The Scandalous Stewardess 7


The Scandalous Stewardess 7″The Scandalous Stewardess”Chapter 8″That was fantastic, Peter, just fantastic. I don’t know when I’vebeen fucked quite so breathless,” the exhausted blonde said sincerely. But her mind was filled with dark thoughts of revenge em the virileresort owner for the way he had treated her–like a filthy whore! Itwasn’t enough him to give her a savage ass fucking; he made her lick hiscock clean right afterwards, then suck his huge cock off while hekneeled over her with his big hands knotted in her hair. He almostpulled it out by the roots! It wasn’t until after all that that hefucked her cunt, that he let her cum too! The bastard! The stuck-upfucking bastard! Who the hell does he think he is, treating her likethat . . . calling her those filthy names? What the hell does he haveagainst her?Peter Knight lay beside the voluptuous blonde with his eyesclosed. He was sated, fulfilled, completely at peace. He smiledinwardly, knowing that he should feel some kind of remorse for hisvicious treatment of the cunt-eating stewardess, but he didn’t. He hadsettled the score, so to speak. Not only with her, but withFrancine–thought his ex-wife’s comeuppance for what she had subjectedDavie to was still to be arranged.His ego was bolstered, he was king of the mountain now. He never thought he would be able to get it up three times in a row! Why thehell had he denied himself for so long? Too bad the blonde bitchcouldn’t keep her hands off his tender daughter; if he hadn’t seen that,he would feel different about her perhaps . . . she certainly was onehelluva fuck, about the best he’d ever had, matching him stroke forstroke, turning him on to unbelievable heights of passion with herobscene words and her flaming, unbridled sexuality. She was a whitewitch, using some kind of voodoo magic on him to draw the fiery cum outof his balls. His only regret was that he had given her thesatisfaction of capitulating to her brazen desirability. He would havegotten more points in his own mind if he had walked away from her a fewhours ago without so much as a kiss. But then, look what he would havemissed!A few hours ago! Geezus christ–Davie! She was home alone–she’dbetter be! Dammit–he had allowed his own sexual craving to overshadowhis new-found duties to his young daughter; he had been weak when heshould have been strong! He had to get back to the house!He roe unsteadily to his feet. His mind was alert, but his body responded torpidly. He blinked and looked around the room. The moonhad risen on the horizon and the warm, blue shadows no longerilluminated the room. Still, they had never bothered to turn on alight, so his eyes had only slight difficulty adjusting to the dimness. He scuffed around the room, gathering his discarded clothing and beganto dress. He also began to collect his thoughts.What to do about Trish Byers . . . he didn’t want to see her againand yet, he did. He had never known a woman as wildly abandoned, asinsatiable, as fantastic in bed, despite the handicap he gave her. Butshe also represented a danger to his way of life, to the permanentreunion he was planning for him and Davie–he didn’t want his darlinglittle girl in the blonde’s cunt-eating clutches ever again! One way toinsure that was to keep the stewie stuffed full of his cock! But howwould Davie feel about that? What was she supposed to do while he wasoff screwing around with Trish? . . . She was still provocatively nakedwhen he came out of the bathroom. Goddamn, she was gorgeous, a paen tocarnal lust, right there in the flesh! He took her hand and raised herup off the bed, drawing her naked body close to him. “Get some sleep,k**. I’ll see you tomorrow–or rather, later today,” he said, smilingdown at her.”Really?” she asked, arching her eyebrows.”Well, sure. Maybe we’ll go for a drive up and down the island!”he grinned.”I can hardly wait,” she teased back.He surprised himself by suddenly saying, “You know something? Neither can I . . .”* * *Randy Ferris waited impatiently in the shadowy trees that borderedhis sister’s guest unit until he saw the door open and Davie’s fatherstarted down the path along the beach for home. He had been scared todeath of seeing Knight on the way, after he left the dude’s deflowereddaughter to her sweet–and sexy dreams! He had given her something todream about, all right! And she had given him plenty to tell Trish! Hecouldn’t get over how much that little doll baby had changed while hewas fucking her. She’d been nothing but a tight-assed, naive cherryschool-girl when they’d watched her old man giving it to Trish, andlater, when he’d tried to talk her into letting him fuck her. But oncehe had his cock up her pussy. she’d undergone a goddamnedtransformation to rival any in the world! She almost broke his pecker with that hot, sweet bodyof hers, fucking him back like a tigress–like Trish, for chrissake! That was really saying something. And then she’d really blown his mindafterwards, when he was apologizing to her, buttering her up so shewouldn’t squeal to her old man, asking her to forgive him for r****gher! “When can we do it again?” she asks, WHEN CAN WE DO IT AGAIN! Geezus!He grinned to himself. All that sweating for nothing–he shouldhave known it would all be cool. Chicks didn’t take ol’ Randy’s cockinside their bellies just once without wanting it up there again and again!He walked up to the door and knocked softly. “Trish . . . it’sme. Hail the conquering hero, home from the war . . .” She met him ashe opened the door. His gorgeous sister was wearing a confidentsmile–and that was all!”Come in, you beautiful hunk,” she said to him, wrapping hergraceful arms around his neck, “and tell your ever-lovin’ sister all!” He did. He told her everything in minute detail as he took off hisclothes and got into the big bed with her. He told her all about DavieKnight between hot, tonguing kisses, and as he sucked her breasts. Hetold her how he had practically ****d the frightened brunette as he laybetween her legs with his cock plugged into her pussy. He told her howthe young virgin had suddenly gone wild and fucked him back, as hisbeautiful blonde sister returned his heated thrusts with masterfulthrusts of her own . . . until they came together on the bed, each bodypart of a synchronized machine . .. . each lapsing into memories of the exciting izmir escort first encounters with thevery sexy, very promising father-daughter team.Then Trish told Randy what had happened with Peter Knight–how hehad sodomized her, then made her suck his cock . . . (She was suckingRandy’s cock as she related her tale of mistreatment.) After shefinished blowing her brother, she let him in on her latest plan a way tohave her fucking cake and eat it, too! The youth’s heavy lidded eyeswidened with apprehension. “Trish, you’re out of your mind. Knight isnever going to go for that! You’re really asking for trouble thistime,” he said incredulously.She gave him one of her wiser-than-thou smiles as she snuggled nextto him and drew the sheet over their tired, spent bodies. “Wait and we,lovey . . . Just wait and see . . .”Chapter 10A radiant, refreshed Davie Knight awoke around 9:30 the nextmorning from a deep and delicious sleep. God, she felt great! Absolutely marvelous. Her cheeks glowed and her eyes sparkled; she wasexquisitely healthy . . .She sat up in bed clutching her bent knees to her chest. Asatisfied smile played constantly around her full, sensuous lips. Overand over she kept thinking to herself, I’m a woman now–a real woman! I’m not just a scared k** in school any more . . . I’m a woman! I’vehad a man’s warm, wonderful penis inside me . . . I’ve been made loveto–fucked–by a man, and I want to have it again. Oh, I can’t wait tohave Randy’s big beautiful cock inside me again!She giggled girlishly to herself as she thought how wicked it wasof her to have such blatant desires. No wonder Trish said the thingsshe did yesterday at the beach–she’s had it hundreds of times probablyand really loves it and needs it. And Daddy, too, and probably evenmore, because he’s a man, and men always seem to be horny! That’s justthe way they were built. Besides, Daddy is such a strong, handsome,virile man . . . it was easy to see why Trish wanted him to make love toher . . .Davie reviewed the scene in Trish’s room, with the two of themnaked and screwing wantonly. She was no longer shocked or upset by whatshe had witnessed. She understood now what made them go at each otherlike, well, not like a****ls exactly, but like two people who were justready turned on and had to have each other. Sure, she could get behindthat, and she didn’t feel any more animosity toward Trish, nodisappointment with her father. She knew she could face him now,because each of them had secrets they couldn’t share with the other . … not yet, anyway.Thoughts of her father suddenly caused her to turn and look in hisdirection. He was lying on his side in the big bed, sound asleep. Poorlamb, he’s pooped, she thought sympathetically. He must have had quitea night of it!Her heart swelled with pride as she thought of her strong, handsomedaddy making love to Trish Byers. He’s got to be a fantastic lover,with that heavenly body, and that enormous penis of his . . . it musthave felt so good to Trish . . . Daddy’s wonderful thing deep inside her . . .what would it be like to feel all that cock stuffed inside her?Davie suddenly realized that she had been thinking of herself . . .her and her daddy! What was the matter with her? She must be nuts,sick, to think a thing like that! Good God–her own father . . . herdaddy, her daddy’s penis!She got up quickly and pulled a pair of shorts and a halter top outof the drawer, tore off her shortie pajamas and dressed in a flash. Then she tiptoed past her father’s bed into the bathroom, where shebrushed her teeth and splashed water on her face. She smiled at herreflection in the mirror as she combed her hair. Yes, she looked like areal woman now . . .A phone call to Benny, the maitre d’, brought a kitchen assistantto the house in less than fifteen minutes. He arrived in a golf cartwith a huge tray of covered dishes. Davie gave him a dollar and thankedhim effusively, aware that the young man’s dark eyes roamed her bodywith barely concealed interest. He hadn’t paid much attention to herbefore, it seemed. Did he think she looked like a real woman too?She went outside to gather a few of the more fragrant island wildflowers that grew in the sandy ground. There wasn’t much, but she made a clever little bouquet from what she could find and placed them ina little glass pot she found in the cupboard. Then she placed the poton the serving tray and took it into the bedroom where her belovedfather still lay fast asleep.Putting the tray down on the large, low night stand next to thebed, she leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He stirredand brought his hand up to his face as though to brush away a fly. Davie giggled. Then she repeated the kiss, this time letting her lipslinger for a second longer. “Wake up, lazy bones. Rise and shine,” shewhispered in his ear.Peter Knight was dreaming about Trish Byers–and about hisdaughter.He was lying naked on a bed with two naked serving girls offeringhim platters of sumptuous food. The platters hid their faces. At hissilent command, both women brought the silver trays before him, exposingtheir beautiful, lusting faces–Trish . . . and Davie! Then the girlsformed a human bridge across his body and began to kiss each other. Hecaressed both their bodies with his fingertips, marveling at thesoftness of their skin . . . the incredible feel of their breasts on hishairy chest. His cock was rigidly erect. He pushed the women apart andsat up between them. Everything was in slow motion. Trash straddledhim and slid backward towards his cock, lifting her body languorouslyand lowering it closer and closer to his throbbing malehead. But justas she was about to impale herself on has scalding rod, she suddenlytook on the form and face of his daughter! He immediately went soft,and Davie chided him: “Get it up, Daddy! Get it up!” She reached down and shook him by theshoulders, rubbing her lithe young body against his groin, making himswell to instant hardness again. “Get it up, Daddy . . . Daddy, get itup!” . . .”Daddy, get up. Get up, Daddy!” Davie shouted to him as she shookhis broad shoulder as best she could with her small hand. His eyes flewopen and he shook his head, trying to clear his muddled brain of theerotic dream. Much to his dismay, he had a huge erection. It wasdamned lucky he was lying on his side!”Davie, what izmir escort bayan are you doing here?” he asked dumbly.”I live here, silly. Remember?” she said with a little ripple of laughter. “Gee, you sure are hard to wake up. But you have to now;your breakfast won’t stay hot forever, you know.””Breakfast?” The smell of scrambled eggs and ham and strong, hot coffee wafted unto his nostrils. He turned to her. She was learningover him, reaching for another pillow to prop behind his head. Mutelyhe raised himself up, catching sight of her bobbing young breasts as sheplumped the two pillows together behind him. He looked up into herface–she was so fresh, so wholesome, so goddamn sexy.The lithe brunette beauty smiled lovingly at her bewilderedfather. “I hope you won’t be mad at me, Daddy. I wanted to serve you breakfastin bed, so I had them send it up from the dining room,” she saidbrightly, then added, “you’re not mad, are you?”He grinned at her reassuringly. “Course not, honey. How could I possibly be mad at that? I think this is the first time in my life I’veever been served breakfast in bed by a beautiful young lady; it’s noteven my birthday!””Well, it won’t be the last time, I can promise you that . . . notas long as I’m here!” she added. Then she stopped short, looking at himanxiously. “I will be here, won’t I, Daddy?””Yes, darling. You’ll be here. You can count on that.””Oh, Daddy . . . I love you so much!” she said, grabbing himaround the neck and hugging his face tightly to her yielding bosom. Hewas so good, so fine, so human . . . how could she have been so confusedand tormented when she saw him doing something as natural as makinglove, her wonderful daddy? . . .They ate breakfast together then, with Davie sitting on the edge ofthe bed, chattering brightly about all sorts of things the two of themcould do together. Very casually he inquired about Randy Ferris, andhow long the blonde youth had stayed.”Oh, just a little while, Daddy. He didn’t want to make you mad, because he wants to take me for a swim . . .” she said, concentrating onthe marmalade she was spreading on her toast with unusual determination.”That’s nice,” the handsome man said absent-mindedly. He was watching Davie’s firm little breast jostle against its twin under her green print halter. “Sure, I suppose you could go for a swim with him sometime . . . His mind screamed, No! I don’t want that raunchy littlebastard to see Davie in a bikini! What if he persuades her to take itoff, the way Trish did?”Could I, Daddy?” she asked, looking up hopefully at him.”Absolutely.””Oh, great! Thank you, Daddy. He’s coming to pick me up at11:00.””What! That’s out of the question. You . . . you got too much sunyesterday. You can put that swimming business off until tomorrow or thenext day!” he sputtered.Davie looked at him, disappointment and dismay plainly evident inher lovely face. “Daddy! What’s the matter? Why don’t you want me togo swimming with Randy Ferris?” she asked him plaintively.”I . . . I didn’t say you couldn’t go swimming with him, honey. It’s just . . . well, Randy is a lot older than you are. He’s notexactly a boy any more . . .” Peter Knight cleared his throatself-consciously.Oh, don’t I know that he isn’t a boy anymore!, Davie thought triumphantly to herself. He’s a man . . . just like you are, Daddy!”And I’m not exactly a little girl any more, Daddy,” sheprotested. “You have to realize that. I can’t stand to be treated like a c***d. That’s just the way Mother treats me, as I told you. I didn’t think youwere going to do the same . . .”She had him now, and he knew it all too well. What could he say? He had no choice but to give her her way and hope to God she had enoughfortitude to resist that brash, good-looking Ferris k**. Shit! Havinga luscious teenage daughter around was a helluva lot tougher than heimagined.”OK. OK, sweetheart. I concede. Just watch yourself, Davie. Randy is a pretty smooth operator.””He is . . .?” she asked, feigning surprise and disbelief. Herhazel eyes sparkled with the faintest glimmer of artfulness. She placeda warm hand on his and smiled at him sympathetically. “Don’t worry,Daddy dear . . . Everything’s going to work out fine . . . just fine … .”* * *As soon as they were out of sight and racing away from the resort,Randy reached across the stick shift and placed a warm hand on Davie’sbare thigh, giving it a knowing squeeze that caused the young girl tojump in the bucket seat. She looked over at him and he gave her one ofhis slow, sexy smiles. She sent him one of her own. They both brokeout laughing then, and Randy stepped on the accelerator of the red MGand roared down the island road in the hot sun. Davie really did lookfantastic today; better than she had ever looked. There was somethingdifferent about her, more mature. She seemed to have blossomedover-night. If she’s like this after one fast fuck, what’s she going tobe like after a long, leisurely one? he wondered. Christ! She’s goingto give Trish some tough competition!He drove all the way to the point at the southern end of the islandand parked the convertible in a narrow grove of trees. Then they bothgot out of the sports car and walked hand and hand onto the beach. Hewas wearing a pair of cut-off jeans over his trunks, and a white teeshirt. Davie admired his legs as he spread an old blanket on theshimmering sand. Her pussy began to tingle with anticipation as shethought of his virile young cock and the fucking she knew she wouldget. What was happening to her? She was becoming as horny as a guy!”Would m’lady care to be seated?” he asked, making a courtly bowand stretching out a muscular arm towards the blanket. Davie laughed. “My pleasure,” she answered in a British accent, as she dropped to herknees on the worn bed cover. Randy sat down beside her. He reachedinto his back pocket and carefully pulled something out, holding it upfor her to see. It was a joint of marijuana . . . Davie’s eyeswidened. “Where did you get that?” she asked naively.”Santa left it in my stocking. He came by a few days early,” he joked. Davie grinned sheepishly. “You nut!” she told him.He lit up then, drawing the smoke into his lungs in quick inhalations. He closed his lips and wrinkled his brow as he held the pungent smoke inside for several seconds. He took one more toke, then handed it escort izmir to her.Davie hadn’t smoked pot often. She just had never gotten into it that much. But she wasn’t about to let him know that. So she mimickedhis style, and drew the hot smoke into her lungs. The next moment shewas choking and coughing, her eyes watering from the harsh stinging inher throat. It wasn’t the best grass in the world!Randy couldn’t help laughing at her. For a moment, she looked likea little girl again. It was obvious that she was embarrassed as hell. He took the joint from her and dragged deeply on it again. She held outher fingers, determined not to look like a juvenile who couldn’t handleit. Randy smiled slyly. She was taking the bait, all right. Not thathe had to get her stoned in order to fuck her–he had already provedthat. But he had something else in mind; something she might be alittle more reluctant to try. He wanted her to suck his cock! He wouldbe the first guy to fuck her in the mouth, too! And if all went as heplanned it, he’d have her asshole cherry before the day was out!Davie inhaled the narcotic cigarette daintily, in short puffs, unwilling to risk another coughing fit. She was already beginning tofeel lightheaded. She felt floaty, as though her limbs wereweightless. She had an unexplainable urge to giggle. And she did. Shetook a few more short pulls on the intoxicating weed before she handedit back to Randy.When there was nothing left except a tiny hollow tube of paper,Randy deposited it in his mouth, swallowed it and stood up to take offhis clothes. She thought that was very funny. She laughed andlaughed. She couldn’t stop laughing. “You ate the roach! You ate it!”she said over and over again.Randy thought to himself, Yeah, baby, and you’re going to eat it, too. And it ain’t gonna be a roach! “C’mon, doll, take off yourclothes. You haven’t lived ’til you’ve gone skinny dippin’ stoned.”That sounded like a marvelous idea. Without hesitation, she rose unsteadily to her feet and started to untie her halter top. Randywalked slowly over to her. “Here, I’ll do that,” he said. There wassomething so masterful about him. He knew how to take charge of things,and she obediently turned around while he untied the knot at her neck,then did the same to the one at her waist. The skimpy garment fen awayfrom her body and floated limply to the ground like a sad little flag. She stood there watching it, giggling at it, until she felt Randy’shands slip around her from behind and grab her bare boobs in hismasculine hands. He pulled her back against him and she drew in herbreath sharply as her back came in contact with his smooth, broad chestand his hands roamed over her naked, sensitive breasts.”Ooooohhhhh,” she moaned softly, closing her eyes to the wonderfulsensations his hands were creating in her. The sun shone hotly on her skin, melting her, turning her into jelly. Her pussy became a bowl of warm, sticky jelly. She was aware of something hard and demanding pressing into her buttocks, between the cheeks of her ass . . . hispenis . . . Randy’s hard, sturdy penis . . .She was very turned on, and she leaned back even further into him,with her arms dangling at her sides, in a shameless and wanton postureof submission. She was ready to make love now; she wanted it rightnow. Why didn’t he fuck her now?Randy’s hands moved down her sleek belly and found the zipper ofher shorts. Deftly, he unzipped them and began to work them down overher flaring hips. Davie wriggled her ass against him to assist him withthe stopping. She giggled again. Her brain was dazed and her attitudeincoherent. She could have cared less if there were an ocean liner fullof camera-clicking spectators anchored out in the sea. In fact, shesort of wished there were . . .The shorts lay puddled at her feet. Next, Randy slipped his handsinside her filmy panties, reaching along her bare skin until he touchedher silky crop of pubic hair. She moaned again, breathless at hisexciting touch as he gently fingered the pad of curls and cupped herpussymound in one of his dampish palms. “Yessssss . . . oh, yessssss,do that!” she screamed wordlessly. The sounds evaporated in herthroat. But her squirming body and raspy breathing got the messageacross. The wily blonde youth smiled confidently to himself. Snickeredsilently, was more like it.The panties came down her hips and thighs and calves to commingle with the shorts and halter. She was an island in a little sea of clothing. She thought that funny also.”Let’s go for a swim,” Randy whispered in her pretty ear. He followed up the suggestion with his tongue, flicking it inside to ticklethe highly sensitive orifice. Davie almost collapsed from thesensation. Oh God, oh how she wanted him to fuck her now. He wasdriving her insane. All she could think of was his juicy cockplundering her steaming vaginal depths. How could he thank of anythingelse?”A swim?” she echoed weakly. “Now?””Yeah, right now. I want to get it over with so l can come back uphere and eat your sweet little pussy!”Oh, God, did he ready mean that? She was dazed by his lewd suggestion, and she followed mutely as he led her by the hand down tothe edge of the water, his long, powerful cock jutting out ahead ofhim. His backside reminded her of some of the statues of Greek gods shehad seen at a museum, his muscles ripping as he walked, his physique,perfect. Yes, he was a statue come to life, leading her down to theglassy, azure sea.It was an incredible experience to swim like that–naked andstoned, and horny. She mostly floated, letting her glossy, long hairfan out on the water like the tentacles of an octopus. Suddenly shefelt a rude splash of water on her face as Randy swam up beside her andsent a deliberate shower of sea water in her direction. She flailed andsputtered and began to tread water. She splashed him back and theyplayed like porpoises for a while. Then he dived down under the water,and under her legs and grabbed her pussy with his mouth! She screamedand fell backwards. Before she had a chance to gather her wits, thestrong, sexy youth appeared in front of her and pushed her head downwith his hand . . . down under the water . . . down to his loins, to hisgenitals! It lasted only a moment, then he pulled her back up again,but the moment had served to implant a portent of things to come–ofthings to cum! God, did he really expect her to do that? Noooooo–thatwas dirty, perverted. She couldn’t possibly do that! She wouldn’t takehim in her mouth, the way she had seen her mother doing it to thatdisgusting fairy!

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