The Children of the Night


I have always been a lover of the night. And I believe the night loved me. It was our time of play, soundtrack by our music of thunderous passions and devastating addictions. The night is for the young, the restless, the pure and unhidden. The sun had completed its daily sacrifice some hours gone by and this meant I was to seek on my next prey. I took a shower with lukewarm water, enticing each pore in my body asking to be touched. I stepped into my room, still a little wet and laid on the bed for some minutes reminiscing about yesterdays play. Oh she had been such a great conquer… The images replaying in my mind made my hand slid down to the only place were sin opened up the gates to heaven. I caressed myself softly and played a little with my pierced clit. I was still moist from the shower, but the thoughts made me more lubricated with every second. I looked at myself in the mirror while my fingers danced and that turned me on even more. My nipples were hard and I liked it that way; clean shaven pussy, hourglass shaped body, hips to kill for, full legs that can take a beating. My soft skin adorned with ink here and there looked flawless. Pierced lip, black short hair, big lustrous eyes, high cheek bones… damn… I was a catch. I thought of climaxing, but being such a masochist decided to wait… to reach the explosion with a man, with a girl, whichever was today’s victim. I licked my finger… then got dressed.

Boots hit the asphalt and kick on the tiny pebbles that spit away into the darkness. The cigarette case in my pocket clings against my belt as if it was to announce my arrival. Smoke and kisses; as I gathered with the other criminals that I consider my peers. Kisses and hugs and smoke… our mouths always filled with grey fog, nicotine beauties. We’ve perpetually been fans of torture, to inflict and to receive pain, as art, as love and as chemicals that costumed our thoughts into flights. We were stateless… but we had rules, imposed by our wanting, by our inner-Sade, who craved and was completely relentless. The outcome tonight was interesting. I could recognize the usual suspects but there were new faces in the mist of the chaos. Interesting and enticing new and unknowing faces that could quickly play into my game, walked amongst the bar. I always focused on what they chose to drink that night. That is one of the key ingredients in winning my attention. Anyone can chug a beer, but it’s the true connoisseurs that order simple whisky on the rocks.

I stayed and mingled with my kindred lost souls and listened to the band that was breaking away the sound barrier on the front of the crowd. Punk rock will always canlı bahis win me over. I saw us dance in circles, fists in the air, smoke and alcohol, stomping on the ground with de-satisfied boots. Indeed it was true raw enchanting perfection. With the usual stepping away into the bathroom to entice the night with white powder, making my nose feel like it had never existed and lifting my being up to the highest point known to existence. I glanced at the bar, trying to decide on my soon to be actions. I glanced at him and thought that he must have already glanced at me, while I wasn’t caring. Pretending not to mind him, I walked and ordered a shot of whisky and drank it straight up, knowing he was watching, I was creating an act for him. He liked my theater. He walked towards me and ordered the same as I had… the use of the conversation opener.

“Fuck, that’s some hard stuff,” He said and then lit a cigarette.

I replied, ” Yeah, you have to be tough are you?” I ordered another shot; he followed my lead and ordered another, paid for both. We drank our shots together and then I placed a cigarette on my mouth. He lit it for me.

“It’s nice to see a lady who knows her spirits. I’m Blaine, you are” He asked, while trying not to stare at my breast.

“It doesn’t matter. You’re going to buy me another drink?” I asked knowing he will say yes.

He showed up with two Shiraz filled wineglasses and led me to a nearby sofa to talk a little. I knew he didn’t want to talk and well as he knew it too, but I guess it was the protocol, and the majority of girls out there are not like me. I’m the girl that gets what she wants and is not afraid to admit it and I knew I wanted him, I desired him in me.

Cordially I asked, “Want some pleasure?” Then sniffed a line and passed it out to him.

“Never say no to pleasure” he replied, snorting like a pro. This guy wasn’t new…but he was new to me.

He had penetrating dark eyes, thick eyebrows and green Mohawk, oh so typical. I’ve always been attracted to that type: tall, dark and handsome, but it was style what turned me on the most. He was built, but not to be exaggerating in vulgarity. He had tight jeans, black Dr.Martens and some old band t-shirt. He had good taste… Minor Threat. Another punk, yeah but he was nice… all mine for that night. I guess we are all junkies. I was addicted to many things, but it was sex the one that I craved the most… the withdrawal symptoms were unbearable.

The bands played for another hour… he excused himself to go kick and scream on the mike to one of the songs he knew by heart. He came back, nothing new to my surprise, with more bahis siteleri drinks and playful smile. Sweaty… sexy, I was getting all nervous for the night to come along. We talked, laughed and he talked into my ear, because the music was too loud. He took me by the hand and went outside. The noise was gone and I could hear him clearly, yet he still talked into my ear, kissed me on the cheek. I grasped the back of his head and pulled in tight on his crotch, and interlocked our tongues together for some minutes.

“Mmm, you taste like cocaine, cigarettes and wine. What a tasty combination,” I whispered into his ear and giggled. I pushed into him more, so he could feel my thighs and how hot he was making me. I was so wet, I could feel myself getting wetter by the second, and I bet he could sense it too.

“You’re so sweet, I want to bite you,” He said while biting my neck slowly. It would probably leave a mark.

He grabbed me and aggressively took me to the back of the venue. There were some cars and a couple of junkies in the background, probably passed out from their misery. He planted me against the wall and kissed me passionately, his hand playing around with my panty line.

“Fucking touch me, don’t be a tease,” I ordered.

He slipped his hand inside my underwear and started to caress me, getting a nice surprise to see I was all clean and even more of a shock when he found my little clit ring.

He uttered in surprise, “Now, you are one special fucking little perv aren’t you? I fucking love that!” He licked his lips with approval.

“Play with it; it’s so much fun… isn’t it?” I said, softly moaning into his ear and bit his neck hard. It felt so good how he played with me like a toy.

He asked, “You want a taste?” He took his fingers and gave me myself to taste. I knew that taste… I was sweet.

I licked his finger and giggled. It always makes me laugh to see their mouths slowly water at the thought of eating me endlessly. He went down kissing my thighs and licked me all over. It was soft, but tantalizing. I opened up my legs so he could get it all, drink me, swallowed me completely.

“Come here!” I commanded. Pulling him up, I geared my hands beneath his shirt and let my hands introduce themselves to his body. His chest had a playful patch of hair in the middle and his back was sturdy and waiting to be bit into. I scratch him a little with my nails, marking the prey.

My hands played with his aroused dick, above his jeans. He sighted, informing me I was welcomed in, at the same time he fingered me with passion. I undid his belt and as it fell to the floor and hit the ground, I bahis şirketleri rejoiced in that sound that only means you’re on your way to forfeit pain and only experience pleasure. I started to slowly caress his dick… a good thick, average-sized shaft that was anxiously waiting to impale me. I stroke him slowly first, circled the head and gathered the pre-cum in my finger, gave it a taste and just watched him melt.

“Mmm…Oh, fuck… you know you wanted that since you saw me, go ahead, its yours.” he said. I started to go faster and the lubricant made his entire dick wet and moist and oh so ready. I couldn’t help myself to kneel, forgetting about my knees that were being battered by the pebbles on the floor. I kneeled and licked the tip of his greatness and circled around and played and touched.

He pushed against my mouth and stuffed me with himself. I wanted to drain him, take his essence for myself. He pushed my head into himself; he did it violently and grabbed my hair tightly while moaning in a soft manner. One of his hands was against the wall, a fist that exclaimed content and the other hand pushing me against him. We sweated together. He pulled me up to his face and kissed me, bit my lip and grabbed my crotch. I knew he couldn’t help it anymore, he needed to finish me, wanted to feel my insides. I obviously, led him in.

He grabbed me and placed me against the wall, my back towards him. He pushed into me and his dick slowly caressed my ass and then my pussy. I was so wet, so juicy and eager. He made me bend forward and stuffed himself into me, letting out a great moan of victory. I moaned softly, cursed the heavens and earth. He grinded on and on, he went in and out and in again; a perfect rhythm, chaotic symphony of sex, sweat, moans and feeling. While he fucked me his right hand ventured around my pussy and caressed my clit aggressively. I wanted him to beat me; I wanted him to fuck my life out. I screamed, forgetting there could be people around watching, and then he screamed. He pushed more and more and grabbed my tits from behind; our bodies sliding up and down each other, in sweat and the essence of sexual encounters. I left out my last moan… conclusion of such a victorious hunt. My prey kept on going for some more seconds and then he was there. Flushed, beaten, violently loved, very satisfied.

He picked up his shirt from the floor and cleaned himself with it. I lit a cigarette… drenched in our juices, pinned against the backstreet of the venue, we smoked, in satisfaction. Observing each other… the great conquer of the night. We laughed and we knew… it will maybe never happen again . “You want another whisky?” He asked after our breaths went into their normal state again.

I nodded in agreement and went back inside, to get lost again. Oh the children of the night… what sweet music we certainly make.

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