The International Nylon Fetish Club Part 3


The International Nylon Fetish Club Part 3When the Club initially formed, it did not want to become just another place for swingers to meet. It wanted to maintain an air of uniqueness with a very specific, elite membership. That is why sex was limited to men jacking off onto the nylon encased legs and feet of member’s wives. Over time, some members began to take notice of some obvious changes happening. The men were becoming so aroused that they could not resist rubbing their erect penises on these willing wives of other men. The wives were finding it increasingly hard, (pun intended), to resist the turgid penises of men who were not their husbands. Even the husbands, who were watching and jacking off while a strange man was ravishing their wives nylon clad legs and feet, could hardly contain themselves. Some wanted to participate by touching or worshiping their wives nylons or kiss them passionately while they were being ravished.It wasn’t long before the male participants become increasingly embolden by humping the nyloned legs and feet of the wives who presented themselves for such servicing. Even the wives were beginning to reach for the erect cocks that were often oozing precum leaving shiny, sparkling trails along the length of their nylons.Witnessing this, the board of directors decided to meet to determine if the Club should expand its offerings to its members. Of the 13 directors, only one opposed a motion to do so. The motion entailed a rather elaborate plan offering a variety of other options for its members with clear boundaries and guidelines for each newly agreed upon level of activities.The Club would now offer a range of activities in specifically designated rooms that started with traditional jacking off all the way up to full penetrative intercourse and bareback insemination of the wives and couples who canlı bahis wanted it. The Club considered changing its name and dropping any reference to “nylon” but that was unanimously defeated. This was to remain a club dedicated to men with a fetish for nylons who enjoyed seeing their wives pleasure other men.There was one limitation and a good one at that. Members could not engage in sex with each other’s spouses. That was strictly prohibited and grounds for membership termination. This was not going to be a wife swapping club. This was going to remain a very exclusive sexual service club with a very narrow appeal to a small segment of married couples. The Club therefore agreed to recruit bulls and studs who had to submit to a rigorous application and interview process which also included physical examinations and periodic blood tests to insure the safety and well being of participating wives. Bulls or studs who were successfully selected would be strictly prohibited from engaging in sexual activities outside of the Club to insure their ongoing health. A tennis or golf club has its pros. Why not a nylon fetish/wife fucking club?In order to provide studs or bulls for the couples who wanted one, the Board conducted very strict interviews of potential applicants to insure that only men with a broad assortment of penis sizes, shapes, builds, races, heights and weight, would be available to service members’ wives. In fact, the Board of Directors surveyed the Club’s members to specifically determine the kind of bull or stud (pro) each participating couple was looking for. It was also decided that once a bull applicant was approved, he could only provide stud service for a week at a time. This would insure that the experience for the couples involved would remain fresh, new and exciting. If a couple wanted to continue with bahis siteleri a particular bull outside of the Club, that was allowed and was to be arranged by them.The participation requirements at all levels were also very strict. Married couples only. Each wife had to wear nylons which could be stockings, thigh highs or pantyhose. No knee highs. No bare legs. Wives were also encouraged to wear revealing clothes and sexy high heels with a minimum height of 3 inches. Matching lingerie was suggested but not required. Depending on the type of nylons a wife chose to wear would result in which jack off and humping rooms she could have access to. There was the “Old School Room” where wives who were wearing either genuine fully fashioned or RHT ultra sheer nylons, could participate. The women in this room were also required to don old school style foundation wear – either open bottom girdles, long legged panty girdles or full size garter belts. No cheap Victoria’s Secret crap allowed in this room which focused on connoisseurs of upscale, vintage lingerie and hosiery. There was also the “Pantyhose Room”. Wives were not permitted to wear just any brand or style of pantyhose though. They were required to wear high end, preferably European made sheer to waist or shiny/glossy hosiery. A list of permitted and suggested styles, brands and colors was provided to each member couple. Opaques were frowned on but not prohibited. Wives were encouraged to carefully remove the gussets of their pantyhose to allow easy access to their preferably shaved pussies. Not to show discrimination, even the men were encouraged to shave their pubic regions.The third hosiery room was the “Stocking Room” where stockings of all types excluding old school nylons, were allowed. Here you would find more modern style stockings with lycra or spandex which still bahis şirketleri had to be very sheer with a minimum denier of 20.The next bank of rooms were dedicated to non-penetrative sexual activities consisting of the “BJ (blow job) Room”, the HJ (hand job) Room and the FJ (Footjob) Room. No explanations necessary. Member couples could select the room of their preference for the activity they wanted to participate in with other member couples. Once again, spouses were not permitted to engage in activities with other couples unless they agreed to do so by signing an agreement prior to entering the room.The last section of Club rooms were dedicated to pretty much anything goes except that nylons of some kind are always required on the women. If men wanted to wear hosiery as well, that was allowed. There were three rooms in this section as well – “The Breeding Room” where wives and couples who want to engage in bareback, penetrative fucking would be found. Next was “The Cuckold Room” where husbands who want to watch their wives getting fucked were welcome. The difference between this room and the Breeding Room was condoms. They were permitted here but NOT in the breeding room where you took your chances or you knew you couldn’t get pregnant. Since a lot of member’s wives were old, mature women who were beyond the birthing years, this was a popular room for them. The Cuckold Room was also more permissive in allowing husbands to participate. In the Breeding Room, they were only allowed to watch and jack off although they could also utter words of encouragement for either or both their wife and the bull. Husbands in The Cuckold Room could merely jack off if they wanted to but they could also participate in any manner the attendant bull and wife would allow. Fucklicking was particularly popular in this room as was creampie consumption where hubbies anxiously waiting with anticipation for the bull to inseminate his wife so he could revel in the devouring the rich, thick cream deposited in their wife’s receptive pussy.So which room would you choose?

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