Regina wants to go to the woods.

Regina wants to go to the woods.Regina came in my bedroom, I was slaying on the bed reading a book. She was still in her pjs. She asked if we could go for a walk in the woods. I looked her, hesitated, too long for her I guess, as she took my hand and put it to her crotch. She rubbed my hand against it, we both knew what each other wanted. With that she put her hand on my crotch, rubbing the outline of my stiffing cock. I told her we needed to stop as mom and dad were downstairs. She said I’ll go get dressed, you get Boots and walked out of my room.I walked down stairs told mom I was taking Boots to look for rabbits and would be back in a couple of hours. She said ok. My sister came bounding in asking if I could go. I looked at mom and asked if it was ok. She said sure.We walked out the rear door. Regina had set up the pace, she was must have been really horny. Poor Boots didn’t have a chance to look for any rabbits. Mind you his tip was showing. I was beginning to think he was smelling Regina. We no sooner got to the woods and Regina had his cock in her hands. I told her wait. Take off your shorts and panties, she did. I could see her lips were wet. See if he’ll lick your pussy. I pushed his nose to her pussy; he stuck out his tongue and licked. I let him go tuzla escort and he continues to lick it on his own, at times sliding his tongue between her lips. She was moaning, “It feels good.” Boots was now licking her as he humped her leg. She asked what he was doing. I told her he wants to fuck you. I helped her get him in between her legs. I told her to grab his cock. She did and boots humped her hand, driving his cock closer and closer to her pussy. And she was raising her hips wanting him to enter her. But it wasn’t to happen. The tip of his cock brushed against her pussy and he exploded his load all over her pussy. She now had hold of his knot which must have been about the size of a tennis ball, as he finished dumping his load. She let go, Boots. He moved off her belly and began cleaning his squirt off her pussy. She sat up on her elbows and watched as he licked her pussy, saying it feels good.It wasn’t until than, she noticed I had my cock out and was pumping it. She asked if I liked watching that, I told her yes that’s obvious. With that she replaced my hand with hers on my cock. She pulled herself towards me, her mouth engulfing my cock. I watched her suck and pump my cock while Boots was cleaning up her pussy.Boots finished, laid down orhanlı escort and licked himself. Regina was sucking and pumping me like crazy. I was about to unload in her mouth when she pulled my cock out and pointed it at her pussy, while continuing to pump my cock. I couldn’t control it any longer I shot my load all over her pussy. I watched as 4 squirts emptied my balls, and she pumped the last dribbles out of them. Regina laid back her legs spread, my gooey cream sliding down between her lips. She said, “Clean Me! Make me cum!”I had never tasted my own cum before. Even so this was going to be different, my cum mixed with Boots and her own juices.My tongue reached out to lick my cum, it draw a string of cum as I licked it up. Doing as I was told. I run my tongue up and down her slit, stopping to suck her clit and probe her opening on the bottom side. She said “Lick further down. It ran down my ass.” She lifted her legs around me and held the m up with her hands. A stream of my cum had run down her slit, across the gap between her pussy hole and ass, pooled in her ass hole and about an inch further down the crack of her ass. I did what I was told. I licked below her pussy, and reached her ass. She pulled the checks of her ass open giving me complete aydınlı escort access to her anus. She moaned as I licked it. She said push your tongue in it, but it was far too tight. She then said stick your finger in it. Which I did. I pumped my middle finger in as far as it would go, while going back to sucking her clit. In a few seconds, her hips were humping and her juices flowed, she had orgasmed, I tasted that bittersweet taste I was looking for. My cock had grown hard. Regina said.”Slide it between my legs.” I replied, “I don’t think I should Fuck You!” Her response was, “No, I just want to feel your hot cock against my Pussy.’I got between her legs and slide my cock up and down her slit. I poked a few time at her clit and she wiggled her hips. A couple of time the head of my cock found her entrance, she pushed her hips, despite what she said she wanted my cock in her, tell in me, “Fuck Me Fuck Me”. I rolled off her, pulled her on top of me so we could 69. She sucked my cock as I ate her pussy. I went to finger her, only to find there was no resistance, her cherry had been broken. I wondered if she’d been fucked.I pumped my middle finger in an out of her pussy, as I sucked her clit, she cam, once again I savored the bittersweet nectar, as I pumped a load down her throat and she sucked my cock dry.We lay there a few minutes; I patted her bare butt and said we’d better be going.On the way back I asked her how her cherry got broken? She told me a hair brush. I wished it had been my cock.

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