There Can Be Only One Chapter 28

Double Penetration

There Can Be Only One Chapter 28There Can Be Only OneChapter 28“Won’t be long, may pop in to see Mrs. Noakes before I pick Cathy back up”, Alice shouted up the stairs just as she was leaving to take Cathy to her girl guides meeting. Both Ross and Susie shouted back from their own bedrooms acknowledging that they heard their mother. Ross sat at his computer once again re-arranging the many photographs he was collecting into their respective albums. His cock was tucked in his shorts having once again got it sucked off at the dinner table having just finished the meal his mother had made. This time it was his younger sister that gave him pleasure as she knelt between his legs under the table. Cathy gagged on the first few initial attempts to deep throat her brother, as her esophagus got used to his cock but could now take him all the way down her throat. She just has to work on her breathing to allow her to keep his cock in her throat longer.Alice Gorman felt a little uneasy as she pushed back her chair and wondered why she was told to spread her legs and expose her shaven pussy by her son, as he was getting her youngest daughter to pleasure him. She was a little jealous at it not being her… craving for that lovely pink cock to be between her lips at every opportunity. The embarrassed mother sat there exposing her vulnerability to the two pairs of eyes that were now fixed on her moistening cunt lips waiting for the instruction for her to humiliate herself in pleasuring herself before them. The embarrassment was short lived… gasping when she heard what her son said. “Get on the floor and suck mum off!” Ross’s words were authoritative, although moans of pleasure were mingled through his words as he started to help his sister deep throat him by grasping her head and plunging it down hard onto his erect manhood. Susie looked at her brother as he held her younger sister by the head and fucked her mouth like it were a cunt. There was no question that her sister could take his cock, further than she could… she looked on with amazement. She could not even take the whole of her boyfriend’s cock in her mouth, and his was somewhat smaller than her brother’s. She glanced at her mum who sat in silence in hopeful anticipation. Susie, uncomfortable about going down on her mother, but recalling performing cunnilingus on the gorgeous Adele had made her reconsider her perspective on dating women.The teen rose from the chair… took the few steps to where her mother sat, and sank to her knees at her mother’s feet. She looked up as if she were apologizing to her before her head lowered with her lips pursed to kiss the pink lips that were already glistening with vaginal juice. =================================== “Oh my God… Ross… ROSS… come look… QUICK”Ross heard Susie’s words through the bedroom wall, distracting him from arranging the pictures and left his room to see what had caused his sister to shout out her words. When Susie heard her door open, she did not glance around at her brother but continued to peer out of the window from behind the wall. “Look… look… Mrs. Wells has caught Mr. Wells wanking whilst he was looking at me… and… she must have seen me masturbating back.” Ross slid into the room so he would not be seen but peeked out of the corner to see husband and wife across the road… presumably arguing. Mr. Wells had his head lowered to the floor, you could see that his hands were covering his cock as his wife lambasted him. She was quite a small woman, slim with shoulder length brown hair. She occasionally looked across at Susie’s lighted bedroom, the blinds still wide open, as Ross had insisted they remain at all times. “Get out and stand in the window”. It was not a request. “But she will…” Ross did not let her finish what she was saying. “DO IT.” With one final effort of repeal, Susie gingerly stepped out from behind the wall and into full view of neighbors across the road. She was shaking, not sure whether it was with embarrassment or excitement as she stood there exposing her body. Ross sniggered on seeing the shocked expression on Mrs. Wells face when she saw Susie stand completely naked in front of the window Mrs. Wells face swung from her husband’s to Susie, like a pendulum, hardly believing what she was seeing. Ross’s snigger turned into laughter when he saw Mrs. Wells slap her husband’s face and push him towards the door of their study. With her husband gone Mrs. Wells went back to her window and reached out and grasped both curtains in her hands. She was just about to draw them closed when her jaw visibly dropped. Ross’s own jaw dropped when he looked across to his sister who was openly massaging her huge breasts in clear view. Ross’s cock twitched as he turned back to peek at the middle-aged woman across the road. She was frozen with her arms out still holding firmly to the curtains. “Stand up on the bench and show her your cunt. Make it obvious you enjoy masturbating in front of people… men or women” Ross’s voice showed his own excitement as he spoke. Susie looked at her brother momentarily before kneeling on the bench that was now permanently in front of the window. Her pussy now visible to Mrs. Wells who had not moved from her original stance at the windowSusie started to finger fuck herself with her right hand as her left hand continued to maul her breasts, the nipples which were now fully engorged. Ross slid close to the wall and reached for Susie’s camera before he carefully held it in front of the window. He could now clearly see Mrs. Wells as he zoomed in looking at the display without being seen at all. He clicked the button. “Get her to touch her tits!” “How the fuck do I do that?” “I don’t know, point to yours and over to her, I don’t know, just do it.” Ross’s voice was that of an excited teenager. Susie shook her head and did as she was told. Mrs. Wells just stood there still grasping the curtains, her mouth finally closing as she watched the young girl from across the road waving her hands and mouthing words she could not read from that distance. Mrs. Wells looked over her shoulder to the door and then releasing the curtains she turned and left the room. Ross and Susie were surprised because she did not shut the curtains before she left. Ross decided to prop the camera up against the window and connected it through the cable to his sister’s laptop, hoping that Mrs. Wells might return and even more hopeful that she would at least play with her tits.There was also the possibility that she might be phoning the police.He brought up the image on the computer screen. The picture was so clear he could even see who were in the pictures that were hanging on the study wall. He was that his mum had bought his sister a good quality camera.Susie climbed back down from the bench and sat on the edge of her bed, gently toying with her pussy, the short exhibitionist show she had put on for the woman across the road had got her aroused. She was hoping that her brother would fuck her but she would not demean herself into asking him to. Ross satisfied with the image that was being transmitted via the camera onto the computer screen started to take an interest in his sister and what she was doing. “Spread them wider, let’s see you fuck yourself.” Susie smiled at her younger brother and rubbed her clit a little harder, masturbating so openly in front of her brother gave her that added thrill which made her ignore the embarrassment.“Don’t you want to fuck me?”Ross was tempted too but he wanted to see if anything developed across the road… and he knew that he could not risk being seen fucking his sister.“Best not… maybe later”“Can I use my vibrator? I need something in me” “Sure, anything”, Ross adjusted his hardening cock through his shorts. As Susie lay back and reached over to get her pink rubber phallus that she kept under her pillow, her upper thighs twisted opening her puffy cunt lips wider, the inner flesh glistening with her juices.She sucked on the substitute cock, not to lubricate it so that it would slip into her moist pussy a little easier but it seemed that little bit naughtier to suck on the fake phallus. A few seconds later she lowered it to her wanton cunt… smiled seductively at her brother, teasing her slit with that round rubber head before easing it into the needy hole. Ross was openly masturbating his hard cock through the soft material of his shorts. Susie had only just started to work the imitation cock in and out of her tight cunt when Ross caught sight in the corner of his eye of movement on the computer monitor. “Stop… stop… she’s back.” Susie pulled the cock out and rose to look out of the window offering her dildo to Ross to taste her juices from the glistening cock. Ross licked the phallus tasting her sister’s vaginal fluid without taking his eyes off the monitor. He liked the taste of his elder sister. Mrs. Wells was looking across at the brightly lit teenager’s bedroom as the blonde girl appeared at the window. The mature woman knew immediately what the young exhibitionist was holding in her right hand… she had one of her own hidden in her undies drawer. istanbul escort Susie quickly dived out of sight when she noticed that the car in number 45’s drive lights come on and the car pull out of the drive. She watched as it drove down the street and out of sight before turning her gaze to the window across the street. Ross and Susie both jumped when the house phone rang. Susie had a house phone connected to the outlet in her room, Ross not seeing the point of having one as they all had mobiles anyway. They both looked at the phone as it rang.“Who… who do you think…”“How the fuck do I know… it can’t be mum or dad… they would phone us on our mobiles”Susie walked to the bedside cabinet and picked up the handset. “Hello”. Susie voice sounded nervous… shrugging her shoulders at Ross when no one replied. It was then that Ross glanced at the monitor and noticed that Mrs. Wells was holding a phone. He made heavy hand motions pointing across the road indicating that it was her on the phone. He was guessing of course but quickly put two and two together. Susie looked puzzled at first before she understood what Ross was trying to say, he was also mouthing Mrs. Wells as he continued to wave his hands. “Hello… Mrs.… Mrs. Wells? Susie spoke hesitantly into the mouth piece. There was a slight pause before a reply came back.“ye… yes… are you the girl across the road?” The voice was timid. “Yes… my name is Susie… Mrs. Wells”. Susie was confused why she was being phoned, and was expecting a mouthful of abuse at flashing her husband, and even the old lady herself. Perhaps she wanted to speak to her mum or dad… not knowing they are both out.The mature woman did not speak… June Wells had a thousand questions to ask but was unsure where to start.“You… you wanting to speak to mum… or dad?” was not that worried as her mum knew about her flashing… and Mrs. Wells would have spoken to her before dad returned home.“No… no… I… Susie, I… I… how long have you been, you know, with my husband.”I’m, sorry…? I didn’t mean for him to get into trouble. Not long… a few days, I didn’t mean any harm, it was just fun.” “I know, he told me… when I… well when we were just discussing it. Do you enjoy showing your body?” “No…” Susie paused as she rethought her reply… it was obvious she did “Yes… yes I do. “You like showing it just to my husband?” “Umm… not just him… but it’s fun with your husband as he, you know shows me his, it’s huge.” “Too big…” June Wells spoke quickly without thinking. “Too big?” Susie was confused. Ross and Susie could not see it, but Mrs. Wells face grew bright red. She did not want to get drawn into a discussion about her husband’s cock being too big for her to enjoy making love. She could take it of course, her vagina stretched, but it was uncomfortable. Although John Wells was not her only lover, in fact he was her fourth in her whole sexual life, the other three when she was still single and had not met her husband yet. He was by far the largest, and at just over 9” in length and 2” in diameter he was way too big for her to enjoy sex. The birth of their only daughter did not make it less uncomfortable after she was born. The small head teacher of a further education college for disadvantaged women had not discouraged him from masturbating and knew of his porn collection, she had even looked at it and masturbated to it herself. She used to particularly like the pictures and stories of what she considered to be perverted sex, b********y, i****t, bondage and discipline, ****, etc. She was shocked when she came in and saw her husband openly masturbating in front of the open window and even more shocked on seeing the naked teenager across the road masturbating back at him. She had lost control with her husband at first and slapped him sending him out of the room. With her mind in turmoil as to what her next move was going to be… she saw the brazenness of the girl come back into the open and touch herself as she was about to close the curtains she suddenly was overtaken with lustful thoughts of her own. She had never been with a woman before, but of course it had crossed her mind on occasion whilst fantasizing… especially since her husband showed a more than healthy liking for lesbian pornography.“What do you mean too big?” June was shaken from her thoughts by the repeated question.“Ohh… never mind…” June wanted to change the topic, she wanted to see the teen use the dildo that she held in her hand… she wanted to see the girl masturbating… masturbate in the window while she watched.“Where’s your husband gone… have you kicked him out?” Susie’s voice started to show signs of concern at possibly being responsible for the breakup of a marriage. “Noooo… no… he… he’s just gone out somewhere. Have you two done more than this, you haven’t… you haven’t had… sex?” “No… we haven’t, just a little …well showing each other” Susie was quick with her reply, but in her own mind she would not object to having a go at taking such a magnificent cock as Mr. Wells. She thought it looked big… but that was from a distance… but with his wife confirming it was big… well… “Get back on the bench and carry on where you were before she left the room.” Ross spoke quietly so that his voice could not be heard at the other end of the line. Susie looked at her brother that was still out of sight from June Wells, before she walked slowly to the bench and knelt back upon it, but with her ass on her heels her lower half remained hidden from view.Still holding the phone in her left hand, she placed the vibrator by her side and started to play with her full breasts. She heard a feint gasp from the other end of the line.Susie remembering what Ross was wanting Mrs. Wells to do spoke softly into the phone. “Play with yours… touch your breasts.” Ross saw the neighbor shake her head slowly from side to side. “Go on; touch them … through your t shirt…” Susie continued to try and coax the small woman to join in with the mutual masturbation and on the fourth or fifth attempt she smiled as she saw a small hand slide up and grasp the concealed breast.Ross pressed a key on the computer that took a snap on the camera that was now connected as a remote webcam. “Do what you were doing… you know… standing… show me your…you know…” June Wells’ voice was shaking. “You want to see my pussy?” Susie smiled as she spoke, letting her fingers pinch her sensitive right nipple. “Yes… yes… show me your…” there was a delayed pause… “pussy.” Susie nodded without turning towards her brother, but acknowledging his whispered instruction. “Show me your tits… and I will show you my pussy”. Her voice was rather edgy having not been this forceful before. Ross looked closely at the monitor to see what reaction to Susie’s request got. There was a long wait, before he saw the woman step back into the room slightly away from the widow but still in view of Susie and the camera.June Wells placed the phone on the desk before peeling off her white t shirt exposing a small pair of breasts supported by a pretty white lace bra. Ross captured the woman now in just her bra on the computer as she reached for the phone. “And the bra… take off the bra” Susie was a little more assertive in her request, she pinched her nipple harder as the thrill of ordering a woman to do as she asked pleased her, she wondered if it was what Ross felt when he ordered her, and the others under his control to do his bidding. June once more placed the phone on desk before reaching behind her and unclipped the bra before slowly letting her b cup breasts be exposed to the unseen camera. The headmistress felt embarrassed at exposing her chest to a complete stranger, a young girl of all people, and yet there was no denying the itch in her vagina. She let the bra drop to the floor before picking up the phone. Susie rose off her heels, fully exposing her cunt to the semi naked woman who was already kneading her left breast. The big titted girl started to finger fuck her pussy as Ross was taking picture after picture of the mature woman. Susie without waiting for the whispered prompts from her brother started to try and coax the woman into removing her black pants. The two-way discussion went on for some time but the older woman was slowly warming to Susie’s requests until the woman finally sighed and placed the phone back onto the desk. June Wells took a step further away from the window before slowly peeling her pants down her slim frame. Matching white panties followed the slow slide down her legs until they too lay piled upon the discarded clothes. Susie could not see the lower half of the woman’s body as she was too short to be above the desk and window ledge, but she assumed that the mature woman was now naked. June picked up the phone and staying well back from the window spoke quietly into the phone. “I… I… this is… we shouldn’t…” she was lost for words. She knew that she was stupid for exposing herself, but the sexual buzz was outweighing her sensible side. “Are you naked?” Susie was becoming more confident in her manner avcılar escort forgetting that she too was completely on show to the neighbour, and anyone that happened to look up at her as they passed the window. “Yes, I am… you wanted me to be?” June was a little unsure, but her body’s reaction to the requests from the young girl made her hand slip out of sight towards her aching vagina. June’s hand sliding down did not go unnoticed… a smile broke across Susie’s face. June Wells’ mind was confused. She recalled when she used to date her second boyfriend when she was just a teenager, living at home with her parents and made love often in the only available place, his car. On one occasion, semi naked, fucking in the back… she saw a face peering through the window. This was when someone watching a couple sexually embroiled was called a peeping tom… the term dogging was not in vogue.Although shocked, June did not scream nor tell Henry, but just stared directly at the stranger as her boyfriend continued to fuck her unknowingly being spied upon. For some inexplicable reason, rather than shield herself from the stranger, she exposed her breasts to him without averting her eyes from his, her breasts much firmer and pert in those days. They often returned to the park to make love, disappointingly to June, that one time was the only time that she was observed, although it did become a frequent scenario in her masturbatory fantasies, regularly leading to her doing more with the stranger than just allowing them to watch. As the mature woman fantasies progressed, the more depraved her thoughts took her.Susie’s words snapped June out of her reminiscent thoughts, thoughts that rekindled those fantasies where she initially exposed herself, but usually progressed to her fucking or sucking the complete strangers that featured in her fantasies.“I can’t see you touching yourself… get up on the desk with your legs wide apart.”June’s hand flew away from her needy pussy as she felt her whole body burn in embarrassment at being discovered masturbating.She stood motionless for half a minute… debating whether she should be so brazen. Mortified that she should even contemplate doing such a thing did not stop her from stepping slightly to her right and slipping onto the desk, sitting back on her heels, facing the window. Very slowly she raised her bottom of her carves… in the classical upright kneeling position.“I said legs apart, wide apart.” Susie sounded angry. June shuffled her knees apart slowly as demands ‘wider… wider’ continued from the other end of the phone until, she sat with her legs almost painfully apart. Both Ross and Susie gasped in amazement at the thick mass of dark pubic hair that completely shielded the cunt.Susie quickly covered the mouth piece of the phone when Ross forgetfully commented on the thick fuzz. Susie glared at him hoping that she was in time to prevent his words reaching the exhibitionist across the road. June completely lost in her own demise did not hear Ross’s voice… focused purely on her uncharacteristic behavior.The short silence between the telephone conversations relaxed Susie, knowing that if Mrs. Wells had heard Ross, she probably would have said something. Ross continued to record what he saw on the screen with a few more clicks on the keyboard. Not knowing the lady at number 45 at all, Susie wondered if this was new to her or whether the middle-aged woman was a hardened exhibitionist. The teen on recently and unwittingly found out that she enjoyed showing off her near perfect body when her pervert brother tricked her into showing him her breasts. Since the time she was first deceived, Susie became comfortable leaving the blinds open and the prospect of being seen by strangers as they drove or walked by her window, kept her in a state of perpetual arousal. Way before Ross took control of her body, Susie had fantasised about her father seeing her naked body but never had the nerve to show it to him on her own volition. She often went to sleep at night after masturbating thinking of her dad seeing her tits… or pussy… and it never used to stop at just letting him look.The teenager wondered if she could get the fifty something woman that was now kneeling naked before her to be as open with her body as her husband was and take that next step… “Masturbate… let me see you finger yourself”. Susie tried to sound dominant. June once again was shocked by the young girl’s request, but such was her sexual high that her free hand slid down to her thick dark brown bush, not stopping until it slid between her puffy lips. She could not believe how wet she was as her finger slid into the silky tunnel. The thrill of doing something again in front of a complete stranger brought back the memory of that time in the car and made her vagina clamp around her finger as she masturbated exposing her body to the girl across the road… not really realizing that she was also visible to passersby down below.Susie’s free hand slid between her own legs and started to toy with her clit, thinking of what she could get the lady to do next, evil degrading thoughts flashed through her mind. =============================== The front door opened slowly with June peering nervously from behind it. Her heart was thumping not believing that she was doing as she was asked by the young teenager not two minutes ago on phone. Against her better judgment Susie, having been ordered by her younger brother, was nervously standing on the doorstep to number 45… her own heart was just as erratic as that of the lady behind the dark green door. Ross held the camera in his hands hiding out of sight at the window. He had decided that he wanted to fuck the small woman across from him, but did not want to risk being snubbed, or worse, arrested. He sent his sister over to see if she could get the mature woman to do more than just flash so that he had some real photographic evidence against her so he could blackmail her into becoming his slut.“Come out from behind the door.” Susie’s voice was not as confident as it was when she was on the phone. “But… but people will see me naked.” Susie smiled to herself knowing that at least the woman peeking from behind the door had remained naked. Susie slipped off her coat and held it loosely in her hand, she shivered slightly as the soft breeze brushed her naked body. June’s eyes widened as they took in the full beauty of the young teenager that stood bare as the day she was born on her doorstep, envious of the huge firm pert breasts Her voice sounded panicky when she spoke. “Come in quickly, people will see you.” “I am staying here until you step from behind the door and prove to me you are naked” Susie turned around and glanced up at her bedroom window. She could not see her younger brother but knew that he was there taking pictures. June hesitated and looked over the blonde girl’s shoulders to see if anyone was there. She gingerly stepped out from behind the door ready to jump back behind it for cover should she see anyone pass by. Susie’s eyes immediately shot down to the mass of dark brown curly pubes. It was obvious that Mrs. Wells did not even trim her pubic hair. June started to move back behind the door only to be quickly reprimanded by Susie who now took control once again. “Stay where you are.” her voice making June freeze where she stood. Susie looked at the small breasts that had long since lost their pertness as they sagged slightly. She reached out and cupped the white tit amazed that the nipples were so large on such a small breast. June Wells, still recoiling from the teenagers commanding voice, just stood there and allowed her right breast to be groped by the audacious c***d. “What size?” “32B” the voice was timid and soft. Susie gave the breast a hard squeeze making the woman wince slightly before dropping her hand, grasping not only the mass of wiry hair but the full swollen cunt lips in her small palm, her middle finger slipping between the slimy flesh, entering into a very wet cunt. “Don’t you ever trim or shave?”June jumped slightly on the thin long finger entering her pussy, her embarrassment complete. A shake of the head only confirming what was a rhetorical question because it was obvious that she didn’t trim. “Ross won’t like that” Susie immediately bit her lower lip on realising what she had said. “Ross… who is Ross?” “Never mind… turn around”The embarrassed woman turned around to show her petit figure and ass to the teenager. She was pleased that she had not gained weight over the years had had kept her slim figure without having to diet or exercise. “Bend over and show me your ass.”June was shocked and her voiced objections were quickly discarded by her visitor’s aggressive voice. She slowly bent over until her hands clasped her shins. “Spread your ass cheeks apart… I want to see your asshole” Susie was trying to recall the humiliating words her brother had used to make her expose herself when he posed as Nasty. Susie… remembering Ross was trying to get as much ‘dirt’ on the woman, stepped to the side and looked up at şirinevler escort her bedroom window where she saw her brother standing there with a camera clearly in his hands. She smiled when he put his thumb up complementing her on her progress. The unknowing woman did as she asked baring her naughtiest of holes, although not as hairy as her cunt it most definitely had some hair about it. Susie could not resist running her index finger up from between the moist cunt lips and touch the puckered hole, which immediately tightened at the thought that it may be invaded. June Well’s flinched at the touch but was aroused, and scared enough, not to move. Susie dragged her finger back down from the sensitive orifice and slid it between the slippery cunt lips, pushing it fully into the hairy hole making the shocked woman moan. “Take me to your study” Susie quickly pulled her finger from the warm inviting cavity and slapped the taut ass hard before pushing past a stunned woman bent over exposing to anyone that cared to look as they passed by the house. ================================ Ross wished he could have heard the conversation at the door but at least he had a few good close ups of the two naked females and their indiscretions.He stared at the monitor as his naked sister enter the room closely followed by the equally naked older woman. The two women faced each other as they spoke, Ross cursed again under his breath for not being able to hear the older woman’s reaction when he saw Susan reach out to grasp the small saggy tit which resulted in a face slap when she pulled away. Ross was not happy with his sister for slapping the woman… June stayed where she stood as Susie started to maul her tits quite aggressively, still reeling from the slap. It wasn’t hard but was enough to indicate that if she pulled away, she was likely to get another. Susie having satisfied that she could do almost anything with the timid woman released the small malleable tits having pulled on the large nipples twisting them quite savagely making the object of her aggression wince in pain. Susie pushed her forward towards the window so that a full-frontal view could be seen by her peeping brother. Standing behind June Wells, Susie cupped the breasts in her hands, juggling and squeezing them for her brother’s benefit, at times stretching and pinching the already elongated nipples quite harshly. Ross sat there with his shorts now down at his ankles, slowly stroking his hard cock staring at the screen as both camera and computer recorded the action in excellent definition, even though it was an unpleasant rainy night out. He momentarily stopped jerking when he saw Susie jump up and sit on the desk and spread her legs wide. There was obviously some slight argument between the two women before Ross’s jaw dropped in disbelief. June hesitantly dropped to her knees and shuffled forward until she was between the young girl’s open legs. She could smell her arousal well before her lips touched the completely bald pussy. Her tongue eased its way from between partially closed lips and tentatively touched the glistening slit. She felt a pair of hands rest on the back of her head and pull her closer into the soft flesh, her tongue automatically pushing between the small opening to the teen’s pussy. Within seconds her lower face was coated in the juices as her head was ground into the soft velvety flesh. June responded to the words that were being spoken at her. Her tongue started to lick and taste the young girl’s juices, a taste that she was semi familiar with having often licked her own juices of her fingers and some of the objects she used as a substitute cock, but this illicit taste seemed to be more pleasant than her own, and certainly a lot more copious. The mature woman who had never even touched another female’s vagina was now eagerly tonguing the teen’s cunt, trying to delve deeper into the recesses where the sweet tasting nectar was secreting from. She had occasionally fantasized about doing such a naughty act in her fantasies, and just as they were in her fantasies… she was being forced to do it. What was once only in her mind was now a reality and much better than she had imagined. June wanted to douse the fire that was burning down between her legs, only to have her head jerked by her mousy brown hair and sworn at by the teenager not to even try to touch her cunt as it no longer belonged to her. Her hand flew back up to hold her assailant’s inner thigh once more, for there was no doubt she was being abused, but willingly as her head was once more pulled back to her tonguing duties. Ross did not hear the door open but swung around on hearing his mother gasp loudly as she stood right behind him as he sat in front of his sister’s laptop. His hand having momentarily stopped by the shock of her being there once more continued to stroke his throbbing cock. The room was in darkness except for the glow of the laptop. “Is that Susie… and Mrs. Wells… how?” Alice’s mind was doing cartwheels at what she saw the image on the screen. Ross smiled but stayed silent as his hand continued to pleasure his prick. Alice Gorman suddenly realized that the view on the laptop was one taken from her daughter’s bedroom… she glanced at the window… back to the screen before walking right up to the window and staring out. “How did… Oh my god… Susie is getting… Oh my god” she was stumbling over her words “Never mind that… why are you home so early… where’s Cathy?” “Mrs. Noakes seemed a little strange and said she was busy so I came home. I will go and pick up Cathy in an hour… but…” Her eyes returned back to the well-lit room across the street. Ross rose from the chair and walked across to stand by his mother.“Suck my dick” Ross released his hold on the stiff shaft. “Noo, come away from the window anyway, people can see.”“So…”“Ross”“Suck my cock… MOTHER”Alice Gorman gulped knowing that she would do as her son asked, she wanted to take his hard pink cock between her lips and suck it until he shot his seed into her throat, but not, not where they would be seen. “Come away from the window son, and I will… suck your cock” Alice shook her head not quite believing she was going to fellate her own son whilst her oldest daughter was getting her pussy tongued. Ross almost caved into his mother’s plea as his cock screamed for its release, but his dominant controlling nature did not let him concede. “We agreed… there can be only one…take off your top and bra…” Ross’s voice stayed quite calm but there was a hint of impatience to it. Alice swallowed hard knowing that she had little alternative now… and with a final sigh… took a step back from the window to do as her son asked. “NO, stay right there and strip naked”.“You just said…” her words were cut short by the severe look upon her son’s face. The embarrassed mother stripped within a minute of being told and stood nervously looking out of the window scared that she might be seen, not only her, but her son whose erect penis could probably be seen by anyone walking past. Thankfully it was a cold and wet night and the streets were quiet. “Suck”. Ross’s hand wrapped around the back of his mother’s neck and dragged it down towards his raging hard on. Susie was concentrating on the woman between her legs when she happened to look up and across at her bedroom window. At that precise moment she saw her brother drag her naked mother down towards his hard cock. Her whole body shook as her orgasm overpowered her making her scream out. She pulled the head hard into her gushing pussy almost suffocating the small woman between her knees as wave after wave of pleasure raced through her entire body. It took a couple of minutes for her to calm down and release the head from her sensitive cunt, her eyes finally opening to see her brother holding her mother’s head as he fucked her mouth quite mercilessly. She pushed the woman backwards onto her knees and jumped off the desk not releasing her right hand’s grip on her hair. June squealed softly as her hair was tugged forcing her to a standing position in front of the window. Her head swung slowly around as her hair was twisted until she gasped out aloud. “That’s… that’s…” the words would not come out. Ross smiled broadly as he continued to use his mother when he saw the two naked women standing in full view, his sister grasping the small woman by her hair as if holding her as some sort of trophy. Ross plunged one final time before pulling his cock completely out of his mother’s mouth, grasping it in his right hand as it sprung free. Alice Gorman yelped slightly as her head was forced to look out across the street, gasping on seeing her naked daughter and equally naked neighbour clearly illuminated in the bright room staring back at her. She winced as her head was pulled back around opening her mouth expecting the cock to be plunged back into it. She groaned and closed her mouth knowing that she was being watched, turning crimson as shot after shot of hot semen hit her face and hair. Her son was pumping his seed over her face in a final act of ownership… she was no longer her son’s mother, but her son’s slut, and he wanted the world to know. Her humiliation was complete. June Wells let out a muffled ‘NOOOoooo’, when she heard Susie’s whispered words. “Meet your new Master…”Comments can be made here or if preferred to (note the two NN in nastymann)

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