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Sucking & SwallowingSucking a Dick!What is not to love about sucking a nice hard cock? It is beautiful, hard, hot, smooth, and can shoot a sweet creamy load of cum into your mouth or anywhere its owner chooses. After a few cocks, I got pretty good at it and found a man to skull fuck me. He was actually short in height, but a full 8 inches. He ended up naked on my bed with his back against the headboard waiting for me to get between his legs.I’m there and leaned over to taste him, but he surprised me and shoved my mouth onto his cock to the root. Once there, I was a cock sucking engine of perpetual motion. His cock was so warm and comforting in my mouth as it slide in and out with my saliva and his precum. His balls were huge and full of sperm.I kept sucking and he kept pushing my head down each time and he moaned his approval with each stroke. I could do this forever, but his balls were tightening and I knew he was close. I just kept my place like a good little faggot and he told me he was going to cum. I wasn’t going anywhere. bakırköy escort No way. I just kept sucking and slurping and moaning to let him know I wanted his sperm. I looked at his eyes and nodded for him to blast away. I could feel his heartbeat through his cock. He was throbbing. I wrapped my hand around him under my mouth and moved in unison up and down up and down. He was moaning and leaning back with is eyes closed. I had him where I wanted him.With a huge thrust and holding my head in place, his balls and cock blasted a stream of sperm into my mouth. 1, 2, 3 hard spurts. I had trouble swallowing and some leaked out down his cock. I almost choked as he had huge load.Damn, it was so good and hot and sweet. I licked him clean and sucked the final dribble of sperm from his cock as he softened.I mean what is not to like about that? Everyone, straight or bi or gay should be doing this. It’s precious, sweet, warm and it feels good.Swallowing His LoadIn case you’ve lived on the beşiktaş escort moon, there is still a lot of controversy about whether a guy or girl who happens to be sucking a man’s cock should swallow the eventual load of cum that comes out of his cock after some sweet work.Most woman and men don’t even think about what to do. They just maintain their position sucking and let the man cum in their mouth. I mean what else would you do? I can’t imagine doing anything else when I’ve worked so hard to bring a man to an orgasm.Those of you who are still undecided need to try it. Just keep sucking and let him cum in your mouth. After all, the man just wants to cum in your mouth as designed by nature. His cock and balls are primed to shoot his sperm into something warm and moist.When I have a cock in my mouth sucking a man, the moment he cums is such a turn on and I know he wants it so bad. He’ll do anything to shoot his load into your mouth, my mouth or any mouth at that point. He’ll say or beylikdüzü escort do anything to have you keep your mouth on his cock and take his sperm.Ok, the taste! Anywhere from bleachy, to salty to sweet and everywhere in between. As a man, I’ve eaten my own cum more times than I can count so I’m use to it. As a receiving woman, it’s not bad at all ladies. I’ll admit to some men tasting stronger than others, but just the thought of what he’s going through as you bring him off with your mouth is enough to hold your position and let him cum there.I actually love the taste, texture, smell and idea of sperm. I’m a sperm lover and can’t get enough. There are men and women like me all over this world. We lust for it and crave it. When I can’t find a date, I eat my own like a cat with a saucer of milk.If there are any ladies or men out there who won’t even try to let your man cum in your mouth you are missing out on a real thrill and taking away that final incredible feeling your man gets knowing you will accept his load. You could always “snowball” him and the two of you could share the load in a nasty cumswap kiss. I love that and then you can test his willingness to taste his own load. Make it a challenge. Tell him, “I’ll swallow your load if you’ll do the same.” If he doesn’t agree you are with the wrong man.Don’t you agree?

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