for Tori not to stare at the pale goddess before her. The steaming water seemed to dance around her flawless body. Her breasts, made shiny from the body wash she had just cleaned off, glowed and heaved towards Tori as she slipped herself underneath the water as well.”So… about last night, Vega… I-“”I’m so sorry, Jade!” Tori pleaded. “I know things went too far and I shouldn’t have just gone after things, and I know I ruined your night with-“Jade’s fingers flew up and held Tori’s lips together so the brunette would finally stop for a moment.”As I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me, Tori… Last night was amazing. I kinda want to, and if you ever tell anyone I said this I will strangle you, but I want to apologize for the way I talked to you last night.” Jade’s grin had now shifted into a very saddened face. “You really mean a lot to me, and last night was just kinda proof of how much I feel like I need you in my life, almost as much as I need Freddie. I know I probably made you feel bad for being with him and called you stuff, but I thought about it, and you know, I don’t see why we couldn’t do this.””Do what?” Tori just stared at her, puzzled, as Jade began to explain, while using her own body wash to bathe Tori.”This. You, me, and Freddie. Like… last night, but less stressful. It looks like your body really took a beating…””Jade, you fingered me, hit my clit like it was a speed bag, and your boyfriend basically tore me in half… I’m gonna be sore for a little while.””But…” Jade said, rubbing her fingers across Tori’s tight brown hardened peaks, “you came like 5 times last night. That kinda pleasure has a price you know.”Tori smiled and wondered at the real possibility of Jade and Freddie taking her into their nest. She wanted to feel like a part of something so bad, but she also knew that she would always be the low girl on the totem pole- Jade would always pick Freddie and Freddie would always pick Jade. Not that there would ever be a ‘them or me’ type struggle. Only assholes stop their significant others from seeing friends because they feel threatened, Tori thought, knowing that it was exactly what was going on with Beck and Kelly.”Can we wait a few days before we try anything again, Jade… I’m really hurting and I am kinda lost on what to do here with you two. I know I’m the third wheel, and-“”Look, Vega, that man in my bed, who I want to spend every moment of my life with, spent half the night cradling you and making sure you felt safe. You think I wasn’t threatened by that?” she asked, getting very serious. “Of course I was, but I saw it for what it truly was- a missing piece for Freddie and I that we found inside you. Now last night was all about you, and maybe next time will be about me, or him, but I have no intention leaving anyone, most of all you, out in the cold.””Jade…” Tori started, but didn’t quite know where the sentence would end. “This is a really big deal. Don’t you think you should talk to Freddie about all this before you talk to me?””I talked to him last night,” she responded, rubbing her fingers along Tori’s wet cheek, all the way down to between her legs where her sex was still pounding with both pleasure and pain. “He didn’t have to say anything. The look he had when he was plugged deep inside you, and the way you two made love… said everything I needed to know. I want you to be a part of us.””I need to ask you something first, Jade.””Fire away, Vega…” she sighed.”Are you threatened by me? Like you were with Beck, where you constantly thought I was going to steal him away? Are you afraid that if you don’t bring me into whatever this is… that he might lose interest in you? And you think that by having me there, as what… a gift… will fix that? Because if that’s the case… I don’t think I should be getting involved.””Climb down off the defensive rag…” Jade said, an angry and disgusted look crossing her face. “That was fucking low, even for you Tori… how dare you? I just offered you paradise with us, and you think it’s out of some dumbass insecurity?!”The two girls just stared at each other, the water falling between them as they searched the other’s eyes for some feeling of remorse. Tori really wanted to apologize, that her words didn’t come out right, but she knew it would only make Jade angrier. Jade was so unbelievably hurt, less so from the words, and more because she believed Tori was right.Jade saw the way Freddie held her, kissed her, and made love to her. She knew those looks and that style that Freddie delivered, and she wanted it to just be between them. But her lust took hold, and she let Tori fall right into Freddie’s lap, in more ways than one.They were perfect for each other was the problem.”Jade… I didn’t mean-“”Yes, you did, Vega. You meant every word, and you know what? You’re right.””I know you feel that way now but- wait… what?””You were right, Tori. I am afraid of losing Freddie to you. But at the same time I want you to be happy and he seems to do that, and you made him so happy and excited for making love, and you guys are so similar… I’m just… I guess I just want to sort things out a bit.””So, your idea of sorting is to make our tryst official?””Jesus Christ, Tori… it’s not like we’re starting a movement. I just mean, we should be free to be us all together, where you can be exactly how you were meant to be and I can be free to be me, and Freddie… well, I don’t think he’s ever been someone he wasn’t supposed to be.””I promise I will not try and steal Freddie from you…””That’s the fuckin’ shitty part, Vega. You don’t even have to try. He’s nuts about you and has been wanting you… or a girl like you… since long before he met me. And the truth is, if that’s what he wants… I think I’m ok with that… I just…” Jade’s words trailed off and were replaced with slow sobs. “I love him so much… I really never want to go without him. I deserve to be selfish, right? To not let anyone have MY perfection now that I’ve found it?””Jade… it’s ok. I know for a fact that Freddie loves you, and there’s no way he and I could ever work out because the two of you are just meant for each other. It’s so clear…” Tori tried to wipe away Jade’s tear, but ended up pulling the girl into a tight embrace underneath the long forgotten shower.The feel of their bodies pressed so tightly together renewed much of their physical feelings for one another and the girls shared a few short kisses. It reminded Jade of the time it was raining outside and once they were not really able to be seen, they shared several sweet kisses, just embracing the weather and their feelings.This time was certainly different as Tori felt her lose herself in Jade’s soft, warm, and wet body, and without even realizing it began to touch Jade’s chest. Neither girl really wanted anything more after the exhaustion of last night, but this just felt right, to savour the moment that they now shared.”Promise me…” Jade whispered, pulling back and looking torn, her eyes closed and mouth still tasting Tori’s. “Promise me you won’t let him fall in love with you…””I promise, Jade. I will do everything that I can to keep your relationship with him the most important thing.””Good.” Jade dove back towards Tori’s lips, and while things never went any further, both girls were perfectly happy staying like this for as long as possible.Tori, however, couldn’t help but start to question what she just promised- if he did fall in love with her, was there anything she could do about it? And he was certainly… something. Could she actually love him too?***October 156:17 pmCarroll LibraryStudy Room 101While it seemed like a standard Tuesday in sunny Los Angeles, there was a clear shadow that hung over all the former Ridgeway and Hollywood Arts students and their friends as they sat in the largest study room available. A looming test in World History had brought them all together, united against a common foe: Dr Drago’s midterm exam on Friday. From all accounts, the “Dragon” was one of the hardest professors in the whole school, so they knew this would be no easy task to do well on the test. However, for the life of them, they just couldn’t focus.It had been over two weeks since the ‘magnificent’ tryst between Freddie, Jade, and Tori, and while it was not the last time they were together in this way, the following three times, something seemed to be missing in some way, shape, or form. All three could feel it, but pinpointing what caused the disconnect had become increasingly difficult.Jade was acting a bit differently, Freddie had noticed, and the idea that she was losing her identity, almost as if she was trying to become more like Tori, which of course, was apparently what he wanted, according to her. The idea that this issue might be his fault made him want to talk to her, but the truth was, he was torn. Tori reminded him so much of the way Carly used to be, before she became the way she was now, and that had awoken some feelings that he had worked hard to let go. And the sex with her was incredible and passionate, and so intensely real, as if every second that their bodies were together, they were in tune.Jade was now a different story. She wanted him to treat her just like Tori, so things were never rough and she was always sweet and held her tongue, which seemed so fake, that it just felt wrong. But when Jade wasn’t trying to be just like Tori, she seemed sad and almost depressed, ranting about them eventually breaking up and him leaving her for Tori. Despite all the work Freddie had put in so that she could understand that he loved and wanted just her a few weeks ago, she had just backslid.Meanwhile, Jade had begun to keep herself busy all the time so she wouldn’t have to think about what really was scaring her- the inevitable dissolution of her relationship with Freddie. She just knew it was coming, but Freddie denied it whenever the topic would arise, and even now, as he held her hand underneath the table, she could feel that there was something very wrong. On her other side, Tori sat, clearly wanting to be touched as well, but the last thing Jade wanted was for Tori’s involvement in her relationship to be made public. But Jade loved Tori, no question about it, and she was falling more for her every day, but the twisted feeling of loving a girl who was ‘the one’ for the person she truly loved.The Goth teen tried to mentally run from her anxiety headache and just looked over her notes from the class, but could not really find anything useful besides her personal notes on the sides of the pages where she’d commented on possible Halloween costumes. She had scrapped most of them, once she had made her decision, but for the first time in her life, the spooky day was not one she was particularly looking forward to, but Jade would never admit that she liked it.Tori had also noticed Jade’s costume notes and while the girls had talked and talked about what they should dress up as for Halloween, Tori was far away from a real decision. And since she couldn’t exactly dress up like Freddie and Jade’s couple costume situation, she knew she was going to be, at least partially, on her own with the process. Tori’s hand slid under the table and softly squeezed Jade’s knee, after she saw that the raven haired beauty seemed to be upset about something. It had been this way ever since the morning after their first night. At times, she would be fine, calm, and nice and sweet, like she had always been behind closed doors, but Tori couldn’t help but feel like it was connected to the way Jade kept asking her things and changing her outward appearance and personality according to that.The other major issue was that Tori genuinely had started to feel something for Freddie, not more than she felt for Jade, but, more than she ever thought she would. That was the worst part… she knew her involvement was creating an issue for ‘Jedi,’ as they were called, but the way he made her feel was intoxicating and she would jump at the opportunity when she could. As she peered across the table at Beck, who was being sat on by Kelly, her mouth smacking with gum, Tori was quickly reminded why she felt that way about Freddie.The last few weeks had been both boring and intense for the dark haired tanned actor, pushing Beck to his absolute limits. He had immediately regretted how he treated Tori when they made out upstairs, but the fear of what Kelly might do if she knew was even more frightening. Coward, he thought to himself with every other second he spent inside his head. The notes in front of him were being blocked by the bleach blonde locks in face, which was even more aggravating given the fact that Kelly wasn’t even in the class- she just wanted to tag along because she didn’t trust him. To make matters worse, their sex life had taken a huge turn and they were being physical at least once a day. If he was being honest, Beck was exhausted, but the shame of his previous mistakes continued to consume him. As he locked eyes with Tori, his eyes were filled with sorrow and regret, but hers were just cold as if she had truly gotten over him. He wouldn’t remember much from the study session this evening, but the empty glare she gave him would haunt the handsome teen for the foreseeable future.Sam Puckett was also being heavily weighed down by her secrets and her sins. Thanks to practically everyone taking upon themselves to fight this battle for her, complaining and harassing the professor, Adams had increased his aggression when they were together, and now he wasn’t even limiting himself to her during school hours, choosing to come and pick her up and take her home with him, where he would do things she had never imagined herself doing. Thank god for alcohol, Sam thought as she sipped her ‘soda’ which she had heavily spiked before coming to the study session. Her constant buzz made living with herself and her ‘friends’ who she resented most of the time now, easier, but her temper was a powder keg that could blow with even the slightest item, as Cat and Noelle had found out recently. The redhead had tried to talk to her, but she was past the point of caring, and she just prayed this semester would be over, so that she could just fail, thus proving her self-fulfilling prophecy that she couldn’t make it in college. To make matters worse, Freddie was sitting across from her looking perfectly fine without her, and it just tore her up inside. It was at that moment that Sam swore off, not only men, but any and all attraction and feelings.Cat and Noelle were always so close and touchy feely that there really wasn’t much of a mystery what was going on with them. Since Cat had officially come out, and Noelle was comfortable with her sexuality, the girls got along fantastically. Best of all, they felt no need to hide them-selves from the other anymore. There had been more than one occasion where Sam had walked in on them dancing and lip syncing to random music, only to return five minutes later to them making out on the floor. It was incredibly awkward to have to deal with, but the fact that Cat was happy made the others feel a little better and a bit more hopeful for their own fates. Tonight, rather than studying, they were playing some variation of tic-tac-toe with Skittles, and then the winner fed the loser all the candies on the paper.Envious of the raven haired girl, Robbie sat at the head of the table, staring at Cat as he tried to lead the study session through his jealousy, the only person who seemed remotely focused on the topic at hand. He’d be lying if he said he wouldn’t kill to be with Cat, but he was slowly coming to terms with the truth. He was not, however, dealing with his girlfriend’s absence and near lack of existence lately. For the last few weeks, Trina had been very slow to return his calls and texts and when he got to see her, she seemed upset and rarely wanted to physically be together. Robbie was however thankful for what he considered a miracle- Trina agreeing to their couples costume, which he had already started working on.Needless to say, it was not the most productive study session, and each and every one of the teens felt some looming dread for the coming test, and what it might entail.* * *October 318:44 pmScott HallLobbyFreddie Benson stood facing the elevator for what had felt like an hour, waiting on his dates to finish up getting dressed for the Halloween party. He had finished an hour ago, his blue button up shirt was splattered with fake blood, his hair a shade darker, and his hand covered in a metallic looking glove. On his back, he had a fake chainsaw and shotgun strapped tight so he could pull them out easily but putting them back was a less than simple task. On his chest he proudly wore a realistic looking nametag that read: MY NAME IS ASH.Hoping desperately that his Evil Dead costume would get a few laughs and likes on his SplashFace page when the pictures posted. Jade had been very secretive and particular when it came to what she was going to wear or even who she was going to be for the longest time. Tori was actually pretty straightforward about her schoolgirl costume since she really didn’t have a cogent idea or creative concept for what she could be.But as prepared as Freddie had become as he waited for the girls, he knew, the moment the metal doors opened to reveal them that the wait was more than worth it.Tori stepped out first, sporting pigtails, as well as her glasses with a necktie and white shirt tied off just above her belly leaving a couple inches of skin before the plaid skirt began and ended just north of her knees which were covered by pantyhose and ended with some Mary Jane shoes. Freddie’s jaw nearly dropped as he looked her over and even though he was 100% devoted to Jade, even he had to admit that he wanted to ravage the tanned teen.That changed in an instant however when Jade came out next, and if Tori had made Freddie’s jaw drop, then Jade was going to make his heart burst out of his chest like a cartoon. Her hair kaçak bahis was shorter, and full on black, framing her face, which she made up with plenty of eye shadow and mascara and dark lipstick. She wore a mesh, almost clear top with a black spaghetti strap black half shirt which revealed her pale midriff beautifully before it met her short black skirt. A gust of wind could have come and Jade’s purple and white panties would have been exposed. Jade’s legs were covered by knee-high socks which ended in boots. Her hands were covered from her palm all the way up to her upper arm on each side. And in her fingerless- gloved hand was a baseball bat that said ‘Kiss It.’She was the embodiment of Cassie Hack, the star of the book he’d suggested and sent to her during their anniversary. Freddie didn’t even know if she had read the books, but the attention to detail and how hot she was blew his mind completely.The girls shot him sly smiles as they moved closer, Tori pulling him close for an embrace before Jade lightly pushed her away and gave Freddie an incredible kiss that nearly made his head spin.Jade knew exactly the effect this costume and that kiss would do for Freddie, effectively marking him as hers for the rest of the night. Jade had started to feel more confident that she could trust Tori with Freddie, but all the trust in the world wasn’t going to stop Jade from making her man feel incredible.”Wow…” was all Freddie could manage as he was set free from her grasp. “You look… I mean, both of you… I’m kinda at a loss.””I think we might have broken him…” Tori joked, and she would have continued but a vibration in her bra, her phone’s new home for the night, stopped her cold. “Hey, Trina, Andre, and Nate just got here.””Ugh…” Jade muttered, rolling her eyes. “I get Andre and that’s cool, but does your bitchy s*ster and sycophantic ex-boyfriend have to be here too?””Jeez,” Freddie said, wondering why there was so much animosity from Jade about a guy that really struck him as a good guy the couple times they met last winter. “Something I should know?””Yeah, he-“”Jade, stop. I was dating Nate and we broke up, and he’s a really sweet guy… I just don’t think he and I are meant to be. He disagrees, but he’s just like a sad puppy.” Tori earned the hateful glare from Jade, and smirked back as she leaned over and kissed Freddie’s cheek. “But he doesn’t matter, I have the perfect guy right here and that’s all that matters.””Vega, we need to talk about exactly what you ‘have’?””Let’s just go, Jade. They are hanging out with Beck, Robbie, and Kelly, and the quicker we can get them from her, the better off we’ll all be.”The three teens made their way to the part which was right near the library so the trek wasn’t too long, but as they laughed and held each other, not caring about much else, someone slipped by and into the dorm. The slippery guest watched them for a few moments through the clear door, before ducking into the first hall of rooms.* * *October 319:06 pmUCLA- Gunter HallMain HallFrom a distance, it looked like a Halloween prank, but as people got closer to the main hall, the cop’s light’s flash illuminated all so the campus officers could check people for weapons before going into the building. Even though there really hadn’t been much evidence, Hunter’s death was a big deal the on big nights like this, they were out and in rare form to catch people.On the plus side, their iron rule seemed to only exist outside the doors of Gunter Hall which was pounding with the bass of some dub-step mix of Monster Mash as Freddie, Jade, and Tori arrived.Though she wasn’t exactly one to talk, Tori was taken aback a bit when she saw how show-y and whorish some of the girls’ costumes were at the party. There were even two guys that were dressed together as testicles. This new and awkward party triggered an almost PTSD response for her, her mind flashing back to the frat party a couple months ago.Freddie reached back and took her hand and pulled her closer to him, squeezing her between himself and Jade. It took a few minutes but the teens finally tracked down Andre and the others, and Freddie came face to face with some odd costume choices.Beck was dressed normally with his army surplus coat on, but he was rocking a headband, and that apparently made him a hippie. Next to him, Kelly was painted up a sickly green, and her flesh looked like it had started peeling off. Jade and Tori may have hated her for how much of a bitch she was, but Freddie had to hand it to her, she could do a good makeup job. And then there was Andre. He was shirtless with paper bib on that said ‘Dracula’ and some fake fangs.”So, Andre…” Tori started, looking her friend up and down trying to figure out what all this was about. “What are you?””I’m a sexy Dracula. Chicks love this stuff.””You mean a vampire?” Freddie interjected.”Hey, I don’t have to know what kind of Dracula I am to be a sexy Dracula, guys.”Ignoring how random that bit was, Tori noticed that a few people were nowhere to be found. “Where’s Trina?””She ran into Robbie and… I’m guessing they are doing something that none of us want to know,” Beck said, taking a look over both girls unabashedly before Kelly pulled him away by his shirt collar.”I think Nate went to the bathroom. He should be back around here in a few minutes.” Andre was going to continue speaking, but he found him-self being gripped tightly from behind. It didn’t take more than a couple guesses to figure out who it was.”Andre, it’s been so long!” Cat exclaimed, as the group turned to look at her. The first thing everyone noticed was her hair, going from the deep red velvet to something more auburn and orange. The second thing everyone noticed, which would be the primary focus on her for the rest of the evening, was the skin-tight red leather flight suit, making her look just like she’d come out of some Japanese cartoon.Behind Cat, were her roommate and now official girlfriend. Sam was dressed like her cowboy character from iCarly, sans the moustache, and had ‘feminized’ the outfit a bit to make herself into a fun cowgirl, but her bloodshot eyes were a dead giveaway for how she was really feeling. Noelle, on the other hand, just kinda looked ridiculous. On her head sat a grey and electric blue furry stocking hat with ears and balls on strings that dangled down to her midsection, her torso was a matching one piece furry corset with a fluffy grey bottom, which had a long thick striped tail that had at least a couple inches on the floor. Her legs were covered with knee high matching furry striped leggings and ended with thick bedroom slip-pers.”Now… those are some… costumes,” Tori said, trying to sound friendly without showing her disdain for the choices.”Yeah, girl…” Andre nodded slowly, looking just as confused.”Yeah?!” Cat nearly shouted, trying to overpower the bumping music all around them, “Noelle suggested this costume… I really like it and it wasn’t hard to make, like, at all! I think her name is like Kawasaki or something.””Asuka, Cat,” Noelle corrected her. “Cat said I should be a cat for Halloween, so I just kinda went with it.””A cat?” Jade said, trying to wrap her head around this one. “You look more like a mutant raccoon… but you know, in a good way.” Jade’s demeanour changed as Freddie squeezed her side.”I’ll take that as a compliment, then…” Noelle said, scrunching her face up a bit, and had planned to say something else, but Cat pulled her into the crowd so they could start dancing.”Sam…” Freddie said, unsure of how to finish the sentence, but she finished it for him.”Save it, Freddie,” she said, dripping with venom as she looked over the two girls he had come in with. It was bad enough for Jade to be around, but this Tori chick was just twisting the knife in Sam’s guts. She could tell, almost instinctively, that he had already fucked her too. The mere sight and thoughts were proving far too much for Sam’s constitution and she bolted for the bathroom, passing by a very confused and concerned bulky ‘rock star.’Nate, who was clearly feeling out of place at this party, tried his best to make his way over to Andre, hoping he could maintain eye contact with him for the rest of the night since he was basically shirtless.The honour driven Texan was dressed in red and black leather with his hair dyed black and spiked. With heavy black eye shadow and mascara, he looked like he walked straight out of an 80’s music video.While the sight of the familiar cowgirl that just bolted past him was a concern, he couldn’t help but stare at Tori as he made his way closer. Nate was praying that she’d dance with him, but as close as she was standing to that iCarly guy, he had to wonder if something was going on there.”‘Sup?” he said as he joined Andre who looked like he was lost in trying to hit on some chick with a neon blue lemur costume.”Nate…” Jade responded, hoping to keep Tori’s focus away from her ex-boyfriend, “I gotta say that this is an improvement over the usual farm-hand look.””Ummm… thanks.””Sorry for Jade,” Tori interjected. “She’s being especially rude tonight because no one knows who she is.””I was going to ask…” Nate said, eyeing Jade’s figure.”Don’t bother…” Jade muttered. “It’s from a really obscure and amazing comic that Freddie got me hooked on. You haven’t heard of it.””Whoa, girl… Hipster much?” Andre said, clearly trying to catch Noelle’s eye but she seemed more focused on Cat. Which was a mystery to him because Cat was gay.There was an awkward silence as the group turned to watch the wheels turn in Andre’s head as he slowly put the pieces together on why Noelle was more interested in Cat, and when his eyes grew, those watching shared a small snicker before Nate continued the previous conversation.”So Freddie, you’re the Evil Dead guy, right… the one from Burn Notice?””Yeah… Ash, or Bruce Campbell… might as well be the same person, and-“”Wait…” Jade said, holding Freddie’s shoulder, “Who the fuck watches Burn Notice?””My dad, for one, Jade,” Nate said, matter of factly, annoyed by how much of a bitch the Goth girl could be. But she was Tori’s best friend and so he could never show his disdain. “Any idea where Robbie and Trina are now?”* * *October 319:12 pmUCLA- Gunter HallRoom 105″Holy shit, Trina, it’s like you were poured into this outfit…”Robbie’s hands were all over his girlfriend, the two unable to keep their hands off of each other since they met at the party. A dance and half was all it took to get them going, and they raced off to find an empty room that they could be a bit freer.They had decided to go as superheroes, for some reason, with Robbie wearing a Superman t-shirt and some red skinny jeans, hoping that would suffice for the costume. Trina, on the other hand, played to her strengths, choosing to dress as Wonder Woman. Her tan skin and the gold of the armour were in perfect contrast in the tight costume, her hair blown out and the star spangled blue panties that just barely covered her plentiful ass making her into the Amazon goddess she was born to play.Within minutes of being alone they were already focusing on losing some clothing, and Robbie could not wait to gaze upon her naked figure once more as he had been salivating over her all evening.To his surprise, the armour was just on a piece of the torso piece, and the rest was as slick and silky as it could be, outlining and highlighting every curve. His nimble fingers slid down her side as he kissed her neck sucking just enough to be intense without leaving a mark. He began to play with the top of the starry underwear teasing her with the thought of going lower.Finally, he gave into what she really wanted and began to softly rub the outlined lips on the bottom of the outfit, slowly starting to leave a stain, though not one anyone could see unless they were an inch away. Trina moaned into Robbie’s hungry mouth as she stroked her wettening crotch, begging for him to make her experience some relief.As the couple kissed and Robbie slowly tortured Trina’s heaving body, the eldest Vega s*ster slipped her thumbs into the sides of the breastplate and slid it down a bit. Her glorious globes sprung out, happy to be free of their confinement.The geeky teen wasted no time showing how happy he was that they were free and began kneading one while he suckled and softly bit at the other. Robbie had become a starved anim*l and he was practically mauling her chest to savour the taste of her soft and warm skin.Even though he was being a bit rough, Trina didn’t mind the aggressiveness and appreciated this side of Robbie. His tight suction on each of her breasts would leave a mark and she’d be sore tomorrow, but tonight, it was just an exquisite feeling she never wanted to end. She moaned time after time, nearly screaming once, as he worshipped her chest.Once she knew he was ready, Trina reached down and stroked his obvious hardness through his jeans, clearly desperate for an escape of its own. Trina freed his member, unbuttoning the pants and sliding them and the boxers down to his knees.The couple kissed over and over as his freed hardness rubbed tightly against the warm moistness of her now soaking star panties. The feeling was intense and she couldn’t wait to have his cock inside her once again. When she felt that he might make her come just from the less than dry humping they were sharing, she dropped to her knees to recover.Trina wasted no time inhaling his cock into her warm and wet mouth, the smell of his musk filling her nostrils as her body cried out for him. She looked up as she bobbed her head at his head rolled back as his hands found their home on her head. Robbie was never one to f*rce Trina into blowing him, but he loved to f*rce himself deeper into her throat when the opportunity presented itself. Gagging and choking every so often was a small price to pay for the insane hard-core sex they were about to share, so Trina just relaxed and let her man fuck her face.She was almost disappointed when he let her go and pulled away from her drooling mouth, but he quickly repositioned himself between her massive and reddened breasts. Using the overwhelming saliva supply she’d created, Robbie slipped in and out of her mashed cleavage creating the perfect tit-job. As he increased his pace, she’d lick the slit in the head when it would pop through her pillows.Robbie could only take a minute of two of this as he knew he was reaching critical mass with each thrust. Pulling himself away again, he lay on the floor with her and gripped her abdomen to bring to his face. Trina instantly got the clue and moved with him, straddling his face as she bent down to continue blowing him, anxious for the reward he would provide her.Robbie practically tore the underwear as he slid the starry panties to the side, exposing her sex and stuck his tongue deep inside. Trina’s clit was aching and Robbie slid his sponge-y tongue across the nerve bundle eliciting a deep moan, silenced by his cock as she hummed out her pleasure into his organ.Knowing he was doing the trick, Robbie slid two fingers inside Trina’s love hole as quick and hard as he could so she could have her much needed release. He didn’t have to wait long as she bucked hard against him, and came like an absolute gusher from his fingers’ assault. Robbie happily lapped up her nectar as Trina softly licked his member as her mind was momentarily zapped.Once she had her bearings, Trina stood up and roughly pulled Robbie up too, leading him to a nearby desk and bending over before him. No words needed to be spoken here and Robbie happily pulled the slick and wet material from her juicy pussy and pushed his length inside her with one thrust.Trina tried to scream out but Robbie’s hand covered her mouth and she sucked the juices from his fingers to silence herself. Her tastes was even more tangy than ever and she couldn’t help savour it as Robbie’s hands gripped her hips and ploughed into her over and over, harder and faster.The cry she emits is so soft and high pitched, that it was insane to Robbie who pounded her as fast and hard as possible. Once he felt she was se-cure enough, he grabbed her hands that were propping her up and using them like reins, fucking her like a man on a mission. Pulling her body up-wards to him, he bit at her ear and neck before pushing her back down and pounding her more.The second time he lifted her up, he made sure to remain inside her as he walked her over to a wall, pressing her body tightly against it. Gripping her tits extremely tightly, he smashed into her over and over until he felt the familiar feeling of her vaginal walls clamping down on his cock, desperate to milk it for all it is worth as she comes once more.Thankful he has brought his woman her release twice now, Robbie pulled out of Trina as she sank to the floor, but shifted so she could suck every last bit of herself off of his cock. With a mighty roar, Robbie came deep inside Trina’s throat, firing fiery white blasts all inside her hungry mouth.Trina happily slurped and swallowed the salty emission, and playfully sucked on his slowly shrinking member until it was completely flaccid. With a loud ‘Pop’ she released her lip lock and slowly stood to meet Robbie and kiss him.After a few moments, Robbie pulls away and begins getting redressed when Trina stops him cold.”What are you doing?””Umm…” he said, looking back at her, “Just getting dressed since we’ve been gone from Andre and the others for so long.””Fuck those guys… we are just getting started, Shapiro.”* * *October 319:26 pmUCLA- Gunter HallMain HallAs more and more people joined the party, it became more and more difficult to keep the group together and to hear each other talk. Jade had kept her hands close to Freddie and Tori was right there with them, close enough that it was clear she belonged with them, but far enough that no one would be suspicious of their relationship. The Goth chick was really being affected by the crowd and her angry and defensive nature began to take hold.Andre had hung a little closer to Cat and Noelle, getting to know Cat’s new ‘friend’ as well as catch up on everything the shy redhead had been up to in the weeks since he’d seen her.Nate hung back from the group as well as he could and still keep an eye on everyone. He desperately wanted to ask Tori to dance, but he was waiting for the right moment and song combination.As if by fate, his chance arose when Tori went to grab something to drink from the beverage table. The stout teen stalked his prey, and now that she was alone, he knew he needed to strike.”Hey Tori.””Oh!” Tori exclaimed, nearly dropping punch on her outfit, “Hey Nate.””Sorry…’ he muttered, checking her over for the fifth time tonight, but the first time without other thoughts going on. “Just wanted to come over and see if you wanted to do a bit of dancin’. Ya know… after you finish your drink a’course.””I’d love that actually,” she started, but then realized she really didn’t want to lead him on again. He was like a sad puppy at times when it came to her. “Just hope it isn’t a fast song… these shoes are killing my feet.””You can stand on my feet if need be,” he said, giving her a half grin as she took a sip of the punch. “I certainly don’t mind.”COUGHTori nearly choked on the red liquid and within moments she realized that this was not straight punch, but it had been spiked with something. The strength made her think it was vodka, but she really didn’t know much about booze.”You okay?” he asked, his strong hand on her shoulder.”Yeah… sorry. Punch had a bit more… kick than I was expecting.””Now that you mention it,” Nate said, leaning over to it, “it does have a mighty odour to it… must be strong stuff.”The two nodded softly and watched their friends talk and laugh, and every so often Jade would look over at Tori, as if to request her to come back, but Tori signalled back that she just needed a minute. She was about to say something when Nate headed her off with his own thoughts.”Look, Tori, I’d really like to talk to you if you have a couple minutes.””About what?” she said, eyes narrowing a bit as she took another sip.”Just some stuff. I heard something bad happened with you at the beginning of the year, and I have just been a wreck worrying about you. Kinda feel like I abandoned you.””Yeah…” she said, nodding softly, “But you weren’t the only one. When we broke up it just got hard to see each other without feeling something.””And just talking was bad enough… I really miss you Tori and if you ever want to give things with us-“”Nate…” she began, knowing this was going to be really hard. “Look, I like you- you’re sweet, you’re handsome, and you always treated me right… but I’m still working things out with me, so I really can’t-“”It’s no biggie,” he lied, trying to put on a strong face. “Just was figuring it might be nice.”Tori leaned over and pecked a kiss on his cheek. “Always the nice guy, Nate…”Nate was going to respond, but as Jade marched over and took Tori by the hand, he really didn’t have much of an opportunity. And as if the fates were aligning, Nate turned from staring at his love being carted off and made eye contact with Beck, who seemed to be focused on the same thing. The two guys shared a small semi-respectful nod and Beck went back to being Kelly’s grind object, and Nate downed a whole cup of punch as his love disappeared out the door with Jade and Freddie.On the other side of the party, someone else was actively watching the threesome leave the shindig, though Tori was not exactly her focus. Sam could just feel, with a glance, that Freddie was screwing that Tori chick. She knew it, and the idea that he was entering into this quasi three way relationship, like what she and Carly shared with him for a while, was like a kick in the gut. His old life had officially been replaced, she believed, and that’s why she was drinking as much of the alcoholic punch as she could.The blonde cowgirl headed over to where Cat and Noelle were and they were being their usually playful and flirty selves, as Andre watched. The shirtless musician had bets10 güvenilir mi gotten notably sweatier as the party’s heat increased, and it was not doing him any favours. The only bright spot that Sam could see what the rock star guy that she was pretty sure was Tori’s ex-boyfriend. But before she could say anything to him, he beat her to the punch.”You doing alright? You look like I feel””Yeah… not sure that’s the best opening line you could come up with,” Sam shot back.”I figured as much, but I thought it should be said,” he nearly shouted back, trying to get over the sound of the increasingly noising building. “You wanna step outside?””Sure… nothing else here for me at all.”Nate and Sam headed for the door, and for the first time in weeks she didn’t feel so bad about men. The feeling only got better when he held the door for her allowing the cool and crisp fall air to interact with her skin. Truth be told it was a bit chilly, but being cold was the last thing on Sam’s mind right now.”Feel better?” he asked as she walked ahead of him.”Tons… Guess I should thank you.””Only if you really mean it,” he fired back, cocking his eyebrow. “So… what’s with the sad look?””Shouldn’t I ask you the same question?””Suppose you could, but it’d be a long story if I answered.””Then give me the short version…” Sam said, feeling more and more comfortable, “and then maybe I will tell you mine.””Fair enough. Not sure if you knew, but Tori, Jade’s friend, and I used to date, and while it was everything I could have wanted, she didn’t feel the same way so we ended it. Guess I’m still holding onto some hope there.””Ah… bummer,” Sam said, widening her eyes for dramatic effect. “For me-“”Before you go, why don’t we take a seat?” Nate asked looking around for a curb or something to sit down on. “Isn’t there a fountain or some marker that we could sit in peace nearby?”Sam took his hand and pulled him past the main walkway where the fountain stood, no longer covered in yellow tape, but serving as the memorial site for Hunter. Though, from the sparse materials left for him, it was pretty obvious how well he was really liked.”Better?””I guess so. So this is where that guy got killed, right? The one that messed with Tori?”‘Yeah… guess you heard about that. I really don’t know much but he was in my lit and my history class. Never really talked to him though.””Crazy…” Nate mumbled as he shook his head. “Hell of a place for a peaceful chat, right?””Yeah… so anyway… I guess we have a little in common with being upset because I am still in love with a guy who doesn’t love me back.””I never said love, Sam.””Didn’t have to… I could tell.” Sam just stared off into the distance. Just like I can tell when Freddie looks at me, how he feels, versus how he feels when he looks at Jade.””That girl is out of her mind,” Nate said, running his fingers into the fountain for a few seconds. “Your guy probably has his hands full with that one…””Yeah… that’s the worst part. She and I are so much alike, so I really don’t know what I did wrong that she did right.””Whoa… how are you and Jade the same in any way?””Well body type is one thing,” Sam said with a sigh as she ran her fingers over her figure, “though she’s a lot more show-y with her stuff.””I don’t see it… go on.””Fine… we both have massive tempers and go off on people for no reason. We are both very aggressive and possessive of our things, including people-“”Look, Sam…” Nate began, “I know I don’t really know you but I watched your web show and I know a few things about being happy. And as long as you keep comparing yourself to Jade, especially when she’s with him, you’re never going to be happy.””What if I don’t want to be happy? What if I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t be with Freddie?””Then you might as well just go die… Way things are now, you’re just going to waste away, and that’s a shame because I know you’re something pretty special.”Sam was stunned. She wanted to slap him for being so callous, but he ended it with a line that seemed like he was hitting on her. It was a real enigma for the aggressive blonde. So she sat quietly and just began watching people come and go, mentally mocking or commenting on their costumes.”Look, I’m s-“”Don’t you dare apologize!” she said, cutting him off. “I guess you might have a good point.””If it’s meant to be it will, but obsessing over it doesn’t help anything and it just makes you sad. I know because I’ve been dealing with it for over 6 months, and it’s still tough.”Sam silently sat and thought for a few moments, and she had no idea what possessed her to do it, but she slid her hat off to her lap and laid her head on his shoulder. He was softer than she had expected, since he was so bulky and muscle-y. His arm wrapped around her shoulder and the two sat there for a few moments, just savouring the moment.All at once, it was as if her troubles had just been lifted away momentarily, and as she inhaled his strong old spice cologne, she couldn’t help imagining Nate in bed with her, cuddling, as she woke up, but with a vibrating shock, she was pulled from her daydream, to check and see her phone.-Where r u?It was Cat, of course, the one person she couldn’t really get mad at.-We r going 2 bed. Noelle is sick. Come when you can.”Everything ok?” Nate asked, shifting slightly.”Yeah… Cat wants me to come on to the room. Her friend is sick I guess.””Oh… well, I guess I should walk you to your dorm then, right?””Well…” Sam’s mind flashed to bringing her idea to life and inviting herself to his place or maybe even him staying with her. “You could do more than that if you’re up for it.””Whoa… I gotta pass, Sam.””What?!” She sat up incredulous at his response. “Why?””Because you’re pretty dr*nk, you have female roommates, one of which is sick right now, and because I don’t think either one of us are in a place for such a thing.””Says you…” she muttered back.”Yeah, says me,” he said, putting his hand on her shoulder. “Now let me get you to your dorm, so I know you’re safe.”Sam wanted to argue with him, but she was so out of it from depression, dr*nkenness, and her lethargic and lonely nature, that she wasn’t going to fight him on it.The pair walked silently to the dorm, and Sam slowly started leaking tears, praying that Nate wouldn’t see her like this as he led the way.”Would you want to do this again?” he asked as they approached the building.”Get completely embarrassed in front of you before you shut me down? No, I think I’m good, thanks.””No… I didn’t mean to make you mad. I just meant that I’d like to see you again and was wondering if you were feeling the same.””Oh…” Sam said as she reached the door. “Maybe, I guess.””Good deal,” he said softly before raising her hat a couple inches and kissing her forehead softly. “You get some rest and take care of your friends… I think I’m gonna grab Andre and just head out.”Sam was so shocked by his kiss that she just walked through the door and didn’t say a word for the next minute or two. But by the time she was ready to respond, Nate was gone, disappearing into the night and the booming party.The blonde trudged up the stairs and headed to her bedroom, only to find it empty of people, but s**ttered with the Halloween costumes of both Cat and Noelle. As Sam took a listen for only a moment in the bathroom, she could hear the playful giggling that always accompanied the girls’ ‘playtime.’And so, with nothing else to do, and Noelle’s phantom sickness apparently gone, Sam stripped off her costume for an oversized t-shirt and shorts and climbed into bed, anxious to dream of the guy she met tonight.* * *October 3110:17 pmUCLA- Gunter HallMain HallNate Shepherd rarely found himself lost or confused because he liked having control of situations, but for the second time in one night, he was confounded by a woman. Tori was usually an open book but tonight she seemed a thousand miles away, no doubt because of Jade and her boy-friend. This Sam on the other hand was a whole other… thing. There was something that was both appealing and off-putting with her at the same time.The stout teen walked back into the party, desperately searching for Andre and an escape from the hell of the crowd. Trina had come along with them, but from the fact that she’d disappeared since she ran back into Robbie, Nate simply assumed that she wouldn’t be making the trip home just yet.After several minutes of rubbing up against sweaty, dr*nken college students, he finally saw Andre, actively trying to hit on a couple girls that were clearly not interested. So, nothing new really.”Sup man?” Andre said, turning to face Nate, giving the girls a chance to escape from whatever torture he was putting them through. “Saw you leave with the blonde from iCarly… how was that?””Not what you think. We just kinda talked. Sweet chickadee, but I just don’t think she’s what I need right now.””C’mon man… your arm is gonna get tired if you keep holding that torch for Tori.””Hardy har, har…” Nate said, rolling his eyes. “I’m in love with her… I guess. I believe that eventually she will come around.””Good luck with that chizz, man.””You ready to mosey on out of here?”Andre looked at his friend incredulously. The Texas lingo of his took a lot of getting used to, and being a bit buzzed was not helping the language situation. He wanted to say something but for a second he thought he saw Jade and her bat attacking some frat guys, but when he looked again, she was gone.”Guess so… should we go track down Trina?””Nah,” Nate said, looking for the nearest exit. “Pretty sure we don’t wanna be seeing what she and Robbie are doing right now.”As the two teens made their way down the hallway towards the door, they were suddenly startled by a loud banging on a door’s window, and Andre nearly jumped into Nate’s arms like a really awkward Scooby Doo cartoon.The source was about as awkward as the noise as Trina’s face pressed up against the glass, her eyes opening to a surprise, and caused a freak out of her own.”Shit!” she exclaimed at seeing them, and in a few seconds, Robbie had covered himself and cracked the door.”Oh, hey guys…” he said, in the least inconspicuous way.”Look, man…” Andre said, stepping forward, hoping for a nude peek at Trina, “we were just about to leave… should we wait for Trina… and you guys to… finish?””Ummm…” Robbie began but he was cut off.”I will just get another ride home,” Trina called out, and Nate and Andre breathed a sigh of relief. “Unless… you guys wanna join?”Nate was absolutely stunned but Andre on the other hand just shrugged and walked through the door closing it behind him, leaving the stout rock star all alone at an overcrowded party once again.* * *October 319:57 pmUCLA- Scott HallRoom 602The door shutting from Jade’s hasty exit left Freddie and Tori, still in full costumes to stand idly. Their mutual lover had left her special home-made baseball bat somewhere in the party and wasted no time heading back so no one would touch it.Now the two teens stood wondering if they should just go ahead and change in front of each other of if there was some sort of code of conduct for them to abide by. After a couple moments of awkwardness, Freddie turned to just plainly ask Tori what they should do.Or at least, he would have, if her lips hadn’t met his at the exact moment he turned to face her. He was shocked for a half second before he relaxed into the kiss, but within a few seconds pulled away.”Tori… we can’t. Not without Jade…””But why?” the brunette asked slightly batting her eyelashes. “We’ve been together a few times now… in like every way. I’m not going to steal you, because this is not cheating, Freddie.””Certainly feels like it,” he muttered before lifting her slightly and sitting her down on Noelle’s vacant bed. Softly he took her hands and sat down next to her. “You’re not alone, you know?””I kinda feel like it,” she whispered back. “Even when I’m with you guys, it just feels like I’m the third wheel. Almost like I’m just here for you and Jade’s amusement like I’m a pet, or a toy, or something.””Whoa, Tori… its ok. We don’t think of you like that… or at least I know I don’t.” Freddie said, knowing he probably shouldn’t speak for Jade. “You are a sweet gorgeous girl who wanted to feel loved and I have been trying to be supportive. Jade wants you to be with us, and really I do too.””Why do I get the feeling you’re just telling me what I want to hear?””I’m not, I promise,” he said, leaning over to kiss her forehead. “You have no idea how much I really like you, and how hard it is to resist wanting you… You think I don’t want to kiss you, tear those clothes off, and make love to you all night? Because I do… but I have a commitment to Jade, and I can’t break that.”The image of Freddie ravaging her was more than enough to get a mighty heat brewing in Tori’s core.”Without Jade, I just feel like I’m a traitor… I’m sorry.”Tori slowly laid her head on his shoulder inhaling his manly scent, her mind awash over what was right and what she really wanted. She had made her mind up that she was just going to head back to her room and leave the situation, but as his soft lips pressed against her head gently in all the right spots, followed by his hands stroking her hair, deep, but not too hard. Moving now was just out of the question for Tori.”I love you.”The words had poured from her mouth before she even realized she had thought them, and as she ended the sentence, her eyes went wide as Freddie’s hands stopped moving completely.’Sorry…” she whimpered, sitting up and getting off the bed. “I’m just gonna-“The pull on her arm stopped her cold in her tracks.”It’s ok…” he said, moving his hands to her hips. “I’m not mad or anything… it just slipped out and if we are being honest, I love you too. You’re everything I ever would have wanted from the first girl I fell in love with, but I’m devoted to Jade, and this… ‘You and me’ thing… it just isn’t right.”The way he held her made her body heat up as his words began to freeze her heart, shutting her down once again. Slowly, she began to cry, turning and burying her head in his chest. Freddie only gripped her tighter, and slowly rocked back and forth with her until she had let everything out she needed to.”You are the sweetest and best guy I have ever met, Freddie. Jade’s too lucky to have you.””I’m not so sure… I am pretty lucky to have her… but I’m also lucky to have a girl like you in my life.”And with that he gave her a gentle kiss on her lips, that sizzled on contact in Tori’s brain. God, he tastes good, she thought as she savoured it long after he had pulled away from her.Just as Tori was about to make another move just to touch him once more, the door opened to reveal a very angry Jade, equipped with her nail covered bat.* * *October 3110:34 pmUCLA- Gunter HallMain HallIt had to be him, Nate thought as he stood near the bathroom at the end of the hallway he had left Andre to do whatever it is that he was currently doing. Truthfully, the image of what might be going down was more than disturbing. But for all his disgust, the lanky ‘hippie’ standing before him was by far the worst part of his night.There was no secret that Nate and Beck hated each other, despite their moment across the room, but something about tonight and all the crap he had been through today was making it more intense than ever. A beer would help, but he was supposed to be the DD for Trina and Andre, and god knows those two were too far gone to drive.Beck on the other hand, didn’t really care about being around Nate, as long as the guy wasn’t talking. Part of him still blamed the Texan for his breakup and loss of Tori, which was still haunting him, and while he wanted to patch things up with her, everyday it just seemed more and more difficult.”You doing the DD thing for Andre and Trina?””Yeah,” Nate said, honestly surprised that Beck was the first to speak. “You partaking tonight?””Nah… not really. Somebody’s gotta be responsible, I guess.””You still dating the blonde?””Yeah,” Beck nodded. “Guess I am. She needs to hurry up in the bathroom is what she needs to do.””You know how the women-folk are… always primpin’ and pamperin’ and stuff.””Mmhm,” Beck said, still avoiding any possible gaze.Nate was going to comment on something else trivial, when Kelly finally stumbled out of the bathroom, looking way too far gone.”‘Sup dudes?” she said, grinning. “This party is so bitchin’, amirite?””Oh yeah…” Nate said with a judgmental smirk preparing his ‘valley girl’ voice, “Totally awesome.””Don’t be a dick…” Beck muttered before focusing on her. “You alright? You were in there for a while.””Oh, totally, man… you worry too damn much. This chick in there hooked me up with some E and I dropped that shit like pow. Now I’m feeling like Blam! You know?!”Nate simply shook his head at the excited and high blonde. “Real classy lady you got there, pretty boy.””Fuck off, Douche Nukem,” the handsome teen called off. “You’re just pissy and jealous because I got to fuck the virgin out of your pretty little princess, Tori. All her holes.”Nate barely had a thought as his arm reared back and he launched it squarely towards Beck’s nose, but was stopped short by a dark hand.”Dude… you can’t fight here, man,” Andre said as he distracted Nate long enough to let Beck and Kelly leave the party.”Sonuvabitch deserved it,” Nate growled, turning around to see Trina and Robbie were there too. “You hear the way he was talking about your friend… your s*ster?””Yeah, and he’s an asshole, so let’s get out of here.”Nate considered arguing with Trina, but he just rolled his eyes and huffed, walking towards the exit, followed quickly by Andre, and a very jittery and frazzled Trina and Robbie.In fact, as soon as they were out of there, Robbie broke off and headed towards his room, barely offering a ‘bye’ to his girlfriend as the non UCLA students headed off silently to Nate’s truck.As the three of them piled into the big red b**st, Nate took a deep breath to calm his nerves once more before he took control of the heavy vehicle, and started it, beginning to blare the country music CD he had been listening to earlier that day. His passengers shook and were surprised by the loud music, but he quickly silenced the radio, and drove off into the night towards their respective homes.As they neared Andre’s grandmother’s place, Nate had the less than bright idea to ask a question.”So… you two-“”Not gonna talk about it” they said in unison, not taking their eyes off the road ahead, signalling that something did indeed happen, and Nate’s morbid curiosity was left to wonder.* * *October 3110:18 pmUCLA- Scott HallRoom 602″You sure you don’t need to join your girlfriend in there?”Tori sat across from Freddie, both still dressed in costume while Jade had retreated to the shower after returning to the room with spilled beer all over her outfit. Of course, some choice words were stated because of that event, and really, neither Tori nor Freddie could make out exactly what happened, just that she had been ‘violated’ by the drink and a bat swing later, she was f*rcefully removed, which didn’t matter since she wanted to leave anyway.So, now Freddie was faced with a choice on whether to join Jade, who was pissed, and who might go off on him for interrupting the shower just as easily as she be thankful and loving. Or, he could stay in the room with Tori who seemed more lost and confused, and yes, he had to admit to himself, that he physically wanted her more than anything at this moment.”Nah…” he said calmly, choosing his fate, “I think she’ll be alright without me. I always find letting her cool off is a good idea. I mean if you don’t mind… not sure if you needed to change or something.””Oh it’s ok…” she said, trying not to sound too excited, tucking some hairs over her ear. “Even if I did change, it’s not like you haven’t already seen me and everything.””Fair point.”What followed was something straight out of a cheesy unrealistic romantic movie, and as Tori turned to ask Freddie something, she tripped and nearly flew towards Freddie. He, of course, thought she was making a move and threw his hand up to stop her, but he missed, and Freddie’s hand slid over her ear, against her hair, essentially guiding her face to meet his, and being so close, the two teens couldn’t help themselves.Freddie’s hands sunk down her slim form, heading straight toward her perfect skirt covered ass, the kiss intensifying as the teens gave into one another. His fingers slid along the hem of her skirt, tips sliding against the soft tan skin that had goose bumps on it already. It was obvious that Tori was barely wearing any underwear and a quick swipe of his thumb cemented the face as it touched her thong. Her cotton and so, so, flimsy thong.BANG!Before the teens could even turn toward the door, they knew there really wasn’t a point.”WHAT THE FUCK?!””Jade… I-“”Save it, Freddie, you fucking asshole… Guess, I should have expected this out of you, Vega…””Jade, stop.” Freddie said firmly, trying to hide his completely obvious erection from his girlfriend who was clad only in a towel. “I’m sorry but we have been together time and time again. The fact that we shared something when you weren’t in the room really shouldn’t be a big deal.””That’s your excuse?! Seriously?!” she screamed back.”It’s not really even his fault…” Tori said, stepping up. “I was kinda in the mind-set of the other night when he held me, and I was lonely tonight, and I started it.”Jade stepped forward with a sneer, ready to slap the ever-loving shit out of her best friend and boyfriend, but it quickly turned into a sickly sweet, clearly fake, smile as she touched both of their shoulders.”You know, I’ve fucked both of you many times, but I’ve always imagined what it would be like to just see the two of you…” She sat down slowly on Noelle’s bed and looked them up and down before motioning to her bed. “So carry on with this… session, but I’m going to direct.”Tori and Freddie softly began to kiss again, nervous for what this meant, and nervous for what devious ends mobilbahis Jade had devised.”Where’s the passion you two? Show me what you were doing before I came in here.”Freddie sighed a bit and began to kiss Tori and caress her figure, his hands stopping just short of her rear, massaging her lower back. Tori smiled into the kiss, clearly urging him to go further.”Get that perfect little ass of yours out, Vega… Freddie needs something to grab onto when he’s shoving his tongue down your throat.”Tori playfully bit her lip as she reached to undo her skirt, letting it fall to the floor in a pool of plaid as she slowly stepped out of it, her nearly naked ass now exposed to both her lovers. Freddie’s hands wasted no time getting two handfuls of her ass as Tori moaned into the kiss. His fingers toyed with the cotton in her crack as he massaged her and pulled her closer into his body.Freddie slowly backed them up to the bed, and once he could move no further, he tried to sit her down and pull her on top of him, but she resisted, bending down a bit with her push, and smiled as he fell onto the bed and stared up at her.”Oooh, Vega, I can see your sweet pussy just glistening…” her words trailed off as Jade slid one finger into her mouth. “Baby… why don’t you give her pussy a hand.”Freddie nodded and reached around, lowering his hand down her back and down her ass until he slipped one finger around her thigh and began to tease the moist and very hot lower lips that were just beyond his sight.”Oooahhhhh,” Tori said, eyes rolling back at bit as another finger had begun to play with her pulsing twat. His thumb encircled her sensitive nub, causing her to coo as she pulled him up to face her.The couple smiled as they kissed deeply and for a moment, it was like Jade wasn’t even there. Separating for only a second, Freddie began to nearly rip his shirt off trying to remove anything that could stop him from feeling her skin on his. Tori followed suit and slid her thoroughly soaked thong down her legs before tossing it to Jade. The Goth teen sniffed her gift and closed her eyes loving the overwhelming scent.With his muscular chest now exposed to her, Tori couldn’t help herself from touching and grabbing and inhaling his skin, but from the way he was holding her, forcing their mouths to embrace, she was as pleased as she could be.”Fuck Vega…” Jade said, licking her lips, “You gonna inhale him?””I might, Jade,” she shot back, distractedly giving Freddie a chance to make his move.The Seattle based teen gripped Tori tightly and fell back, making sure he brought her back with him this time. They laughed between deep, wet and intense kisses, rocking back and forth. Finally, Tori pinned him down beneath her and slowly slid down, giving Freddie a sly look before slip-ping off the bed, undoing his pants and bringing them down, along with his boxers.Tori hungrily licked her lips and looked back at the Goth voyeur whose towel was off, and whose hand was already slipping inside her own little love hole. Unable to resist the throbbing hard cock that she knew she’d created for a second longer, Tori wrapped her lips around its head and slid her tongue across the crown for a moment before taking him deep into her throat. She did her best to suppress her gag reflex as she bobbed her head as far as it would go with each move.”Oh, fuck that’s hot, Vega… you look so natural with a cock in your pretty little mouth…”Jade’s goading only egged Tori on, as she tried to take more before pulling back a bit so she could just suckle his rod at her own pace and stroke the rest of him, wanting to show how good of a cocksucker she could really be. If this was her one chance to show that she wanted to be just as big a part of this relationship as she could be.She knew she was doing a good job when she felt Freddie’s hand touch the back of her head, massaging her scalp, and pushing her further down on it. Normally, Tori hated when a guy would do this, but the fact that this was Freddie and he was being just as f*rceful as he was gentle, the fact only made her wetter.With Tori bending to service him, Jade could only really see the juicy pussy that was practically dripping before her. Part of her wanted to kneel behind her friend, and just devour that flower with a passion, but tonight she wanted to remain hands off.Freddie’s hand sunk past her head, and reached down and began to pull on her shirt, pulling as much as he could off of her, desperate for her to be as naked as he was. Pulling off with a pop sound, Tori wasted no time ditching her top with a smirk, looking up, leaving her completely in the buff as she dove back down and swallowed a good few inches, never breaking eye contact.Tori’s hands shot up and scratched down his chest over and over as her head went up and down his pole, her oral skills proving far too much for him already.”Baby… Tori… I’m close…”Tori never moved away, only looked up, and kept her hands in place as he bucked against her mouth a bit, firing a hardy shot down her throat, and coating her tongue with his seed with the rest of his load. Tori swallowed as much as she could before sucking down on his cock more, anxious for more.”Did he taste good, Vega?” Jade asked, almost whispering. “Did you enjoy having his milky white jizz just coating your mouth, sending so many sperm deep into that tight little tummy? Huh? I bet you did… you deserved it. Such a cute little princess with cum coating her throat and running down her lips…”Jade’s words echoed in their minds as Freddie pulled her up and the couple embraced, kissing, and just holding each other. His hands slid across her breasts, toying with her darkened nipples as he slid his tongue between her lips. His kisses headed due south and he pulled her up further on him so he was at eye level with her glistening tits.Freddie’s hot mouth engulfed her hardened peaks, suckling on her pert and pretty young breasts. There was a small moment between swapping where Freddie’s mind jumped to a vision of Tori nursing their ch*ld, but in a flash, it was gone, leaving him confused. Leaving Tori’s incredibly sensitive nipples alone, Freddie kissed her once more before lifting her fragile body up and laying her on the bed. Looking down at her, she seemed so defenceless, and Freddie just wanted to take care of her, but as Tori looked up at him, begging him to touch her, he couldn’t argue.His strong hands traced her body, circled her breasts, and slid down her stomach before reaching their prize. Toying with her clit, he just watched as her back arched and she looked up at him through glazed eyes and a look that screamed nirvana. Once his fingers slip inside her wet and waiting cunt, she screams out, with a loud mewing sound.Freddie slid down the bed and took his place between her legs, as Tori braced herself by grabbing her chest as she prepared for his hungry mouth. She was clearly right to as her body wriggled as his tongue slipped between her folds. His strong hands remained cemented into her sides as he feasted on her, moving neither fast or slow, but just right, and Tori began to cry from the ecstasy.”I love you…” she whispered, unsure if he or Jade could hear her, as her legs tightened around his head and one of her hands reached down to grip his hair forcing him deeper. She could feel her toes starting to curl and a slow spasm that she knew was the beginning of an unforgettable orgasm.”Does she taste good, baby? Let that sweet pussy juice just dribble down your chin. Make her come and just drink it all up…”Jade might have been trying to coach, but Freddie was lost in his own head as he couldn’t believe how hot and delicious Tori’s body was tonight, and he began to wonder if he would ever stop wanting to devour her very being. Before long, Tori’s breathing increased tenfold and her body began to wriggle, and Freddie kept up what he was doing, applying intense pressure with his tongue onto her overly sensitive clit, and after a few seconds, her hips bucked and she came, her juices flooding down so Freddie could happily lap them up.Even after she’d given him every bit of her, Freddie didn’t stop, humming and moaning inside her as he ate her out, until she finally had to grip his head and pull it from her core and bringing his body up to hers. Softly she grabbed his cheeks and went in for a deep kiss, both gasping for breath and savouring the flavour in each other’s mouth. Truthfully, Tori was desperate to taste her sex, something she had always enjoyed, but what she tasted on Freddie’s lips tonight was on a whole other level.After a few minutes of kissing and watching Jade gripped her breast tightly and touched herself, Tori bit her lip playfully and began to push Fred-die back down to her sex. Freddie was more than happy to oblige, licking softly, before allowing two fingers to slip inside her.”Yeah baby… stretch her pussy out,” Jade said rubbing fast and hard on her nub. “Get her ready for that big hard cock that you’re going to fuck the shit out of her with.”Freddie softly kissed and suckled on the red love button in front of him as he fingered deep inside her. Then, in a moment of pure lust, he slid one heavily lubricated finger out of her and pressed it against her pert and tight asshole.Tori desperate tried to say no, but the words just wouldn’t come and as she felt the intrusion in her most sacred of holes, she knew she actually wanted this feeling. Her body took in the digit without trouble and Tori gripped her sheets tightly, and before she even knew it, another orgasm was beginning to tear through her. Freddie was now fingering both her holes, slipping two fingers inside while his ring finger pushed in and out of her balloon knot.Tori’s second orgasm gave Jade the head’s up for this show to get on the road. “Alright, looks like Freddie’s harder than ever so it’s time for you two to fuck… not this sweet making love shit… I want to see him pound that little twat into oblivion.”Tori is still breathing deep trying to recover, but Freddie feels he has a duty to follow Jade’s instructions. He stood up and easily lifts the Latina up and flips her over on the bed, placing her on her hands and knees before him, ass up as she was waiting for this.Gripping her hips softly, he pulled her backwards until his head was at her entrance, the puffy pink hole still looking far too small for what was about to go inside her. Slowly, he pushed inside her, feeling her slick walls tightening like a vice around his member as he pushed and pushed until he had completely filled the sweet brunette. Tori was barely conscious as she felt her body being torn in half and yet screaming for more.Once inside, he slowly pulled all the way out, causing her to make a sad whiny sound before he pushed just a little bit faster, back inside her. Tori’s hand shot back to stroke his hand, needing to just feel that more of him was back there.Seeing Tori so vulnerable, Freddie pulled her body back so she just stood on her knees, his member deep inside her, but her back tightly against his front as he sent several small and fast thrusts inside her as his strong hands covered her body to hold her close. His lips began to meet her goose bump covered neck and her earlobes felt the gentle tug of his kisses and nibbles.Beginning with taking a grasp of her brown and somehow still perfect hair, Freddie began to get more aggressive, pinching her nipples, thrusting harder and faster, causing her eyes to nearly cross before he began toying with her hood as pressed his strength upwards.”For fuck’s sake you two… this isn’t a goddamn Nicholas Sparks jerkoff session.” Jade was now standing over them as they stared at their ‘director.’ I told you that I wanted to see you two fuck, hot, sweaty, screaming shit. She’s not your girlfriend Freddie so don’t treat her like it… and Tori, you are nothing but a fuck-doll cum-dumpster for him, so stop this romantic bullshit.”Freddie softly pushed her down onto her hands and knees once more and getting a good grip of her plump and welcoming ass, he began to pound and piston as hard and fast as he could, sending Tori’s body, as well as the whole bed forward. The shockwaves of the rough sex were apparent on her tanned skin and Jade happily watched as her pert, B-cups bounced and jiggled with a ferocity unmatched. He upped the ante even further when he spanked her ass every so often, making her already swollen peach of an ass jiggle and redden.”Look at that… Vega loves doggy style,” Jade taunted, taking her spot back on Noelle’s bed so she could touch herself. “You like getting fucked like a dog, Vega? Like a bitch in heat? You are in heat… aren’t you? You want Freddie to fire a huge fucking load after load of his sticky sweet cum inside your pretty pink pussy?”Jade’s words were setting Tori on edge, and part of her wanted to scream out ‘Yes!’ to her taunter, but she knew she could never express that, especially not right now. She wanted to think more on the subject when Freddie lifted her with no trouble, and without even pulling out, swapped places with her, laying back and pushing Tori into a reverse cowgirl.Gravity had done most of the work, but Freddie was now buried even deeper inside her, and she ran her fingers down her belly, wondering if she could feel his protrusion so deep inside her. Her body began to fall forward, trying not to scream, but as Freddie grabbed her arms from behind her, he began to thrust up and down inside her, keeping her locked in place as he pounded with as much passion as possible.Tori cried out as his balls slapped hard against her clit over and over with each plow. The intense feeling proved far too much and Tori let out a guttural moan and began rubbing herself as she shook with her third overpowering orgasm of the night. Her vicelike pussy squeezed his healthy cock with all its might and Freddie slowly slipped out of her.Tori turned to face him and began to speak when Freddie flipped her back over, so that she was now on her back. He wasted no time in re-sheathing himself inside her welcoming and reddening hole, tossing her legs over his shoulders as he powered several hard and fast strokes before placing his hand underneath her and pulling her up for a kiss. Thanks to Tori’s flexible nature, she was able to fold herself so they could share their kiss, wincing his he penetrated her more and more with each kiss.Words had already begun to fail the Latina, and it was clear she was already lost, but Freddie slowed his pace down and wasn’t nearly as f*rceful, allowing Tori to gain her strength back before this went any further.”You’re so beautiful,” he whispered, tucking some wild hairs behind her ear as she cooed at his touch. “You feel so amazing and this is one of the most incredible moments of my life.”Tori just nodded and smiled, desperately trying not to lose herself into the milky white bliss, but it was clearly a losing battle for her. She looked up and saw something coming but just couldn’t speak.”Fuck, this is so hot…” Jade whispered into Freddie’s ear with that seductive tone she had mastered long ago. “You fucked her brains out completely…”The naked Goth was pressing her body tightly against Freddie’s sweaty back, her cool flesh pillows pressing into his back with hardened nipples that he desperately wanted to worship, but tonight was all about making love to Tori.”Doesn’t she look like some sprawled out angel, baby?” Jade whispered. “Her body is just begging to be violated. Look at her round little ass… wouldn’t you just love to fuck her ass raw, making her come from a whole different hole?”Freddie was a little uncomfortable with how Jade was taking over so much but he couldn’t deny that she was right. He had really wanted to take her other hole, but there was no easy way to bring that up and as painful as it was for Jade, he had let the thought go.Gripping her feet and spreading her legs more, Freddie resumed his hard and fast pace to the now wide-eyed brunette as Jade slinked down to her friend and began to whisper things into the tanned girl’s ear. Freddie had no idea what she said, but Tori began to buck and seemed to be just as into making this a real passionate experience once again. After a few minutes of intense fucking, Tori tightened her pussy for the fourth time as she came like a gusher, no doubt thanks to Jade’s verbal assistance.”That’s four times Vega… You’re such a selfish lover. Freddie’s only cum once… don’t you think he deserves another?” Jade had essentially f*rced Tori to nod. “That’s a good girl… you want him to fuck you in the ass?”The candid question was a shock, but Tori just nodded, wanting to surrender any and everything she could for her lover. Jade helped flip Tori over so she could bite the pillow if necessary. Freddie nearly had to do a double take as he looked at his new target. All the attention to her ass had not been in vain and now it looked so inviting, and Jade pulled her cheeks apart so Freddie could just slide into her contracted hole.Freddie wondered if he made a mistake as he pushed the head inside, feeling like he might break her and the overwhelming scream, silenced by the pillow was clear evidence that this was not comfortable for her. But her hole was so tight, and he couldn’t help himself as he pushed just a little more inside her, as her body shook.Tori felt like she was truly going to be ripped apart, and it was lucky that she didn’t have anything to do for a couple days because she knew she wouldn’t be able to be comfortable sitting for a while, but there was a fullness that was honestly unmatched as Freddie gave her more and more of his length. Truth was, she was far too gone to care and no matter what he or Jade did to her, she knew that this night was already worth it.Try as he could, Freddie could only fit about half of himself inside and slowly slid in and out of her stretched out ass, rubbing her pussy with each thrust in and out so she could have some pleasure. He slipped two fingers inside her pink and massaged her insides as he slowed down, feeling his own release coming soon.”Tori, I… I’m close,” he said, trying to hold back his release, but Tori just pushed her ass back a little further, taking more of him inside her giving him the go ahead.”I knew Vega wanted you to coat her walls with your cum, baby… Give her everything you’ve got.”Freddie began to groan, and the tight squeeze of her anal walls milked the member for all it was worth after shot after shot after shot poured out, coming harder and more than he had in recent memory, filling her bowels with his seed.”Oooh… your cock is like a cork, keeping all that come inside Vega… maybe you shouldn’t pull out Freddie… let her feel what she earned inside her,” Jade hissed.Despite Jade’s words, Freddie did pull out, worried for his lover, and turned her over to see a soft smile with half open eyes. Like a ch*ld, she weakly raised her arms up to ask to be carried and Freddie obliged and the sweet teen grasped onto Freddie tightly, their hearts beating in unison.”Freddie… Will you bathe me? Please…” she whispered, snuggling her face into the nape of his neck.”Sure Tori… I promised that I’d take good care of you.”Freddie lifted Tori off the bed fully and opened the door slightly to see if anyone was around. Once he was sure the coast was clear he slipped into the bathroom and prepared to clean the two of them from what was arguably the sweatiest, hottest, sex he’d ever had.His peace and joy was rocked when Jade walked behind them and simply whispered “We are going to deal with happened tonight tomorrow morning… just so we’re clear that this issue isn’t over…”* * *October 3111:22 pmUCLA- Scott HallRoom 113Despite nothing mean actually coming out about him personally, Beck was still fuming at Nate for whatever slight may have been felt. Where did he get off saying that, Beck thought as he paced in Kelly’s room.While she and Tori had tried the roommate thing, the younger Vega was now nowhere to be found and every day more and more stuff from her side disappeared. After about a week of never seeing her, Kelly had just expanded her stuff to the whole room, giving her plenty of space, as well as giving Beck a place to sl*ep when she didn’t want to cuddle after… which was nearly every night.Beck had his own room to go back to, but he rarely felt like going there, as he actually worried that his late roommate might haunt it or something sinister. He never cared for Hunter for the short time he knew him, but he still felt wrong about what happened to the guy.Kelly’s high was slowly wearing off, having danced and sweated most of the narcotics from her system, and replacing them with water and alcohol which was causing a very relaxed effect.The aggressive blonde was well aware of what her boyfriend had said to Nate, and while she didn’t really care for the guy, it bothered her that Beck would just make that comment. She had been working on a response, but couldn’t think of anything that really was better than kicking him in the balls for being such a dick.Thanks to the substances, she was calming down about the event, but still needed something to take the edge off a little bit more. She reached inside her closet and grabbed her special supply of weed, anxious to take a hit and get the edge off so she could relax.Kelly wasn’t the best student and she wasn’t the most active, but she knew how to roll a joint better than anyone else she knew. Once her spliff was constructed, she looked over at Beck, quizzically. “You want one?””No,” he said sharply, his mind still just focused on anger and getting back at Nate.”Cooool by me,” she said, nodding at her creation and lighting it, inhaling with a deep breath. “Aaahhh…” she said, laying on her bed, eyes closing. “That’s some good sh-COUGH”Beck was snapped out of his hate trance and looked over at his girlfriend who seemed to be choking.”Something’s… COUGHCOUGH…wrong?””Kelly?!” he shouted down at her, trying to stand her up, but her body just wasn’t responding. “C’mon… breathe!”The blonde just looked up at him, as her door burst open, and a couple girls came in from the screaming. Kelly thought she knew one of them, but her mind wasn’t so clear, and the room was spinning as her eyes bugged out. She began to convulse, mouth foaming a little bit before falling into a full on seizure before blacking out.

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