The Big Issue seller


The Big Issue sellerI was upstairs watching some video’s on xhamster and was in desperate need of a long good wank, the wife was at work and we hadn’t had sex for a couple of days so I only had to look at a naked woman and I was fucking hard. I’d done the usual wanking methods, got hard had a bit of a pull let it go soft, half hour later the same and so on, but now the time was right.I was watching one of my favourite video’s and was into it when there was a loud knocking on the back door. ‘Fucking hell’ I thought, all fucking day and why now? I hurriedly put on my dressing gown to hide my massive stalk and opened the door, there stood a youngish man. “I’m selling the Big Issue would you like to buy one” he said showing me some I.D.I said “How old are you?” and he replied “23”, I said you English? He said “No Polish” then I asked him “I’ll buy two, what are you going to do for them” kaynarca escort he answered “What do you mean”, I asked him into the kitchen, when I’d shut the door I opened up my dressing gown and all I was wearing was my upper clothes and my undies.My shaft was clearly visible through my pants, and he looked and said “Where”, “Follow me” and I locked the door and went upstairs, as he followed. Opening the door to the bedroom he followed me in and put his magazines on the floor, as I sat on the bed he sat next to me. I undid my robe and took it off and as I sat there he looked me in the eye.His hand roamed over my undies as he kept constant eye contact with me, as soon as he touched me, I closed my eyes and sighed. He stood up and knelt down in front of me, I opened my legs as he ran his tongue up the inside of my thighs. When he got to my cock I was rock hard and straining orhanlı escort in my undies, but nothing happened.As I looked down at him he had a strange smile, he stood up and unbuttoned his trousers, as they fell to the floor his cock looked massive in his boxers, taking my hand he placed it on himself, as I rubbed him he sighed. Peeling down his boxers he looked a good 7” but not too thick. He pulled me to my feet and turned me around, I knew what was coming. I thought ‘I only wanted a wank’, as he pulled my undies down my cock sprung out but he wasn’t interested, he said “Kneel on the bed” as I did he pulled my ass cheeks apart, ran his finger up and down my anus, reached round and clenched his fist around my shaft, started to pull me slowly, as he was wanking me he teased my ass with the tip of his cock.Letting go of me he ripped me apart as he pushed his cock tepeören escort right up me, I squealed with pain as he rammed himself up, in and out of me. Reaching round he started to wank me as he was shagging me, I didn’t know what to do. After a few minutes he took his hand off me and holding my hips he got going faster, then without warning he swore, then grunted, and then I felt his cum in my ass.As he slipped out he bent down and licked his own seed out of me, as he fingered it all out. Then he turned me around to face him, knelt on the floor and started to lick my shaft. Dipping me into his mouth as he wanked me off, then he slipped his finger into my ass and touched me g-spot, I felt a beautiful feeling as an orgasm exploded in my head.It wasn’t long when my cock shot out a hot stream of hot spunk and he caught it all in his mouth, as it slid down his throat he swallowed as I filled his mouth. When I’d gone limp he kissed my cock, licked my ass and then pulled my pants up and said “You’ll buy two mags”. That was it, I went downstairs and gave him the money, then he was gone, and I was wondering ‘did that just happen’.

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