Skate Park…


Skate Park…Skate Park..written by Bill with input from KwenWendy was having a good day, her husband was away and she had the freedom to do what ever she pleased for at least a week. Which of course is a strange thing to say because Wendy really missed her husband when he went away on business. Of course the flip side of that meant that Wendy had complete freedom in doing anything and indulge in any behavior that she secretly enjoyed.Because Wendy had some very private secrets. As we all have secrets that we want to be kept private, so it was with Wendy too.She took her car and began to drive over to her friends Sarah’s house. Along the way Wendy caught sight of a familiar sign pointing off to the right. ‘Skate Park 3 miles’ It said pointing off to the right. Wendy slowed the car, changed her mind about visiting Sarah and took the right turn. The skate park was a little secret pleasure of hers. The three miles to the skate park, about ten minutes by car and there it was. Wendy turned into the car park and slowly rolled the car to a stop where she knew she had a good view of the gray concrete paths and contoured bowls where the skaters practiced their sport. It was midmorning and there were only a few skaters rolling back and forth around the park and paths. Wendy counted them using her fingers tapping on the steering wheel of the car. She counted nine in total. A low number considering that sometimes there could be dozens of skaters using the park.There were several Hispanic teenage boys skating around and Wendy found herself focusing on them in particular. She enjoyed seeing them twist and move on their skate boards and imagined what their smooth sexy tanned bodies might look like or even feel like..!This was Wendy’s dirty little secret. Even thought she was in her 40’s, Wendy hankered after younger men. Her fascination with them had begun when she was in her mid 20’s. She would look at them and wonder what it might feel like to touch their young smooth bodies and even imagined what it might be like to have a sexual fantasy experience with them.She liked young men and teenage boys, she particularly like young black men with their dark ebony skin, she also like Hispanic boys to with the honey caramel colored skin tones too. Wendy thought that darker skin looked so much more exotic. They seemed that they moved around and walked in a different way to white boys. Black and Hispanic boys seemed move with a sway in their hips and more a****l like movements in their whole bodies. Wendy found herself attracted to them more and more over the years and the older she became the urge to lust after their bodies became greater too.Watching one of the Hispanic boys skating Wendy was already touching herself with her finger tips teasing her pussy lips through the thin material of her panties as she sat in the car. She felt herself getting moist. Reaching into small box behind the passenger seat she groped for a sex toy that she kept there. A small handy sized black rubber vibrator, which she turned on low and began to use it on herself between her legs. She slipped her panties to one side and then slowly eased the vibrator just about an inch or so into herself. All the while istanbul escort watching the skater boy doing tricks on his skate board.The car had tinted windows so Wendy was sure that almost no one passing by could see her teasing her pussy with the vibrator. Only if they came right up close and looked right inside at her sitting in the drivers seat.She teased her sex while intently looking at the boy. It felt good inside her and she was enjoying it, however Wendy wanted something more, something a little more real. She put the sex toy away and tidied herself up and got out of the car. She walked straight over to the edge of the skate park and stood there watching the boy going round and around on his skate board.’You look really good!’ Wendy called out to him as he passed close by.’Thanks!’ The boy called back. He spun around and rolled right up next the her.’Hi. Do you skate?’ He asked her.’Not in these heels’ Wendy replied pointing down at her black high heeled shoes.’But I used to when I was younger. I’m Wendy!’ She added to keep him interested and talking to her.’I’m Juan’ The boy told her his name.’Is that you car over there?’ Juan asked her.’Yes, it is, do you like it?’ She asked him.’Sure! I would love to have a car like that someday. Once I learn to drive’ Juan said.’Want to have a look around it Juan? Come on over I’ll show you around’ Wendy invited him to go see her car.Wendy walked back and Juan skated beside her. As they came closer he pushed on ahead and swooped round the car in one big circle and came to a stop right in front of the car.’Your really good on that skate board’ Wendy praised him.She used to be a student counselor for many years and knew how to get young peoples attention and then to get them to talk and encourage them to open up to her. She used the same skills with Juan. Praising him and getting his attention through her expensive car and her female presence.’I would love a car like this’ Juan said as he looked at the car.’Do you like the color? Wendy asked.’It’s ok, I’d have a gold car! To show off to all my skate buddies and get some girls too’ Juan told her.’You got a girlfriend?’ Wendy asked and was gradually luring him into her confidence.’No. But I used to have one.. But she broke up with me and now I just skate..’ Juan said and let down his guard towards Wendy.’Why not try out the car’ She offered. As she opened the passenger door and indicated for him to try out the seat.Juan smiled and got into the car and sat down.’Wow!’ This is a real cool car’ Juan was impressed with the interior of the car.’Scoot over, try the drivers seat’ She told him.Juan moved over from the passenger side into the drivers seat and took hold of the steering wheel. Wendy got into the passenger seat and closed the door.’Here start it up see how it feels’ Wendy gave him her car keys. Juan took them and turned the key in the ignition and the engine started up. He gunned the pedal and made the engine rev up and growl with exhaust noise.’Man if my buddies and girlfriend could see me now!’ Juan said feeling good about being in the driving seat.Wendy was now sure that she had Juan avcılar escort where she wanted him but led him on one little bit more.’Turn on the radio’ She told him.Juan pressed the button on the radio and music came on and it filled the inside of the car.’Man! Great sounds!’ Juan was getting relax and was feeling very happy. He felt like this was his lucky day. Wendy smiled and knew that she had him in the palm of her hand and so she made her move on him. Putting her hand out and placing it on his leg and began moving it up and down, then she lean over and kissed him full on the lips.’Wow! Juan your real good at kissing’ Wendy told him and then kissed him again as she fumbled with the zip on his shorts and slipped her hand down into his pants and found his young teenage cock.Juan was a little startled and just sat there and let Wendy do all the work, he kissed her back and found that he liked it and her hand reaching into his pants was a surprise, but he liked it. He let her fumble and when she found his cock and put her hand onto him his body reacted in the only way it could. He started to get a hard on and there was nothing he could do to stop his cock getting harder by the moment. he relaxed in the seat as Wendy pressed herself against him and he could feel her round breasts against his chest. Her tongue invaded his mouth and he began to respond back, pushing his own tongue into hers mouth. His cock was now as hard as it had ever been in his whole life as Wendy sucked him.’You like it?’ Wendy asked him coming up for some air. Juan just nodded his head in silence.’Tell me what you think about me sucking you cock Juan?’ Wendy asked him.’Your Amazing!’ Juan blurted out not know what else to say to her.’No not like that! Tell me..’ Wendy paused and then told Juan what to say.’Tell me I’m dirty cock sucking slut!’ Wendy told him.’Er… Your a cock sucking slut’ Juan said back to her.Wendy lowered her head back down onto his cock and sucked him harder and deeper, squeezing his tight teenage balls with her other hand. Juan gasped as she groped and fondled his cock and balls.Wendy came up again for air and told him to call her dirty names.’Call me dirty names Juan’ She said.’Your a fucking slut..! Dirty fucking cock slut..! Your really good at sucking my cock!’ Juan said trying out various ways to call the names Wendy was asking him to call her. For now he sat there and enjoyed her sucking his cock and her hands touching him. As he sat and enjoying Wendy playing with her he had an idea and reached out and began to touch her breast through her blouse and bra. She moaned as he did that and he became bolder putting his hand inside her blouse and bra and touched her breast directly feeling her nipples harden in his hand.They sat in the car like that for a long while, Wendy sucking on Juan’s teenage cock and him feeling her breasts with his hands. He looked out of the window and saw his friends over at the skate park. Looking around some more the place was quite and empty of cars and people. No one was around to see him and Wendy in the car. As he looked around he saw that Wendy’s skirt had rode up and her stocking tops were şirinevler escort on show. The zipper on her skirt was within easy reach and he tugged at it. The zip went down and he slipped his hand into her panties and felt the bare skin of her ass. Pushing deeper he touch her puckers anus and then a little further her pussy lips, which were moist, his finger slipped inside the soft wet of her flesh. Wendy reacted by moaning out loud and digging her fingernails into Juan’s ball’s. She lifted her head up and looked straight into his dark wide eyes.’Tell me how you would fuck me’ She said to him.’I’d fuck your cunt!’ Juan blurted out.I’d fuck your cunt hard and make you my bitch!’ Juan went on to say.’Tell me when your going to cum!’ Wendy insisted and went back sucking on Juan’s cock again.’Mm. Mm. Mm.’ Were the sounds she made trying to draw the sperm right out from his balls into her mouth. Juan gasped as he realized he was going to cum and also that Wendy was going to take his sperm into her mouth and swallow it down. He sat back, closed his eyes and just let nature take it’s course. He was helpless in her hands and just wanted to enjoy every second of what was about to happen.’Cumming!’ Juan shouted out as his cock jerked and his balls squeezed together. Pumping cum out the end of his cock and into the mouth of Wendy. She gobbled it all. Jet after jet spurted out of Juan and she sucked and licked it all into her mouth, almost gagging with the quantity of sperm that the boy could produce from his teenage balls.Wendy lifted her head out of his lap and looking at him she opened her mouth wide and showed the mix of her own saliva and his cum inside her mouth. Then she went up close to him and kissed him, inserting her tongue into his mouth and sharing the sperm and saliva, giving him the taste of his own cock in his own mouth. Juan sat there wide eyed and feeling like he was like a superman. He had spunked off inside a housewife’s mouth he had just met less than half an hour ago. He thought she was amazing!’Mm. That was good’ She said breaking free and sitting back into the passenger seat of the car.’Did you enjoy that Juan?’ She asked him.’Yes, absolutely lady’ He replied, temporarily forgetting her name was Wendy.’Well Juan, time to tidy up and get going’ She told him and sorted her clothes and used a tissue to wipe the cum from her lips and chin where it had dribbled out of her mouth when she had kissed the boy.’Are we done?’ The boy asked.’For today, yes we are done. I come by here a lot so you keep a look out for my car and we can do this again’ Wendy explained to him.’I got a phone, you want my number?’ Juan suggested.’Your number’ Wendy thought about taking his number.’Ok give me your number’ She agreed.’Can I have yours?’ Juan asked.’No, I’ll call you and we can meet up again. But you got to keep it a secret, just between you and I.’ Wendy said in hard insistent voice.’You keep my secret and I will keep your secret. Ok!’ She said.’Ok’ Juan answered.Wendy let him out of the car and she moved into the drivers seat and then slowly reversed away and turned the car around and headed back the way she had come earlier that morning. Young Juan stood there watching her go. Then when her car disappeared, he went back to the skate park with a broad grin all over his face for the rest of the day.At the turning Wendy remembered where she had originally intended to go to that morning. She was going to go over to Sarah her girlfriends house. At the traffic lights she indicated and made the turn onto the main road.

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