The Sixth Time and weird just got MORE WEIRD


The Sixth Time and weird just got MORE WEIRDJames and His Dad Pt 2So it was set I was to move to my new house, I had forgotten the Thursday House rule,I called to see James & Yes it was a Thursday it was about 6pm when I called,I knocked the door…….no answer……I Knocked again……I heard a voice James’s Dadjust a second, suddenly the door opened there is James’s Dad stood in the doorway,no shoes or socks no shirt just a pair of shorts, oh hello David, did you want James?Yes I said, right come on in mate, take off your shoes he said I kicked them off, he’s in his room you know where it is go straight through, I did as I was told, his door was ajar I pushed it open there was James on his bed with a sheet over him,Oh hey Dave you OK, yeah what you doin I said, Oh its Thursday me n Dad were justY’know, messin about,At that minute in walks his Dad, so young David, you want to have some fun with us then?take all your clothes off and lay them over there theres a good lad, he pulls the sheet off James, James is naked on the bed, I turned away and undid my shirtas I turned back James’s Dad was stood there Naked he had removed his shorts and hada big stiff cock, mine grew immediately as I saw it I quickly undressed and sat on the edge of the bed, Right you lay on the bed with your feet up at this end his Dad saidmeaning my feet at the pillow end so me and James were to to tail, I had my feet resting on the head board right his dad said James you come down the bed a littleJames shuffled down, that’s it his dad said you can get David’s Cock in your mouth now, Oh,came the reply and you can suck on James, David…OK……Oh OK I replied I did as I was askedJames’s cock felt silky soft although his cock was rock solid the bell end was so silky againstmy tongue, I remember the warm sensation as James’s mouth closed over my cock, then suddenlythe strangest sensation I felt something wet on my bum, Jams’s dad’s tongue was licking my bumhows that David is that nice, I said it feels kinda weird, he said you boys keep sucking each otherwe did as we were told, he carried on licking my bum, but it started to get weirder he parted my bum cheeks and suddenly his tongue was flicking around my young pucker, I flinched, Oh that feels weirdhis Dad said it will at first but you will start to enjoy it soon, isn’t that right James? James really likes itnow don’t you James? Yes Dad, came the reply, Right said his Dad lets show David what we like best,see how he feels about giving it a try, Oh do we have to Dad, came James’s reply, Now c’mon Jamesdon’t spoil things David has just started to enjoy himself, James looked at me and I him I could feelhis eyes staring into my soul, He didn’t look pleased, little did I know what was about to happen…James istanbul escort Positioned himself on all fours at the foot of the bed, Right David you should lay on the bedwith your head by the headboard so James can Suck you, but not just yet, watch me and then seehow you feel maybe you would like a turn, We really like this Don’t we James? Yes Dad James answeredhe didn’t sound very convincing I could hear the nervous reply, James’s dad was standing behind him with a large pot of Vaseline he was putting copious amounts on James’s bum and on his cock, I did wonder..Suddenly I hear James yelp as his Dad pushes his penis into his bum, Oh yes his Dad said thats lovely James,you are Daddy’s special boy, he pushed his cock all the way into James’s bum, James just whimpered, howis that James? tell Daddy how much you like it…..yes Daddy I like it…his Dad was thrusting in and outof James, suddenly his Dad said would you like to try David, I looked and said, NO No I don’t think so…..Oh Come on he said, come here he grabbed my arm and pulled me toward him grabbing my cock andmassaging it with Vaseline, He pulled out of James’s bum and said there you go put your cock in James,He loves it don’t you James? Tell David how much you enjoy Daddy’s cock in your bum, yes Daddy…..came the reply….go on then lad stick it in, I looked at James’s bum hole, it looked angry, and smotheredin Vaseline, I mean smothered, errrrr I don’t think so I said, get stuck in he loves it, I am sure he wouldlike it if you were to fuck him too, he likes it when his Daddy does it don’t you son, Yes Dad came a nervous reply,Do you want David to fuck you? Yes Dad, see he wants you to fuck him, here just like this he said as he pushedhis cock deep inside James, Arrrggghhhh James Moaned yes that’s it boy you like Daddy’s cock don’t you? well don’t you?…Yes Dad, c’mon David come closer I did as I was asked he grabbed my cock and wanked me, right if your not going to fuck James you better lay on the bed and let him suck your cock then,I did as I was asked he suddenly pulled out a camera, I don’t know where it came from, but suddenly it was there,he was clicking the camera taking photos of his cock up James’s bum, then he clicked me under James, Suck him James I need a photo of it, James sucked me his Dadclicked, his Dad suddenly said, OK James you switch with David now, James lay down on the bed and I got up and James’s Dad said right David you start sucking James like you did with me that last time, I was surprised how hard James was,but hard he was I sucked James as I was asked, I felt James’s dad playing with my Bum, he was touching my bum hole withhis finger, then i felt his finger avcılar escort penetrate me, I yelped and pulled away, NO I said firmly I Don’t Like That!!!we will take it slowly his Dad said, No I said I don’t want to………I really did not like the idea I thought it was wrong,I was not sure how he would react but fortunatly he just said OKI won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to just let me rub myself against you then, he pressed his cock betweenmy buttocks and rubbed his cock too and fro, that’s nice he said, is this OK? yes I guess so I said, James…he said sturnley….James get your self back up here show me your bum, James did as he asked and stood by my sidesuddenly his Dad started moaning and saying yes that’s it Ooooh yes thats it, as he rubbed against me, I so wish I was inside you David Oh that’s lovely your lovely bum, suddenly he moved over to James here we go James my boyDaddy is going to pop, he forced his cock back into James, James Moaned again Aarrgghhh Yes That’s It Boy That’s It,His Dad was moaning loudly and James was moaning loudly as his Dad was slamming against him, I figured he was cumming,His Dad stopped thrusting and said oh yes boy thats how we drain Daddy, Your Daddy Loves you, he then pulled away from JamesJames lay down on the bed, C’mon then boys Daddy wants to see you bring each other off, 69 each other we did as we were askedand started wanking each other that’s it boys, oh yes that’s it he said, he was wanking him self again, i started to shudderand I was soon squirting my spunk onto James’s face and then James squirted onto my chest, James’s Dad suddenly Moved closer to me and squirted his spunk all over my chest saying things to us like yes boys you aredirty boys look what you’ve done you’ve made Daddy squirt twice, Daddy has had a lovely time, right come on lets get cleaned up,we all three went into the bathroom we were all naked,suddenly there was a noise in the hallway it was James’s Mom, Hello she said,James’s dad looked panicked I will be there in a minute he shouted, what are you doing she shouted, I am just explaining something to the boys dear I won’t be long we are having a little man talk,y’know…. Oh Ok she said,do you want a cuppa yes please he said, he shushed us and listened a few seconds later he opened the door and disappeared,we just looked at each other still stood there naked me still dripping in cum, James was clutching his bum, we each grabbed a toweland snuck back into James’s bedroom, we quickly got dressed and James said lets go out……he grabbed his football….we walked down the hall towards the front door, James shouted through to his parents, we are going to play footy,OK came the reply, back home by 9 pm don’t şirinevler escort be late, school tomorrow, we left the house, James said this way, we walked down towards the alleyway, I said I though we were going to play footy, No said James I had to get out, OK I saidWe walked toward an area where there were bushes we had a little Den amongst the bushes, our Den was made from old bits of wood and plastic we had all sorts of bits in there bear crates to sit on, we crawled into our Den, we sat I looked at James are you OK?yes I’m OK he said, I am sorry you had to see that, every Thursday that happens he said, How long has he been doing it I said,James said I cant remember when it started but ages mate, I think from when I was about 10 but not every week, just now and then,but lately it has been more often, and he has been asking me to do other things too, what like the fucking I said, Yes he said,It really hurts sometimes and its afterwards too, what do you mean I said well I cant help it, I dribble, I have to put toilet rollinside my undies, cause he cummed inside me,I think he wanted to do it to you too, and he will do it to you eventually, I said I don’tthink so, I actually forgot i was Thursday, I would’t have come if I had realised, OH he said I though you had come because you wanted to, NO I honestly forgot until your Dad answered the door & I saw him half naked, OH said James, well it only happens on a Thursday as Mom goes to Bingo on a Thursday, But she never comes home early, she usually gets home at 8 pm its only seven now, Do you think she suspects something I said,what do you think she would do if she found out, what if she caught you at it? can you imagine,I don’t know he said but I wish she would cause I want it to stop,I don’t like it, do you like it David? you seem to enjoy it he said,well I don’t know I said, Isn’t it what adults do? No not normally I don’t think so…..please don’t say anything to anyone will you,NO I said I won’t say anything to anyone, I think we could get into trouble, Steven Paul’s brother told me that they can lock us up for it y’know,so we must never say anything to anyone, No I won’t say anything either he said, we agreed and pinkie promised,( we locked pinkie fingers and shook on it )about a year after James’s Dad appeared in the local press for c***d abuse, My Mom showed me in the article in the Paper, Aren’t you friends with James she said, Yes I said, Has he ever mentioned anything to you? No I said he’s never said anything, Little did she know, I knew everything and a lot more besides but at the back of my mind…. I still Had That Flick Knife Pressed Against My Throat,I was at a strange place in my Teenage Sexual Life, I liked Girls but I had this curious side I got strangely excited when I saw the boysgetting changed for PE, My next experience would be in a changing room for PE, I had a sick not so was excused from PE, Along with another boy,Martin, a boy I didn’t get on with, he was a bully and wasn’t nice to me ever, what happened next would come as a massive surprise……

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