sister’s Pajama Party Seduces brother

sister’s Pajama Party Seduces brotherIt was Friday and Kevin just got home from school. He had been dreading this night for a week. All of his friends were busy and he had nowhere to go to escape the impending onslaught of a bunch of goofy girls. His older sister Kammie was having a pajama party sleep over with some of her friends and Kevin knew they were going to make his night a living hell.Normally, Kevin and Kammie were pretty close and did many things together, but that all ended when her friends came over. Kammie was a senior in high school and Kevin was a junior and only 14 months younger than his sister. Kammie was a tiny redhead who barely stood 5’2” and possibly weighed 85 pounds dripping wet. She had very firm b-cup titties that Kevin had managed to catch a glimpse of only twice. Most people took her to be only 12 or 13 years of age instead of 17 going on 18.Kevin wasn’t much taller at 5’5”, the same height as their dad. He had reddish blonde hair also like his father who had immigrated from Ireland when he was about Kevin’s age. Although he wasn’t tall nor did he look his age, 16, Kevin played football and baseball on his high school teams. In football he was a running back and man could her run. Being so short, it was hard for the bigger and slower guys to catch and tackle him and he loved being able to out maneuver all of them and the attention he got from it. At dinner, Kevin pleaded with his parents to take them with him to their party, but they insisted that he remain at the house. They told him to just go into his room and watch TV or busy himself on his computer and that the girls will leave him alone. Except for a wee bit of noise, he’d never know they were there. He rolled his eyes and just moped back to his bedroom and closed the door. Just before his parents left, his mom stopped by his room and offered Kevin some of her sleeping pills. At first he wasn’t going to take them but mom said they just might knock him out enough that he never hears a thing, so he took them and set them on his dresser.A couple hours later, he began hearing the first of the girls to arrive. The last he knew there was supposed to be Kammie and six others. She told him who was coming and he knew them all. He also knew that two of them kept wanting him to date them but the last thing he wanted was to date one of his sister’s friends and then have the group talk about him. Kevin turned on an old WW2 movie on the TV and turned up the volume and thought about taking a couple of sleeping pills but decided he would wait to see if he really needed them. He turned his lights off and sat back across his bed. Even with the volume turned up, it didn’t take long for Kevin to fall asleep. Kammie needed his help for something and gently knocked on his bedroom door but got no answer. She carefully opened the door and saw that her brother was sound asleep on his bed. By that time, a couple ankara escort of the girls had snuck up behind her to see what was happening and started giggling as they looked in on the sleeping teen. They tiptoed into the room behind Kammie and then Rachel lifted her top, exposing her bare titties and then covered herself back up and they silently laughed with their hands over their mouths. Sue, the other girl turned her back to the bed and mooned the brother and then again they all giggled with their hands over their mouths trying to be quiet. Rachel was one of the girls had wanted to date Kevin and she never hid the fact that she really liked him. She waved her hand in front of the sleeping lads face to make sure he was sound asleep. Satisfied, she lifted her top again only this time she took it completely off. Kammie and Sue were shocked at Rachel’s brazenness and were whispering for her to put her top back on before she was caught. In an act of defiance, she grabbed her pajama bottoms and yanked them down to her ankles and stepped out of them and kicked them towards Kammie. Rachel was now completely naked as she danced in a circle in front of sleeping Kevin. Kammie and Sue were ready to panic and were trying to hand her back her clothes. They managed to push Rachel out of the room and closed his door. Back in Kammie’s bedroom, the other girls wanted to know why was Rachel naked and Sue told them what had happened. They all were shocked and started giggling. Then some of the girls started teasing and daring others to go strip in Kevin’s room like Rachel had. Kammie tried her best to tell the girls not to that they could all get into big trouble if they were caught, but it was to no avail as the girls piled up just outside Kevin’s bedroom door. Rachel opened the door just enough to peek in and saw that Kevin was still asleep. She was still naked as she opened the door further and tiptoed in with the others following close behind. One by one the girls took off their tops and tossed them out into the hallway. Then off came their bottoms until every girl except Kammie was standing naked in her brother’s bedroom in front of him while he slept. Just then an exceptionally loud explosion sounded in the movie and the girls froze in their tracks, waiting to see if Kevin would wake or not. Several of the girls kept trying to get Kammie to strip and finally with their help she did. Rachel then whispered that she wished she could see him naked and they all started giggling again. Kevin was only wearing a loose pair of shorts and tank top. Rachel carefully tried to lift the leg hole on his shorts to see if she could see anything, but couldn’t due to the way he was sitting back against the wall. Kammie was frantically trying to motion Rachel to move back when Rachel gently placed her had on the bulge in Kevin’s shorts. There was a collective gasp from all of the girls. Kevin ankara escort bayan never stirred as Rachel’s hand moved along Kevin’s cock. Another collective gasp went through the gaggle of girls as they could see his cock grow and get hard. Kammie tried to pull her away from her brother but the other girls held her back. She had no clue that he had taken some of her mom’s powerful sleeping pills and that they had pretty much knocked him out for the night. As Kevin’s cock got erect, Rachel grew bolder and started stroking it more through his shorts. The rest of the girls jostled around trying to get a good look at what Rachel was doing to Kammie’s brother. It was then that Kammie spied the bottle of sleeping pills on Kevin’s dresser and realized that he had taken some of his mom’s pills and that he was probably really zonked but she didn’t tell any of the others about her discovery. Instead, she quietly dared Rachel to reach into Kevin’s pants and pull out his cock. Rachel looked surprised and then got an evil grin on her face. Turning back to the sleeping teen, Rachel carefully climbed onto the bed next to Kevin and then worker her hand inside his waistband. Her eyes got big as her hand wrapped around Kevin’s cock. She stroked it several times before pulling the front of his shorts down far enough to release the lad’s manhood. Even though Kevin wasn’t that tall, his cock was substantial measure a full 6 inches erect. All of the girls crowded closer to get a good look at it. Sue reached out and touched it and then started giggling. One of the other girls said that he was really awake and that he was pretending to be asleep, Kevin didn’t respond to any of their attempts to wake him. Several girls then helped Rachel take Kevin’s shorts and shirt off of him leaving him naked. They all ran and grabbed their cell phones and took turns posing naked on the bed with Kevin. Some of them had their pictures taken just sitting there, others with their hand holding his cock and Sue chose to have her photo sucking his cock. Kammie opted out of being in any of the photos, but Rachel again took things further and sat on Kevin’s cock facing the camera. She had several photos of taken of her with his cock in her pussy. Once the photos were taken, Rachel starting fucking Kevin in front of Kammie and all of her friends. All of the girls couldn’t help but touch themselves as they watched the sexual show being played out in front of them. Rachel was watching them rub their titties and pussies as they watched her. In a couple of minutes Rachel came while riding Kevin’s cock. It caused her to slow down until she regained control and then she started in. Kammie asked her how far she was going to take this and Rachel said that she wanted his cum inside her. One of the other girls asked her about getting pregnant and Rachel said she didn’t care. She kept riding him until she could feel escort ankara his cock begin to get larger. Then a loud scream nearly shattered the windows in the entire house as every girl screamed when Kevin gripped Rachel’s hips and thrust himself deeper into her as he shot rope after rope of cum inside of her. Kammie screamed that they thought he was asleep and as Kevin was grunting out the last of his cum, he told them that he heard them the first time they came into his room and Rachel flashed him. He barely had his eyes open and decided to act like he was asleep to see what happened, but he couldn’t act anymore as he came inside Rachel.Some of the girls were scrambling for their clothes when Sue mentioned that it was already too late as he’s had a good look at all of them. Rachel spun around, still with Kevin’s cock in her pussy, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. Kevin knew resistance was futile so he did his part to kiss her back. When they came up for air, Kevin cupped both of her breasts in his hands and told her she had nice titties. She thanked him and told him that he had a pretty nice cock and he returned the compliment about her pussy. By now his cock was shrinking and fell out of Rachel. She climbed off of him and Kevin asked who was next. Sue jumped at the chance and he told her to suck his cock hard and he would fuck her next so she started sucking his cum covered cock. Rachel asked her how she tasted on him and Sue mumbled that she tasted great and returned to sucking. It doesn’t take a 16 year old boy with raging hormones to recover and he quickly grew hard. Kevin had reached down and was playing her titties as she sucked him hard. Satisfied that he was hard enough, Sue climbed onto Kevin’s cock only she faced him instead of facing her friends. As he started to pump in and out of her, she leaned forward, hugged and kissed him. Kevin could feel her titties pressing against his chest, her pussy on his cock and her tongue in his mouth. He did like Sue more than he liked Rachel and he found it easy to return her passionate kissing. Kevin cupped his hands on Sue’s ass to help with their movements. He really liked the way her ass felt and did his best to fondle her cheeks as he held her. Watching Sue he could tell that she was starting to build towards an orgasm. He continued to pump her as her body bucked and convulsed. Her pussy clenched tight around his cock as her juices flooded his lap. Sue had a second orgasm by the time Kevin was able to muster up his second orgasm of the night. He pumped several streams of his hot seed into his current lap companion. She kissed him again and climbed off. The other girls looked at Kevin’s deflated cock as he asked if anyone else was interested. At first none of them took him up on his offer. They giggled as they left his room. Kevin cleaned up and waited to see if anything else happened but nothing did. He heard his parents come home from their party and his mom checked in on him to see how he was doing. She asked if the girls had bothered him and he just smiled at his mom and said they’ve been no trouble at all and said his goodnight.

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