Susan’s Submission Chapter 5


Susan’s Submission Chapter 5CHAPTER 5 Peter ate his lunch in silence. In his mind, he was happy with the way that his punishment ofSusan had progressed. His goal for that morning was to have marked Susan, and he’d obviously succeeded. Her resentment, or perhaps defiance, was something he’d expected, in fact, he’d anticipated it sooner than it had come. He reviewed in his mind, what he had planned for that afternoon. His intention was to remove any notion of privacy that Susan had left. He would open and freely explore every part of his victim’s body. There would be more embarrassment and humiliation involved than pain, most likely causing the blonde woman to quickly forget whatever resentment she may have had. When he had finished, he went back to the dungeon room and found Susan lying upon the wooden table, the blue ice packs lying around her. “Get up,” he ordered. Susan moved, a bit more slowly than she otherwise might. She put her feet on the floor and stood arms at her sides. Peter moved past her, picking up the pails from where he’d set them on the floor, and putting the now thawed ice packs into them. He then moved to the wall next to the door, and set them on the floor next to the door. “I want you to face the back wall and present yourself,” came his command. Susan, seemingly reluctantly, turned and spread her feet, thus opening her legs, and raised her hands and arms. She stood at the end of the table actually, and Peter first admired her backside. It was still a brilliant shade of red but becoming darker, and the lines across her back and the backs of her legs were darkening also. He moved around her, and standing in front of her, looked at the patterns left by the whip across her breasts and lower. Susan could not look Peter in the eye, but felt he stare as he eyed her breasts, almost as if adding to the burn that already was there. She saw his eyes travel downward, taking in the sight of her abdomen then her hairless and exposed sex. How she’d hated this position, she was left open and exposed to him whenever and wherever he wanted to look. Once he’d seen enough, Peter turned and walked to the back wall of the room, pressing again the upper panel of soundproofing material. With a small ‘click’ a door popped open and Peter opened the door fully this time. Susan could see past him, that there was some sort of small storage room behind the wall of the dungeon room. She saw him enter the room and disappear from her view. Moments later she heard a low rumble as if a cabinet were being moved across the floor. Then she saw it as it appeared in the doorway as Peter was pushing. Peter was pushing a medical examination table on casters through the doorway. Its base was painted a metallic institutional green the surface of the table was padded black leather. Susan could see that there were cabinet doors and drawers in the base of the table, she also notice a sturdy looking metal ring in its side, about halfway between the top of the table and the floor. Once he’d wheeled the exam table into the room, Peter stopped and turning, pushed the door through which he’d passed, closed until the click told him it was secure. Turning again, he pushed the table to a point between the wooden table, next to which Susan still held herposition of presentation, and the vaulting horse. Susan watched with fascination as he carefully positioned the table, then moving to each caster, used his foot to move the lever of each wheel, locking each into place. He then bent and opened one of the cabinet doors in the base of the table, and removed a pillow that he placed on the leather padded top, then bending again, he removed two large and heavy metal objects and set them atop the table as well. Susan recognized them immediately for what they were. These were the stirrups that an examinee would place her feet into for a gynecological examination. Peter moved and lifting one of the steel stirrups, lifted it and placed the base into the slot at the foot end of the table, designed to hold it. When he felt it was at the proper height, Peter turned a thumbscrew at the slot, locking the stirrup at that height, and in place. He picked up the second stirrup and moving to the other side at the foot of the table, he placed that stirrup and locked it there. Once he’d adjusted the pillow, placing it at the head end of the table, he ordered, “Come here and lie down on the table.” It suddenly occurred to Susan that the table was for her to lie on. She had watched the process in fascination, not thinking that she was to be the examinee. A million thoughts flooded her mind, but rather automatically, she lowered her arms and moved to the table. She gingerly placed her bruised buttocks on the leather, then steadying herself with her hands, swung her legs onto the table, pivoting in place. She started to lie back when Peter interrupted. “You need to move lower, lift your legs and put your feet into the stirrups.” Again using her hands and arms for leverage, she lifted her backside and scooted her body, till she guessed her position was right. She lay back, and slowly lifted each leg, and placing her heels into the metal stirrups. Using her shoulder blades for leverage, she lifted her lower body and shifted slightly, adjusting her position until it was comfortable, or at least as comfortable as possible. Susan’s buttocks rested on the very edge of the table, her feet in the heavy metal stirrups, kept her legs well spread. She blushed at the openness of her sex,and Peter’s ability to see it and into it easily. Peter moved toward the rear of the table, stopping at Susan’s side, and with one hand lifted her blonde head, the other sliding the pillow beneath it. Reaching down, he opened one of the drawers in the base of the table. Removing two metal carabineer clips from the drawer, he closed it and took Susan’s left hand, first raising it, and clipping the first clip to the metal ring sewn into her leather wrist cuff. He then pulled the arm over the side of the table and downward. Once extended, he was able to clip the wrist cuff to the metal ring in the side of the base of the table. Susan’s arm was effectively pulled downward and slightly back. It was not however, stretched tightly she had several inches of movement in her arm. Peter moved to the other side of the table, and lifting her right arm, quickly clipped the ring in that wrist cuff, then pulled over the table’s side, clipping her right wrist to the ring in that side of the table. Peter moved to the foot of the table. Susan watched between her spread feet, as heunbuckled the ankle strap of each ankle, removing them then moving to the side of the table again. He opened another drawer, and placing the ankle cuffs inside, removed two other leather straps. Moving back to the foot of the table, Susan, with her head raised by the pillow beneath, could easily see Peter placing the first strap under the brace of the stirrup, then looping it easily over her left ankle. He buckled it tightly, and her leg was solidly held in place. He’d quickly fastened her other leg, and Susan was helplessly opened and bound to the top of this examination table. Her arms pulled over the side, downward and slightly back, caused her back to arch, which caused her breasts to present themselves. She looked between her legs and saw that her sex was also on display. She clinched her eyes shut wishing that she’d resisted being placed in such a position, knowing that it was now too late. Peter again moved to the side of the table, bending, he opened the other side of the cabinet door in the base of the table. As he straightened, Susan could see a metal crank, with a wooden handle in his hand. She watched as he moved to the head of the table, disappearing from her view. She heard the metallic sounds as he placed the crank into an opening and then slowly cranked using the wooden handle. She felt her upper body rising, the top half of the leather padded table, tilting forward, slowly moving the captive into a sitting position. To Susan’s startled mind, two things were happening. First, with the raising of her upper body into a sitting position, she could see much more easily between her legs. The puffy lips of her sex were opened and the smaller inner lips were protruding. Second, the slack that she’d had in her arms, was being taken up as the top raised her to a sitting position, her wrist cuffs were still affixed to the metal rings in the side of the stationary table base. Her wrists were effectively being pulled further down andbehind her. Peter had used her arms as a gauge. Only when he felt that her arms were stretched to their maximum, he stopped cranking the table. Once finished, he removed the crank from the table, returning it to the cabinet in the table’s base. Closing the door, he again moved to the foot of the table. Susan could see him standing in front of her. His eyes seemed to be fixed to the opening between her widely splayed legs. Peter remained there for several moments then turned, saying nothing, and left the room. The helpless woman had felt herself slide slightly forward, her body reacting to gravity. Her buttocks were now somewhat over the edge of the table, with nothing holding them in place. She felt nearly doubled, with her upper body raised, and her ankles and legs being held in place in the stirrups. Her hips were bent sharply upward, and Susan knew that this position had exposed her even more, worse yet, had opened her even more widely. With the heat of the bright lights and the leather beneath her, Susan perspired. She heard the rude squelching noises her flesh made on the leather as she shifted slightly. Next, she heard the door to the room open, and Peter walked to her holding a large bottle of water in his hand. “I thought you might like something to drink,” he said, unscrewing the top of the bottle and removing it, “here,” as he held the bottle to her lips. She drank awkwardly, unable to use her own hands to steady the bottle. She gulped thirstily, and after a moment, he pulled the bottle from her lips. She could see that she had drunk nearly half of the bottle. Peter screwed the top back on the bottle and set it on the floor. He turned and moved to the wooden cupboard in the far corner of the dungeon, and opening its door, removed something. When he had closed the door, Susan could easily see that he held a digital camera in his hand. She was horrified! He was going to photograph her like this? She said nothing, but shook her head from side to side, as if saying, ‘No!’ She couldn’t believe that he would do this, but the thought came to her, there was nothing she could do. There was no flash, or strobe on the camera, but in this brightly lit room, one wasn’t needed. Peter stopped at the foot of the table, and raising the camera, took a picture. He lowered the camera, adjusted his position slightly, and raising the camera again, took another picture. He had taken several, perhaps eighteen or twenty. Moving around the table taking some from the foot of the table others from either side. Susan, not believing what was happening, closed her eyes tightly, as it was the only thing she could do. On a couple of occasions, sheopened them, only to hear the click of the shutter as she did, capturing her on film this way. Peter chuckled softly as, once he’d finished his photography, returned the camera to the cupboard. Moving back to Susan’s side, he bent and retrieved the bottle of water from where he’d placed it on the floor. He removed the top and held it out for Susan to take a drink. At first she’d refused, feeling humiliated by Peter taking the photos. He replaced the top and set the bottle again on the floor. He moved to the other side of the table, and opened one of the drawers in its base. Susan, looking down could see that Peter had removed a latex glove from the drawer, and slid his fingers into the rubber, pulling it tight as he did, till the glove covered his hand. He removed another glove from the drawer and pulled it over his other hand. Once his gloves were on,Peter removed a tube of KY jelly and closing the drawer, moved to the foot of the table. Susan watched almost in fascination, wondering what he would do next. She could see him between her widely spread legs as he opened the top of the tube, and applied a generous amount of the jelly to the palm of his hand. Closing the top of the tube, Peter knelt and set the tube on the floor. He then dabbed the puddle of KY jelly in his palm, with the index and middle fingers of his other hand, then looking at Susan’s gaping sex, rubbed the opening of her sex with his two slick fingers. He ran his fingertips around her opening, then scooped up more of the jelly from his palm with his fingers, and for just a moment, held them poised at her opening. Susan watched every move that he’d made, and felt his slippery fingers as they lubricated the opening of her vagina. The sensation was pleasant, to say the least, and her breath caught as he massaged the jelly around her hole. She also watched intently as he gathered more jelly with his fingers, and then held them for a full second at her opening. In one smooth motion, he plunged both fingers into Susan. A low, soft moan escaped her lips. She wasn’t aware that she had, but Peter had heard it. As it had turned out, Peter found no resistance to his intrusion into her, his fingers slid quite easily inside. He thought that he probably wouldn’t have needed any lubrication, as she seemed very warm and quite wet inside anyway. He moved his fingers in a circular motion inside of her, then quite smoothly and slowly, pulled them nearly all the way out, the pushed them into her again. From her nearly upright position, Susan had seen it all, his fingers sliding into her, his attention to his task. Moreover, she felt the intrusion, an obvious violation of her body, but in an instant, she istanbul escort didn’t care. She felt him as he massaged the walls of her inner sex with his lubricated fingers, then pulled them out and pushed them in again. Her desire had been reignited and she could think of little else than the sensation inside of her. After only twenty or thirty seconds of his ministrations, Peter looked up at Susan’s face. Her eyes closed, her breathing quickened, she was obviously enjoying this. He stopped and pulled his fingers from her. She opened her eyes, somewhat startled at his withdrawal. She saw Peter, using just his index finger to get another portion of jelly from the palm of his other hand. She watched as he bent forward slightly then felt the cold slickness as it touched her anus. She watched as best she could, as he slowly ran his lubed finger around that orifice. Several seconds later, she felt the pressure. She’d tightened her opening, resisting the intrusion, and Peter smiled a bit, knowing that with his lubricated finger and the position she was currently bound in, that it would do no good. He pressed a bit harder, feeling her opening grudgingly accept the intrusion. She felt him pressing into her, and without thinking, tried to hold that opening closed. His pressure increased, and she could feel his fingertip, pushing its way past her sphincter. Inanother moment, pressing even harder, his finger slid rather easily into her backside. He moved the finger around inside of her, as if trying to lube that passage, then again, withdrew it nearly all the way then pushed inside again. There was discomfort, but no pain as heworked his finger slowly into her then out again. She had relaxed and his movement into her bowel increased in smoothness and speed. Peter felt her muscles relax and thrust his finger into her much more easily. Looking up, he saw her face, again her eyes tightly closed, as if trying to block out the sensation she wasfeeling down there. After a minute or so, he withdrew his finger, and using both his index and middle fingers, dabbed the last bit of KY jelly from the palm of his other hand. With both lubricated fingers pointing straight, he pushed them into Susan’s anus, without word or warning. Looking up, he saw Susan’s eyes, open now, widely at the sudden intrusion. She gave a soft grunt at the initial insertion, and with each successive thrustanother soft grunt. Susan was a bit surprised and somewhat relieved when she felt Peter pull his finger fromher backside. She opened her eyes, and to her horror, watched as he lubed both index and middle finger with the remaining jelly. She saw him move, then felt the seemingly huge insertion of both fingers into her. There was no gentleness or easiness about this act, only some sort of purposefulness. He was doing to her exactly what he wanted to do, for what reason, she had no idea. Her ex-husband had tried to convince her to try anal intercourse, but she had resisted the notion. It was, to her mind, sodomy a perverted act, and she would not consent. Now, however, the choice was taken from her, and after several moments, she had again relaxed and found the sensation not entirely unpleasant. After another minute or so, Peter slowly slid his gloved fingers from her anus. Once out, her sphincter remained open a bit. He looked at this carefully, watching as it slowly closed once again. He had numerous plans for putting her rear aperture to use, but that was for later. He stood, and moved to the side of the examination table. Susan watched as he opened another drawer in its base. He removed something metallic, and Susan knew immediately what it was. He held in his hand a speculum, used in gynecological exams to widen the patient’s vagina enabling the doctor a view of her depths. She shuddered at the thought ofhim using this instrument on her. She continued to follow him as he moved once again between her opened legs. Bending, he retrieved the tube of KY jelly from the floor, and opening the top, he applied a blob of the jelly to the blades of the instrument. Once again bending, he closed the top of the tube, and set it on the floor. He then knelt and used his free hand to smear the jelly the length of the speculum, slowly and carefully, as if to give Susan time to dread the insertion of this instrument she knew was to come. Susan quietly tested her bonds, but neither her wrists nor her ankles found any slack, and any hope of avoiding this terrible treatment was gone. From her nearly upright position,she could clearly see Peter raising his free hand to her vulva, and using his fingers, spread her lips even further apart. He brought the speculum to her opening and finding it easily, guided the tip into her. She felt the cool metal as it pressed into her. She felt it travel into her and continue its journey deep inside. A low groan escaped her lips, and she felt herself tremble. In another moment, the instrument was fully into her. The handles pressed lightly against her outer labia. Peter had removed his free hand, and moved it to turn the screw that would widen the device inside of her. She felt the gradual pressure against the walls of her sex, pressing her open. He continued to open the device, and soon Susan felt the pressure grow. It had stretched the sides of her open wide, and he still turned the screw. The speculum inside of her now was opened wider than any ever before in her visits to her gynecologist. In another moment, she felt she would split open. Peter stopped turning the screw, only after he’d drawn a short cry from Susan. He could now easily see into her, her tiny clitoris peeking out from between the jaws of the speculum, and then her urethra’s opening at the top and just inside. Looking more intently, he could easily see the opening to her cervix at the back of her vagina. He would certainly explore each of these various apertures later. He stood and looked at Susan, in her helpless sitting state. Tears were silently flowing from her eyes and over her cheeks. She struggled mildly in her bonds, thrusting herself forward a bit, then back againstthe upright backrest. After watching Susan for another moment, Peter turned and again walked to the wooden cupboard at the far wall. As he turned back, Susan saw the camera once again. He stopped about five feet from the table, at the foot of the table, and raising the camera, took a photograph. He moved closed, and took several more. Finally, making a few adjustments to the camera’s lens, he moved a few inches from her widely stretched opening, and took two or three more photos, then he lowered the camera. Susan was miserable, not as much with her predicament, rather the fact that Peter was taking her picture, and she was helpless to avoid it. She certainly couldn’t stop him, nor could she cover herself. Her face was crimson, and the tears were flowing from her eyes freely now. He’d turned and was walking again to the cupboard, and after he’d put the camera back on the shelf, an idea came to her. She remembered the rules that Peter had explained earlier, particularly the one about not speaking unless either being spoken to or having received permission. She found the courage, and asked in a trembling voice, “May I have permission to speak, Sir?” Peter had closed the distance to the table, and standing beside her replied, “Yes, you may.” “I need to use the toilet, Sir,” she said, her voice shaking. He smiled and looked thoughtful for a moment, maybe her ploy would work. “That would be a bit difficult for you at this moment, wouldn’t it?” he said patiently. Susan started to reply, she was going to explain that he could remove the speculum and release her ankles and wrists, instead she watched wordlessly as he moved to the back wall and pressed the panel opening the door. She wondered what he had in mind, and only a moment later, Peter emerged from theroom. He carried a small metal stool, one with coasters on its legs, moving to the foot of the table, he set the stool on the concrete floor. He then moved to the side of the table, and opening yet another drawer of the table, removed something from it. Susan could not look over her shoulder to see, but as he moved back, she could see what appeared to be a plastic bag and plastic tubing, then she knew. What Peter had in his hands was a catheter complete with the tubing and bag. She immediately tried to struggle in her bonds, but could move little. “Please, Sir, please,” she tried to plea. Peter sat on the stool between her legs and looked directly into Susan’s eyes. “You told me only a moment ago that you needed to relieve yourself, didn’t you?” He didn’t wait for a reply, instead said, “I have the means to relieve you, without any problem or difficulty. I am, of course assuming that you were implying that you needed to urinate. After the cleaning of your backside earlier this morning, I couldn’t imagine that you’d need to defecate.” Hechuckled softly at his own humor, “You shouldn’t need to do that for at least another eighteen or twenty-four hours.” Susan, watching closely, trembled as he laid the plastic bag and tubing on her abdomen, atleast to one side of it, over her hip, where her thigh was nearly vertical, to avoid it sliding from her and onto the floor. He then took a paper wrapped package and laid it over her other hip, and rose from the stool. He pulled the rubber gloves he was wearing from his hands, and moved to the sink in the corner. Susan could hear as he washed his hands, then drying them, moved again to the side of the table. Opening the drawer, he pulled another clean glove from it and slid his fingers into it, pulling it up with his other hand. He put another glove on his other hand then removed a metal clamp from another drawer then moved to the stool and sat. She watched as he picked up the paper package and opening it, pulled the sterile catheter from it. He allowed the tube of the catheter to dangle, then applied the jaws of the clamp to the tube, tightening and locking it once it had pinched off the tube completely, he then bent and with his free hand, placed them at the top of Susan’s sex, and guided the tip of the catheter to the tiny opening of her urethra. Though the tip of the catheter was flexible and pliant, he was careful not to rush this procedure, taking his time and slowly applying pressure, gently pushing it into the tiny opening. Susan could feel this unspeakable invasion of her body. The catheter was sliding into her slowly and she could see it disappear into the opening between her legs. It certainly didn’t hurt, Peter was being very careful, but she could again feel the blood rising into her cheeks, and her embarrassment. She didn’t really have to go, not all that bad anyway. She was hoping to avoid further humiliation and embarrassment, by asking to use the toilet. Never in her wildest imagination could she have thought that this would happen instead. In another moment, she could feel the pressure of the catheter against her bladder she tried holding her urine back, but couldn’t fight the impulse. As she released her tension, nothing happened, of course, with the tube clamped tightly shut, nothing could. She opened her eyes and looked again between her legs. A second tiny hose dangled from the catheter, on its end was a small bulb. The bulb had a thumbscrew at its base, and resembled a blood pressure cuff. Holding the catheter inside of Susan, Peter used his free hand to move to the small bulb, and turned the thumbscrew until it was tight. He then gave a few soft pumps of the bulb. Susan could feel the tiny cuff that had slid into her urethra as it inflated. A few more pumps, and it pressed tightly into that tiny opening of Susan’s. She could feel the pressure inside of her, and when Peter tested the tightness by releasing the catheter, gave a few more pumps of the bulb, just to make sure it would stay. He then reached and took the plastic tube from Susan’s abdomen, and grasping the free end of the catheter’s tube just below the clamp, fixed the tube into the other, pushing hard to make certain it had seated properly. He then retrieved the plastic bag, and pushed the other end of the tubing into the opening at the top of the bag, giving a twist to it,in order to secure it tightly. Holding the bag in one hand, he used his free hand to release the jaws of the metal clamp. He could see the muscles of Susan’s vaginal walls contract slightly as the pressure of her bladder was released. He followed the flow of her urine as it traveled from the catheter thru the clear tubing, and finally into the bag. It was rather like a golden liquid snake as it wound its way into the bag. Susan could see the bag in Peter’s hand, as the urine slowly filled it. She blinked in utter embarrassment as she realized that Peter was looking directly at her as she emptied herself into the bag. She wished it were over, but the flow coming from her was steady and somewhat slow. It took her what seemed to be an eternity to empty her bladder. She supposed that she really did have to go after all. She felt the flow of urine slow, and eventually end, and Peter raised the bag, setting it on her hip, with the hose still attached, and stood. Susan eyed the nearly full urine bag, as it rested on her. The liquid was a dark golden yellow, almost orange. He scooted his stool on wheels to the side of the table, and opening another drawer, removed another clamp. The slid on the stool back to his original position, and lifting the tube applied the first clamp to a point above the junction above the tube and the catheter. He picked up the original clamp, and used it to pinch the tube just below the junction at the catheter. He then pulled the tube from the catheter. He then stood, picking up the bag and tubing, and moved to the sink, setting both in the avcılar escort sink. Moving back, he opened the door to the cabinet in the examination table’s base, and removed the crank. He took the crank to the back of the table, and cranking, Susan could feel the back of the table lower slowly. Peter had lowered the table about half way, allowing Susan some slack in her bonds, then moved to her side, “I’m going to leave you for a few minutes, use this time to relax if you can.” He then turned and left the room. Susan was left bound to the table, her legs still widely spread. Even though she was able to lie back a bit, her wrists were still held to each side of the examination table by her wrist cuffs. Her knees were straight in the air, legs pointing at nearly a forty-five degree angle from either side of her body, strapped securely into the stirrups. Peter had left the speculum inside of her, and the catheter tube dangled from within her urethra. Susan felt degraded and humiliated. The worst part was that she had absolutely no say or control over what was happening to her. She had tried to talk her way out of her bonds, but look where that had gotten her. Her body was aching and she wanted to move about, but other than flexing her arms and torso a bit, that was out of the question. The door to the room opened, and Peter walked in. He moved to the head of the table, and Susan could hear him as he again operated the crank, then feeling as the top of the table again tilted forward, forcing her return to the nearly fully upright and sitting position. The slack being taken from her arms, they were effectively pulled down and back. When Peter saw that her arms were again tensioned properly, he stopped raising the table’s top, and moved to the panel in the wall at the rear of the dungeon room. Pressing the panel caused the door to pop open. He entered the small storage area, and emerged moments later, pushing a small cart on wheels. This cart had several strange instruments and devices laying on its top, as well as the two shelves below. Peter wheeled the cart to the foot of the table, next to his stool, then turned and sat. Susan had a bird’s eye view of the whole scene, in her sitting position, she could look down and see her widely stretched sex, the tube of the catheter and it’s tiny inflation bulb dangling from her. Peter took the dangling tube, and lifting it along with the bulb, pulled it up and over Susan’s left thigh, and d****d the tubing over it, effectively moving it out of the way. He had another pair of rubber gloves, which he quickly donned then he then reached to the top of the wheeled cart, and lifted a rubber and metal device. This instrument looked rather like apencil, only about twice as long. From its end dangled another small inflation bulb, as well as two small wires. Holding the device in his left hand, Peter turned the screw at the base of the inflation bulb with the fingers of his right. He gave the bulb several squeezes, and both Peter and Susan could see the lower third of the rubber tube as it inflated. Susan could see that as the device bulged with inflation, that tiny foil or metal ribs ran its length, they must be connected to the wires. She nervously wondered what purpose this thing had. Peter again turned the screw, allowing the air to escape from the rubber device. He picked up the tube of KY jelly, and opening the top, applied a line of the lubricant along the lower half of the slender rubber shaft. Closing and setting down the tube of jelly, Peter then ran the index finger of his free hand to spread the lube evenly around the lower portion of the rubber tube. He then turned and leaning forward, peered into Susan’s widely spread vagina.With the wires and inflation bulb dangling from the rear of the rubber tube, Peter placed his free hand at Susan’s vagina, then lifting the device, guided it carefully into her.Susan could see the lubricated end disappear inside of her, straining forward as best she could in an effort to see what was happening to her. Peter carefully guided the lubricated tip of the rubber shaft to the tiny aperture of her cervix. The tube found its mark, and pressed against the tiny opening. Susan felt the pressure inside of her as this rubber tube began to enter her cervix. She was still uncertain of whatwas happening, then as Peter pushed further, pain. A grunt escaped from her lips, and Susan blinked and was left to wonder what was happening inside of her. Peter had pushed the tip of the rubber tube into her cervix, and with even a little more pressure, the rubber instrument slowly slid into that opening. As it moved into her,he could see less and less of the lubricated end of the rubber tube as it slid with only mild difficultyinto her. He heard Susan’s moans, and was aware of her discomfort. In another moment, the device had been inserted to his satisfaction. Moving his right hand to the inflation bulb of the device, he closed the screw at its base and gave the bulb several squeezes. Susan could feel the rubber tube inside of her, and she watched raptly as Peter grasped the bulb, closed the thumbscrew, and then felt the inflation of the device within her. The pressure caused great pain. She heard herself moaning at the seemingly enormous pressure within her. She realized that this is what c***dbirth must be like then it dawned on her, that this device was much smaller than a baby. As Peter continued to inflate the rubber device, he looked up at Susan. She was lookingdownward, between her legs, in an effort to see what was happening to her. As he inflated the tube, her eyes grew larger, tears started to well, then stream down her cheeks. Her moans grew louder, and when he reckoned that the device was nearly fully inflated, he stopped pumping the bulb, and let it dangle from within her. Susan felt the pressure grow within her, and when she felt she could take no more, Peter stopped. She was relieved when he released his grasp of the inflation bulb, and let it dangle from within her, along with the two thin wires. She could not help but watch through her tears, as Peter then began to loosen the screw that held the jaws of the speculum. She feltthe device as it closed within her, a flood of relief from the stretching of her sex.When he’d sufficiently loosened the speculum, Peter reached up and lifting the tube andinflation bulb of the catheter from Susan’s hip, he allowed it to dangle along with the wires and inflation bulb of the device invading her cervix. He pushed the handles of the speculum together, and the hinge holding them, came apart. It was then an easy matter to withdraw the two, now separate halves of the speculum, one at a time from Susan’s vagina. Susan could see every detail as Peter pulled the speculum from inside of her. Its length was coated with KY jelly, and a viscous film as well. She realized that the other lubricant was her own. She watched as the second half of the speculum was removed, slowly, as if to notcause her any further discomfort, the Peter set the speculum halves on the small cart. He sat back, on the tiny stool for a moment, looking at Susan’s sex, it was still opened a bit, and he watched for another moment as it slowly seemed to close around the tubes and wires that dangled from within. He then turned toward the cart, and from one of the shelves removed a handful of wires with small pads at the end of each. Susan watched his every movement, and saw as he lifted the wires from the shelf of the cart, setting them on the top of the cart, then lifting a separate wire and its connected pad. She wondered what they were and had even more concern as to what they were to be used for. She could see that each wire was probably two feet in length or so. “These are electrodes,” Peter seemed to answer her question, holding one out for her to see. “I’m going to attach them to various places on your body.” Without further explanation, he held the pad in one hand and peeled the paper back from it, exposing an adhesive side of the pad. Reaching between Susan’s spread legs, he grasped her left breast, raising the electrode, he placed it near the bottom and slightly to her left, adhering the electrode to the sensitive lower flesh of that breast. The first electrode in place, Peter retrieved a second, and lifting it, placed it again on her left breast, this time just above and inside of the areola of her nipple. He retrieved another electrode and peeling the paper from the adhesive, placed it on the lower outer flesh of Susan’s dangling right breast, then similarly adorned the upper portion of that breast with another. Susan watched as Peter placed the electrodes on her breasts, fearful of what was to follow, but intrigued by his activity. When both breasts had been adorned, she watched him retrieve another electrode. He peeled the paper from the adhesive, then placed it on her stomach, using his free hand to pull the skin there taught then pressing the pad to her flesh just above her naval. He scooted his stool back, just a bit, as he retrieved yet another electrode, peeling the paper off, he applied it to the sensitive flesh of Susan’s inner thigh just an inch of so from where her vulva protruded. Another pad was pressed to her flesh on the opposite side. After placing the electrodes, Peter turned again to the tiny cart, and lifted a second rubberdevice, identical to the one he’d inserted into Susan’s cervix, with one significant difference. This rubber tube, while approximately the same length as the first, was nearly three times larger in circumference. From its end dangled wires as well as a tube with an inflation bulb, this one twice as large as the bulb that currently hung from between Susan’s legs. Closing the screw at the base of the bulb, Peter gave the bulb several pumps. Susan could see the tube bulging with each pump of the bulb. She saw that it was similarly striped with a metal foil, and the bulge came from nearly halfway up the tube, and of course, was much larger than the one already inside of her. She watched as Peter again turned the screw, deflating the device, then picking up the tube of KY jelly, applied a long line of the lubricant to the length of the rubber instrument. Setting the tube of lubricant back on the cart, Peter then used the index finger of his free hand to spread the jelly evenly along nearly the entire length of the rubber tube. Once finished, he wiped the excess lube from his finger on a small towel on the cart then turned to Susan. Glancing up, he saw that she was watching, almost in fascination at what was being done to her, he discovered that this excited him, and he again turned to his task. He pressed the lubricated tip of the rubber device to Susan’s anus, pressing it into her sphincter. He realized that this time, there was little resistance, and was pleased that she seemed to be accepting whatever was being done to her. Susan felt the cool tip of the tube being pressed into her. She felt her tiny opening widen as it entered her. She could never have described the sensation as it slid into her backside, but it felt something like when Peter had pushed his finger into her down there, but after another moment, it traveled much further into her. She tried to squeeze that opening shut, but too late, the device was already halfway inside of her, and in its lubricated condition, she had no hope of preventing it from being inserted fully into her. She shut her eyes tightly, and her focus was entirely on the sensation in her rectum. Once Peter had the rubber tube fully inside of Susan’s backside, he grasped the inflation bulb with his free hand, holding the base of the tube inside of Susan, and closing the thumbscrew, began to inflate the tube. He squeezed the tube, watching carefully for any external signs of the inflation that was taking place in Susan’s bowels. Susan felt the device as it grew inside of her. First came the new sensation from within, as it filled her. Next came the discomfort as it stretched her, then the pain as it stretched her even more. She felt her lower abdomen cramp, as the device was inflated. Looking down, she could see her lower abdomen bulge slightly, as if filling with the air that Peter was pumping into her. Peter stopped pumping the bulb only after he knew that the device was stretching Susan widely. He reached up and grasped one of the other inflation bulbs that dangled from inside of her, the inflation bulb that led to the device in her cervix, and opened the thumbscrew a bit, allowing some of the air out, deflating the object a bit. Susan, from her position, was watching everything, she felt relief when Peter had deflated the tube in her cervix, and watched as he grasped, once again, the inflation bulb for the device in her backside. To her surprise and joy, he opened the screw at the base of that bulb, allowing air to slowly escape. The pain back there lessened significantly, and while she was still very aware of its presence, the device inside of her wasn’t tormenting her. She watched as Peter once again screwed the thumb screw shut, then let the bulb dangle from its tube. Next she saw him as he reached into one of the two plastic bins on the bottom shelf of the small cart next to him. He pulled out three more electrodes. These were different that those he’d used to this point. Instead of having adhesive pads on the ends, they were the type used by doctors when giving an EEG. Each electrode had a tiny bulb that was squeezed shut then placed on the flesh, and when the bulb was released, a vacuum was created that held the electrode in place. She saw Peter set two of the three electrodes on the top of the cart, then turn, holding the third. Reaching, he used his free hand to pinch the puffy outer lips of Susan’s bald vulva. She watched in fascination and wonder as he then grasped one, and applying şirinevler escort the electrode, released his pressure on the bulb. The vacuum created, held the electrode fast to the flesh of Susan’s left labia and Peter reached for another. Grasping her other outer lip, he fastened the second electrode to it. Peter again turned to the tiny cart, and bending, retrieved something from the second tiny bin on the bottom shelf. Turning, he held two more electrodes. These were different from either those adorning her breasts and stomach, and those adorning her vulva. These had arubber sleeve at the end of each, and Susan could see as Peter set one aside, then pulled the rubber sleeve up, that these were alligator clips. The teeth of the clips were somewhat rounded, and Peter pinched the opposing end together, opening the jaws of the clip. She watched, as Peter again reached between her legs and at first softly stroking her sex, pushed and held her puffy outer lips apart, grasping one of her smaller thinner inner lips, pulling it outward, stretching it. As he held the flesh, stretching it, he placed the opened jaws of the alligator clip over it, at the lower portion of the flesh then allowed the jaws to close. Susan felt the sharp pain that accompanied this, she closed her eyes, felt the tears that filled them, and realized that a low groan had escaped her lips. She opened her eyes, blinking away the tears there, and watched as Peter was sliding the rubber sleeve over the exposed metal of the clip. When he’d finished with the first, he picked up the second alligator clip, and sliding the sleeve to expose the metal jaws, he then grasped Susan’s other inner lip and pulled it from her. Again, the sharp pain down there, as the jaws closed. After sliding the rubber sleeve over the exposed metal, Peter turned and retrieved the last electrode from the top of the cart. This one was the same type as those adorning Susan’s puffy outer lips. Peter compressed the tiny bulb of the electrode between his thumb and forefinger, and reaching with his left hand, Susan, who because of her preoccupation with all the things that were happening to her wasn’t aware, was already in an excited state. Peter used the thumb and finger of his free hand, to lightly massage the tiny bud at the top of Susan’s sex. Her clitoris was already hard and though small, erect. Peter used his finger to pull back the hood that covered this tiny kernel, and Susan watched carefully as he placed the electrode directly on her clitoris. Releasing the bulb, the suction within held the electrode directly to her tiny organ. Susan had watched, and was fascinated at seeing herself this way. The way that her tiny clit looked when exposed, and then the sensation as the electrode had been applied. Peter sat back for a moment he saw the various tubes and wires dangling from Susan’s body. He reached to the second shelf of the cart next to him and lifted a small black box, then turning, pulled a knob on the end of the examination table. Looking down, Susan could see that a small shelf was in the table, and once Peter had pulled it out, he set the box upon it. The box had a single row of tiny openings along its side Susan realized that the leads from each of the electrodes fit into these openings. Scooting a bit closer to her, Peter reached and grasped the first wire, the one hanging from Susan’s left breast, the one at its upper portion near her nipple. He pulled the wire down,and grasping the exposed metal lead on its end, slid the lead into the opening He moved and grasping the second wire, the one attached to the base of her left breast, inserted that lead into the second opening of the box. He then placed the lead from the top portion of her right breast into the third opening, then the lead from near the nipple of that breast into the fourth. Reaching lower, Peter grasped the wire dangling from the electrode that was fastened to the right outer lip of Susan’s outer labia, inserting that lead into the fifth hole of the box, then that connected to the electrode from the left into the sixth opening. He then inserted the lead from the alligator clip that was pinching the right smaller labia, then the lead from her left. Reaching lower, Peter then lifted the wire that was connected to the tube inside of Susan’s bowels, inserting the lead into the next opening of the box. He plucked the wire dangling from her opened sex connected to the tube that he’d inflated inside her cervix, and inserted its lead into the next opening in the box. There were two leads left to connect, Peter grasped the wire that was connected to the electrode attached to Susan’s clitoris, and inserted that lead into the next opening on the box. Finally he reached up and grasped the wire that was connected to the electrode on Susan’s abdomen, just above her navel, and plugged the lead from that wire into an opening on the side of the box. Susan watched as Peter rose, then moved to the wooden cupboard at the corner of the room. He retrieved an electrical cord from a shelf of the cupboard, and moved to the wall nearest the examination table. Lifting a corner of one of the soundproof panels, he’d exposed an electrical outlet. Plugging the cord into the outlet, he moved back to the table, and plugged the other end of the cord into the back of the black box. Suddenly Susan panicked she struggled in her tight bonds, knowing that a whole new form of torture was going to be used on her. Her breasts, with electrodes attached, bounced causing the wires dangling from them to sway. The table wobbled a bit as her weight was shifted, but the locked wheels at its base wouldn’t allow it to move. Peter moved to the back of the table, and operated the crank that was still in place there. Susan could feel the back of the table, inclining as he lowered it. The slack was returning to her arms, and there was less discomfort but her upper legs were still pointed upward to the ceiling, and they were held securely wide apart. Peter moved to the exam table, and opening another door, removed a small control boxfrom the compartment, closing the door and rising, studied the various knobs and buttons on the box. Moving back, he turned one of the twenty or so tiny knobs on the top of the box a bit, then pressed the button immediately beneath it. Susan suddenly felt a sensation at the base of her right breast. Peter released the button, then turned the knob, pressing the button again, Susan jumped. Her body tensed and a shriek sprang from her lips. Peter turned the knob back to zero, then adjusted another, and then pressed the button. Susan could feel the pain from the top portion of her breast. It was as though the current were passing directly through her nipple. She watched in horror as Peter would adjust different knobs then tried to brace herself as he pressed the button. Peter tried each of the electrodes on Susan’s breasts, now it was time to move somewhat lower. He adjusted the knob for her vulva, and pressed the button, and watched the spasms of his victim. Her hips lifted slightly, her raised legs tensed. Then her other bald outer labia, and it produced a similar response. He then tested each of the leads to her thinner inner lips, studying carefully the reaction of his victim. He adjusted the knob that controlled the current into the bulb inside of her cervix. Pressing the button, he watched as Susan’s body convulsed and tensed, her hips raised from the examination table’s top. Susan endured jolt after jolt, wondering how much of this she would have to take. The last shock seemed to come from deep within, and she understood that this current came from the wires attached to the inflated device inside of her uterus. When the current stopped, she cleared her head and saw Peter adjusting yet another knob. As he pushed the button, shefelt the agony of the electrical current passing through her backside. It caused her tolift her hips, and she felt her entire body tense. When the current stopped, she glared at Peter almost defiantly he was adjusting another knob, and looked at her. Peter had saved the best for last he looked at Susan who seemed to be in an unhappy state. He could almost feel her anger, then glad he had this final electrode to work with, pressed the button on the box. Susan jerked and tensed her entire body as she felt the jolt delivered between her legs, ather tiny bud. Her hips lifted, and involuntarily she spoke. “Na, na, na, na, na!!!” she repeated as the electricity coursed through her. Peter released the button, realizing that these were involuntary vocalizations, and Susan probably wasn’t even aware that she’d made them. He’d tested each of the electrodes and they had all worked well, now he was going to explore different combinations of current tomultiple locations at the same time. He tested both leads of her right breast, turning the first and second knobs a bit then pressing the button. He watched Susan as she tensed, her back arched, shoulder blades pressing against the top of the examination table. He then tried combinations with both breasts using different combinations of the leads attached to her there. He was careful with the amount of current he used on the upper portion of Susan’s body, although he wasn’tparticularly concerned. This device had several safety features, and would not allow too much current to be delivered to any one location. Susan was about to lose her mind, at least she felt that way. The electrical jolts came at different locations at varying intensities for different lengths of time. Peter seemed to know what he was doing when it came to bringing agony. He had tried different combinations of electricity to different parts of her body. She didn’t really have time to think, just the agony of each jolt, then a few moments to recover, and then brace for the next. Peter had taken his time, varying the length of current he delivered to each location or combination of locations. He was aware that Susan was tiring, and he would have to pause soon, but he had one more combination to try. He carefully adjusted each knob on his control box, setting each to its own level of intensity. He left the control for the electrode of her clitoris set to zero, with each of the others adjusted to one level or another, some were rather low, while others were set to much higher levels. He pressed the button and held it, then turned up the knob controlling the intensity of the electrical current delivered to her clit. Susan felt the enormous jolt, her body tensed, her mouth opened, and again she vocalized, “Da, da, da, da, da, da!!!..” then she could feel the current at her tiny bud between her splayed legs. Peter held the button and then it happened. Susan climaxed. Without warning, Susan felt only an instant of build-up then her orgasm hit her,while the current passed through her. It was the most intense climax she’d ever felt, and it surprised her. She had expected almost anything other than the giant wave of pleasure that swept over her entire body. Peter held the button and watched with some amusement, Susan was in the throes of climax, leaving no doubt in Peter’s mind as she did, for as her body tensed with the electrical current, she’d ejaculated. He watched the tiny stream as it emerged from between her vulva. It arched out and landed two or three feet from her on the floor. He released the button and Susan slumped back, still in her climax. He waited a few seconds and watched her closely. Susan felt the current stop, but still felt the overpowering orgasm. As she was able to relax, it still swept over her body, then slowly began to subside. She was gasping and tingling all over, and her mind started to clear, then without warning, another jolt of electricity, to every part of her body again. Her body involuntarily tensed, and in another instant, another enormous climax. She remained tensed with the jolt, and couldn’t even think, she felt the sheer pleasure. She could feel the electrical current traveling through and over her breasts, her vaginal lips, her rectum, even the current that passed through her uterus. Most of all, she felt the current at her clit, it seemed to swell in intensity causing her to convulse at her climax. Peter watched and released the button. Susan slumped back and was breathing ragged. Her shrieks had turned into loud moans as she tossed her blonde head from side to side in her pleasure. With this second jolt, Peter had noticed that once again, ejaculate had sprayed from between her legs, much like with her first climax. He gave his victim even more time to recover from her second climax, and he decided to give her one more. He turned the intensity to the electrode connected to Susan’s clitoris a bit higher,then as she’d caught her breath and her senses had returned, pressed the button once more, and held it. Susan tensed and would have sat upright, even though her upper legs were pointed directly at the ceiling, with her lower legs bent and strapped into the stirrups of the examination table. It had only taken another moment and she was experiencing another orgasm. She could feel the wonderful release and the enormous wave of pleasure coursing over her entire body. Peter increased the current to Susan’s clit a bit more, and watched her convulsions and listened to her shrieks. Susan’s body tensed as she came, then she felt darkness come over her. She passed out. Peter saw as her widely opened eyes began to roll back, and immediately released the button. Susan’s body slumped back, and she lie motionless on the examination table. Her chest still rising with each heavy breath she took. He moved to the table, setting the control box down next to the junction box, and moved to her side. He watched her breathing carefully, and used his fingers to check her pulse at her slender neck. Feeling a strong pulse in her neck, he then bent and released the cuff at her right wrist from the ring in the table, and raising it, gently laid it across her abdomen. He moved to the other side of the table and released her left wrist and laid it across her. He pushed the small stool at the foot of the table to Susan’s side, and sat, watching her deep breathing as it slowly returned to normal.

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