Slave Test – Do I make the grade?


Slave Test – Do I make the grade?People get the wrong idea about slavery. Becoming property takes an act of strength and commitment. 1: How long have you had fantasies about female domination? it is about 5 years now2: What spawned these fantasies? Did anything happen that gave you a reaction and you wanted to explore more? If so, what was it? I was with a girl and she laughed at me while she was naked. she slapped my face called me a oser and left3: When you masturbate what images create the strongest reaction? Get you the most excited and do they include any fetishes? Getting humiliated, exposed infront of a group of women and having to do degrading things with my little penis4: Please answer the following by selecting which you are more inclined to do:a: I’m so canlı bahis fucking horny that I need to find the woman that will understand and give me my fetishes or fulfill my fantasies. b: I’m happiest when I am pleasing a woman. Sure I have fantasies but I am more fulfilled when her needs are met. 5: What is most important to you:a: a hot ass woman dressed in boots and latex ready to give me the session I wantb: its all about the attitude – Looks are not as important as the confidence and control she emits. c: I need the total package- drop dead sexy, controlling and confident. I need her to have it all.6: Do you have a good relationship with your mother? Are you close or if deceased were you close? I think I have a very normal relationship with her7. If you could bahis siteleri spend an entire day at a Mistress’s house, totally engaged in female supremacy, what picture would you paint? After I arrive at Mistress’s place, I will have to undress and put my clothes away. Then I go on my knees and wait for Mistress to enter the room. She walks towards me and greets me by slapping and spitting in my face. then she makes me pose for her so she can inspect every part of my body. I will greet her by kissing and massaging her feet until she is satisfied. I get punishment and played with (clamps, candle wax, q-tips). as I like pain on my little penis, pain is inflicted. I like to try eletroplay, golden shower. towards the evening I have to make dinner as Mistress has her güvenilir bahis girlfriends cominng over. i get greeted by them and they make pictures and videos of me. I have to serve them during dinner and as a desser, I am allowed to jerk of onto a plate and I have to lick my cum. of course i need to be the toilet if any of the Mistresses have to pee.8: Do you feel it is a slaves duty to provide tribute and gifts for his Mistress? If yes, what do you think he should contribute and to what extent? If no, why not? A true – live in – slave should hand over everything to his Mistress. This requires though complete trust on bothsides9: I am the type of slave that would….a: Do anything my mistress tells me to do even if I don’t want to.b: I think we should negotiate what we both will do for each other.c: I have limits! I’ll do what she wants as long as it isn’t on my list of limits.d: If I respect and adore her I want to make her happy. I will always try my best to do everything she ask.

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